XYZprinting - Nobel 1.0A 3D Printer

Create three-dimensional designs with this ingenious XYZprinting Nobel laser 3D printer. Equipped with a precise laser-spot engine, this unit reproduces complex details in clear or colored photopolymer materials, including flexible and pourable resins. Use this versatile XYZprinting Nobel laser 3D printer to improve your product development process or print creations for fun.

3D Printer Buying Guide


What's Included

  • XYZprinting Nobel 1.0A 3D Printer
  • Starter Resin
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Scraper and Gloves
  • USB Wire
  • AC power adapter and cable

Product Features

Stereolithography (SL) 3D printer

Uses a precise UV laser system to cure photopolymer resins in astounding quality.

5" x 5" x 7.87" maximum build volume

The 3D printer is capable of creating small-size objects or individual pieces of a larger object.

Up to 25 microns (0.25mm) minimum layer height

The printer lays the filament down in extremely thin layers to give you incredibly smooth prints. Choose a 50- or 100-micron setting if you need a faster and less-detailed result.

Supports a variety of resin materials

Can be used with acrylic, flexible, castable resins and more. Each of the resins implies its own unique application from creating durable prototypes to creating castable jewelry. Starter resin included.

2.6" FSTN LCM display and integrated keypad

The display and keypad are located directly on the printer. The display shows the remaining amount of resin at any time.

Two USB ports for simple connectivity

One USB port offers a standard connection to your PC, and the other USB port provides a simple way to plug in and 3D print with a USB drive.

Compatible with a variety of operating systems

Including Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, Microsoft Windows 7 or later.

Enhanced Laser Scanning Unit (LSU)

Improves the precision of the engine's laser to up to 130 microns in X/Y resolution.

Autofilling resin system

Ensures you have the proper amount of resin before every print.

Accepts STL, XYZ file formats (.3ws, .3wn)

The variety of input formats provides flexibility.

Product images, including color, may differ from actual product appearance.