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USB Type-C


Make the most of your devices with USB-C.

USB Type-C connectors, also called USB-C, are tiny, reversible and universal. One cable can be used for multiple devices and it always plugs in right the first time. You'll find USB-C connections that utilize a variety of USB standards, which indicates the speed and function of the connection, from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 and higher.

Thunderbolt 3 utilizes a USB-C connector and features even faster transfer speeds, expanded audio/video capabilities and power. Due to the discrete Thunderbolt chip, Thunderbolt 3 drives and devices will not function if plugged into a USB-C port.

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Reversible connector.

With USB-C, there are no up or down sides, so no frustrating flip after the first failed plug attempt — and no male or female connectors, so it doesn't matter which end plugs into which device.


About one-third the size of the familiar USB Type-A, the USB-C connector is so small, the port size can be used across multiple devices and operating systems.


Only available in the USB-C configuration, USB 3.1 enables data transfer speeds up to 10Gbps.


USB-C ports that feature USB 3.1 Power Delivery even provide smart charging capabilities up to 100W.

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Enjoy fast, efficient charging at home or on the go.

Monitors with USB-C ports.

Expand your connection options with premium monitors featuring USB-C inputs.

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