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Health & Fitness

Learn how the latest health and fitness technology can help the whole family be more active, healthy, and safe at home or away.
Tech Tools for Your Pediatric Video Visit
Be prepared for an efficient online appointment with your child’s doctor with the right tech tools for your pediatric video visit.
How to Prepare for a Virtual Doctor's Appointment
When it's crucial to ensure your appointment feels as much like an in-person visit as possible, these tips can help you learn how to prepare for a virtual doctor visit.
How Compression Wear and Yoga Equipment Can Help Ease and Prevent Aches and Pains
Learn how the right yoga equipment and compression gear can aid in exercise recovery and improve flexibility.
How to Choose the Best Type of Personal Fitness Equipment for Your Needs
Get help deciding which home exercise equipment is the best for your personal fitness needs and health goals by reading Best Buy’s detailed shopping guide.
How to Choose a Fitness Tracker
With the help of this fitness tracker buying guide, you can find one that checks all your boxes for solid exercise tracking results.
Smart Home Gym Basics
By investing in your health and wellness with a home gym, you can save the time commitment and the expense of a gym membership. Smart fitness machines represent some of the best overall exercise equipment for a home.
Benefits of a Fitness Mirror
Working out alone at home doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. The best fitness mirrors introduce you to lively instructors, other users exercising at home and a wide selection of fitness workouts to try.
How to Choose the Best Fitness Equipment for Your Needs
After you decide which home exercise equipment is the most effective for your specific health, fitness and personal care goals, you’ll be able to better enjoy your home workout experience.
What to Consider When Looking for Hearing Aids
Learn what to look for when buying hearing aids and the pros and cons of various models with this helpful guide.
How Heat Therapy Helps Ease Muscle Pain
Heat therapy is a pain relief and management method that may help relieve an array of injuries and conditions, like chronic muscle pain. This guide explains what heat therapy is, how it works and the benefits it can provide.
Top 10 Items That Can Help Ease Your Back Pain
Depending on the cause of your symptoms, various approaches can offer reduced pain and may even help at the source. Read this guide for solutions to relieve or avoid upper and lower back pain.
4 Benefits of Light Therapy
While many people use light therapy devices to help during dark months, studies have shown four major benefits of light therapy, some of which may surprise you.
How to Choose the Best Mattress for You
If your mattress sags when you get into bed, feels too bouncy, soft or hard, it’s probably time for a replacement. Read on to learn how to choose the best mattress and the important factors to consider.
Best Tech Products to Help Manage Your Weight
This article answers the question "What is weight management?" and highlights some of the best technology products that can help you manage your weight.
Ways to Make Living Independently Easier for Older Adults
Many seniors find it hard to perform some everyday activities. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions that can help adults practice active aging and improve their quality of life with self-reliance.
How Technology Can Help Seasonal Affective Disorder
Did you know some smart home devices can help with seasonal affective disorder? Get tips on choosing one that's best for you.
5 Things to Look For When Considering a Senior Cell Phone
Cell phones that were once effortless to use often become more difficult as we age. Here are five things to look for when choosing a senior-friendly cell phone.
How to Use Technology to Keep Your Brain Agile
Advances in technology present a range of opportunities to help keep your brain agile. No matter your age, your brain can benefit from these daily activities.
Using Tech for Disabilities
Technology can help people with all kinds of disabilities. Use this guide to learn more about assistive tech, what it can help with, and future advancements.
How To Improve Your Health by Tracking Your Glucose and Blood Pressure
New tech allows you to monitor your blood pressure and glucose levels from the comfort of your home. Learn how to test your blood pressure and why it matters.
Using Technology to Connect Across Generations
Whether looking for a way to connect more with your kids and grandkids or stay in touch with older loved ones, we’ve got tips for how generations can stay connected.
Tools to Keep You Safe in the Kitchen
Time in the kitchen brings out creativity, joy & a healthier lifestyle. To keep you & your family safe, here are items to help prevent common kitchen hazards.
Best Health & Wellness Gadgets for Every Budget
No matter the size of your home or your budget, there are some great ways to invest in getting yourself a healthier, more active lifestyle.
TENS Units: What Are They and How Do They Work?
TENS units are portable electronic devices that use electricity to provide pain relief. Find out how they work and what types of pain they can help relieve.
Tips for Healthy Aging
Aging well shouldn't be stressful. The more active & healthy you can keep your body & mind, the more you will be able to enjoy your sixties, seventies & beyond.
Top 4 Year-Round Health Tips for Seniors
No matter what your age, here are some of the best tips on how to keep yourself healthy during all 12 months of the year.
How to Choose a Wheelchair
With many options available, choosing a wheelchair for yourself or someone else can be difficult. This article will help you know exactly what to look for.
The Benefits of Using a TENS Unit to Relieve Pain
TENS therapy is a form of electrotherapy used for treating pain. Besides pain, what other benefits can a TENS unit provide? Read on to find out several more.
How to Read Your Blood Pressure
Learning how to read and understand your blood pressure can give you valuable information about your heart health.
Essential Tools for Healthier, Brighter and Clearer Skin
Looking for beauty tools to help your skin be healthier and brighter? With no one-size fits all solution out there you need some tips & ideas on what skincare gadgets work best. Best Buy has the tips & ideas to help you get started.
Testing for Diabetes at Home
At-home diabetes test kits can help you determine symptoms of diabetes. To understand the basic testing involved in diabetes care, continue reading.
5 Best Health Monitoring Devices for the Whole Family
Monitor your family’s health to improve wellness or catch early signs of disease. Here are the five best at-home health monitoring devices for you and your loved ones.
Tips for Using a Heart Rate Monitor
Check out these essential tips on using a heart rate monitor. Learn what features to consider when shopping for the best heart rate monitor for your lifestyle.
The Latest Emerging Healthcare Technologies
Healthcare innovations are constantly progressing. Discover the latest emerging healthcare technologies available at Best Buy for understanding your health.
How to Choose a Walker
Whether recovering from an injury or experiencing balance issues, the right walker can provide support where you need it. But which type of walker is best for you?
Health & Fitness
Learn how the latest health and fitness technology can help the whole family be more active, healthy, and safe at home or away.