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  • Specifications
    Cleaning Path Width
    7 inches
    Vacuum Type
    Robotic vacuums
    Bin Capacity
    0.1 gallons
    Product Weight
    3.18 pounds
    Compatible Floor Type
    All floors
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iRobot - Roomba i5+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum - Cool

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Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars with 23 reviews

91%would recommend to a friend

The vast majority of our reviews come from verified purchases. Reviews from customers may include My Best Buy members, employees, and Tech Insider Network members (as tagged). Select reviewers may receive discounted products, promotional considerations or entries into drawings for honest, helpful reviews.

  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Great Roomba i5 with Self Emptying Vacuum

    So first let me say that I have been VERY skeptical of these Roomba type vacuums for years. I just never trusted the claims, I didn’t trust the ability to maneuver from hardwood floors to carpet and back. Oh, and what about mats/etc or other things that may get in the way. I just was in disbelief of the ability of these devices to accurately discover, map and vacuum areas. Well, (Start the recording) I WAS WRONG…lol Just to be clear, setup was easy. I just unboxed, placed into an open space in my 1st floor living room since it’s not used a lot and has some space. I charged it, then downloaded the app, went through the process of connecting to my wifi and then it was time. I had to perform the initial “map”of my areas. I clicked start and set the little sucker on its way. Keep in mind that discovery and mapping does NOT vacuum, it just performs the mapping. It took about 1.5 hours to do this. During this time, I was in disbelief. I didn’t understand the logic of why it went where and when. I also cursed it and moved it like a puppy when it tried to go into my fireplace under my fireplace screen and mess with all my lava rock. I did the same thing when it tried to go under my tv stand and mess with cables and such. I quickly learned to put things like a box, etc. in front of things to inhibit it from trying to crawl under things I didn’t want it to. It’s intuitive, don’t be intimidated, go with it, it’s easy. Once it finished mapping, it parked itself back home. I found it interesting that during the process it stirred up some dust bunny/dog fur that it encountered along the way. This was a good sign. I then set it off to Discover and Vacuum. I have a large area of hardwood and a one large room downstairs with carpet. This is basically my living, dining, kitchen and breakfast and ½ baths that are hardwood. The Den is a large room with carpet. It started in the living room hardwood floor and then moved to the carpet. It really did a meticulous job of going back over its mapping (I had to move a few objects to ensure it didn’t go under the tv stand) but it did an amazing job! What was even more amazing was that since our carpeted area obviously had more dog fur in it due to it being early summer and our chocolate lab was shedding, we had much more fur in the carpet. Our Roomba apparently filled up and then took itself back to the charging station and the auto empty feature of the i5 kicked in and emptied the Roomba !! this was amazing! It did it on its own! It then started back up and went off the stand and started to finish vacuuming the remainder of the downstairs area. Next, I used the function to select my map that had been created. It shows a rough view of the rooms that I mapped. You can then adjust the room designations boundary lines. This helps you further define the actual rooms and once done with that, you can give each room a specific or custom name. This is awesome because then you can go into the app and tell Roomba to go vacuum a specific room or rooms, really cool! I have to say, I was VERY skeptical of this unit, my wife wanted one but I was not sold but now I am! As I write this, it is finishing cleaning the remaining hardwood floors. I don’t know yet how this will be 6 months or a year from now compared to a regular vacuum that may last years but I must say, my initial impression of this has been dramatically changed for the positive. I hate that we cannot give ratings between four and five. I really cant give it a five but even though I am giving it a 4, its really like a 4.5 to me! I highly recommend this Roomba i5 with Auto Empty, it’s a really great addition to our cleaning arsenal !

    Posted by bradrobster

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Solid Little Cleaner

    I’ve never used a Roomba before, so this review is my first time experiencing what these little machines are capable of. My upstairs is a smaller space with some winding corridors, so I was curious to see how well the Roomba would navigate in the area and how good of a job it would do at vacuuming the hardwood floors (and bathroom rug). Here are my thoughts… FEATURES The Roomba i5+ features 3 cleaning components – the Edge-Sweeping Brush which spins all the time to catch debris hidden in corners and push it towards the Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes. Those brushes flex to different floor types, such as my hardwood floors and bathroom rug, to pull up dirt. Finally, the Power-Lifting Suction pulls that dirt away and helps load it into the Roomba. I didn’t have super filthy or dirt covered floors to start with, but I did have cat fur flying around and some visible debris on the floor. The 3-Stage Cleaning System did a great job picking up in my home. The automatic cleaning function utilizing the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal is great! I do not expect my upstairs to ever be a heavy traffic zone since most dirt ends up downstairs near the entrances to my home. So, having the clean base automatically empty the Roomba and hold the dirt in a quality vacuum bag that doesn’t have to be replaced for 60 whole days is awesome! I am not even close to needing to replace the bag, but keep in mind, that might be different if you use your Roomba in high traffic areas, like your kitchen and living room. The Imprint Smart Map feature is pretty cool. I picked up my floor, told the Roomba to clean everywhere, and it made a pretty accurate map of my upstairs. In the Roomba app, I defined where each room started and ended, gave each room labels, and now I can command the Roomba to clean particular rooms instead of the whole upstairs. I’m a big fan of this feature, and really, I didn’t expect the Smart Map feature to do a good job, but it’s surprisingly accurate. SMART INTEGRATIONS If you have a Google Home or Amazon Alexa system (I think Siri/Homekit would work here too), you can tell your voice assistant to clean a room – just make sure it’s labeled in the Roomba app – or have it clean the whole house/floor, and it will vacuum that area for you. I love it, it’s a great feature and I’ve used it often for quick spot cleaning, because why not have rooms be extra clean when I’m done using them! You can also set the Roomba to clean when you leave home and to stop cleaning when you come home! I’m a huge fan of this feature and I hope to see it integrate with lots of smart systems in the future. For now, you can enable location services on the iRobot app and let it determine when you are or aren’t away from home. Personally, I enjoy integrating this with other smart services, such as ecobee or August, so that those systems can use their own presence detection to alert the Roomba of when it should start cleaning. Again, I hope to see more integrations built, but this is a solid start – and as a heavy ecobee smart thermostat and home security user, I’m overjoyed to see this integration already exists. NAVIGATION The Roomba supposedly cleans in neat, straight lines. I don’t think that’s the case in my own house. I’ve watched the Roomba clean quite a few times, and I’m always wondering “Wow, where is this thing navigating to?”. Sometimes it seems to get hard-focused on a spot and keep going over it, even though that spot is squeaky clean. I think the Roomba may still be learning and adjusting to my environment, but it’s not like my bed or tables have moved since the device was installed. I’ll just believe that this will continue to improve with software updates, but as it stands now, sometimes I feel like the device gets a little confused. Note though, I haven’t had an experience where it completely misses a spot. The device is thorough, I just don’t understand the navigation logic completely. And as expected – this Roomba does not fall down the stairs. It will stop itself before tumbling down a whole flight of stairs. I was sure to test that! CONCLUSION I really like the Roomba i5+. I think this device is perfect for my use-case – hardwood floors upstairs in a space with minimal foot traffic. I think it can also work in other environments, but I’d be curious to see if it can handle more heavy-duty cleaning cycles with a family of four, for example. I’m impressed though and I’m happy with how the device performs. I can’t say for sure if this device will get better and better through software updates or not, but I certainly hope iRobot continues to improve the product as time goes on. Right now, I just hope it can improve its navigation functions a little bit more – not because it’s not doing a good job cleaning, but because I know the device can still be more efficient.

    Posted by Curtis

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    All you need in sturdy, dependable robotic vacuum

    I have an ancient Roomba for over 15 years, and it just keeps running. That is what endears the brand to me: it is modular with replacement parts available to repair or replace most anything that may go wrong. Certainly, the battery is one item that WILL eventually need to be replaced, for all rechargeable batteries have a definite life span. But swapping out the battery in my vintage Roomba is about a 5 minute chore, taking out a few screws, removing the cover, and repeat the steps to secure the new battery in. My old 500 series Roomba was powerful enough to keep up with a shedding dog, and 3 children growing up. I had the robot make the rounds every day, and every night I would empty the bin, about a 7 minute chore. It has the old bristle brushes and a bin that needed manual emptying. Yet there was, somehow, a degree of satisfaction in seeing how much hair a Jack Russell terrier can shed in a day, every day! And that hair was not building up in nooks and crannies throughout the house, so the routine was worth the effort. As other aspects of my semi-smart home became automated, the Roomba just kept on chugging along. The lights, garage door opener, doorbell, music/speakers, outside garden faucet all succumbed to remote control and automation. But my Roomba would not die. The Roomba was finally retired when we remodeled the main floor of the house. The kitchen was completely redone, with new cabinetry and island. The Roomba of old, which maneuvered itself by a slam and ricochet algorithm was banished, for fear of scarring the new, and expensive, woodwork at ground level. The i5 model is not the top of the line, but it really checks off all the boxes for our home. It is rather stylish, with a grey tweed fabric ring on the top cover. There is a small, discrete brown leather tab to open the master dust bin, where a backup bag is stored. New bags will need to be purchased, for alas, they are not reusable. The i5+ does lack a built-in foldable handle, that the old series 500 had. But the handle was used mostly to transport the Roomba back to base station when it ran out of power and was marooned in a remote part of the house. The new Roomba senses its waning power, and makes its own way to the recharging station, so the handle is superfluous. "Find the exiled Roomba" is a game that I am happy not to be playing. The i5+ Roomba is quiet while running, compared to the ancient 500 series. Except when it empties its on-board dirt bin into the base station. It empties itself! I admit that to a small degree I miss the visual affirmation of the mass of dust, hair, and Legos that the Roomba has harvested. But emptying the master bin once a month rather than daily is easy to adjust to. The emptying of the mobile bin is NOT quiet, however. You hear the wind tunnel force at work when the robot’s bin is emptying into the base station. The i5+ comes with two storage bags for the debris; one installed and a spare in the upper part of the base station. You will need to buy new bags, and alas, the old bags do not seem to be recyclable in any way. The bags are widely available from multiple sources, including BestBuy for official iRobot brand. Third party bags, which I have not tried, tend to be significantly cheaper. The bags have a sliding divider that seals off the dust and dirt, containing the mess inside the bag before you remove it, making the process quite hygienic and tidy. The tower on the base is certainly more obtrusive than the old charging platform, which was no taller than the Roomba itself. The i5+ really does not take up more floor space, just higher. So the i5+ Roomba will not fit under a piece of furniture that has only 15 cm of clearance. Where the new generation shines is in the robotics. Sort of what you would expect from a company called iRobot. The automation is wonderful: both a phone app and voice control. And they have added Apple’s Siri as a supported voice assistant after years of only Alexa and Google Home. This was accomplished via a software update that occurred sometime in the past couple of years. After one pass through the main floor, Roomba had mapped the floor plan. You can use the iPhone or Android app to set and adjust barriers to separate the various rooms. You can add or delete barriers and assign each area its own name. So a voice command, “Siri, have Roomba clean the kitchen and dining room” sets just those rooms into the crosshairs. You can in the app set a routine time to have Roomba run, and specify which areas are to be cleaned. If the robot runs out of battery power before the sequence has completed, it will return to the base station and recharge. Once power has been recharged, it will then return where it left off and finish the chore. And after the initial mapping, Roomba will have learned where the walls, obstacles, and stairwells are located, and come to a stop before slamming into the base of the cabinet or the wall. It slows down, senses the obstacle, seems to sometimes lightly touch the surface (as if for a confirmation of the map) and then diverts back to the plan. The OLD Roomba was truly a random walk, careening around the room and eventually by random, Brownian motion, effectively getting most everything vacuumed. The NEW Roomba does a methodical, back and forth, in a stepwise progress across the floor with each pass paralleling the prior swath, moved over by about 15-20 cm. Cleaning the old bristle brushes, although not needed daily, was at least a weekly chore. You needed a circular ring tool with central spikes aimed inwards to effectively remove hair from the bristles. Not a difficult chore, but was truly a chore. iRobot has moved from bristles to their signature dual green rubber brush rollers, which makes hair removal quite easy in comparison. And no special tool needed. All told, I am extremely pleased with the upgrade over my vintage Roomba. The durability, reliability, and ease of repairs by the owner have been halmarks of my former Roomba, and I hope this will continue that heritage.

    Posted by Josenieve

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