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Canary - Indoor Wireless Full HD All-In-One Home Security System - Black-Front_Standard
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  • Q: Can you turn the camera on and off from smart phone?  (11 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answeryes you have full access from your phone you can call the police from the canary site or set off an alarm if you see an intruder, right from the site. you can turn it on or off. you can give other people temp access while you are away, also. great if you have pets, you can check no them ....

      By rednfas 

  • Q: Do I need a monitoring contract? Can I purchase and monitor the system for myself?  (12 Answers)

    By Unsecure 

    • Best answerNo, it keeps records for twelve hours during which you can download them. For $50 a year you can have 48 hours if you need it. Other plans are also available, but you can stick with the free plan if 12 hours is sufficient.

      By EFRAK 

  • Q: can this connect to a verizon mifi or do you need a wired home internet like windstream?  (10 Answers)

    By Crazyhorselady 

    • Best answerHi Crazyhorselady, Thanks for your question. We recommend that Canary be connected to standard home broadband internet. Canary is not supported for use with Verizon MiFi or similar products. If you have further questions, please feel free to reach out to us 24/7 by phone at 1-888-271-0121 or by email at - Matt from Canary

      By Canary 

    • Best answerIt doesn't work that way. The recorded activity will delete after a set time frame dependent on how many units you have. If you want to save recorded events you need to save it to your PC. If you own one Canary they give 24 hours on the timeline free. But if you own two they penalize you and only give 12 hours free, the 24 hours is shared between the number of Canary's used. So the more you spend the less time allowed. Doesn't make sense to me but that is what I learned the hard way. One would think it would be 24 hours allowed no matter how many purchased that would be shared time if you own two or more.

      By YING 

  • Q: IS THERE A MONTHLY FEE  (11 Answers)

    By BAABS 

    • Best answerYes. But you don't have to sign up for it. You get a trial week. Mine works fine without it. It depends on if you want more storage bookmarks and video downloads.

      By Mimidoy 

  • Q: Will it work on windows?  (4 Answers)

    By jbenes 

    • Best answerNo, this is not Windows compatible.

      By CommunityAnswer 

    • Best answerAbsolutely NOT. Let me tell you--as a Canary product owner (for over a year)--security is almost a false claim. It definitely will not detect breached entry-points. It also will do almost nothing that it's marketing sales-pitch claims (anymore), without a premium paid monthly subscription. And, unfortunately the quality of the service isn't even worth the money. There is--which is commonly reported all over the Internet--consistent and unacceptable lag of up to 10 seconds. This lag is even when simply opening the app to simply see one of your cameras; literally 10-15 seconds of wait time and buffering. Even on Wi-fi. It's literally terrible and ruins the experience. and the delay lag is typically about 3-7 seconds of live video. It's all awful and completely unacceptable when there's competitors like Netgear's Arlo available for years with solid reviews and completely competitive storage plans--even for FREE users! After spending $400, and then finding I was completely lied to and bait-and-switched by Canary, I am so eager to help others from making the same mistake! Hope this helps!

      By MarcusArelius 

  • Q: Does this record? And if so , up to how many hours ?  (3 Answers)
    This question is for: Canary - Connect 2-Camera Wi-Fi High-Definition Security System - Black

    By Rose 

    • Best answerThey change their policy as to how much recording you can have unless you pay a monthly fee. When I first bought it they allowed 24 hours of recording. It recording in the night mode and away mode. They changed it to 12 hours. Then they changed it to no recording in night mode. Now it only records in away mode. So it does not record at night unless you remember to set it to away mode. Awful......

      By Alaskan123 

  • Q: Can you use the cam indoor or outdoor?  (5 Answers)

    By randynready 

    • Best answerYou can only use it indoors. If you want a nice outdoor camera, I think Ring makes the best one. Uses a solar panel to stay charged, and has nice cloud storage features. I think the best combo is to have a good outdoor camera (like Ring), combined with an indoor system like Canary or Piper.

      By chris 

    • Best answerYes, I have this mounted on my inside window looking outside my door entrance. I am able to see anybody that comes to the door. This has been extremely helpful when a delivery is dropped off on the door.,

      By Ryan 

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