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  • Questiondoes this oven actually clean itself or is it the new "water & steam" type of cleaning?

    Asked by dazy.

    • Answer Hi dazy - GE® JB645RKSS has a self-cleaning oven (not steam clean). The oven is cleaned by heat, at temperatures above normal cooking temperatures. During the cleaning cycle the oven is heated to about 880 degrees Fahrenheit (471° C.). At this temperature, food soils inside the oven decompose. Play Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/NSt_-Doo_3w?rel=0 - You might want to pair with matching GE® 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven JVM3160RFSS (Stainless/Black). Two-speed, 300-CFM venting system removes smoke, steam and odors. Or, GE® 30" Under The Cabinet Hood JVX3300SJSS. Two-speed, 200-CFM venting system. EASY INSTALLATION- Play Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/nrqTMMN9feA?rel=0 - We hope you'll choose GE! Sue

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionDoes the cooktop scratch?

    Asked by Ann.

    • Answer Yes. There is a polisher for the top, which comes with the unit and it helps.

      Answered by Jpaulbear

  • QuestionHow to unlock & how to change the time? JB645RK1SS

    Asked by Ducie.

    • Answer Hi Ducie, thanks for your question! If you're refencing the oven door locking during the self clean cycle, the door will remain locked for about 30 minutes after the cycle has finishes to allow the oven to cool. If it does not unlock, see the following information: Do not force the latch at any time. If the oven will not unlock after self-cleaning try the following: 1. Disconnect power to range for 30 seconds 2. Reconnect power and see if door will unlatch. 3. If the door unlocks, the control has reset itself and there should not be any other problems. - If the door does not unlatch: If the door does not unlatch and you have food in the oven, wait for oven to cool completely and try again. If it still will not open service will be required. If the door does not unlatch, and you do not have food in the oven, set the oven up to clean for 1-2 hours. Wait approximately 30 minutes for the oven to cool and try to unlock the door. - If you're referring to your control panel being locked, press and hold the +/- pads or the Lock Controls pad, for three seconds to lock or unlock the control. Cancel/Off is always active, even when the control is locked. - And as for changing the time of day, press the Set Clock pad twice or press and hold the +/- pads for 3 seconds and the +/- pads to program the clock. Press Start to save the time. We hope that this helps! Stay safe. -Michael

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionIs power cord included? What accessories go with this?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hi - The power cord is not included. GE Appliances does not package the power cord with electric free-standing ranges since it is not possible to determine the type of facilities each consumer has available or what the local electrical codes require (ex. 3-wire vs 4-wire). We suggest to view the Installation Guide at the following link for materials you will need: https://products.geappliances.com/MarketingObjectRetrieval/Dispatcher?RequestType=PDF&Name=31-11105-4.pdf - We also offer UNIVERSAL RANGE BROILER PAN WB48X10056. Sold separately at GEApplianceparts.com - Also, you might want to pair with GE® 1.7 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Sensor Microwave Oven JVM6175DKWW. Two-speed, 300-CFM venting system removes smoke, steam and odors. Thanks for choosing GE! Sue

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionCan I use cast iron cookware on this cook top

    Asked by stovetop.

    • Answer Hello Stovetop, Thank you for reaching out to us about this amazing electric range. This is a great question and we are happy to help. Cast Iron cookware is not recommended as a burr or rough spot, will scratch the glass surface. Porcelain Coated Cast Iron cookware is okay as long as the cookware is covered completely with porcelain enamel. Caution is recommended when using Cast iron cookware that is not completely covered with smooth porcelain enamel, as it may scratch the glass ceramic cooktop. We hope this information helps, feel free to reach out again with any other questions you may have. Have a great day!-Avery@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionEverything I read suggests you need magic elixirs to clean these glass tops. The reason for the glass top for me is to get something easier than coil pots for my handicapped sister to clean. Can this be cleaned with every day sprays and cleaners or no ?

    Asked by sdhBB.

    • Answer We wipe ours down with a damp sponge to clear off crumbs and such, and use a washcloth with the glass cooktop cleaner (we get it at the grocery store) to scrub off any grease or food spots after cooking. It's a quick clean before each cooking and a quick clean up if something spills to keep it in shape, but it's not hard to do. Just be sure you have the right pans (they must have the flat bottoms so they don't scratch it).

      Answered by Mara

  • QuestionWhen the oven's delivered, is the door on the oven or can it be removed? My current oven is 25" deep with door, at most 26" with handle, and I'm not sure if a 28" depth can get into my house and up the stairs to kitchen. Thanks!

    Asked by Summer.

    • Answer Hello Simmer - Thank you for your interest; we are happy to help! The range comes with the door installed; however, the door can be removed if needed. We are glad you checked. Olga@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionDoes this model have a storage drawer under the oven?

    Asked by LargoWes.

    • Answer Hello LargoWes. Yes, this range model has a bottom storage drawer. Thanks for checking. Olga

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionHow many burners does this stove has

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hi there, thanks for reaching out! This range's cooktop has 4 burners. The two nearest the oven handle are larger and have Power Boil options. These burners are also meant to accommodate larger pots and pans. We hope that this helps! Stay safe. -Michael

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionCan cast iron pand be used on the glass top? Also can you take a hot cast iron skillet out of the oven and put it on top of the glasd top without it cracking?

    Asked by Mike.

    • Answer Hi Mike, thank you for your question! Cast iron cookware is not recommended for use on a glass ceramic cooktop as it may scratch the glass surface. Additionally, because this cookware holds an intense amount of heat it can cause the element to shut down as a response to the temperature limiters. Porcelain coated cast iron cookware is okay as long as the cookware is covered completely with porcelain enamel. For your cooktop, we recommend using stainless steel or heavy weight aluminum cookware for best results. More information on suitable cookware for your unit can be found here: https://products.geappliances.com/appliance/gea-support-search-content?contentId=16259. However, yes it is safe to take a hot cast iron skillet out of the oven and place it on the cooktop. Our glass ceramic cooktops are tested to withstand up to 1000 degrees. We hope that this helps. All the best! -Eliza

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionWhen preheating oven do both of the elements turn on?

    Asked by Lenny.

    • Answer Hi Lenny, Both the Bake and Broil elements will come on during the preheat in order to heat the oven up more quickly. If you have more questions about the operation of the elements, you can click on this link: https://products.geappliances.com/appliance/gea-support-search-content?contentId=19359 - Also, if you have any other questions about how your range functions or the various features that your range is able to perform, you can take a look at your Owner's Manual, here: https://products.geappliances.com/MarketingObjectRetrieval/Dispatcher?RequestType=PDF&Name=49-80780-3.PDF - We hope that this helped! Thanks so much for your question. -Michael

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionDoes it come with a cord?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer You have to purchase the cord seperate, noting if it is a three or four prong.

      Answered by Rick

  • QuestionWhat is the diameter of the burners?

    Asked by Nicki.

    • Answer Hello- This is a great question! This is an excellent model and we know you will really love it. ~Element - Left Front 9"/6" 3100W Power Boil ~Element - Left Rear 6" 1200W ~Element - Right Front 9"/6" 3100W Power Boil ~Element - Right Rear 6" 1200W We hope this is helpful! Thank you! Joyce@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionCan you use the power cord from the stove your replacing for this stove it's basically new from 2005 but it's just cord for powered not water line so any answers please respond thanks for the help

    Asked by PHbird.

    • Answer Hi - To ensure the performance and safety of the new range, we do not recommend reusing an existing power cord. We would recommend purchasing a new power cord. We're glad you checked. Vikki@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionWhere can I Purchase an oven light I bought this stove back in September and the oven light won’t work anymore? Where can I get a replacement and how do I install?

    Asked by Samantha242.

    • Answer Hi Samantha242! Thanks for your question. We're sorry that the bulb in your oven went out. We see how this can be frustrating. The replacement bulb for this unit will need to be a 40 watt bulb. This bulb is part number 40A15. You can find instructions on how to change this bulb on the lower part of page 22 of the Use and Care manual. Stay safe! Emily@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionCome off after cleaning self cleaning so you can wipe down the inside how does it come off?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hi there, thanks for your question! After a Self Clean cycle is complete, the unit will take about 30 minutes to cool. After that cooling period, the door will unlock and you will be able to clean out the interior of the oven, sweeping out the ashes. We hope that this helps! Please feel free to send us an email or reach out to us on social media if you have any other questions! Stay safe. -Michael

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionHi, what is the maximum temperature I can achieve on the unit?

    Asked by JohnTheBaker.

    • Answer Hi JohnTheBaker - The maximum temperature setting is 550F. Thanks for considering GE! Sue

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionDoes the oven light come on when you open the oven door?

    Asked by jaysea.

    • Answer The oven light does not come on when the door is open. You have to manually turn the light on. The light switch is on the range panel.

      Answered by Logan0521

  • QuestionWhat are the interior dimensions of the oven drawer? My 2004 model holds a lot of my pots and pans.

    Asked by Boomer.

    • Answer Hi Boomer- The interior dimensions are approximately 5" high x 23 3/4" wide x 19" deep. Thanks for considering GE! SUE@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionI have just purchased this model and it came without a manual. Where can I get one?

    Asked by Duncan.

    • Answer Hello there - Thanks for reaching out. We hate to hear that you didn't receive an owner's manual and we're happy to help. The manual can be found on our website by searching the model number. Please reach out to us on social media if any other questions come up. All the best! -Mikayla@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

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