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Find wireless and Bluetooth mice and keyboards, trackballs, gaming mice and more.
Shop our vast selection of cables and connectors for your computer and peripherals.
Laptop bag
Here you'll find laptop bags, batteries, chargers, cooling pads and other accessories.


Tablet case
Protect and transport your tablet in style with these functional accessories.
Tablet keyboard
Add a keyboard to make typing on your tablet easier.
Screen protector, tablet
Make your tablet last longer by minimizing wear and tear.


Make the most of your computer by upgrading your operating system.
Microsoft Office suite
Shop a variety of titles for getting organized and working more efficiently.
Tax software
Choose boxed discs or downloadable titles that offer helpful tools and advice.

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What’s the difference between a computer and a tablet?

Computers and tablets are great tools for accessing the internet, playing games, completing work, and much more. But with so many options, how can you decide if a computer or tablet is right for you? If you’re looking for a more traditional PC, you may want to start exploring desktops and laptops. Desktops offer durability, performance, and easy upgrades. You can even find specific gaming PCs with increased graphics and fast processing speeds for your favorite PC games. And if you want a highly portable device that still offers excellent performance, a laptop computer can make it easy to take your work on the go. Or you can invest in a tablet, which is often smaller and lighter than most computers. Some tablets may not have the same high-powered computing capabilities as a desktop computer or laptop, but you can find high-end tablets designed with extra power for professionals. You can also find tablets for kids that provide safe access to parent-approved content. If you’re having difficulty choosing between devices, you may want to explore 2-in-1 laptops that let you transition between a PC and a tablet. No matter what type of computer or tablet you’re looking for, Best Buy can help you find great value with reduced prices for refurbished laptops, tablets and a large selection of computer deals

How to enhance your computer and tablet setup.

With today’s technological advances, you can transform your computer or laptop into an entire workstation.

You can find internal upgrades, like computer software, and external computer accessories that can elevate your online experience. One aspect to consider is how you’d like to view your screen. Whether you’re using a mini tablet or a substantial desktop, you can connect your device to a computer monitor for bigger and brighter viewing. If you plan on working from a computer desk, you may need a stand, mount, or other laptop accessories to bring your computer to a more ergonomic position. Depending on what type of computer tablet you purchase and how you plan to use it, it could be helpful to have an external hard drive or storage device to keep all the files you need. You can even find printers that can directly or wirelessly connect to your computer or tablet. You can find more information at our discover and learn center for details on how to print from a tablet. If you’re choosing a new tablet for work or play, you can find several tablet accessories that increase efficiency and versatility. For example, a stylus pen can help you transform your new device into a drawing tablet. Ultimately, the best tablet or computer for you will be one that can accomplish the tasks you need, offer the right amount of portability and meet your preferred price points.