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Polk Audio - 5-1/4" Bookshelf Speakers - Pair - Black

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Amp up your music listening experience with these magnetically shielded bookshelf speakers that feature Dynamic Balance composite woofers and tweeters and a front-firing bass port for a lush, balanced soundscape.

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    Polk Audio - 5-1/4" Bookshelf Speakers - Pair - Black - Larger Front
    Polk Audio - 5-1/4" Bookshelf Speakers - Pair - Black
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    Overall Customer Rating:
    99% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (2086 out of 2124)


    Sonically matched speakers are designed to work with each other in a synergistic manner, each performing a specific function in an integrated speaker system with balanced response across all speakers

    Front-firing bass port delivers punchy bass tones

    5-way binding posts

    Vented enclosures

    Keyhole slot for wall mounting using optional mounting hardware (not included)

    Frequency response: 60Hz - 24kHz

    Sensitivity: 89dB

    Impedance: 8 ohms

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars with 2124 reviews

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Unbeatable for the money

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I bought these to press into service with an older receiver as "near field" monitors for my PC -- which besides listening to music also does video editing. They were an attempt to evade paying $500+ for a set of powered monitors which I wasn't sure if I'd like, and can't audition easily in this area - there's just nowhere that sells that sort of gear in this immediate area. First impression is that they're surprisingly heavy for their size. That's good; construction is solid and appears to be thick MDF. I detect no rattles or resonances. $1,000 professional monitors they are not. But they cost $50 for the pair - not $500+ each. Paired with an older but perfectly-servicable Pioneer receiver I had laying around they get plenty loud and are surprisingly well-balanced. The bass is reasonably tight but not copious -- but for a small bookshelf speaker what do you want in that regard? Imaging is pretty good; much better than I expected. For reference I have a pair of KEF 104/2s in my family room as my "mains", so I know EXACTLY what I'm listening to should sound like. The soundstage is pretty good and has some 3-dimensional quality to it; surprising for this price-point. Be warned that I can easily detect audio artifacts in lower-bitrate MP3s on these speakers! KEFs these are not, but again, we're talking about "for the money." The low end is a bit muddy and lacks some definition, but compared to the "pc-style" speakers I had connected before these blow the "computer speaker" genre to beyond the orbit of Mars. Surprisingly the usual "midbass" hump in response that you typically find in smaller speakers is blissfully muted -- almost missing. If you want it then dial it in with your equalizer or just turn on Loudness compensation in your amplifier. Just don't expect the walls to rattle; there's not enough driver in these to get there without a sub for help. I could mix on these. I'd have to be careful with the low end, but I could do it. That cannot be said for most small bookshelf speakers; they are simply not flat enough and most have wildly-exaggerated mid-bass and a peaky treble that borders on shrill. These are blissfully missing both. If you can't tell I'm quite impressed with these little things. You have to spend a LOT more money to do better; if you're willing to pop into the $300+ range then there are a number of very credible choices, but for $50 for the pair these are amazingly capable. I have them on my desk in "nearfield" about 3-4' from me. If I was on a budget I could tolerate these as mains and surround speakers for a modest home theater setup as long as you add a decent sub and don't want IMAX-style volume. Highly recommended.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Excellent value!

      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member
      • Top 100 ContributorTop 100 Contributor

      My apartment is odd- it's basically two small apartments connected together separated by a door. In the larger room I have a home entertainment system with a real stereo system- receiver, sub-woofer, larger speakers, etc. However, the kitchen is in the smaller room and I like to listen to music while having coffee. About six months ago I bought the Insignia 50 watt mini bookshelf system and connected my iPod to it via an Apple iPod dock. It's on top of the refrigerator. I like the system, but the speakers were never quite right- I felt that the 4 inch drivers were a little small and with the bass ports on the back the bass would hit the wall and I felt like it sounded a bit weak and muffled. I decided to go to Best Buy to see what I could get as an upgrade. I had done a little research online and I wanted to compare three speakers- these Polks, the Pioneer SP-BS22-LRs and the Insignia NS-SP213s. The Pioneers are power-hungry, and since this system is only 25 watts per channel I eliminated them first- plus they still had a rear bass port. The Insignias sounded ok, but seemed a little muffled. These Polks sounded the clearest, but I could not really tell how they sounded in the store, so I took them home. I'm VERY happy with the results! They are a little bigger than the original Insignias but not too big. Binding posts connected easily too. At first the sound was just ok. It took about an hour of breaking them in for them to really shine. First thing I noticed is that they are efficient- comfortable listening level with the Insignias was 16 on the volume setting, with the Polks it's 12. Second thing I noticed is that the upper midrange is much more clear- voices really carry, especially higher pitched ones. Finally, although they don't have exceptionally deep bass the response is certainly better than the Insignias. Not sure if it's because of the bigger woofers or if it's the bass ports being on the front but there is no longer any muffled bass. I'm hearing details in my music that I generally only hear through my main stereo system. If you have limited space and reasonable expectations I think you can't go wrong with these speakers!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      So Far ... So EXCELLENT!

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I "shopped out" this purchase ALL over the internet; I read dozens of reviews. ... I purchased these Polk Audio - 5-1/4" Bookshelf Speakers from Best Buy, because my local BB store (a true "flagship" store) is less than 4 miles away. ... These speakers were in stock and ready to be picked up in less than an hour! One of my most critical decision points (besides really good audio performance) was the height of the speaker's "cabinets"/boxes. - My shelves are "fixed", and a 10.63(+/-)" height was just right to fit them into my bookshelves. The Polk Audio reputation does mean a lot to me, and considering ALL the other competitors' speakers I looked at in this "purchase decision, shopping process", only the Polk Audio T15 speakers met ALL my criteria. ... Also, I was very glad that these speakers have such a large presence in the market that there were many, MANY reviews available to help me clarify the details that I could not find the answers for on They've been hooked up for less than 20 hours of running time now, but SO FAR, I'm amply impressed with how they sound, and I'm sure they WILL only get better after they've been fully "run in", some 20 to 60 hours of operating time from now. Finally, you may be interested to know that I purchased these Polk Audio - 5-1/4" Bookshelf Speakers as upgraded, replacement, front speakers for my bedroom home theater system. ... My new T15 speakers replaced a venerable, old pair of Yamaha NS-A328 home theater "satellite" speakers, and they are hooked up to a Yamaha HTR-5450 (500W RMS (Total)) Natural Sound AV Receiver using 16 AWG Rocketfish wires (- please see my review(s)). I hope all the opinions and information I have provided here will be useful for your "purchase decision, shopping process".

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Wow! Nice upgrade

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Yamaha 6.1 surround sound front L & R main speakers replaced (after 12 years) with these Polks. Really nice. Rich full bodied sound with excellent distinction between lows, mids and highs. Really impressive. Fills the room, 4K blue rays totally awesome. Just music: streaming, radio or CD EXCELLENT! In the book shelf category I’ve seen $500.00 each. Yikes! In the under $150.00 a pair range these are your choice. No compromise, Polk would not sellout and slap their name on a cheap speaker just to get sales. This is a quality speaker. As the main front L & R channels for our surround sound system these speakers are really impressive. I love being alive during these technology driven times. It means you can get an excellent product at a really fair price via the competing market place. And, Polk stepped-up for sure. Unless you’re an audiophile already use to thousand dollar speakers you will love these for a long time. Ps we have a 3 thousand dollar Khlips set-up in our entertainment room so I am use to listening to a very nice 7.1 surround system. So, with some sound knowledge I am definitely recommending these Polk Book shelf speakers.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Better than I expected


      I was a little skeptical of these speakers because of the price, and because of some negative reviews I read. I can say that I'm extremely happy with these speakers after having them in my HT setup for a week now. I needed to replace some very large KLH floor speakers that were about 3 1/2 feet tall and were acting as FL/FR, and to replace some larger JBL bookshelf speakers that I was using for rear surrounds (one of the JBL speakers started buzzing after my daughter knocked one over and stood on the cone when she was a toddler). My center channel is a Polk Audio CS series speaker, and I wanted to finally get front and surround speakers to match. I listened to the T15s in the store, and I thought they sounded a little dull compared to the other speakers, but they were on sale for 50% off, so I figured I'd give them a chance and I bought 2 pairs. When I first hooked them up, I thought they sounded like there was a little too much high end, but I hoped with some break-in time, they would start to sound better. I did have to increase the level of my sub since these don't put out as much bass as my previous floor speakers did, but they still have pretty decent bass for such little speakers. After only 3 or 4 days, the speakers started to come to life. We watched Pacific Rim and I was blown away by how good these little speakers sounded. My kids have been playing some PS3 games that use a lot of surround, and they sound incredibly clear and life-like. As I said, I did have to increase the sub-woofer level a little bit, but that's only because my previous front speakers had more bass than they really needed and I had the sub down some. Overall I'm very happy with these. I was only hoping to get at least as good of a sound out of these as with my previous speakers, and they've ended up being much better. I'd recommend giving them some good break-in time. Once that happens, these are amazing speakers with clear sound that are an amazing value.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great small speaker

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Finally got the approval from the old lady to piece together a surround sound, but on a budget. I have these speaker as my 2 mains and 2 rears and have the CS10 for the center channel. I was a little apprehensive while I was at the store because they sounded muffled and I wasn't to impressed with any bookshelfs they had on display. Well I went back and when there was no associate by me I pulled the cover and adjusted their receiver and man, now we're talking. I almost didn't buy anything because all the bookshelf speakers sounded like junk. But the audio guys had the bass turned all the way up with no treble. I turned up the treble and everything sounded great, so check the settings if you think it sounds like junk in the store. I went with the T15's because I had a budget and if I didn't I would have only had a center and the 2 fronts buying the speakers I wanted at first. But buying the T15's, two pairs and the center CS10 for less then $500. The speakers fit great in my bookshelfs and you can't even see them (black shelfs) and the rears are hanging from the wall with no problem. The clarity is great and so is the price. I cranked the volume up and you can hear it up stairs on the other side of the house clear as day. Even though I don't have a sub yet these speakers put out enough bass with no distortion to keep me patient for my sub. You won't jump out of your seat, but it sounds good. Once I get my sub these T15's will provide a great midrange sound to fulfill what I want. My living room is 18 X 16 and these speaker fill the room great.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      I'm impressed.


      These Polks replaced a pair of RCAs with 12" woofers. Big deep bass was not expected out of them-that's what subwoofers are for. I have a powered sub and did not need those huge speakers anymore. My setup is stereo, not surround sound or home theater-receiver is just 2 channels and puts out 75 watts/channel.. I was worried about them not having enough mid bass, but there's nothing to worry about at all. They have almost as much as the big monsters they replaced! The mids and highs sound great. Right now they're sitting on top of the other speakers about 3 feet above the ground. I can't wait until I get some brackets to hang them on the wall-probably sound even better. Some bookshelf speakers are very pricey-several hundred dollars. But these sound great at this entry level price point. Later I'll get another pair to replace the Pioneers with 8" woofers, hang all of them on the wall, and have more space in this cluttered room. Wanna see some good pics-click on these Photobucket links. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Quality can't be beat for price when on sale


      Typically I build my own cabinets & crossovers for larger components such as for home theater usage i.e. towers, sub, center channel, etc. However, for my PC I decided to go with these budget friendly bookshelves, a Class-T digital amp running directly from the PC sound card, and 12" sub. I figured for the price they couldn't be beat & it saves me build time. IMHO out of the box they sounded a bit muddy with low/weakened highs that I don't normally see with soft dome tweeters & mids were a bit too mild for my taste, I suspect the crossover setup, but without possibly voiding the 5 yr. warranty and taking them apart I can't say for sure. I like my speakers fairly bright and pronounced, but not as harsh as you might get with some horn tweeters. Once I configured my EQ settings with my sound card and am slowly breaking them in they are starting to grow on me. So far they are handling everything thrown at them fairly accurately this includes FPS games, action movies, and all different genres of music. They are weak on the bass side as expected with almost any bookshelf speaker, but better than others at this price point. This doesn't matter to me much since they are being used in combination with a sub-woofer. I have cut the frequency off so these guys don't see anything below 90 Hz. Overall for the price that I paid on sale, 49.99, they can't be beat. Plus, they look as nice as they sound without distorting at a fairly loud volume level. Glad, that I finally decided to make my first Polk purchase with these models.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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