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Logitech - Harmony Smart Control - Black

Voice compatible
This Logitech Harmony 915-000194 smart control lets you use your compatible Apple® iPhone®, iPod® touch or iPad® or Android device to control up to 8 components for simple, multifunction use.

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    What's Included

    • Harmony Hub
    • IR mini blaster
    • Logitech Harmony Smart Control
    • Owner's manual
    • Remote with battery
    • USB cable, AC adapter

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    90% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (2730 out of 3050)


    Compatible with select Bluetooth 3.0-enabled devices

    Including Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with an iOS 5.0 or later operating system, and Wi-Fi-enabled Android mobile phones with an Android 2.3 or later operating system.

    Harmony Hub and app (download required)

    Turn your mobile device into a Harmony remote, so you can enjoy personalized control of up to 8 compatible A/V components, even through cabinet doors and walls.

    Works with more than 5,000 brands and more than 225,000 devices

    Including game consoles, such as PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, for wide-ranging control options.

    50 favorite channel icons and volume and media playback functions

    Enable one-touch control of your entertainment system.

    Works with Alexa and Google Home

    Voice control your home and entertainment. Tell Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on Netflix, dim the lights, play music, check traffic, order food, adjust the thermostat, and much more.

    System requirements

    Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

    Apple, the Apple logo and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

    iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars with 3051 reviews

    would recommend to a friend



    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Amazing little device!!!


      If you see a negative review here, trust me, the writer was the problem. I've never had much luck with universal remotes mostly due to having very complicated systems. It never failed, no matter how expensive the remote was there was always one or two remotes I needed to keep handy for one function or another. Not so with this one. I need to purchase a few more but I set this one up on my dedicated theater because if it can run this, it will run anything (see attached pictures of what it's controlling). I have equipment in three different locations: 1) AV rack 2) Projector enclosure 3) Behind the screen. I choose to mount the hub in my projector enclosure because it's central to the other two areas and I put a repeater in each area. This only comes with one IR repeater (blaster) so if you need to fire at equipment in more than 2 places you will need to pick up another online. I loaded up the software on my PC, plugged in the hub to my pc with the included cable and added all my equipment to the hub. The software was super easy to navigate and it had no problem finding my make/model numbers including my HVAC system. In 30 minutes it was up and running. I did need to make a couple of tweaks including adding a delay (My H&K AVR takes some time to power up before it will accept a input change) which the phone app was unable to do so I had to reconnect the hub to my PC to fix it. While it should be an option to do on the phone, I'm just happy it was an option at all and I was able to correct it. The app is clunky and your not able to do much about it as far as I can tell but that's why I bought the remote package. For me, I wanted a simple RF remote. I don't need a screen or the battery/charging problems that come with it. The remote included with this is simple but is well designed. Well built, good weight, feels good in the hand and has a nice coating on the back that makes it easy to hold on to. Now that would have equaled a 4 star review, here's what adds the last star; the wife factor. My wife will have no problem with this remote. She'll never use the app, in fact I won't even have her load it. Everything she needs is on 4 dedicated buttons: Watch Movie, Watch TV, Listen to Music and off. Press it and the Harmony does the rest flawlessly. It's reliable which is key. It's also fast, VERY fast. No delay which can be very annoying especially when commanding Xfinity's X1 DVR. This is just as fast as the X1's own RF remote and it gives you access to everything but voice control. We also have Amazon Alexa and a home automation system so that picks up the slack because it also integrates with Harmony. Overall I'm beyond thrilled with this setup and wish I tried it a long time ago.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Logitech - Harmony Smart Control - Black MODEL: 915-000194 (after about 1 week of use) GREAT REMOTE FOR ADVANCED USERS Just like you should not complain that a stick shift (manual transmission) is harder to learn to drive than an automatic, reviews dinging this for the hard setup, should keep in mind what it is designed for. Once you master driving a manual transmission it is a much more enjoyable driving experience, in most, but not all cases. SUMMARY: If you are not an advanced user, very good at programming and logical thinking / planning, then maybe look at other models. It you want to have almost limitless control of every single button on the remote (up to 2 functions for 40 buttons), and have the patience to design a layout that is perfect for your use, then this gives you that capability. If I were designing an advanced entertainment device management system from scratch, this would be it. I have spent about 1 week programming this remote, and I think I am about 90% there towards having the perfect set up. I will probably never use the phone/tablet APP around which this system is designed, the thought of finding my phone, unlocking it, turning on Wifi, etc, seems too much work. The included “basic” remote is perfect for sending one button “launch” commands to the hub which blasts the actual button pushes to all the other devices. I only used the windows / online based configuration tool, which admittedly could be improved, but it still had 99% of the functionality I needed, it just could have been streamlined. Eg it would be nice to have a command “press right 9 times” instead of having to add 9 rows of commands one at time to “press right”. MY SETUP TV: SONY KDL55W900A DVR: TiVo Premier XL / Comcast Blu Ray: LG650 Audio: Yamaha HTR-5790 (older no HDMI inputs) GOAL: I finally mounted my TV on the wall, and I wanted to move the rack of devices away from the TV. So I moved all the gear to the other end of the room and mostly out of view. I needed a way to blast signals to all the devices, and I wanted a way to make a simple to use all in one remote for my family who hates to deal with 3 remotes in order to watch a move. I have all our movies and music stored on a media player (Synology), and we use Netflix, Amazon Instant, and Hulu Plus. It was very confusing for my family to stream a movie. Turn on TV Set input to Blu Ray, Turn on Blu Ray, Turn on Stereo Set Input to DVD, Set Audio to 7 Channel Stereo, Use Blu Ray remote to navigate to “home media button”, browse to the media player, navigate to the movie folder, etc etc etc etc. RESULT: There are 3 buttons on the remote that control up to 6 activities (scripts of button pushes). After my tweaking…… Button - Music (changes all the inputs as above and takes the user automatically to the media folder) Button - TV (changes the inputs and remote to watch TV from TiVo) Button - Movie (changes all the inputs to watch a Blu Ray) A long press vs. a short press, does all of the same, but includes the Stereo into the mix, since some people in the family prefer to listen to audio through the TV and others in surround sound. I also set up the color coded buttons on the remote as follows; RED = Netflix, YELLOW = Amazon, GREEN = Hulu, BLUE = Change input to the Wii. CONCLUSION: Yes, setup is complicated, and could use some improvement on the user interface. However, with patience and some planning you can get everything done. I would have liked one more row of buttons on the remote with miscellaneous names found on many devices “home”, “setup”, “input”, I’ve had to hide some of these functions as “long presses” on other buttons, but since I’m the only one that uses them it is fine. The remote control itself is slim, attractive and comfortable. It is not as intuitive as my TiVo remote, but it is close. I’ve also been using the TiVo remote for about 10 years, so there is muscle memory there. I’m about to pilot test this remote with the rest of the family now. Wish me luck !

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great hardware, so-so software and arduous setup

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      My requirement for this purchase was that it would truly eliminate the need to have multiple remotes out, even my AppleTV with the Siri remote. And that my wife wouldn't have to struggle with specific and involved instructions, just press one button and you're off. Happy to say that after a bit of headache I think i've finally have that working. So yes, it was worth it. The list of devices that Logitech Harmony devices supports out-of-the-box is astounding, to add a device you can either start my coming from an existing remote, or start by typing the make + model of the device. It worked with all of mine, but then again my setup isn't crazy by any means. This one even found the compatible wi-fi devices on my network automagically, in my case this was my LIFX light bulbs and AppleTV. I can now add the lights to "activities" which is cool. As far as placement, The Hub itself emits the IR signals as well as through the IR blaster thats included in the box (Hub also has a port for an extra IR blaster, sold separately) After a bit of finagling I think i've got it all placed in a way that works with my half-open half-enclosed entertainment cabinet and wall mounted TV. I've also read of people using splitters for their IR blasters, but haven't tried it myself. I was also able to get it to link to my Amazon Echo Dot, but that was definitely much more involved since it required an update to the Harmony. Now there are supposedly two methods for triggering an update, either via their mobile app (iOS or Android) but no matter how many times I tried these steps it just would not update. So that left method two, via a computer and their desktop software (this is where the experience just grinds to a halt.) The desktop software required an update to Silverlight, i think the last time I used that was when Netflix used it in its early days, but I digress. I figured if I was doing a firmware update it'd be best to be on the latest + greatest. Long story short, it was a horrible experience, while connected via USB to my laptop the Harmony would fail to recognize my wi-fi even though I was maybe 10 ft from my router. When it finally recognized the connection it would lose it half-way through the update. At one point the "sync" and/or update said it finished, but when I hooked it back up in its designated place in my entertainment center the light would stay solid red not the normal green, so I gave up and took a break when it appeared that I had bricked it. I guess that short time of letting it sit unconnected to power must have done the trick since I plugged it in to the computer again and did another sync and it was working again. Huge sigh of relief. More on the desktop software side of it, I was hoping that it would offer more of an "advanced" approach to setting up my Harmony. But i was severely let down. For instance: I was trying to set up a "Watch Night TV" activity that would include setting my LIFX bulbs easy right? This is where it gets interesting, I wanted it so that when I eventually pressed the "OFF" button there would be a delay before turning off the bulbs to allow me time to leave the room before going dark. I found where I was able to add in a delay, so "perfect" I thought, but I was wrong. Trying to manually type in a number (since the time interval is in seconds) I could only type it in the single digits, e.g.: "60" or "10" wouldn't work, so I was left clicking (or holding thankfully) the up/down arrow keys to set. Once I had it added I then found out that I couldn't move the order of the delay, so essentially it would be delay only at the beginning which I guess would work as well, but not quite what I was after. I was also hoping to be able to "clone" or make a copy of my first "Watch TV" activity since I manually went through the trouble of mapping every key like I wanted it so that it worked with my AppleTV, but this was not possible. The mobile app works ok, for adding devices and setting activities. Although I learned the hard way that it was not possible to add a device to an activity after the fact, or at least it wasn't obvious. Essentially patience is key. So take some time to plan out your set up and placement of the hub and the IR blaster, also make sure to add all your devices up front, but only after you've done any software/firmware updates just in case. Now that it is all mostly setup I've gotta say that I love it. My previous Harmony remote was the white one designed to work with Xbox 360, and I can now retire that little guy.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great new direction for Logitech


      So this is my fifth Harmony Remote. (880,890,ONE, Ultimate) Up untill this point, the 800 series was by far my favorite. I was not a fan of the ONE, and the Touch/Ultimate, I returned two days after opening it. (LOTs of issues with that remote, but others have written novels on that subject.) I was relieved when I set up the Smart Control, and it worked as advertised. Logitech got everything right. Dual assigned buttons, no screen (I'll expand on why this is a plus later), tons of customization with the app. Where they went wrong was two fold, the system has an IR repeater so that you can set up behind a closet, or cabinet, which would normally be a good thing, the problem is two fold. A. They only have two outputs for the IR extenders, and they only give you one to plug in. B. The standard IR jack size is 3.5 mm (headphone jack size). It is what they have always used, and now it is 2.5. Because I have been a Logitech fan for years, I already have my system setup with the IR cords and repeaters, so it should have been an easy swap, take the new one out of the box, plug into existing IR system and move on with life, unfortunately, I had to purchase 2.5 to 3.5 mm adapters, and then two headphone jack splitrers, to plug in the existing four cables I have running my setup. Now this is not a big deal, which is why I didn't take any stars off. Finally, why not having a screen is a blessing. My first two remotes 880 and 890 would still be with me today if not for the screens. first one took a trip to the floor with the dogs tail and shattered the LCD, the second one fell prey to a glitch after two years of use where the buttons still worked, but the screen did not. Finally, the newer remotes that Logitech makes are all touch, which creates it's own set of problems, accidentally pressing on the screen when picking it up, multiple pages of commands, and a delay or lag when using the touch screen. With the included remote, every button can have two commands, one long and one short, which means you have more than enough customization, that you don't need the screen, and if you do want to do some really custom stuff, the app allows for it. All in all, I was very frustrated with the last few remotes logitech came out with, but as of now, I'm very happy.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Be careful in your setup and it works fine

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I didn't use the iDevice app as the primary controller because other folks had a few too many problems with it with WiFi connectivity issues. The app is handy to correct synch issues, but is NOT needed to run the control system. So I set up the provided RF remote to be the primary controller using the hub. My hub is mounted above and behind the couch and has a full view of all the components 14 feet away. It works in 'look down, shoot down' mode. The mini-blasters won't work from that far away, but the main hub has enough IR power to work that far. In my case I didn't need any mini-blasters I programmed the hub from my PC. All my equipment model numbers were in the database with the MyHarmony program you download from Logitech. There are 41 programmable buttons on the remote that have 2 functions each ('long' and 'short' press) so you can program up to 82 functions for each 'activity.' If you know your equipment model numbers ahead of time and which activities you want to program it can be done, but it takes time to meticulously go through each button for each activity and confirm it will do what you want it to do when you're sitting on the couch. Take the time to go through each button and confirm what each long or short press does as it will save you lots of grief later. In my case at first power-up it didn't work quite right because it sequenced some power-up functions in a different order. I was able to re-arrange the power-up sequence and got everything to work. I did have an oddball piece of equipment and needed to 'train' the hub to accept an IR power command that wasn't programmed correctly into the database, however, it was easy to do using either the iDevice app or with the Hub connected to the computer. Once you get everything set up it has actually worked flawlessly. I can go from one activity to the next with a simple press of the button that used to take 4 remotes and a flowchart to figure out. I did print out a cheat sheet for what each button did for every different activity but I made it intuitive enough that I really never needed the cheat sheet. Try not to use the original remotes to do things otherwise it will screw up the 'synch' and the Smart remote will do things that seem goofy. You can re-synch using the iDevice app, but I recommend you leave the old remotes in the drawer and not use them to power-on any device or it can affect the synchronization in the hub. The hub doesn't really know the power-status for each device and if it thinks one device is on when you have turned it off with the original remote then the system will get wonky on you. So try not to use the original remote, if you can. So, yes, I'd recommend this, but only for those that will take the time to set it up. It is a bear, but well worth it in the long run if you have the patience. Also, I did get on the Harmony forum and told them about my issue with the manual programming (they had a power 'on' and power 'off' programmed for my preamp that was really a power 'toggle') so they actually amended their database to include that for any future users. Be patient, and it will work for you.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      I had such high hopes

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      I purchased this remote after a few months of trying to manage my electronics via each individual remote. As a rule, programming my remotes is just not something I want to do. I prefer a single 'master' remote to rule them all. Not only to simplify, but something I could keep and use despite my changing my electronics on occasion. I bought with high hopes. I mean, it even has an app! I was excited to try it out. For setup, the hardware is easy enough... you plug it in and then go online to configure things. that's where I first became frustrated. Honestly, I found the setup difficult to manage, having to register an account and then work through the various combinations of what you would want to watch. So, I managed the setup but found it to be a little complex to figure out. Not a deal breaker though. But just not totally intuitive. After the setup was completed, I enjoyed good functionality of the remote. I do like the idea of 1-button to configure all my components to watch a movie, or tv, or music. So that was a joy added to my life, no more 3 remotes to mess with to watch a movie. I just gained a 300% productivity increase right there! Extra time to add extra butter to my popcorn! But the unit has some issues. And I no longer use this remote as a result of them. It's an expensive paperweight. The issues: - Loses connectivity with my wifi. It does this quite often. I don't know why. But when it does, nothing happens. I have to log in and re-connect it. or pick up my other remotes and let them carry the load. So, hmmm, bummer. The remote gets tired I guess. - If I switch from listening to music to watching a movie, it sends a power signal to everything that is needed to watch movie, but that means the things that were already on, now turn off. So my components are not powered on. TV is powered off. It's all backwards and I get to do the manual one-by-one remote thing. Makes me sad. - There is a delay from when you press to when stuff happens. Not a "big deal" but there is one. Changing channels on the tv takes longer as a result. no casual flipping. Too annoying. I'm an American and expect immediate gratification! - The base unit has to be out in front of your components to guarantee effectiveness. That means tv's too. My situation has a mantle between my tv's and the base unit. To use this consistently with the tv, I have to place the base unit in the middle of the room or out in the open somewhere. Now I like a sexy space-pod looking thing as much as the next geek, but it doesn't mean I want that on my coffee table. Maybe it isn't an issue for you, I just don't like it. - The app is more work than it is worth to unlock your device, start the app, push the button, etc... although I liked the app, and after my remote would stop connecting to the wifi i would have to use it, so I guess it is a good back up. And also, I don't think it supports windows phones. Maybe it does now. maybe I should erase that, nope, it is etched in internet. Forever emblazened (sp?). All in all, not a fan. I know some people are enamored by it. And I bought on the promise of a simplified life. It has provided me with some amusement and assistance, but only on it's terms. No thanks. I don't work that way.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Very good, once you get it set up and working

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      Over the last two years I have been slowly automating things around my house. First lights, then some outlets, some BT speakers and so on. So I knew eventually I wanted to control my TV and related units. I knew that to do what I wanted I needed to go with the Harmony hub so that it would interface with all the devices as well as my Google Home. To be honest, I didn't really want to spend $200 to turn on the TV and DVD player. My universal remote does that just fine. Just about all of the Harmony remotes will control my TV and sound bar. The Google Home were the issue. Probably true with Amazon Echo so be forewarned. Over the weekend this remote/hub combo was on sale for $70. which is like 40% off so I decided I would do it. I kind of wanted a remote with a touch screen just for the wow factor, but the included remote is pretty good. Connecting the hub to my home network was very easy. Since it came as a package I didn't need to do anything with the remote as it was already paired. So for that part I'll give it five stars for simplicity. Setting up the devices was a little more challenging. You must either download the android/ios app or there is one available for PCs. You add the devices, which is pretty straight forward. I did have some issues as my TV model was not listed. The suggested device only had two HDMI ports, which you don't find out until you go to set up actions. So I use the built in actions to set up 'Watch TV'. TV comes on, sound bar comes on, Roku is a no-show. Remote will not control it. The phone app will, but I didn't spend $70 to use my phone. So I then tried using the built-in 'Watch DVD' action. Worked flawlessly. So back to 'Watch TV'. Adjusted everything that seemed to make sense. Spent an hour looking for a solution on the Logitech site. Nothing. Decided to fix the TV model issue so I could have all my HDMI ports. Deleted the TV from the app, so I get a message that all of the actions have no default display device. No worries, right? Add the TV back in with a different related model and Voila! all of the ports are there. Go back to actions and figure I'll just add the TV back to the actions. Umm, no. Could not find a way to just add a device to the action. So delete the actions and start all over. As I'm trying to create a new 'Watch Roku' action keep getting an error that it already exists. What? So sure enough, scroll down far enough and there is a built-in 'Watch Roku'. Use this one and everything works fine. Basically, it took me around four hours to get everything working like I wanted. That includes setting up IFTTT triggers for turning on an off actions. Could not get the Google Assistant shortcuts to work. She justs tells me she doesn't know how to help with that whenever I try to use them. You can use the "Okay, Google, ask Harmony to " which does always work but who wants to use a paragraph to pause a movie? Overall I'm happy with the purchase. It's nice to hit one button on the remote and all the devices for that action come on ready to go. The remote reconfigures itself for the desired action, so no more forgetting to select DVD player when watching a movie. Hub and remote I give five stars. The phone/tablet/PC apps, three stars. Google Assistant intergration, three stars. Using the cool factor gives my overall four stars.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Genius piece of tech

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I have several inputs that connect to remotes via bluetooth, wifi direct and IR and are on my local wifi networrk. I have them all go through a receiver with one out to my elderly LCD TV. The setup routine for the remote found them all (five different ones) and correctly identified the manner in which they connect to their remotes and stepped me through pairing the bluetooth (which did not require typing any codes into the cell phone, surprisingly). I did have to enter the model numbers of the TV and the receiver, but once in the system, absolutely everything worked without having to be tweaked. It even found a Sonos speaker I did not intend to manage with this remote, but I let it get into the mix and it works as well. The only mistake I made originally was to set up an "activity" called watching TV, and then used the setup program to program buttons on the remote to change the receiver to each of the different inputs. That was a mistake, although the system did what it was told. The mistake was that no matter which input you chose, the remote always was set up as a TV remote and I had to program several buttons individually for each of the inputs, not a good idea, a real kludge. After I deleted that attempt, I set up an activity for each of the inputs. Once you have done one of those, the rest took just a minute or two each. Now, when I push one of the six buttons on the remote that are identified for each of my inputs, it turns on all the necessary devices (or switches to the one I have chosen if everything is already on, and switches the remotes primary buttons to those needed to manage the input associated with the device I have chosen. The remote has additional programmable buttons that you can program individually for each device, but I have as yet not needed to program any additional buttons for any of my devices. The setup also asks if you want to always control the volume with the receiver, which means of course that the volume buttons on the remote control the volume no matter what input has been chosen. Of course it knows the Sonos is not connected to the receiver so the volume button on the remote controls the Sonos without further setup. You can set everything up using a cell phone and I was leery of that because cell phones are really hard to use when you have to keyboard much input. I was expecting to have to enter a lot of information for my five devices, but as I said above, except for the model numbers for the TV and receiver, I did not have to enter any other information as the setup routine identified everything, including the necessary codes for the TV and the receiver once it knew the model numbers. In addition, most universal remotes are a confusion of buttons. This one, on first blush looks like it cannot be complicated enough to do all you need to do with a remote, but as i said before, I did not even have to use any of the programmable buttons because of the setup programming doing that for you. My significant other who would never use a universal remote because of its complexity has switched to this one instantly because it is simple and the buttons you expect to do something for each of the inputs does just that. So far, everything about this remote is brilliant, from setup, to simplicity to everyday use. I do not use the cell phone remote function app because I find the physical remote simpler to use, but the cell phone remote function seems OK. I obviously have no info on the battery life or whether this unit will last at least a couple of years before conking out, but I hope so because this is one of the most well designed pieces of technology I have ever bought.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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