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Google Assistant

Hey Google.Show it. Play it. Prep it. Schedule it.

Explore all the things you can do with the Google Assistant.

Smart TVs
Use your voice to find shows, control the volume and more with the Google Assistant.
Control your music, send and receive text messages, and ask for information using your voice.
Stream your favorite tunes with wireless speakers that feature the Google Assistant built in.
Send an email, add plans to your calendar, create a shopping list and more by saying, "Hey Google."

Devices that work with the Google Assistant.

Smart lighting
Hit the lights with Google Assistant voice commands.
Smart thermostats
Change the temperature from across the room with your voice.
Smart switches and outlets
Dim the lights or brighten up the room with voice commands.
Security cameras
Ask the Google Assistant to stream security camera footage to your TV with Google Chromecast.
Home security systems
Arm your system or check the status using the Google Assistant voice commands.
Video doorbell cameras
Hear an announcement from the Google Assistant when someone rings your doorbell.
Smart locks
Ask the Google Assistant to check if the door is locked.
Smart appliances
Control your robot vacuum and other home appliances with your voice.

Buying Google Home compatible devices.

Benefits of tech that works with Google Assistant. 

Experience the convenience of home automation using voice commands with Google Home compatible devices. When you connect smart technology in your home to smart speakers with the Google Assistant built in, you can complete tasks around the house just by starting with, “Ok Google.” You can adjust the temperature in the room from the comfort of your couch with a smart thermostat or dim smart lighting without having to pick up a remote when your lights are compatible with the Google Home hubs installed in your living space. Plus, there’s no need to lift a finger when you can speak to activate smart door locks and various smart home security devices that work with Google Home. Whether you’re shopping for Google Assistant compatible speakers or lights that pair with your existing system, Best Buy has a large selection of Google compatible devices to choose from. 

Setting up devices that work with Google Home.

To pair your smart TV and other electronics with Google Home systems, you’ll first want to connect them to your Wi-Fi network, then follow the directions to complete the setup. If you need any help with installation, rely on Best Buy for several smart home services. Our Geek Squad® Agents can assist in configuring settings on your compatible Google Home devices to suit your preferences. They can also provide recommendations and suggest certain products to ensure a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout each room in your house. Once the setup is finished, you can play your favorite music, make phone calls and even operate appliances with a simple voice request.