Logitech - Harmony Elite Universal Remote - Black

Voice compatible
Designed for use with a variety home automation and entertainment devices, this Logitech Harmony Elite 915-000256 remote allows easy control through closed cabinets or walls for flexible use. The remote works with Alexa, and the Harmony mobile app supports simple on-to-go operation.

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Logitech - Harmony Elite Universal Remote - Black - Angle
Logitech - Harmony Elite Universal Remote - Black
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What's Included

  • Harmony Elite Universal Remote
  • Harmony Hub, charging station
  • 2 IR mini-blasters
  • USB cable, 2 AC adapters
  • Owner's manual

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Overall Customer Rating:
90% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (2153 out of 2405)

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Compatible with more than 270,000 devices

For easy control over a wide range of entertainment components and home automation devices, including lights, locks and thermostats.

Control devices inside closed cabinets and through walls

For use throughout your home.

Harmony mobile app (download required)

Allows remote operation via a compatible mobile device, so you can control devices while you're out and about.

Works with Alexa and Google Home

Voice control your home and entertainment. Tell Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on Netflix, dim the lights, play music, check traffic, order food, adjust the thermostat, and much more.

Comfortable design

For easy handling.

Rechargeable battery pack

Provides reliable operation. The included charging station makes it easy to replenish the battery pack.

Simple online setup for PC and Mac

Compatible with Windows 7, 8 or 10 or Mac OS X 10.7 or later with an Intel® processor. Mobile setup via most Wi-Fi- or Bluetooth-enabled devices with an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean or later operating system.

Also supports mobile setup via your Bluetooth-enabled Apple® iPhone® 4S or later, iPad® 3rd generation or later, iPad mini or iPod® touch 5th generation or later with an iOS 8.0 or later operating system.

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  • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    Very disappointed -READ BEFORE YOU BUY

    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

    I have never given a 1 star to anything. Because it is Logitech I am forced to give it 2 Stars just because Logitech tried to build a product that no one else built. I hope this review will save many hours or frustration. I will not give you this talk about 350 odd being too much money for a remote if it did what it is capable of 75% of the time and covered 75 % of the features. I spend 4 Days and hours each day trying to refine this and I hope I can save people precious time. sometimes you wonder if there can be ever a perfect universal Remote. In that space really there is only a harmony. Gone are they days when I had Sony everything including a Sony Receiver. My devices are LG 65UG9500 TV Pioneer Elite SC67 Receiver Pioneer Elite Blu ray player. Apple TV Gen 3 Dish network VIP 722K Note this:- This remote requires you to program via you phone smart app but sometimes it requires a hub, laptop and you remote all to be in the same room close. This smart phone app makes your Iphone 6Plus feel very deficient. This remote also required to use your WIFI all the time ! if you are playing XBOX and want to turn off your WIFI good luck since the reconnect to your WIFI from your HUB is so buggy and take for ever. So my aging parents or someone who hopes to get simplification cannot really be wowed by this remote ! I was able to easily program this remote and setup was not painless. It seems to have all the models and specifics of all my devices built-in or downloadable in a jiffy. Out of the box many of the buttons will not work. so you will have to fix each and everyone of them. You also may have to turn off HDMI control. So if you have a smart TV like the Samsung s and LGs then you have to live with input lag and increase the remote delays ..this will cost you 1-10 hours depending on how much patience you have. Somewhere along the line the remote will have to be charged by popping it in the cradle as the battery is designed differently and needs some charging.(this is not a big issue unless you are doing several syncs to complete setup). With HDMI control off everywhere I thought that was a good place to start. Almost all the basic functions work (my 30 bucks Dish network remote does that with no fuss at all. Sorry if I ticked off some Logitech fans !) The problem starts with Menus, or Smart apps. LG TV menus work but few options will have to be fixed painstakingly. I successfully did this. As I was really committed to set this so I can make it easy for my family. (Somewhere along the line you are thinking heck how lazy are we to not just use the original remote for Apple TV or Blu-ray. Everyday TV watching and turning things off works so great with the Dish network remote. On/off volume and channels and guide..well we all are good with that !) The hub placement was perfect and did not have to use the extender but when I turned off WIFI it struggled and sometimes what you fixed does not works consistently. The hard Exit button on the remote would always exit and change everything no matter what activity you are doing. Hugely annoying. So I teach it exit mean this via the original remotes for 3 devices. Guess what it work via my phone application but keeps failing after numerous Syncs. you have to believe me when I say this. Not impressive at all. Also the Phone App has the weirdest of navigation options not in keeping with the current crop of applications. My guess is Logitech developed this in 2005 and kept patching this. It requires a complete re-write. At this point I still had 60 percent of the standard buttons working (So most Cable/satellite remotes can do that is it not ?) The touch screen is very annoying and you could inadvertently select something you did not intend. The remote has a rubber back but it still is very hard to grip and very slippery.I think most could live with that if it did what is expected of it. You have to scroll way down to find something and you will have so many additional options (could be like 50-100 buttons that you need to manually remove to make your list smaller and manageable) 2 days ago I picked up the remote and it would not connect to the wifi at all. so I unplugged it and plugged it again. After the power reset it seemed to work fine but some things were so weird. Example when I eject Blu-ray tray and then try to close it close would not work from the remote. So I tried the Phone app. It works from the phone but not on the remote. So I fixed this again. Then I found that the pioneer MCACC menu loads up but the cursor button does not work suddenly. so I said that was fine I can use the original remote for that. Then few time the input kept switching back to apple TV input and I had to go to device menu and switch it back...with the input lag associated with all these dissimilar devices from various vendors. It took time so I had to go introduce delays and edit the activities. Finally I found that if I turned on HDMI control it work better so I turned it on. The problem is once you turn on HDMI control on LG TV and your Receiver (4 K content on smart TV requires some unique things I cannot go into those details) With the Logitech remote present it misbehaves. Before I had the remote this did not happen. I tried to use the original LG magic Remote and suddenly The Logitech remote app which is too smart to my liking seems to try to learn somethings. It frequently keeps asking you if a function works as intended and do you like to fix that. I have no way of turning this off. I can go on and on but I just wanted to share this with everyone. Please consider all this before your buy this remote. you have to ask yourself if you want to buy a Harmony Elite remote because every home theater enthusiast has one and it will keep you current or you really think this would save you time once you put the effort initially for 10 -50 hours and few days. Is it really that much easier than just using the basic universal functions in any TV or Cable remote. I have bought Philips and Sony Universal remotes in the past and all of them have been infinitely better than this product. I buy most everything on bestbuy or Amazon.. I purchased this remote from Best Buy and finally just before writing this review decided to return it. I rarely returns things. I do my research well before I buy. I am really disappointed and reluctantly returned it. IF YOU CONSIDERED ALL THIS AND STILL THINK ITS WORTH YOUR WHILE. CONSIDER THIS, UNLESS WE HOLD HIGHER STANDARDS FOR PRODUCT ACCEPTANCE YOU WILL HAVE COMPANIES SELLING YOU STUFF WHICH ARE HALF BAKED WITH THE PROMISE THERE THAT THERE WILL BE SOFTWARE UPDATES. BELIEVE ME IF IT DID NOT MEET YOU BASIC NEEDS OUT OF THE BOX ITS NO LIKELY TO GET FIXED COMPLETELY. PLEASE DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND GIVE THE RIGHT FEEDBACK SO THEY WILL WORK HARDER ON THE NEXT ONE. SORRY LOGITECH!

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Steep learning curve but versatile, good w/ Alexa

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® MemberMember

    I'll be honest, even as a tech lover, it took me a few frustrating false starts to set up the Harmony Elite's "activities" to work well with my Samsung Smart TV and modest theater setup. I had to change quite a few default settings manually (to not turn off the TV/speakers every time I wanted to go from cable to Netflix, for example), add some delays in (so the TV had time to load the requisite menus), and manually add other actions into the LCD screen menu (cable box and TV settings weren't easily accessible at first when in the other app, for example). But overall, there are many things that I like about the Elite: + ERGONOMICS: Feels great in the hand, most buttons are easily accessible without having to shift in the hand too much + ALEXA INTEGRATION: Not 100% accurate, mind you, but it works enough that my wife and I can change the channel with our voices and adjust the volume hands-free (usually while feeding the baby). The smart home integration is solid too, though I haven't really used it that much to adjust the lights (Lutron). + IT KNOWS SO MANY DEVICES: So great to not have to flip back and forth between TV/cable remotes. Harmony is also able to include some functions that don't exist on the old remotes as physical buttons, which is great for programming macros/sequences. And it can control my lights and my Apple TV and my soundbar too! + HARMONY HUB AND IR BLASTERS: A lot of what I can do above is specifically because of the way the remote communicates with the Hub. The blasters helps reduce the likelihood of "misfires" where the remote triggers actions but the devices don't catch them. Things that are good but could use work: * DON'T FORGET THE LONG-PRESS: The ability to long-press buttons to trigger a separate action effectively doubles the functionality of the remote. That said, unless you have the MyHarmony app pulled up on the computer, it's not very easy to remember which long-press does what. * HELP FUNCTION: I like that when my remote gets confused and doesn't turn everything and set the right inputs, the Help feature often can fix this. I don't like that the Help function can ONLY help with inputs and power on/off, and not with timing issues. Most of my problems stem from the remote not opening the correct app or the right menu at the right time. * LCD SCREEN: Clear, easy to read, responsive... but almost too responsive at times. Sometimes when it's sitting next to me on the couch and I brush by it, it will trigger an activity, and then I have to wait until the activity is done before I can undo my mistake. * Mobile app: I have used it to some success, but the physical remote always trumps the Things that could be better: - NO BELKIN WEMO SMARTPLUG INTEGRATION: I can create workarounds to some extent with IFFFT commands, but if the integration was already there, I'd probably be much more likely to use the smarthome buttons on the Elite. - INITIAL SETUP: For most people, this will be the single most tedious part of the process. I spent several days working on this -- through the mobile app, through the desktop app, on the remote itself... FYI, the desktop app is by far the most useful way to fine-tune the remote. I can see this driving away casual users, but I guess how many casual users are plopping down $200+ for a universal remote? - DEVICE "SWITCHING": Unless you already added it to the LCD menu, it takes quite a few button pressed to access a function when it's not on the current mapped device -- for example, when I'm using the activity "Watch TV" the Elite is mapped to my DVR remote... so if I want to adjust the brightness settings on my TV for some reason, I have to either: 1) Create a macro that makes that menu pop up, or 2) Hit the Device button, scroll down to select my TV as the mapped device, then swipe back to the proper menu on the LCD, change the settings, then hit the Device button to go back to mapping the DVR remote. It would be much faster to just pick up the old remote! - BATTERY LIFE: Maybe it's because I turned on the setting where the remote recognizes when it's tilted and turns on the LCD screen, but the remote only seems to last three days at a time before needing to go back in the cradle. - PS4 PRO POWER ON: Yes, I know it's Sony who decided not to let anything but their devices turn on the PS4 Pro, but it is something that makes me less likely to use the machine for playing BluRay and for streaming apps, even though the audio quality is best through this device (at least in my setup). In conclusion: The Harmony Elite is supposed to be the remote to end all remotes, and I can see how it has tremendous staying power and versatility. It feels great and can control sooooo many devices. It could stand to be a little more intuitive, especially when setting up menus and activities, and also a bit faster in reaction time... but hey, it does about 99% of what I need it to do and it allows me to put (at least) three other remotes away for good. Plus, the handsfree-with-Alexa option is something I didn't expect to use but ended up really enjoying. I'd love to see how the Elite works on an even fancier setup than what I have. Now to teach my parents and in-laws how to use this...

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    GREAT FOR CORD CUTTERS - Upgraded from Smart Hub

    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

    LOGITECH HARMONY ELITE (/ 950) A fantastic upgrade from the Smart Hub (now called Logitech Harmony Companion). Previously (many years ago) I wrote a review for the Harmony Smart Home Hub + Remote. At the time I called it nearly perfect. My minor complaint was that it was not backlit, and although you could assign anything you wanted to nearly any button, the user had to remember everything themselves. (Long Press Button-A means turn on the TV, Short Press Button-B means launch Netflix and so on). As I attempt once again to “cut the cord” from cable video service bundles, I found I have many more entertainment devices and sources attached to my TV and many home automation devices to manage. Increasingly it was hard to keep the long press, short press buttons top of mind to select different devices. My table was once again filling up with multiple remotes. Or, each device also had a custom app on my phone that I had to find, log into, then navigate. It was just a hassle. HARMONY ELITE (950) TO THE RESCUE! MY SETUP / DEVICES TO CONTROL from the remote - TV - TiVo for OTA Broadcasts - ROKU Premiere+ for Sony VUE OTT Content (FX, Bravo) , Amazon, Netflix… - Chromecast for random screen sharing - Playon DVR (recording shows + commercial skip) - Synology Media Server (my library of various media sources) - Lutron Caseta Lights - EcoBee Thermostat - Blu Ray Player - Yamaha Receiver With the Elite/950 I have a scroll list on the remote touch screen to select my activity. - Watch Live TV (TiVo) - Watch “Cable Channels” (ROKU) - Watch Recorded Shows (Playon) - Watch Local Media (Synology) - Watch a Blu Ray Movie - Listen to Music - Turn OFF the Lights - Turn ON the Lights - Adjust Temperature - So on Now, I can select (for example) “Watch Live TV” then I am presented with a screen of Icons for each channel, and I can simply press the ABC logo to watch ABC. Or, I can select the activity “Watch Cable” and the remote (well the hub really) selects the ROKU box and launches Sony VUE or I can press an ICON for “FX” and it launches the FX APP/Channel on ROKU. Because most of the functions I need to use are already there on the remote (directional controls, pause play, volume) I don’t usually need to use any other buttons. At first I was concerned that there were no physical number buttons, but with the ICONs I no longer needed them. If you do need them, then you can get a virtual keyboard to pop up on the remote. Next I was concerned I would have to keep it charged all the time. This sort of forces you to put the remote in the cradle each night, so now I know where to find it each day. Just like I plug in my phone each night, so not a big deal. Finally, I was concerned that I would have to set up all my programming from my earlier hub all over again. Since the Old and New Hubs are identical (confirmed with tech support), I did not need to replace my old hub, I just paired the new remote to the old hub and it kept all my specially crafted “recipes” for controlling my devices. (for example, to get the TV to output in Optical DD 5.1 instead of Optical 2-CH required about 30 button pushes which I have automated fully). CAUTION: This is not your grandfathers universal remote. There are many steps to make a mostly flawless universal remote experience. It is part Setup Wizards, Part Programming, Lots of Logical Planning, it does not happen without a lot of trial and error. Don’t expect to turn it on, enter a 4 digit code for your TV and have it work perfectly out of the box. For advance features, some of the setup is done on the computer, some is done from your phone, some is done from the remote. My original (years ago) nearly perfect setup took about 2-3 days to plan and setup, then about 3 weeks of fine tuning. Though 90% of my setup carried over, I see many weeks of fine tuning with the new features that Elite/950 makes available. This is a lot closer to building your own gaming PC instead of buying a tablet. Just try to get a common answer for yourself AND everyone in your house to the question “what does ‘WATCH TV’ mean”? Does that mean play a game, or watch an Amazon Movie or, Play a DVD? This is more of an art than a science. Logitech has given you the tools to build a 100% custom remote. How you go about doing that is what makes it interesting. Of course, you can select “Sony TV” and just use it as a replacement remote for your Sony TV. I don’t mean to imply otherwise, but you could buy 10-20 replacement Sony remotes for the price of this combo. I’m only in my first few days, but I can tell that I’ll once again be able to push my handful of remotes back into a drawer where they belong. There are many more features that I’ve not experimented with yet, but I look forward to testing them out. (Gesture Controls, and more). Negatives? Nothing comes to mind yet. Be patient, Experiment, Read lots of online tips.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Should have been my first choice

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

    During the build of my new house about 1 year ago, one of the options was for a (supposedly) super convenient, easy to use, do-it-all home theater control system from a local dealer/installer. I thought about it and after doing research on the product (Con-trol-4), i thought it was a pretty good choice and decided to buy it. Fast forward to getting the unit/remote/etc installed, configured, and working...nope...not even close. I think the product works provided all of the dealer installed configurations are done properly. In my case, it never worked properly and did not even come close to meeting my expectations...just sadness. So, being a handy tech guy, i thought to get the next best thing that i could configure/modify/upgrade myself. that would be the Logitech remote and hub...at roughly 1/5 the cost of the Con-trol-4 solution, i was able to very easily set up the Logitech hub and remote, lights (sweet bonus!), projector, Wii, XBox, etc. and configure voice control via Alexa and control my entire home theater in a couple of sessions and make ongoing tweaks as needed. This is the way it is supposed to work! Everything is very easy to change to meet any sort of needs for a custom theater (I have 8 devices) or for just a single TV. Very well done, Logitech! Right now, this is the best product around for (home) theater automation and Alexa integration. For the initial price and ongoing costs to integrate other services, it kicks all of the custom installation options to the curb. The hub is the coolest part of the product, since it emits IR/bluetooth/WiFi signals from itself to control your devices AND there are 2 IR emitter jacks for controlling devices behind doors or in an AV closet or another room (long headphone jack required). Very nicely done. The hub is small, slim and unobtrusive on the shelf near my TV (see the pics). If you are needing to automate devices and want to configure the whole thing yourself (pretty easy to do), then either get the standalone hub or the remote and hub and you will be very happy. This works wonders and its very cool to control all of the devices via the handheld remote or with your voice! Enjoy!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Controls All My Devices

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    I have a TV stereo cabinet that contains numerous separate A/V devices (TV, Blu-Ray player, receiver, additional FM and TV tuners, DVR, Roku, etc.). Some of these items are nearing 10 years old, while others have been purchased in the last 1-3 years. I wanted a remote that would control them all, whether they be infra-red or RF operated. I also wanted something where I did not have to worry too much about being near the equipment (a problem with my old Logitech remote). The Harmony Elite comes with a separate wi-fi hub and two wired IR transmitters that can be positioned in different places. This mostly eliminates the problem of devices not turing on-or off as programmed. The transmitters are small and they are dark colored, so you do not notice them unless you are close to the equipment. It took a while to fine tune some of the settings (push button commands, etc.) and I am still making some occasional adjustments. Some patience is required to get things "exactly right". But overall, I am very satisfied. This is the Logitech remote that I wanted all along (I have owned several less expensive models) with all the features that are needed to easily run multiple components. If you have a large system with multiple components, it just works better than the cheaper harmony remotes. There is some included software that integrates the remote with your smartphone. I chose not to install this software because the basic remote satisfactory operated most of my components. I only have one component that requires use of a smartphone. However, the Logitech remote can do 90% of what I need for that component so use of the smartphone is not required that often. The battery seems to run out of juice quicker than my old Harmony remote. But I just need to remember to put the remote in the charger when I'm not using it.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Excellent Universal Remote w/ Smart Home Features

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

    The Harmony Elite Universal Remote with Harmony Hub is a great addition for the modern day media center. Today's living room contains a dizzying array of hardware devices to provide entertainment for our family. Often this includes a Smart TV, a soundbar or AV receiver, DVD/Blu Ray/UHD Blu Ray player, a gaming console (or two), streaming media player boxes or sticks, computers, network connected speakers, and smart home devices, like lighting and shades, to complete the theater-like ambiance. The problem is that each of these different devices and media components comes with their own remote or mode for communicating with the device. In addition, the vast majority of media components still rely upon IR for receiving commands. Wouldn't it be great if you could use one remote to communicate with all of your devices to set up a media activity or even create an entire media scenario all without having to worry about making sure that one remote is properly pointing at all of the IR receivers? That's the problem that the Logitech Harmony Remotes with the Harmony Hub is trying to solve. The Elite level remote is capable of combining up to 15 different remotes into the one remote. By default the Elite remote does not communicate directly with your devices. Instead, it sends commands to the included Harmony Hub, which incorporates an array of IR blasters around its edges, and you strategically place the Hub in a spot which can either have line of sight to your IR receivers or can bounce IR signals such that your IR receivers will receive the commands. This allows you to select an activity, set down the remote, and all of your devices will properly receive all of the commands necessary for you to begin consuming entertainment from the desired source. Setting things up on the remote/Hub can be a bit confusing if you have never used any of Harmony's remotes before, but there are various places on the Internet, including Logitech's support web site, that will help guide you through the process of adding devices and incorporating those devices into Activity workflows. The Elite remote differentiates itself from the Companion remote in that it has a touchscreen for selecting Activities and to display user created Activities, while the Companion remote only has physical buttons. Also, the Elite remote to can combine up to 15 remotes while the Companion remote will only combine up to eight. Also, the Elite remote is rechargeable with a base station to hold the remote while it is charging, while the Companion remote utilizes a non-rechargeable CR2032 battery. Aside from being able to list custom user Activities, the touchscreen display on the Elite remote allows you to correct the results of an Activity mishap. Perhaps the soundbar or the TV did not end up on the correct input, maybe because of interference from HDMI CEC, you can use the touchscreen as a means to quickly correct which input the TV or soundbar is set to. The touchscreen also incorporates gestures, which can be used on certain activities, such as pausing, fast-forwarding, or rewinding when watching a Blu Ray movie. The downside of the touchscreen is that it is always there ready to receive touch input. So, be sure to set the remote out of the way of your hands and feet while enjoying your media. Otherwise, you might inadvertently power off one of the devices or switch to a different Activity altogether. If your family wants the familiarity of a remote to control your media devices and you have more than eight devices to control or have various custom Activities that you want to create, then the Elite remote with Harmony Hub is the way to go.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Works well most of the time

    • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
    • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

    I previously used a Logitech 900 for about 5 - 6 years, and loved the RF functionality of it. I could have continued to use it for even longer, although all of my new equipment was bluetooth and network enabled, so I decided to trade in the 900 for a $100 credit on the Elite. I've had the Elite for maybe 2 - 3 months now, and I love it (when it works). There has been a few times where the remote just kind of locks up, and no matter what I press on the remote nothing will happen. I honestly don't even know what I do to fix it, as nothing I try fixes it immediately. What I usually do in those cases is put the remote in its cradle and let it charge for a night - even when the battery was completely full when it started acting up. I really like to be able to control my devices with bluetooth, as it's super fast response and I've never had to push a button twice for it to respond (which I did have to do every now and then with the 900). I also like that I can control devices via my network. I have a TV mounted on the wall, and I don't have a blaster anywhere near my tv, but since it can be controlled via the network I don't need to worry about pointing the remote directly at the TV and be line-of-sight for the IR sensor to process the command. I also like that the remote has a sensor in it that when you pick it up, the buttons and screen will light up. There's a setting to turn off that functionality if you don't want that, and it helps to preserve battery with that setting off, but it's a trade off that I'm willing to accept. I also like that macros can be added and assigned to different buttons, so if there's a sequence of buttons that need to be pressed for something to happen, you can assign those button presses to a single button and when you press it, all of those button presses will occur automatically. It makes doing certain things much easier. One other nice perk is that when you're setting up a new device, the software can search for devices that it can control over your network or bluetooth. I like that it can find them automatically and add them via the list of found devices rather than needing to type each one in. The remote itself feels nice in the hand, and it actually feels better than the 900 which I was quite happy with. What I don't like about the remote is that there's not any hard buttons for channel numbers. They're all on the touch screen, so I always have to look at the remote while I'm entering a channel number. I also wish that the remote's battery was easier to remove. The times when my 900 would act up, I would easily remove the battery and it would start up with all issues resolved. I wish that I could do that with this remote. Overall this is a great remote, and there hasn't been anything yet that I've wanted to do with my pretty complex system that I wasn't able to do. I would say that the folks at AVSForums can provide a ton of useful information on how to setup these remotes, as there are a ton of users there with these remotes.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Amazing Remote (knock on wood)

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    I've read what seems to be every review on every major retailer of this Harmony Elite remote and hub system. This is not a universally loved piece of equipment, excuse the pun and for the price you certainly want to know that it will be the 5 star item most talk about, vs the 1-2 star item some have concluded. I've been using it for just over a week and I can say at least at this stage Its absolutely fantastic. Setup took a while (I set up 13 items not counting my various connected-home pieces that don't count toward the remote's 15 item limit) but they do a very solid job of walking you through anything and everything you could need. Only a couple times did I question if what I was doing was right and in all cases everything set up correct. I had to tweak a couple of the delays on items and finally ended up setting one of my devices to take IR signals from the remote vs the hub but all in all it was simple, if not quick. The touchscreen is quite good and I like the ability to switch between the standard "choice" selection screens and the swiping. I almost forget there is a whole system of well-placed useful physical keys. The app is not as bad as the reviews would have you believe and I would give it a 4.5 out of 5 for usefulness to help set everything up and a 3.5 to 4.0 out of 5 for usefulness as a remote (vs using the elite itself) The hub and extenders work amazingly well for the most part. I still am not sure how all the devices are getting a signal from it. The connections to items through bluetooth and wifi when applicable help tremendously and to connect to many items as a keyboard input device too really helps speed up searching, etc. Pros : TONS and tons. basically everything it says it can do it can do. I won't list them here because it just works. Cons: At this price and with cost of hardware being so cheap, I'm unsure why there is a 15-item limit. Quite a few items don't count toward this which helps, but quite a few do (I ended up only adding 2 of my 10 active Sonos units for example). People buying this pricey of an item have a lot of devices... lift the limit. Related to Sonos, and its not an honest complaint as I actually really like the native sonos app and have no desire to stop using it, the sonos control from Harmony is not its best feature. It works flawlessly when sonos is simply an audible connection to the home theater (soundbar, etc) letting you use the volume rocker for movies for example, but as a music multi-zone controller its not helpful. Neutral: Its the best physical multi-device remote out there at this price that can also handle lots of smart-home devices. That said, the bar is low and its not great yet. I added the related items to my HT (lights for example) and its helpful but not amazing. I un connected other items such as the nest for example as it didn't work well and didn't really add benefits even if it did.

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