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Mohu - AIR 60 Outdoor Amplified Multi-Directional HDTV Antenna - Black-Front_Standard
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  • Q: what is,if any the max distance you can run a cable from the antenna to the t.v.  (4 Answers)

    By plum 

    • Best answerYou are only limited by the output of the amplifier you use. This is what an amplifier does. It does not get you receive extra signal, instead it ensures your tv receives the same signal as your antenna reiceves. As signals travel down any length of wire they loose strength. I have a clearstream c1 antenna (no amplifier) hooked into a rca preamplifier (17dbm gain) and run 100 ft of coxial just fine. If you use RG6 coxial, you will loose around 4-6db of signal per 100ft. So you need an amplifier over 6db. Also note that the tuner in your TV has a loss of around 8db. A two way splitter is a loss of 3.5db. So if you have a 2- way splitter and 100ft of cord, you will need an amplifier with a gain of around 17.5 db.

      By dude 

  • Q: What is the difference between the Mohu Air 60 and the Mohu Sky 60?  (4 Answers)

    By Chris 

    • Best answerThe only difference between the Air 60 and the Sky 60 is that the Air 60 is made exclusively for Best Buy. That's also why the shape of the antenna head looks different. The performance of the antennas should be exactly the same.

      By Mohu Customer Service 

    • Best answerIt varies for every address. You can purchase a 60 mile antenna but if you live in an area with lots of hills and/or mountains your signal could be blocked partially or completely! We suggest that you google "what channels will I get with an antenna" and look for an address scan tool that will allow you to put your COMPLETE address in for analysis. Just because the box says XX mile range it is dependant on the line of sight to the towers, distance from the towers and placement of the antenna itself.

      By Mohu Customer Service 

  • Q: How to you connect this antenna to multiple TV's (4 or 5)? How to you connect this antenna to multiple TV's (4 or 5)?  (4 Answers)

    By Steve 

    • Best answerIf your home has an existing coaxial network you can locate the hub, connect the Sky 60 and that will send signals to the other coax ports in your home. If your home is not "cable ready" you can purchase a splitter that will allow you to connect the Sky. Using the home's coaxial network is by far the easiest way if that is an option for you.

      By Mohu Customer Service 

  • Q: When mounted outdoors, does the Mohu-Air 60 require an exterior electrical outlet?  (5 Answers)

    By JimH 

    • Best answerNot necessarily. The amplifier requires a USB connection or a connection to a regular power outlet. I mounted the antenna outside and connected the amplifier in the junction box where all the cables connect inside the master bedroom. The junction box inside the home already had a power outlet so it was a easy connect. I did not find that the amplifier was necessarily needed as the mounting of the antenna and pointing direction to the transmission towers really matter the most. I live 62 miles from the transmission towers in Los Angeles and I was able to pickup 131 local channels with and without the amplifier. No more ridiculous charges for free channels from the cable company. I tried three different antenna's before I found the one that worked best. The Mohu-Air 60 without question was the best antenna.

      By daorwolg 

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  • Q: Can I use the Satellite dish wiring for the outdoor antenna?  (7 Answers)

    By Fitz 

    • Best answerSure! Just inspect the wires and make sure they are in good condition. If the installer did a professional job, you should be good to go. Be careful adding additional spliters as you decrease the antennas signal.

      By BikenRI 

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    • Best answerThere is no difference between the two antennas other than the product number. Different numbers are assigned for different retailers but the antennas are the same. Yes weather can affect over the air transmission similar to satellite reception. Reception can sometimes fade in and out and you may experience pixilation but mostly during very severe weather. It's all about the signals getting disrupted as they are traveling from the towers to your antenna.

      By Mohu Customer Service 

  • Q: Can the Mohu - Air 60 pick up VHF channels or does it only work for UHF channels?  (3 Answers)

    By HankW 

    • Best answerIt can pull in VHF signals that are within 45 miles. UHF it can pull in 60.

      By Mohu Customer Service 

  • Q: Will this antenna work well with a 4K TV?  (5 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerI have a qled 4k , works great

      By Jkell 

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  • Q: If this antenna is mounted outdoors does it need to be grounded?  (3 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerWhile many people opt to ground their antennas it is not a required that you do. We suggest you google "grounding an antenna" to gatherer more information on how to accomplish this task should you opt to.

      By Mohu Customer Service 

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