Logitech - Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor 1080p Wi-Fi Home Security Camera - White

Install this Logitech Circle 2 security system in just minutes, and keep your family and valuables protected with full HD video. Advanced Motion Filtering keeps track of noticeable changes, recording them so you see only what is significant. The ultra-wide 180-degree lens lets you see more of your surroundings with this Logitech Circle 2 security system.

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  • Logitech Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor 1080p Wi-Fi Home Security Camera

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Overall Customer Rating:
84% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (106 out of 127)


Stay connected with your mobile

Personalize notifications, watch video, or make changes from your compatible iOS or Android device.

Smart alerts

Get instant, customized motion alerts; with Circle Safe Premium* be notified when a person is detected or when activity happens within a specific Motion Zone you've created.

Capture everything in HD

The vivid 1080p resolution allows you to see small details on your screen.

Automatic night vision capability for up to 15'

Monitor your home or office even in low-light or no-light conditions.

See more with 180° field of view

Watch over a room with minimal blind spots.

Advanced Motion Filtering

Identifies and records relevant motion activity so you can keep an eye on unwanted visitors without spending hours sorting through video footage.

Smart time-lapse day brief

Recap important moments in the last 24 hours in a free 30-second day brief.

Secure cloud storage

Get free access to 24 hours of video footage stored securely in your private cloud, or choose from one of the Circle Safe subscription plans for additional storage.

Secure and trustworthy video feed

Instant data encryption with secure web transfer (SSL) offers a high level of encryption that protects your privacy.

Wired connectivity

Provides a reliable connection.

Talk and Listen

The built-in speaker and microphone let you talk to your pet when the camera is placed indoors or to the delivery man when it's outdoors.

Weatherproof design

Allows versatile indoor/outdoor monitoring.

*Circle Safe is a subscription plan that gives Circle users access to additional storage and much more.

Overall customer rating

would recommend to a friend



  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Awesome camera with high quality video & audio

    • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member
    • Top 100 ContributorTop 100 Contributor

    This Logitech Circle 2 internet security camera does not disappoint! It is really, really nice! There are several things I love about it - design, modularity, video quality, audio quality, ease of setup, and the easy-to-use phone app. First about the design. I really like its dual-tone black and white color scheme. I think the design is simple and clean, modern, and sleek. In other words, it is pleasing to my eyes. It being weather-proof is icing on the cake. Second, I like the Circle 2's modularity. The box comes with the small circular camera part/housing along with a base stand you connect the camera to. One can use the camera like this out of the box or one can purchase additional components to expand the functionality of the Circle 2. Parts such as the Window Mount module, Waterproof Extension cord, and Wall Outlet Mount. Giving customers these options really expands the camera's usability and gives it much flexibility. Video quality. The wide-angle, 1080P video quality of the Circle 2 is excellent. The image is sharp, motion is smooth (except when a person or animal runs really fast), the color fidelity is excellent and does not look washed out, and the contrast is great. See the comparison picture below showing the difference between my 1080P Samsung SmartCam HD Pro versus the 1080P Logitech Circle 2. A picture can tell a thousand words...Both screenshots were taken from a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Audio quality. The audio comes through clear and sharp. The Circle 2 does a very good job filtering out ambient noise and only transmitting the important stuff. With that said, there is a delay of about 1-2 seconds before the sound will reach your phone but this is to be expected for an Internet camera. I recommend setting the Mic setting to Mid as the Loud setting will pick up too much ambient noise that can be distracting. Easy of setup. Setting up the Circle 2 is a really simple affair. You push in the circular camera module into the base stand and rotate it to securely fit it inside. Then you connect the power to it and connect it to your home Wifi through the Logi Circle app. The app detected the Circle 2 right away and after I entered in the home Wifi password, it was ready to stream. Logi Circle smartphone app. Thankfully, the app is very easy to use. After creating a Logitech account and verifying your email address, you can begin streaming from the Circle 2 right away simply by launching the app. There is no repetitious and tedious login screen - the streaming begins right away. Love it. From within the app, you can take a screenshot of the video stream, talk to anyone near the Circle 2 by using its two-way talk function, go back in time to watch past video events, and access the Settings. The ability to rewind the video to earlier times of the day is really nifty and cool. The Settings menu contains many useful features such as Privacy Mode (live streaming but no recording), Smart Alerts (motion detection), and adjustments of field of view and screen resolution. You can also easily update the Circle 2's firmware from the app. I especially appreciate how you can "lock down" the Circle 2 with a password so that other people who may share access to the live video stream will not be able to make changes to the camera's settings. Brilliant. Now, those were all of my positives. Despite its numerous strengths, I ran into two shortcomings with the Circle 2. First, the base stand. Not only is the circular base stand small, it doesn't offer much grip and slip resistance. I know the kit comes with some anchors and screws but if I decide to place the Circle 2 on a bookshelf, I wouldn't want to drill holes into the bookshelf. I wish the bottom circular base stand was wider in diameter and a little bit more grippy and textured. My second gripe is the low volume level of the built-in speaker. Despite speaking loudly into the phone, the volume that comes out of the Circle 2 is very low and sometimes a bit crackly in sound. In the Settings menu, I expected to find some sort of granular volume control for the speaker loudness level but there wasn't such an option. The only option is either On or Off. I'm hoping a future firmware update will improve upon the speaker's loudness level and offer volume adjustments. With that said, I still very highly recommend the Circle 2. Despite its two minor shortcomings, its very strong positives - video & audio quality, ability to wind back in time and easily view past events, flexible mounting options and its modular nature, and the easy-to-use Logi Circle app - the Circle 2 is an excellent internet security camera.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Nice camera. Needs more work on software.

    • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

    Full disclosure: I received a Logitech Circle 2 Wired Camera for free in exchange for a timely and honest review. I own many security cameras from different companies. (Nest, Arlo, Axis, NetAtmo, RingPro Doorbell, D-Link, and traditional coaxial cameras). I use them to monitor my homes and my Father-in-Law's home. I was very interested to see how the Logitech Circle 2 measured up to the other camera systems. My bottom line is that this is a very nice camera, but there is some remaining work to be done on the software side in terms of features and function. Setup was very simple as advertised. Snap the camera onto the power ring/mount, snap the US power plug onto the power adapter and plug it in. Download the Logi Circle app from the App Store. Create an account. And finally, connect the camera to my WiFi network. The camera updated the firmware automatically as soon as it was connected to my WiFi network. It was very easy and quick. The image, even in 720 mode, is very crisp and clear. Low light performance is very good! The night image is crisp and clear. I've only tried this indoors. IR LEDs have limited range so don't expect to light up your back yard. The camera displays a circle of light on the camera face which conveys the camera status...ready to pair, connected & ready, someone is watching, privacy mode and "Off". You can turn this off, if desired. I experienced a little funkiness with the on/off setting, so it may not be prefect yet, but it finally worked. Video is stored "in the cloud" (on servers run by Logitech). Circle comes with free 24 hour storage and other options are available for a fee. We get a free trial of Circle Safe for a week. "Circle Safe™ is a subscription plan that gives you more video storage options. With Circle Safe™ Premium you get Person Detection, Motion Zones, custom timelapse Day Briefs and more." Many consumer systems store video "in the cloud". It has advantages and disadvantages. It is good that the data is off site and can't be stolen with the camera. It is also good that share viewing by others uses video on the cloud servers (except for live view) rather than pulling video directly over your internet connection. That down-side of cloud storage is that your video has to be transmitted to the cloud when it is acquired. If your internet is down, you don't record anything. Also if you want several cameras, they can bog down your internet connection, especially since most ISPs offer slower upload speeds than they do download speeds. Two cameras can typically bog down a DSL circuit. If you want more than that you need cable or fiber based internet. I suspect satelite internet performance would be worse than DSL. It appears to me that even though the video is supposedly continuous, I can only view video that was part of a recognized motion event. With Nest & Axis, I can see the timeline for my entire day and scroll through the entire day and stop at stop at times when sound or motion did not trigger an event notification. This allows me to see video from a period of time the camera may not have recognized an event, but something subtle happened that is of interest. The event approach is more like motion-only recording on other platforms. There is a Window Mode for use with the window attachment accessory. This sounds like it solves a common problem with other cameras that don't allow night mode without lighting up the IR LEDs which then reflect off the window. I don't have the window accessory, so I haven't tried it, but I see the problem with Arlo-Q and NestCam. This should be a nice feature for owners of the Circle 2 who want to shoot video through a window. I'm eager to try this. There appears to be no ability to rotate the image 180°, so you can't mount this camera upside down, which limits flexibility. There appears to be no "schedule" mode which allows the camera to automatically turn off and on based on a schedule for each day of the week. Ideally schedule mode also links to geofencing. Arlo does this well. No other camera that I've used so far does this right, IMHO. GeoFencing: "Smart Alerts" changes notifications, but not camera operation....like turning it off when I'm home. This really should alter camera behavior, not just notifications. So the camera is still on, but just not notifying me. I realized I was in my office placing a phone call to a credit card company and my entire conversation was recorded because geofencing didn't turn it off. I could do it manually, but that is not state of the art for camera systems today. The speaker is very low output...audible in a small quiet room ...likely not useful outside or with any room noise. I'm not sure I could get the attention of a person in the room to hold a conversation. Certainly no a burglar frantically riffling though my stuff. Like most other camera systems there are differences in functionality between the web interface and mobile apps. No Zone Editor on mobile app. No firmware update on web interface No SmartAlerts on web...likely due to GPS needs. No "Remove Camera" on Web interface. No "Manage Account" on Web interface. Nice accessories. Can the wired camera also be wireless with the purchase of a battery? That would be very cool. Again...overall a nice camera, easy to set up, high quality recordings and nice accessories. Currently missing some essential settings/functionality that I consider deal breakers now that I have used surveillance cameras for a few years. Once Logitech fleshes out the software features, this will be a nice system.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response

      Logitech Customer Care

      Hello ! Thank you for your feedback ! We are happy you food Circle 2 easy to install and you like the clarity of the image.

      Regarding the night vision, Circle 2’s Night Vision works best under the following conditions:
      The camera is up to 15 feet away from movement.
      The correct mount is selected in the Circle app (Settings > Camera Mount). Night vision will automatically update for optimal performance with your mount.
      If your Circle 2 camera is on a Window Mount, make sure the camera is in Window Mode. In Window Mode, night vision is enabled and the infrared (IR) LED won’t turn on. This eliminates any reflection from the glass.
      The area you want to monitor is clear and unobstructed with no objects close to the camera in its field of view. The reflection of the night vision light from these objects may cause the automatic system to over-compensate, darken the image, and reduce the visibility of objects in the distance.
      After you’ve selected the correct mount in the Circle app, you can also control the camera’s Night Vision settings under Settings > More Settings.

      If you are using a Window Mount and your recordings are not well-lit, we recommend that you use an external IR light for illumination.

      Circle starts recording (and uploading to the cloud) every time it detects motion, which also affects bandwidth consumption (the more activity detected, the more bandwidth consumed). Viewing activity bubbles on the timeline, generating and downloading Day Briefs on your mobile devices will also increase your bandwidth consumption.

      If you want to limit bandwidth consumption and you can try Privacy Mode (Settings menu > Privacy Mode), which doesn’t record, but lets you view live video.

      To answer your question regarding transforming a Circle 2 wired into a wire-free version, currently, we do not sell the Wired accessory or the Wire-Free accessory separately. You need to choose what type of camera you would like Circle 2 to be at purchase. However, we will launch new accessories later in the year that could solve for this.

      Please to not hesitate to contact us at innercircle@logitech.com if you ever need us. -Marion from Logitech LogiCC

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Who's THERE? I Caught YOU!

    • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
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    • Top 500 ContributorTop 500 Contributor

    Logitech Circle 2 Quick Features on the Product Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera 1080p Weatherproof (may require additional accessories) 180 Degree Ultra-wide Lens Accessories Sold Separately (Window Mount, Plug Mount. Weatherproof Extension) Easy Setup in Minutes (get started with quick and easy setup. Just download the mobile app and plug and play) Advanced Motion Filtering (identifies and records relevant motion activity so you can keep an eye on unwanted visitors without spending hours sorting through video footage) Smart Time-lapse Day Brief (recep important moments in the last 24 hours in a free 30-second Day Brief) Talk and Listen (built-in speaker and microphone let you talk to your pet when the camera is placed indoors or to the delivery man when it’s outdoors) Full HD Video and Night Vision with 180-Degree Lens (see more of what’s happening at home in full 1080p HD, day or night, with an ultra-wide 180-degree glass lens) Unlimited Streaming, Cameras, and Users (access your video footage any time. One account, unlimited cameras connected, and multiple users) Logi Circle App available on Appstore or Google Play WEB App available at circle.logi.com Smart Alerts (get instant, customized motion alerts; and with Circle Safe Premium, be notified when a person is detected or when activity happens within a specific Motion Zone you’ve created) Secure Cloud Storage (free access to 24-hours of video footage stored securely in your private cloud or choose from one of the Circle Safe subscription plans for additional storage and more) What's in the box? Full HD weatherproof security camera Swivel mount with tethered 10ft cable USB power adapter Wall mounting hardware Quick start guide Important Safety, Compliance and Warranty Information sheet Setup/Testing/Conclusion Let's go ahead and start off with the packaging of the product. The camera comes in it's own box within the packaging. The second box within the package houses the rest of the contents which is listed above. Packaging itself is standard (nothing to write home about) yet sturdy to keep the contents within safe from shipping. Setup was extremely simple. I referenced the quick start guide and was able to get everything up and running in minutes. The app will connect to the camera and do the necessary firmware updates. Once the update is completed, you’re all ready to go! I initially set up the camera in the corner of my living room and it has a pretty clear picture. You’re able to zoom in and out on specific areas through the app when viewing through the eye of the camera. When clicking on the menu within the app, you have several different options to toggle on/off/change. There are things such as privacy mode (circle continues streaming, but does not record any footage or send alerts), Smart Alerts, Camera Mount, Field of View, Resolution (comes at 720p), Night Vision, Microphone, Speaker, LED and some other ones too. I only ran into two problems which one was the app kept crashing on me every time I tried changing the field of view from 180 degree to ultra wide. The second issue I ran into was when changing the resolution from 720p to 1080p; there was some significant lag and video distortion. I ran into one issue (probably my fault) where I put the camera onto the mount and didn’t know how to swivel it. As I mentioned… Probably my fault but once you figure it out it's a breeze! You basically need to align it correctly to the swivel stand and when just rotate the camera piece. So far, I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoy the Logitech Circle 2. Being that you live in an apartment or home and have people come over (like maintenance personnel); it's always good to be able to see what is going on in or around your home when you’re not there. I mean even if you don’t have people come over, you can see what your dog/cat or pet is doing while you’re not home. One thing that freaked me out was the night vision. It reminded me of those horror/scary movies where you can see in the dark and stuff just starts moving (paranormal activity). I didn’t personally go through that of course but I’m just saying… If your place has some paranormal stuff going on; this camera will do you justice! There are a couple things I wish the Circle 2 was able to do/have. An example is like being able to control the camera (even a little bit) through the app. What I mean by that is being able to physically move the camera through the app. Another thing is when the night vision turns on you hear a loud “click”. I feel like if someone were to break and enter your home and for whatever reason it “clicks” to turn night vision on; the people that are breaking and entering may end up just leaving. One more thing I wished the Circle 2 had was some sort of battery pre-installed. I understand there are 2 different versions (wired or wireless). But if you have the wired version and your power goes out; well your camera goes out too since it is plugged in. What this means is you’re back to square 1 with no video monitoring. Of course you can get the wireless version which does have a battery but there has to be a reason why some people want the wired version right? So all I am stating is that if there was a pre installed battery even on the wired version; at least it’ll last some time after your power goes out so that you know what's going on. One thing I noticed is that the wire that the Circle 2 wired version comes with gets creased/bent even when I didn’t do anything except for take it out of the box that way. I feel like through time it’s possible that it could get creased/bent to the point where it’ll split. What I would’ve liked to see is a more flexible wire being that even gaming mouses have more flexible wires now (I’m not talking about braided cable either). Don’t forget that you have the option of getting Logitech’s “Circle Safe” plan of basic or premium. Basic will run you $3.99/month per camera which gives you 14 days of storage instead of just 1 day with no subscription. The premium plan will run you $9.99/month per camera or $99.99/year per camera. When you initially get the app and connect a camera, they give you a trial of the premium for about 10 days if I am not mistaken. I do enjoy the Circle Safe Premium and may subscribe in the near future. Why do I enjoy it you may ask? I like that it notifies me when it detects a person (I get the notification on my phone). That honestly really helps when you want to monitor your home. In conclusion, I would give the Logitech Circle 2 a 4 out of 5 star rating. I definitely do enjoy the Circle 2 and it will for sure come in handy when I need it. The Circle 2 has features that you’ll want to utilize and mess around with. One of the things I did was use the microphone function on the app to talk to my wife which is at home sitting on the couch. You can utilize this feature with talking to your pets or the delivery man/woman if the Circle 2 is on the outside of your home. There was definitely a couple things that bothered me like the app being a bit unstable when changing settings/functions. Being that the Circle 2 is app driven, I wouldn’t want the app crashing on me when I am in need of viewing something. All in all, I have to say that I would recommend this product to a friend. Perhaps, I would recommend the wireless version though. Nonetheless, the Circle 2 is definitely a nice security system to add to your home.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Mediocre hardware, unreliable service

    • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network

    [ Pros ] - Quick and easy setup. - Weather resistant. - Adjustable field of view, with 180 degrees being the widest option which provides great coverage. - Useful 'Day brief' feature that shows recorded activity for a user-selected time period of up to 24 hours at fast pace. - Microphone picks up sound in the room reasonably well. [ Cons ] - Operation is entirely dependent on Logitech's online service, with no support for offline recording or offline/direct streaming of live feed (over the local network). - The back-end service was extremely unreliable during my testing. - The interface is rather cumbersome to use and is lacking in features and functionality. - The speaker quality is terrible, to the degree that two-way conversation wasn't feasible. My testing partner near the camera couldn't understand most of what I spoke into my phone while using the Logi Circle app. - Lackluster image quality that lacks detail and has low color saturation. [ The Service ] The camera is accessed online through the Logi Circle app or through the Logi Circle web site, with the web site basically being a slipshod port of the app that is more cumbersome to use and lacks the feature to send audio to the camera's speaker. I found the service to be incredibly unreliable. On the first day of testing, it was very difficult to near impossible to view recorded video. Attempting video playback would usually result in long or indefinite waits, and when video did play back, seeking to a specific point in the video was usually impossible, or stopped playback of the video altogether. Other days in my week of testing were hit-or-miss with video playback. The live feed was usually stable throughout the week, although it was common to have the feed interrupted for a second with a 'loading' animation displayed. I performed my client-side testing on a wired connection with stable 100Mbps fiber optic service which was not the source of these issues. Some important features are provided, such as privacy mode (live streaming only, no video 'recorded'), toggling LED and night-vision lights off to prevent glare when the camera is positioned behind a window, adjustment of field of view, adjustment of the microphone, and adjustment of image resolution for instances where bandwidth might be a concern. However, there are several features noticeably lacking. The camera does not display timestamp overlays in still images or recorded video. When viewing day briefs, timestamps are not shown, and there's no apparent way to switch to the full recording of the event that's being shown at any given moment, in cases where you want to see the full video at normal speed for an event of particular interest. There are no options to create time-lapse videos, record videos or image grabs at specified times, or to adjust the sensitivity of what the camera deems worthy of recording. [ Conclusion ] The concept of a security camera that can be quickly and easily setup with hassle-free recording and monitoring is great. However, with hardware that I would call mediocre at best, a lack of some features I consider important, and unreliable service that gets in the way of actually using the camera as intended, I would not recommend this product to a friend.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response

      Logitech Customer Care

      Hello Gerbil! Thank you for your review ! We are very glad you like the easy setup and the 'Day brief' feature of the Circle 2 as well as that it is weather resistant.
      In the settings of the camera you actually can adjust the motion-sensitivity. The camera can be used as a security camera but also is used by many users to record their kids and pets. That's why there is no time-stamp on those recordings.
      If you have any further question, please contact us via email at innercircle@logitech.com or call us at +1 (646) 454-3200 We are happy to help! Lukas from Logitech LogiCC

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Long, frustrating journey, but a happy ending

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    I left the Circle 2 wireless camera sitting on the counter for a few days until I had the time to set it up. That was smart thinking on my part. It takes uninterrupted time to go through the process of charging up the camera, downloading the app, pairing the camera, connecting to Bluetooth, updating software, and following the prompts to set up the camera(s). That Saturday, I eagerly open the box and read through the simple Cirvle 2 Quick Start Guide. It is a folded booklet that identifies: 1. What is in the box – camera, swivel mount, cable, USB power adaptor, and what you need to mount the camera (wall bracket, screws, cable clips, wall anchors). 2. Quick & easy set-up directions – attach camera to swivel mount, pug in USB cable into power supply and plug into wall, download app and follow directions. 3. Tips and Tricks – which show the menu of the different colors of the camera LED indicators as well as how to reset the camera if you have problems connecting. 4. Usage guidelines – be in wifi range, pick a spot with a clear view, don’t leave in direct sunlight, and how to mount into the wall/ceiling. The link logi.com/circle2/setup is provided for additional tips, videos, etc. To set up, you will need a high speed Wifi Internet and a smartphone on which to download the Logi Circle app. If you don’t have this, my advice is to return it now before you open the box. I have a long story leading up to my review. If you get bored, just jump down to the bottom paragraph to see the ending. If you like drama and adventure or experience problems with your camera want to know what to do, read on! I followed the directions to set up the camera while standing on the porch. It didn’t connect. I turned on the Location on my phone and tried again next to my Google Wifi mesh point. Still didn’t connect. Then I went online to watch the Getting Started videos and follow the directions on logi.com/circle2/setup. I had to go downstairs to the modem/router and primary point before being successful in connecting the camera. Though I wrote this in a short paragraph, it takes quite a while waiting and watching the light green circle turn before the error message comes up. I finally got it hooked up, named my camera, created my account, then waited some more for the software to update and the camera to restart. Like I said, make sure you have a lot of free time on hand. As I was positioning the camera, it fell and stopped working. WHAT?! I tried resetting it, recharging it, and reading through the community posts and information on logi.com/circle2/setup. No luck. I finally gave up and went to Warranty where I registered my product and files a warranty claim. Since I did this on a weekend, it wasn’t until Monday before I heard back from Customer Care. Amanda reached out to me, assigned my case a number, and asked me questions about my product. We emailed back and forth several times and she submitted my case for review. It was approved a week later and a UPS shipping label was emailed to me. I packed up the camera and mailed it off to California that very same day. It took 5 days to arrive and another few days before it was opened and tracked to my account. I did receive several calls from a customer care rep and numerous emails. I liked how they stayed in touch and on top of things. If you are not able to easily find the number to contact someone for support, here is the number I used 866-601-5644. Keep in mind the time difference on the west coast. But of course, things go from bad to worse. The wireless model was on backorder and I could either wait for it or settle for a wired model. I needed to review this as part of my agreement as a Tech Insider Network member and it was going on three weeks that my review was overdue!! BUT, I fell in love with the wireless camera and wanted that to use outside as a pet cam. Plus, if I got a wired model, that wouldn’t be the same a reviewing a wireless model. Here is the awesome part – the customer service rep asked the manager if they would send me the wired camera for now, but then send the wireless camera when it was back in stock – and that is what they did!! That small act of kindness made a huge difference to me, especially since my problems didn’t abate. I received a box of four wired Circle 2 cameras. I worked at getting one set up. For the life of me, I couldn’t get it to “add a camera” under my account. It may have been that I removed the previous camera, thus making my setup void. I can’t tell you how many times over the next two days I tried to pair the camera, trying something different each time. I kept getting the message: Setup error Check the following: Your camera is on; Bluetooth on this phone is turned on; Step closer to the camera (approx. 3 ft, no obstacles). I finally called the above number on a Friday and talked with a customer service rep for over 30 minutes. She tried walking my through what I had previously done, so no surprise, we didn’t get anywhere. She escalated my case for further help. Since it was the holiday weekend, I didn’t hear back until an email on Tuesday asking about my Internet, etc. I was feeling so frustrated and at the end of my rope and asked for set up support via the phone in my reply. This morning I was cheered up by the arrival of the wireless Circle 2 camera. It was a little different than the first model I received, but I wasn’t looking a gift horse in the mouth. Instead, I decided to use my iPod to set up the new camera. As first the green circle spun and spun. I restarted the router/modem and tried again. What do you know It worked! I proceeded to set up the wireless camera and watch the live feed. I then proceeded to set up two additional wired cameras. It was so easy. This was the way it was meant to be. Once I got them set up, I chose privacy mode to stream but not record. Watching the dog in the morning doesn’t require taped footage to review. It is so easy to toggle between each camera, to turn on/off the cameras from the app. And, I can speak into the app on my iPod and the dog will be able to hear me from the camera! I can adjust the microphone level to off, mid or high range and I can turn the speaker on or off. If I choose to record, I can filter by event and see all or high activity, review previous days and hours. There is the ability to set up voice integration with Alexa. Under camera settings you can choose smart alerts, field of view (ultra wide, wide or 180 degrees), resolution for the picture (360, 720 or 1080) – of course the higher it is the better quality, but the more space it will take up if recorded, night vision (this turns on automatically when it gets dark. The infared LED turns on to help illuminate the scene). Despite the long and arduous path I have had to get where I am, I am so pleased with these cameras now that they are working. The customer service assistance has been very good. My only recommendation would be to offer phone assistance like Apple has for iTunes. For that reason, I gave the Circle 2 Wired cameras a 4 out of 5.

    I would recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response

      Logitech Customer Care

      Hello !

      Thank you for you review. We are happy you could finally set up your Circle 2 and you enjoy using the Circle app. You can find all the FAQs to help you make the most of your cameras on the following link : http://support.logitech.com/en_gb/product/circle-2-home-security-camera/faq

      We do offer phone assistance on top on email assistance. You can call us at +1 (646) 454-3200 for any questions.

      -Marion from Logitech LogiCC

  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    Missing HomeKit Pairing Code


    The camera works fine but due to the inability to pair the camera with the Apple HomeKit app it is useless to me at this point. The 8 digit HomeKit code was not included in the printed material in the packaging and the QR graphic that would allow you scan and pair the camera to the Apple HomeKit was also not on the packaging materials for the camera. Instead of Circle Support researching and giving my code to me when I asked them they would like me to separate my camera from the mount and then look at the back of the camera for etched 8 digit HomeKit code on the camera. That would be fine if after installing the camera that I could separate the camera from the base without breaking it. It won’t separate. Below is my back and forth email exchange with Logitech Circle Support... Dear Circle 2 Support, The setup went fine with the Circle app on my iPhone but I want to pair this camera with Apple Homekit but there was no code on the packaging to scan or the alternate method is an 8 digit Homekit setup code on the packaging or on the device. Please provide the 8 digit code for my serial number XXXXXXXXXXXX or MAC address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx ---------------------------------- Hi Larry, My name is Lakeisha. I'm here to help. I'm sorry that you are not able to connect the Circle Camera to Apple Home Kit. In order to find the code to set up the Apple Home Kit. You will need to remove the Circle Camera from its base and remove the white cover from the Circle Camera itself and it will be located on back of the Circle Camera itself. Let me know if you have any difficulties finding the Apple Home Kit set up code. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. For future reference, here's your case # XXXXXXXX. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us directly with this case # via phone, chat, email or community. We would like to invite you to visit our Circle support site where you can find more resources and learn more about the usage of your Circle Camera. Best, Lakeisha Circle Crew Circle 2 Support Circle Support Security Made Simple. #CircleIt ----------------------------- Lakeisha, After submitting this Support request, I found the instructions to see the code on the back of the camera on your website. I tried separating the camera from the mount. It won’t separate. Please send the code. I would think that with my MAC address and my serial number you will have the data that you need to provide the code that was given to my camera. As far as a customer experience I find this situation to be very poor. You give no instructions in the box and no warning to a customer before installing that when there is no code inside the box or on the box that the customer should go to your website to find out how it will be paired with the HomeKit. Information such as this belongs in the box not on the website. Please send my code to me. ------------------------------------ Hi Larry, The set up code can also be found in the quick start guide of packaging of the new Circle. We don't keep the record of the Apple Home Kit set up code in our systems as this is normally located on the Circle itself. If you have any questions for me, feel free to let me know. Best, Lakeisha Circle Crew Circle 2 Support Circle Support Security Made Simple. #CircleIt --------------------------------------------- Lakeisha, Telling me that the set up code can be found in the quick start guide is worthless advice when I have already told you in my case it was not in or on the packaging. You did not do what might be “normally” done with the unit that I purchased. You also did not WARN me in your printed material that if the number was not printed on the packaging or written in the printed material that I must copy down the etched number from the back of the camera before installing the camera. Maybe you should learn a lesson and revise the printed material and add a warning that says if you intend to use this camera with an Apple HomeKit and the printed material or packaging does not have the 8 digit code that you MUST copy it down from the back of the camera BEFORE you install it. The only reason that I bought your camera is that it currently is the only outdoor camera that works with the Apple HomeKit. I work in a high tech industry and I can’t believe that your manufacturing records don’t contain complete records for every serial number that you have built. The records surely exist that when searched by serial number will give the MAC address assigned and Apple HomeKit 8 digit code that is assigned to each serial number that you manufacture. I have a feeling that instead of digging for the code you are closing this support request with an answer that serves you but fails me. The second camera that I was going to buy will not come from your company. My only recourse is a poor review of your product on Best Buy’s website. Keep an eye out for it. -------------- End of email exchange with Circle 2 Support As said the camera works fine but Logitech support is not working to resolve their issue. Instead of owning their issue they would make this issue mine. As they suggested I did try to remove the camera from the mounting base. The camera won't separate. This camera is very small and in my opinion it is delicate. It is not rugged at all. Any further force that I might use at removing the camera runs a risk of damage.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Brand response

      Logitech Customer Care

      Hi Larry! Thanks for your feedback! I am sorry about your experience and would like to try and help you with this. Please email us at innercircle@logitech.com. We will be happy to help you! It may be that we need to replace your camera in order for you to access the Homekit code. The weatherproof covering should come off easily with little force. Unfortunately, Apple regulates where and how the codes are provided. We would like to turn your experience around if you would give us the opportunity. Hope to hear from you soon!
      -Angela from Logitech LogiCC

  • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

    Great Improvement…But Still Needs Work

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    At first glance, Logitech’s new Circle 2 seems like a huge improvement over the original Circle. First, the Circle 2 is smaller. Second, whereas the original was indoor-only, the Circle 2 is indoor/outdoor. The field of view has increased from 135 degrees, to 180 degrees (this is both good & bad). Lastly, whereas the original’s battery typically lasted 3 hours (12 hours in “power save” mode), the wireless version of the Circle 2 claims “up to 3 months”. So far, the Circle 2 appears to be a huge improvement over the original…right? Well, read on. SIDE NOTE: Regarding the wired version (such as I have), there is an optional battery pack, which (essentially) turns the wired model into the wireless model. The difference – purchase the wired version, plus the rechargeable battery, you end up spending $30 more than just purchasing the wireless version, but still end up with the same thing. Let’s start with the “good” things. Setting up the Circle 2 is extremely simple, and only takes a few minutes. Installing the Android/iOS apps, and connecting to the Circle 2 is an equally simple process. The clarity of the night vision is, to be completely honest, fantastic. Last night, with the lights out, I was playing a few games of Backgammon before going to sleep (part of my usual nighttime “routine” which helps me become sleepy), and I viewed the recorded video the following day…everything was crystal-clear. I’ve tested the video & audio streaming quality while connected to the Wi-Fi (from another room), as well as through a cellular data connection. While connected to Wi-Fi, video up to the 1080p maximum is beautiful, albeit “warped” (remember the camera has a 180degree field of view). Connecting via cellular data wasn’t as spectacular, but only due to data transmission – 720p & 360p are excellent, but 1080p experienced occasional “freezes”. Lastly, there’s the optional accessories, including the aforementioned rechargeable battery, an outdoor mount, and a window mount, with (I’m assuming) more accessories on their way. Now the “bad”…starting with those accessories. The battery pack adds $49, the window mount another $39, and the outdoor mount another $29. If you know your math, you can see how the overall costs quickly add up. Let’s say you want to mount one camera above your garage door, one mounted on the window facing your front door, and a third mounted inside the kitchen facing the back door…just purchasing three cameras (2 wireless, & 1 wired), an outdoor mount, and a window mount will set you back $645 (before taxes). For around that same price, you can purchase an 8-channel/4-camera DVR-based system, with the option to add up to an additional four cameras. Next, there’s the audio quality, which is far too low to make it truly useable. On the receiving end, using my Bluetooth headset at full volume, while the audio quality was very good, I could barely hear anything my wife was saying. Moving to the camera’s side (Logitech touts the ability to remotely speak to the person/people being viewed, such as a person at the front door, when connected to the outdoor mount), the audio quality and volume coming from the camera’s speaker is downright horrible. As in testing the video quality (as viewed from my Android-based cell phone), we tested the audio in two sessions – one via Wi-Fi, the other via cellular data, both of which provided almost identical results (which clearly indicates the “problem” is with the Circle 2, and not “cellular data limitations”). On all three, with video resolution set at 1080p, audio was of reasonable volume, but quality was bad enough that my wife could barely understand what I was saying. Additionally, there was a lot of “static” (her words, not mine). Lowering the video quality to 720p increased the audio quality, and reduced the “static”, so that my wife could better understand me…but not by much. Further lowering the video quality to 360p produced no noticeable difference (compared to the 720p setting). When…for example…viewing, and talking with, a person at your front door, what good is it if you can barely hear what the person is saying, and the person on the other end can’t understand what you’re saying? Finally, there’s Logitech’s “Circle Safe” service. It’s fantastic that they provide 256-bit AES dual-layer encryption. Unfortunately, they’re charging $10/mo (or $99/yr) PER CAMERA. If you have three cameras, that’s $30/mo (which equates to $360 annually) on the monthly plan, or $297/yr on the annual plan. Of course, signing up for Circle Safe isn’t required…but if you don’t sign up, you only have access to recorded video for 7 days…plus, at least as far as I’m aware, you don’t have the ability to download them, so, once 7 days has passed, you’ve lost that day’s video. FINAL VERDICT: I truly wanted to like the Circle 2, as I’ve greatly enjoyed Logitech products for many years. I’ve used (and currently use) Logitech keyboards, mice, Harmony remotes, speakers, gamepads, etc…and I’ve never disliked any of them. Unfortunately, the Circle 2 is a “no-go” for me. While the viewed video quality (connected via Wi-Fi & cellular data) is excellent, the extremely poor audio quality & volume ruins any reason for considering a Circle 2. There are other single-camera systems, as well as multi-camera systems (2-4 cameras), that operate similarly to the Circle 2, albeit for a lower overall cost, and with better results. Moving up, there are numerous multi-camera DVR-based systems that are of similar (or better) quality for approximately the same price, or slightly more. Because of this, I cannot recommend the Logitech Circle 2…no matter how much I wanted to, prior to receiving it. That being said…and here’s where I see the potential going…if Logitech were to take the technology behind the Circle 2 system, and package a multi-camera system, along with a DVR-based recording box (also refered to as “NVR”), then Logitech would have a huge winner. Imagine a packaging that included an Ethernet-connected DVR/NVR & 4 cameras (2 wireless, 2 wired), along with an outdoor mount & window mount…Logitech would not only have something to compete against the typical “security camera system”, but they’d have something better than other consumer-grade systems. Unfortunately, this isn’t that system. Disclaimer: This product was provided free, or at reduced cost, for the purpose of reviewing the product. Nevertheless, the above review, be it positive, negative, or anywhere in-between, is a 100% honest review, and the price paid played absolutely no part in my review.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Good Camera with some minor flaws

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    Logitech circle 2 camera, what is it?, what should you use it for?, and is it even worth checking out? First off the Logitech circle 2 camera is a wired high definition camera that monitors activity and stores all activity on to a cloud server. Lets back up and talk about what comes in the box. Out of the box your going to receive one camera, one mounting bracket with screws and hardware included, cable extension and power adapter to plug in to a wall socket. When i got this camera i specially wanted it to monitor the outside of my front door. Mounting was easy however drilling through the house to run the wire for the power was a little more time consuming. Regardless of where you choose to set your camera up installation is rather easy once you are ready to go. Once you have picked your ideal location all you need to do is simply download the Logitech app and it will walk you through the rest. Set up takes about 2 mins and is very user friendly, one thing to keep in mind when buying this product is you will need a strong wifi signal and a stable internet connection. The camera relies on having a wifi connection to work and if at anytime your wireless signal is lost you will not be able to access your camera and it will also stop storing footage on its cloud server, which is kinda of disappointing. Its for this reason right here that i would not rely on this camera set up as a primary home security set up. Instead i would use this more as a camera to help assist a well implemented home security system from a reputable company that specializes in home security. I in fact have a good home security system in my house with a few cameras however i do not have one for my front door and this camera definitely makes a good complement to a already in place security system. Lets talk about the picture quality. All i can i say is IMPRESSIVE, the picture quality is very crisp and does display in 720p with the option for 1080p. This camera is way better then my personal security cameras by a long shot. Also this camera has a motion sensor that will record anytime it picks up movement and let me say the motion sensor is very accurate and very sensitive. It would get set off by people walking by on the sidewalk or even cars driving by on the street. For me this is a plus seeing as how i want every detail recorded. Now the camera has a mic built in with a two way speaker. So your supposed to be able to hear people through the camera and be able to talk back to them. Now i don't know if i got a faulty camera or not but when i would try to talk through my phone out through the camera my voice was all distorted and the sound quality was low and not a single word could be heard. If you are hoping to get this camera don't expect or rely too heavily on the fact that it serves as a two way radio. Now however the camera itself picks up very clearly and very accurate sound quality. For example i was watching the camera one night around 10pm and i could clearly hear the crickets chirping and i could even hear my neighbors talking very clearly believe it or not. I was very impressed at the clarity of sound quality and this made up for its short coming on the other end. Viewing the camera is done through a smart phone and yes you can zoom in and out but don't expect the picture quality to get better as you zoom in cause it doesn't. Now lets talk about the different services Logitech offers. You can choose three options, free plan, basic plan, and the premium plan. The free plan is as it says free, all you get with that plan is 24 hour storage. After 24 hours has passed your footage will erase and write over the old video footage. Next is the basic plan for $3.99 a month and all you get with that is 14 day video storage instead of 24 hours. The next step up is the premium package and that will run you $9.99 a month. With the premium package you get custom day briefings which lets you know what times had the most activity, motion zones for if you decide to buy more then one camera, 31 days of storage and perhaps one of the coolest features Artificial Intelligence person detection. Now the AI person detection is kinda cool, when you pull your camera up on your phone off to the right you will see a bunch of bubbles with time stamps on them. Each bubble represents activity that was captured and the time it was captured, simply click on the bubble and time you want and it will pull up that footage. Now video footage will vary depending on the activity but it can range from a few seconds of footage to a few minutes. Now lets say someone comes up to your door or driveway, the camera will recognize that it is a person and not a vehicle, object or even an animal. When it recognizes a person it will recorded that footage at a longer length and stamp your footage with a blue bubble and a person icon on that bubble. This is kinda cool because it cuts down on footage time. So lets say your car got broken in to during the day and you dont know what time it happened. All you have to do is scroll through all your bubbles until you come across the one that is blue and has a human picture icon on it and presto there is the footage you need. Now there is a set back however, this camera does offer night vision and with all night vision picture quality is going to drop so don't expect a phenomenal picture at night. The AI detection for some reason struggles to work and most nights it wont pick up on my wife leaving or coming home from work. This is kinda disappointing however Logitech does leave the camera open for updates through its firmware. Hopefully they will fix the AI recognition at night. All in all this is a pretty solid camera with some set backs that held it back from getting 5 stars. The main thing to remember when buying this camera is not to rely on it solely for a home security set up but rather to use it as a piggy back set up off a existing system you may have. Also keep in mind this camera doesnt have to be used for security but can be used to keep an eye on your children or pets but just know the two way mic did not work good at all on my camera. pros: -EXCELLENT picture quality during the day -Super sensitive motion lens -Crystal clear sound quality -AI person detection -Easy set up cons: -Two way mic that does not work properly (may be a bad camera) -Rely solely on wifi with no back up in the event internet goes down -Weak AI person detection at night

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