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  • QuestionIf i order the phone from bestbuy before 9/20 do i get the $150 Samsung credit? or is this over? And will the Unlocked Note 20 ultra work with U.S Cellular?

    Asked by danny.

    • Answer Yes, Unlocked Note 20 Ultra will work with US Cellular as long as its this model #: SM-N986UZNAXAA.... you should really get it from US Cellular or maybe I bought two of these phone unlocked mystic bronze from Best Buy on 08/21/20 and it has been dud for me and Best Buy is not honoring the returns for me and I am Best Buy Elite Plus member and Best Buy will charge restocking fee as well. I will explain below why I want to return these phones.. Well, $150 Samsung Credit is over with but if you buy this phone from, they are giving away free Wireless Duo Charger with it. I would recommend buy it from because they will take return and replace if anything happens to the phone with no restocking fees.. I am avid Note series users ever since (2011) they been in the market. But this new NOTE 20 Ultra is a dud for me. It's been 3 days I got this phone and let me tell you it has been draining battery in like 5-6 hours and its getting super hot.. so hot that it making me uncomfortable while holding.. and I am only using at 60hz with all the bloatware disable/uninstall.. Best Buy won't take a return because apparently their employee said that it will be another Note 7 fire disaster back in 2016.. it will be another Note 7 nightmare.. this new phone of mine is getting ridiculously hot and battery just keep dying and Samsung won't help unless i bought it from them... I humbly apologize for a very long message but you can see my frustration with Best Buy and Samsung about these phones i bought only 3 days ago..

      Answered by SikhAmerican

  • QuestionAre you also offering the 150 credit that Samsung does if we order from Samsung?

    Asked by Pepe.

    • Answer Looks like upon receiving your phone, you register your Note 20 IMEI in the Samsung Shop app and upload your Best Buy receipt info by a certain date to get the $150 Samsung credit (for the Note 20 Ultra, $100 for the Note 20). The process is outlined in the terms and conditions of the preorder ad listed on the homepage.

      Answered by Kris

  • QuestionDoes this have the blinking light on front of phone to let you know of notifications? Is there a jack for wired headphones? Can you talk AND use internet at same time WITHOUT wi-fi?

    Asked by SamsClubSandwich.

    • Answer no blinking light for notifications just a icon in top left corner ,there is no head phone jack but you can buy usb type c to 3.5 mm adapter that plugs into charging port for the use of wired head phones and the answer to the last question i just tried it yes you can use internet while on phone with no wifi connection

      Answered by mike

  • QuestionDoes the Samsung Note 20 Ultra support dual SIM (in the US) or not? There seems to a lot of conflicting information circulating about a potential Hybrid SIM slot on the Ultra.

    Asked by Carl.

    • Answer It will shaft you buying a US verion. I am out $1300 on a paper weight. Chat with a person 8:46 AM I will be connecting you to a Samsung Care Pro who can help. 8:46 AM Before I connect you with a person, can you please share your first and last name? 8:46 AM Jeff Teel 8:46 AM Please provide your email address so we can follow-up with you in case we get disconnected. 8:46 AM 8:46 AM So that I can connect you to the right person, please select the type of product you need help with. 8:46 AM Mobile 8:47 AM Other 8:47 AM Phones 8:47 AM I will be connecting you to a Samsung expert who can help. Samsung experts are a group of our most knowledgeable users. You are connected with expert Angela P. Angela P., SAMSUNG Expert, 100% Helpful 8:47 AM Hi, My name is Angela, I'm a Samsung Expert and a fellow customer like you. As an independent contractor, I'm here to help you. Please give me a quick moment to review your question and I'll be right with you. 8:47 AM Can you please elaborate your concern? 8:51 AM Hi Angela. I purchased a Note 20 Ultra two days ago. When I finally got done setting most of it up the way I wanted, I noticed the sim tray had both the Sim and SD slot. However the portion that should be recessed to house a secondary sim was not. I cannot find a tray replacement because of how new the phone is. 8:51 AM Where did you buy this? 8:52 AM Best Buy in Bowling Green KY 8:52 AM I understand. Can we have your phone checked by a repair center? Is it an unlocked phone? 8:53 AM It is an unlocked phone. I dont think theres any reason to take it to a repair center. Nothing is damaged, just cannot use a second sim because the tray is not correct. 8:54 AM I would be happy to send photos 8:54 AM Okay, here ; 8:59 AM Okay. I added two images so you can the secondary Sim Cutout is not present 9:00 AM 9:01 AM Saw it. 9:01 AM Yes, please file a warranty claim so that this can be resolved soon. 9:04 AM I dont know how to do that. Can I just buy another tray? I just bought the phone and I do not want to be without a phone just because the tray has an issue. Its cheap plastic. Couldnt cost more than a penny to produce. 9:05 AM Sorry, no sim card tray is available. Samsung doesnt sell that. 9:05 AM To file a warranty claim for your device, follow the steps below: Step-1 Click the link below to first register your product for repair and replacement. (Check warranty below) Step-2 Send a service ticket by email completing the required credentials in the link below (If the page doesn't work, just go to the top of the page and access support and then request service at the link Step 3 For technical assistance, you can visit the Samsung service center at a nearby location to repair and replace your device * Use locator- Step 4 If you can't find the Samsung service center at your location, please visit Samsung experience store as best-buy to repair or replace your device Step 5 Even if your problem persists and you want technical assistance, you can visit the Ubreakifix service center here Find warranty information for all your Samsung products here. Use the product selector to obtain general warranty terms, or select your model to view and print your warranty statement. Step 6 You can send it for repair through Samsung: Use our intuitive store locator to find a repair location near you! 9:05 AM You can always do a walk-in 9:08 AM can you not simply send a replacement then? It was a brand new phone that shipped out incorrect. That should not require a repair claim. Just a simple fix. 9:09 AM Sorry, but that is the samsung SOP. I cannot bypass this, hope you understand 9:11 AM Can I speak to someone directly at Samsung? 9:12 AM I understand your situation, but working from a manufactures stand point, this is a simple fix that could help their company in the long run. 9:13 AM I would be happy to provide batch data, so they can check their lot numbers and look for anymore reoccurring pop ups of incorrect trays 9:13 AM Okay please hold on The Samsung expert routed the conversation to a Samsung Care Pro. 9:13 AM I will be connecting you to a Samsung Care Pro who can help. 9:14 AM Thank you Angela 9:14 AM Could you try to rephrase the question? Using different words can sometimes help. 9:40 AM I purchased a Note 20 Ultra two days ago. When I finally got done setting most of it up the way I wanted, I noticed the sim tray had both the Sim and SD slot. However the portion that should be recessed to house a secondary sim was not. I cannot find a tray replacement because of how new the phone is. 9:40 AM Sorry still not sure that I can help, let me connect you to one of our team members to help you out. 9:40 AM Chat with a person 9:40 AM I will be connecting you to a Samsung Care Pro who can help. You are connected with Sagar Kol from Samsung Care. Sagar Kol, SAMSUNG Care Pro 9:41 AM Hi, Welcome to Samsung Support. My name is Sagar. I'll be your Samsung Pro today. 9:41 AM Pleasure. Are you able to see the rest of the messages between Angela and I? 9:42 AM Yes, are you referring to the dual sim tray? 9:42 AM That is correct 9:42 AM Thanks for the confirmation. 9:42 AM Jeff , the US version phone comes with only one sim option. 9:43 AM The dual sim facility is not available for the US version phones. 9:43 AM Really? Thats not what I was told upon purchase. 9:44 AM Or else I would have bought and Korean version online and waited a week before deactivating my other. 9:44 AM Jeff, We'd like to see you happy and always willing to share the best option with you. 9:45 AM The US version phones are single sim phones. 9:46 AM I just paid $1300 for the phone. I would like to think that what I paid for is going to serve one of the major functioning factors for that purchase. 9:46 AM What are my options? 9:47 AM You can check for the return option with the place of purchase if you want to use the dual sim phone. 9:49 AM Its now a 2 day old open box item. It will also cost me a $restocking fee. Was told that at purchase. I do not want to pay more money for something that I just dropped $1300 on. 9:50 AM It's never our intention to provide the inconvenience to the customers. We always strive to create a positive customer experience. However, the dual sim phones are not available on the Samsung US website. 9:52 AM Everywhere that I read about the phone, nowhere did it state US versions would not be dual sim. I was instructed by an approved dealer that the phone was dual sim. Now you are informing me it is not. Both my carriers are capable and the phone doesn't support as advertised? Again, I would have gladly ordered a phone online that wasnt US if that were the case. 9:52 AM Is there another solution? 9:52 AM Is there a firmware flash? 9:52 AM A simple bios update and a new tray. 9:53 AM You can check on the official Samsung website. The dual sim phones are not available. You can check for the eSim facility by contacting the carrier. 9:55 AM So the answer you are giving me is all the advertisement on the phone for dual sim functionality is currently false as the website itself says that it isn't available? 9:56 AM Yes, the dual sim phones are not available on the official Samsung US website. 9:57 AM The advertisements you have seen might be for the Non-US version phones. 9:58 AM So there is no solution to my problem? You were saying to take it back as a brandade to the fact you cant help my issue. 9:58 AM So are non US versions dual sim? 9:59 AM I would have been happy to help you but the option for the dual sim is not available. However, you can check for the non-US version phones for the dual Sim compatibility. 10:01 AM Is it possible to swap Samsung directly to replace for a correct version of the phone? 10:01 AM It is literally 2 days old. 10:01 AM You need to check the available options with the place of purchase. 10:03 AM Thank you for trying to assist me. 10:03 AM You're welcome. 10:04 AM One last question, Do you have a customer review section you can link up? 10:05 AM You can provide us with the feedback when the chat ends. 10:07 AM Thank you. I would like to feedback everywhere possible. I will also be seeking out every form of social media as well as reaching out to friends to help me spread the word about the support I have received. 10:09 AM I really apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. I would have been happy to help if there was any option available. 10:11 AM I get it. You have a dealer supply chain for a reason. Its unfortunate they do not have to know the product they sell. Its more unfortunate that the end user consumer gets stuck with a $1300 dollar piece of (equipment) that does not even serve one of the single functions for buying the phone. That isnt your fault.

      Answered by Dontgetsuckered

  • QuestionWhat is the maximum removable memory and the type?

    Asked by Printer.

    • Answer Shown in the the overview and specs tabs. Expandable Memory Generous storage out of the box that can expand up to 1TB with microSD card, sold separately

      Answered by Mank

  • QuestionIf i buy the note 20 ultra from US will it work with Indian sim cards?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer It's supposed to work with any sim card as long as you buy an unlocked version

      Answered by AceToledo

  • QuestionDid they remove the Bixby button?

    Asked by boris.

    • Answer Yes, the Bixby key is removed and now integrated with the power button.

      Answered by Rydah

  • Questionwould the note 20 ultra box sealed, plastic wrap, and unopen if i order pickup at a best buy store?

    Asked by nightcap.

    • Answer That would depend on whether you ordered service with the phone purchase. Mine was picked up from a BB store as an unlocked, activate later option (no SIM card installed): the box was not shrink wrapped but did have two seal disks that I needed to cut to open the box. If you received carrier service at the time of pick up, the phone would have had to be opened to install the SIM card and activate the device.

      Answered by Pauly1

  • QuestionWhat happen with the galaxy note 11. Does Galaxy note 20 replace the 11?

    Asked by sanaro.

    • Answer Yes, 20 is the 11.

      Answered by Anonymous

  • QuestionWhat if i do a trade and i want to transfer all the data first from the old phone that i want to trade to the new note ?

    Asked by Deuris26.

    • Answer If your store is open, one of the Best Buy reps will set up both phones and transfer any needed data for you at no charge.

      Answered by Admin408

  • QuestionDoes the samsung note 20 ultra 5g work on 2g or 3g or 4g also?

    Asked by kurtro.

    • Answer Yes. It can also connect to those towers. When I don't get a 5G signal it goes to 4G and below respectively

      Answered by BasicallyJoeBro

  • QuestionIf I buy unlocked Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra and activate with upgrade on att , do I have to pay activation fee and I have to change my current plan with them ?

    Asked by Ht.

    • Answer No, you don’t have to pay an activation fee. You can just transfer your old sim card to your new unlocked phone, that way you can save more than a $100 activation fee. You also don’t need to change your current plan to upgrade. Hope this help.

      Answered by Nene

  • QuestionIm on boost mobile. Do i activate on sprint?

    Asked by sweetlou78.

    • Answer I activated with boost mobile

      Answered by Babyjean100

  • QuestionAre these new phones or are they referbs?

    Asked by DAVE.

    • Answer These are absolutely phones. I've had mine a week or two now and I have to say that it is the best cell phone I've ever owned

      Answered by 3wheelin

  • QuestionDoes the note 20 ultra come with a screen protector pre-installed

    Asked by Joser.

    • Answer No that doesn't come with the screen protector

      Answered by Loss

  • QuestionHow do I know if this phone will work on my xfinity plan? I asked them and they said I needed the IMEI (?) number. Well, I can't know that without buying it. If I buy it and can't put it on my Xfinity plan, I'm going to have to go through a lot of change

    Asked by Bosshogg.

    • Answer If you're referring to note20 or ultra, it works with xfinity plan. I have note20 unlocked on their plan with no issues.

      Answered by NOTE20user

  • QuestionWill it be Qi chargeable?

    Asked by Goodzilla.

  • Questiondoes this phone have facial recognition

    Asked by dgtlmn56.

    • Answer Yes: facial and finger print options.

      Answered by Pauly1

  • QuestionWill this work on Xfinity Mobile if I just pull my SIM from my current phone and put in this one?

    Asked by BoSox286.

    • Answer If you purchased your phone outright without a contract and it is unlocked yes it will work.

      Answered by Matt

  • QuestionIs the note 20 ultra water proof or water resistant and how deep.

    Asked by Fishy.

    • Answer Water resistant ip68 Upto 4.92 feet for 30 mins

      Answered by BByGuru