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Student tech for K–12

Selecting the right technology for K–12 kids can present some unique challenges. Technology for children has to be easy enough for them to use, yet cool and sophisticated enough for them to appreciate it. Plus, it has to be age-appropriate and safe.
Even as kindergarteners, they are budding young students, yet you wouldn't want them to use an adult tablet to go online, or to select headphones that, used improperly, could possibly damage their hearing. Safety is the biggest concern. That's why we've got children's tablets that are expressly designed for kids, and children's headphones with volume-limiting technology to protect kids' hearing.    
When they get home from school we've got all kinds of smart home devices to help keep them safe and sound. Once they're old enough to be home alone, a smart lock is the perfect solution for them (and you) never having to worry about losing their house key. Once they're in the house, our smart security systems lets you confirm they've arrived home safely. A video doorbell can help to ensure that they never risk opening the door to strangers. Additional technology that's easy and smart enough for kids to appreciate, includes voice assistants that can help answer homework questions, smart thermostats to keep them comfy, and even smart lighting they can easily adjust for reading and studying.
When it comes down to playtime, we've got everything from STEM toys that will make learning fun, to all kinds of other great toys including dolls, action figures, electronic toys, and toys that promote activity and exercise. Plus, you'll find our toys are grouped by category, by age and by price to help you make the perfect selections for your kids.
As parents, it's probably not lost on you that kids need a regular diet of exercise to burn off all that energy and keep them healthy and fit. Our activity trackers are a sure-fire way to inspire kids (and adults) to stay active. With the right tracker, your kids can easily monitor their walks, runs, bike rides, active minutes, calories burned and much more.
Last but not least, with all its conveniences, we find that parents love their new smart home technology as much as their kids do. Plus, being able to confirm that your kids are home from school safe and sound will provide you with a great deal of peace of mind.