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Connect your
smart home to Nest.

Save energy, stay comfortable and make your home safer when you connect compatible smart home devices with Nest.

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Voice assistants

Stream music, get answers, control your Nest thermostat and more.

Smart thermostats

Change the temperature from across the room with your voice.

Smart lighting

Sync Nest Cam to your lighting to turn on the lights when motion is detected.

Security cameras

Keep a close eye on your home and property with Nest Cam.

Home security

Door and window alarms work with Nest to help protect your home.

Wireless doorbell cameras

Connect your wireless doorbell camera to Nest.

Smart plugs

Control electronic appliances based on whether you're home or away.

Dimmers and switches

Automatically control your smart lighting when Nest detects that you're home or away.

Smart locks

Set your thermostat to warm or cool your home as soon as you unlock the door.

Motion sensors and detectors

Make smart home control easier with motion sensors and detectors that work with Nest.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Nest smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work with other Nest products to help keep your home safer.

Wireless audio

Control your Nest devices with voice commands.

Nest-Compatible Products

When your compatible smart home products work together, you can do even more to automate your home, from turning the lights off automatically when Nest devices detect that you've left the house, to controlling your Nest thermostat with voice commands.

Control Lighting

Philips Hue lighting and other smart lighting that's compatible with Nest make it easy to control your lights automatically. When Nest Cam detects that someone came home, it can turn on your lights so you can see where you're going, or it can turn off the lights to save energy when you leave. Nest Cam can also turn on lights to make it look like you're home even when you're away.

Control Smart Locks

With a smart lock that works with Nest thermostats, you can set your thermostat to start warming or cooling your home as soon as you unlock your smart lock. You can also save energy by using your smart locks to let your Nest thermostat know when you leave home.

Voice Commands

With smart speakers and voice assistants, you can control your Nest devices just using your voice. Ask Google or Alexa to change the temperature or to tell you where the thermostat is currently set. Using a voice assistant that works with Nest makes it easier to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Wireless Network Tips

Since Nest devices and other smart home products rely on your Internet connection for reliable performance, you may want to consider upgrading your wireless network for a faster, smoother connection. See our Wi-Fi tips to learn more about building a strong home Wi-Fi network.