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Google Assistant

Hey Google.Show it. Play it. Prep it. Schedule it.

Explore all the things you can do with the Google Assistant.

Smart TVs

Use your voice to find shows, control the volume and more with the Google Assistant.


Control your music, send and receive text messages, and ask for information using your voice.


Stream your favorite tunes with wireless speakers that feature the Google Assistant built in.


Send an email, add plans to your calendar, create a shopping list and more by saying, "Hey Google."

Devices that work with the Google Assistant.

Smart lighting

Hit the lights with Google Assistant voice commands.

Smart thermostats

Change the temperature from across the room with your voice.

Smart switches and outlets

Dim the lights or brighten up the room with voice commands.

Security cameras

Ask the Google Assistant to stream security camera footage to your TV with Google Chromecast.

Home security systems

Arm your system or check the status using the Google Assistant voice commands.

Video doorbell cameras

Hear an announcement from the Google Assistant when someone rings your doorbell.

Smart locks

Ask the Google Assistant to check if the door is locked.

Smart appliances

Control your robot vacuum and other home appliances with your voice.

Works with the Google Assistant

When you combine Google Home with smart home products compatible with the Google Assistant, you can get hands-free help around the house. Just start with "Ok Google."

Light Up Your Home

You can adjust the lighting in your home hands-free with smart lighting that works with the Google Assistant. Ask Google to turn the lights on when you walk in the door, turn off the lights after you get in bed, or dim the living room lights for a soft glow. A voice-compatible LED starter kit makes it easy to add smart lighting to your home.

Control the Temperature

No need to get up from your chair to change the temperature in your home — just ask Google to turn the temperature down or crank up the heat. Smart thermostats respond to voice commands from the Google Assistant and allow you to adjust the temperature from across the room.

Secure Your Home

Smart home security products, such as security cameras, wireless doorbell cameras, smart locks and motion sensors, help you keep an eye on your home. A voice-compatible security kit works with Google Home to make everyday tasks simple. Home automation kits allow you to add smart security to your home with multiple products that work together. You can stream a live feed from your security camera on your TV, lock the door with your voice and more.

Control Your Entertainment

Ask Google to turn on the TV, stream your favorite show or play music for the party. Smart TVs that are Google Home compatible respond to voice commands for easy control. Plus, you can play music on your Google Home or Google Nest Mini speaker, or stream it to a compatible wireless audio system.

Build a Strong Wi-Fi System

With multiple smart home products and other devices that rely on your internet connection, you may want to consider upgrading your wireless network for a smooth, responsive connection. See our Wi-Fi tips to learn more about building a strong home Wi-Fi network.