Sony - 2.1-Channel Hi-Res Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer and Digital Amplifier - Black

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This sleek Sony Bluetooth soundbar produces sound via three-way speakers and six discrete amplifiers for superb front surround-sound cinematic audio. Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity lets you enjoy high-resolution audio in multiple rooms. Movies, playlists and video games come to life in the slim, unobtrusive profile of this 2.1-channel Sony Bluetooth soundbar.
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    What's Included

    • Sony 2.1-Channel Hi-Res Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer and Digital Amplifier

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    86% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (1552 out of 1821)


    400W total system power

    Provides quality sound for your favorite movies, shows, games and music.

    4K HDR Pass-Through

    Maintain 4K quality from source to screen with 4K HDR passthrough with HDCP2.2.

    Wireless subwoofer

    For deep, powerful bass.

    Wireless Surround

    Easily add compatible Sony wireless speakers as rear surround sound speakers to enjoy an even more immersive experience.

    Dolby Digital decoder

    Reproduces multichannel audio to deliver a cinematic audio experience.

    Bluetooth music streaming

    Makes it easy to enjoy tracks stored on a compatible Bluetooth-enabled device (not included).

    Volume control

    Lets you find a comfortable listening level.

    Sleek appearance

    Fits seamlessly along most HDTVs for a streamlined look.


    Includes 1 mini jack, 1 USB type A and 3 HDMI.


    Includes 1 HDMI and 1 analog audio.


    Enables simple operation from a distance.

    Supports a variety of file formats

    Including LPCM and DSD, so you can enjoy your favorite media.

    Multi-Room Support

    Let the same great song follow you around the house with multi-room listening, controlled via the SongPal app.

    Customer rating

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    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Stopped Working Twice in Two Years

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Purchased this last year from bestbuy as part of our home entertainment system, but what was once a beautiful sound bar is now basically a glorified paperweight. We had it connected via HDMI into its ARC port, which we used to facilitate the wireless surround sound when connected to 2x SRS-ZR7 originally. This was all hooked up to a Sony XBR65X930D and worked for a long while, probably close to a year or so. Then we ended up swapping the sony TV after dead pixels came about, and managed to do a warranty exchange for an LG OLED65B6P as its replacement. This is when things started to go down hill. And for LG OLED owners out there, on the forums this seems to be a trending issue with this particular sound bar and LGs TVs when relying on HDMI ARC connectivity. Typically the sound bar, side speakers, sony wireless sound connectivity, and TV would power on with a single press of a power button thanks to the HDMI ARC facility. This was ideal, and the sound quality was the best I had ever heard in a three piece home entertainment setup. This stopped being the case maybe six months into owning the LG TV in conjunction with the sound bar, and then the sound bar stopped working altogether. First it started with long startup time. Then came input lag and unresponsiveness from both the unit and the menu screen (factory resetting it did not resolve it or even hard resetting it via buttons). Updating the firmware didn't solve anything either. I finally sent it in for a warranty repair, and received it after 2 weeks of shipping it out (this was all in Feb-March of this year). Sony explained the base-board (or motherboard) was defective, so they replaced it and when we got it back all seemed right with the world again, for maybe another five months. Fast forward into the end of August, and our sound bar now takes upwards of 5minutes to power up again. But it powers up at least right? Well, it would help if it worked afterwards but instead we're greeted with disturbingly long input lag, again. Following the input lag, we are unable to switch the function of the soundbar from the TV input setting, so no more bluetooth, and no more HDMI inputs for additional devices, again. Then the wireless sound refuses to startup, and eventually trying to access the menu becomes impossible, once more. This all would not be so bad if at the very least sound would still play after attaching the optical cable and just using that alone with the TV. But no. Sony designed this monstrosity to only function for a short period of time, after which, they expect you to either cough up money for repairs (since it is beyond the warranty period now) or purchase a new unit. I have a vizio sound bar i purchased for less than $300 that is still working like a charm, but a $700 behemoth from someone like Sony failed TWICE in two years. That is unacceptable. I did not buy a lease on a sound bar, I purchased a fully furnished product, or so I thought. Just for the record, we also do not have any children or pets in the house, and the sound bar is left untouched unless movies are being watched in the room it is located in which is perhaps three to four times a week. This is all to say that there was no way external damage could have happened, ever, and should not have had any reason to stop working even after going through an intensive repair within its first year of ownership. I would like to end this rant/review by saying if you are willing to spend this much money on a sound bar or home entertainment system, and what drew you to this unit was its wireless surround sound capabilities, then stay a continent away from Sony, and all the ilk they produce. Stick to sonos if you need wireless, or go traditional with bose, vizio, or even samsung for your sound needs. Sony used to be a staple brand in my household and I am so sad to say we will never be doing any business with them again even if I was to receive their products as gifts at this point. We have two useless & expensive, but exceptionally high audio fidelity ZR7 speakers that we cannot use with this defective sound bar (aside from standalone bluetooth), and even had to replace a 4K Sony TV which otherwise had incredible picture for its class of TV because it formed visibly noticeable dead pixels. Not to mention the need for two repairs on a $700 device in such a short amount of time. What happened Sony?

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Horrible Purchase Experience

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      This is one of the worst electronic devices I have purchased. I bought that in open- box condition from BestBuy. The unit has stopped working 2 times within 8 months. It started taking a long time to power on or power off. Finally, the sound stopped coming from the soundbar. Input selection option would not work anymore. Even when it powered up, the menu icon would not show up. Home button did not work generally but I could randomly get to the menu. After some trial and error, I could not update the firmware through the internet or through USB. The error said to call support center. Hard reset with the power button and Vol+ did not help. By searching the net, I found that this is not only my problem and there are many out there. The first time it happened after 2 months from purchase date. I called Sony support and they send me the shipping label to send it back to United Radio (UR) which is their authorized service center. UR told me that no problem was found which was weird. Anyway, I received the sound bar and it was working fine. These took me 2 hr talking with Sony support center and about 2 weeks waiting for repair and shipping. Next time it happened after 3 months with the exact same problem. I contacted UR directly, I got a label and I send it back. This time UR claimed that the unit is infested with bugs and is not repairable !!! I was shocked for a day. How it could happen. They send it back and I called Sony. They send me another label. Again shipping it to UR and they repeated the same answer: unrepairable due to infestation. The only difference was that this time they charged me for shipping back because we just found that open-box condition had a 90-day warranty instead of a year. So I called again Sony and negotiated that and they accept to pay the return shipping cost. This took about a month leaving me without a sound bar. The infestation claim was very strange to me. Since It does not have warranty anymore and I had nothing to loose, I took the risk and opened the soundbar to take a look at bug infestation. There was no infestation and there was no any sign of infestation like bugs excretion. I just found one tiny dead bug which I think was normal. Could you believe that? I am still could not understand why UR did not repair it even out of warranty (I ask them on the phone). I can not solve this puzzle and it left me with a lot of question: How it worked fine for the first time after sending to UR while they did not do any repair? Why did it get breaking every 2-3 months? Why the second time UR claimed the infestation? Why UR lied about the infestation? I am not sure if I need to discuss this with my lawyer or not. It took a lot of time and energy and still, there is no any authorized service center to repair it. In what world we are living? I have got really frustrated with Sony and UR, their authorized service center. Definitely, I will never buy again anything from Sony and will never suggest anybody else. I hope this help customer to decide with eyes wide open.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Unreliable Garbage


      Sure, the thing sounds great, and was even easy to set up the first time, but no matter how much trouble first time set up gave you, don't worry you will be getting a lot of practice. I purchased this unit after the Wireless Surround sound feature was released for it, in early 2017. First step out of the box a lengthy software update to download the Wireless Surround sound patch. Smash cut to 5 hours later and I have finally managed to get everything set up (with a pair of SRS-ZR5s). Things worked great during the honeymoon, for the first several months, just long enough for you to throw away the box and lose the receipt, then things started going down hill. First the subwoofer would lose connection every day (eventually unable to connect ever again). Then the Wireless Surround sound settings would get lost once a week (This is especially amusing when the sound from the movie you are watching cuts out so a disembodied robot voice can announce "DISCONNECTED"). Then the cherry on top, over night the menu stopped coming up. Now when you turn the thing on, if you try to bring up the options menu it hangs for about 10 minutes and then crashes. I can still get sound out of the sound bar if I wait 15 minutes for the thing to warm up from standby, but at this rate I will never get the Wireless Surround set up again. Their support is a joke, they offer to have it shipped to New York and back (after I finish driving back to Best Buy and having them print me up a receipt), but looking around online I find many stories of other customers who have sent their units off for repair multiple times for this exact issue. On the phone the support people act shocked like they have never heard of such a thing, but when I went digging I found posts and video of this issue from back in 2016. I would just cut my losses and buy a new brand, but that means I will also have to sell off the satellite speakers. This thing is a piece of garbage, and you should stay away.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

      • Brand response


        Hi VendoViper, We apologize for the inconvenience and we surely appreciate your time in giving this honest feedback regarding the unit. This will definitely help us in improving the quality and performance of our products for better user experience. If you need further assistance, please reach us through the link below:
        ~Ralph sony_US

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Not loud enough

      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I've read tons of reviews and people are just raving at the quality of the sound so I figured I'd go for it especially that I just got a new 75 inch XBR Ultra 4K system to go along with it, AND there was an open box special so I paid like $300 less than the full price. I would have never even looked at getting a Sony soundbar but figured I can't go wrong for it matches perfectly with my new TV, HOWEVER, I am very VERY disappointed with the bass and the max volume of the system, and had I paid the full price I'd be LIVID. I've followed all the steps to reset it, reconnect it, etc, etc, but it just doesn't seem loud enough. It basically is a minor improvement over the TV speakers but that's about it. I assumed that being an $800 system that I'd be very happy with the sound but very disappointed instead. You can hear the subwoofer "sometimes", but not all the time. And I have it on the max setting which is 12 like 99% of the time for it's just not loud enough. I don't understand all the positive reviews that people are blown away with the quality of sound and that it has more than enough power but I feel the opposite. Even when I've tirelessly played around with the different settings I feel it's just like the stock TV speakers but "maybe" a little louder, that's it! I was expecting to be blown away but I'm thinking of returning it and getting something different. Even if I spend a little less, say around $500, I would think it's possible to find a soundbar with subwoofer that's more than powerful enough where I don't have to have it on the max setting all the time just to hear a "little" bass. i really REALLY wanted to love this thing and tried to talk myself into it but it just doesn't cut it. Every person I know that has a soundbar says they have to lower the bass all the time because it's too much and can almost shake the room but definitely not this product. And while all this is happening I actually had to return the new TV for a replacement as well! At first the picture was AMAZING, but the very first night I had it I was playing around with all the different search features in the Android operating system and it CRASHED! Waited like 10 mins but nothing would work, not the remote, not the buttons on the back of the TV, nothing. So I had to unplug it and do a reset, and when it came back up something must have changed with the settings for the picture was just "OK", not spectacular like it was at first. So after having the TV for about a week, it has done the same thing and crashed like 7 or 8 times, and each time it happens when I mean it crashes, it crashes. Nothing responds and you have to do a full reset. The person at BB who talked me into getting this set was very helpful, and I'm now waiting for them to bring me a replacement. With all the issues I've had with the very underwhelming soundbar, I am praying and crossing my fingers that I at least have better luck with the TV they are bringing me as a replacement. If that is nothing short of excellent, I will never ever buy another Sony product again.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

      • Brand response


        Hello KevLev! We apologize for not meeting your expectations and had to go through this bad experience. we will make sure to pass this feedback to the appropriate department for further review since it will help us with the betterment of our units. Thank you ~ Jeannette sony_US

    • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

      Awesome in the store but Mega lame at home

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      So for the Black Friday weekend I purchased a brand new Sony 75 inch TV and decided to go with the Sony Sound Bar since at Best Buy it sounded fantastic. As other 1 and 2 star reviews have stated, this system just doesn't have enough power at all. Problem is when you hook it up to the TV with the HDMI ARC port it just simply flat-out does not have enough punch. Even for regular TV you have to listen to it at 80 for it to even sound halfway decent. It's real weakness is the bass. There's virtually little to none. It just has no punch. I did not try music on a stick because I don't have one handy and really if it can't do everything good I'm just not interested. On a positive note, the setup was pretty straightforward and it seemed to work seamlessly with the Sony TV. I also really like the design along with fit and finish. If I turn it up to max volume and shut it off the TV is actually louder than the soundbar although the sound bar does have better overall sound but it's just lacks bass big time! For having a retail price of about 800 bucks it's definitely not worth it. I paid half that at 399 because of a $200 Black Friday sale and a $200 bundle discount. In my opinion it's still not worth the $400. I'd rather pay a few extra bucks and get a system that actually has some decent punch to it. I wish I would have read some reviews on it before I purchased it. I guess I'm off to the drawing board again as far as a sound bar. In my opinion don't waste your money unless you don't care about getting rich loud sound. If you catch it on sale for 400 or less and you really don't crank your TV it will do but my guess is there's better options out there. This was my first sound bar but it's definitely going back to Best Buy tomorrow. And for the record mr. or mrs. Sony (whoever is posting here in rebuttal) I did go through all the settings and resets but to no avail. This thing just has no umph! The TV on the other hand, I am loving it! Signed, Disappointed

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Sounds great , when it works


      The week of Thanksgiving my wife and I bought this soundbar and a new Sony 4K TV ( XBR-65X850D). We hooked it up and it has been working fine for the first month or so. Occasionally though when the TV is on the output does not go to the soundbar. The soundbar is hooked to the ARC HDMI on the TV (HDMI4) and the correct HDMI port on the soundbar A few weeks ago I picked up another video component and plugged that HDMI cable into the TV (HDMI 3), that really messed the soundbar up. I'm not sure how the ARC (Audi return CHannel) works but having 2 HDMI inputs used on the TV (1 for Cable, and one for my new HDMI device) really messes up the soundbar. It just doesn't product any sound. Not sure if it doesn't know which device to use. I ended up having to unplug the new devices HDMI cable when not in use so the TV only sees one HDMI device. That helped a bit but still 20% of the time when I turn the TV on, no TV sound comes through the soundbar. I was confused as to if the TV is at fault here or if it is the soundbar. But I found out this NO SOUND problem can usually be fixed by un-plugging the soundbar from the wall, waiting 20 seconds, and plugging it back in so I'm pretty sure it's the soundbar. I checked for a software update on the soundbar a couple of weeks ago and there was one, so I updated it. The problem still persists. There is not software update for my TV yet. I finally gave up on the HDMI ARC type of connection and used the Optical one. That worked well except when I adjust the volume on the TV, it does't change the soundbar, which means we have to use the sound bar control in addition to the TV remote. Just today I reset the soundbar to factory settings and set it up again using the HDMI cable into the ARC HDMI port and removed the OPitcal cable. We'll see what happens.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Home Audio in a Bar!!!!


      This Sound Bar is fantastic the Spec/Website Info Doesn't Do this home audio System justice. Notice that i say home audio system, this thing doesn't just sound amazing its a Receiver and More, For one it has 3 4K/HDR HDMI in ports and one out which is all you need to connect to your 4K TV. Which means you can plug everything to Bar it self Due to its GUI "Graphic User Interface" that operates like a Receiver. That's Not all it also supports every Audio Codex for Music lovers and Blu-ray and 4k Blu-ray audio Codex's (DTS-DH MA, Dolby TruHD, Hi-Res & More. That's just amazing,But it doesn't stop there, it also has Wifi/BT for wireless multi room set up like Sono's just better because its supports up to 50 Speakers and its Hi-Res. Also it can turn into a Wireless true surround Sound system with some speakers called the SRS-ZR5 & SRS-ZR7's. those can also be added throughout your home and grouped as zones!!!. Oh yeah i bought 2 of those little speakers because you can also use them for speakers on your other TVs because they support DTS and Dolby audio files with ARC HDMI. i have had this set up for about a week will update if anything changes. will recommend to all my friends ALL!!! OH YEAH they take $200 if you buy a Sony TV with it

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Excellent sound bar

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      This Sony soubdbar provides much more rich and deep high fidelity sound versus standard flat panel HDTV's. I Purchased this with my 65 inch Sony X900E and it makes a big difference when the soundbar is on. However, where I really notice the difference is loading apps like Google play music via the TV app and playing music from my library with the subwoofer turned all the way up to 12 (usually keep it around 9 or 10 and it's plenty of bass) and the volume of the soundbar around 30. The sound is incredible and doesn't distort. The subwoofer provides incredible deep bass throughout most of my house (Two story & 4,300 Sq ft). The soundbar isn't as good when listening to cable TV at the same settings as music from the Google Play app via the TV (even with an expensive HDMI cable connected). The sound is still nice and the subwoofer still provides quite a bit more bass than just the TV speakers, it's just not nearly as powerful and crisp as music playing through the TV via apps like Google play music. This is where the soundbar and subwoofer really come alive and provide an insane amount of thumping crisp bass without distortion even with volume levels of the soundbar in the 50's and the subwoofer volume all the way up at 12. Great for parties and watching movies! Highly recommend this product!

      I would recommend this to a friend

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