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Philips Norelco - SH90/52 Replacement Shaving Heads - Silver

Get Philips Norelco replacement heads for your Philips brand razor to provide a fast, close shave, removing all hair and stubble in sight for incredibly smooth results. With fresh replacement heads, you'll find your razor gliding just like new. These shaving heads are easy to remove and replace, making the Philips Norelco replacement heads simple to use.
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What's Included

  • 3 shaving heads
  • Retaining ring holder


Designed for use with a variety of shavers

Compatible with Norelco's 9000.

Super Lift & Cut Action

The dual blade system built into the Philips electric shaver lifts hairs to cut comfortably below skin level for a closer shave.

V-Track Precision Blades

The patented V-Track Precision Blades gently position each hair in the best cutting angle. This allows you to cut 30% closer in less strokes leaving your skin in great condition.

Simple replacement

Installation of shaving head is made for several steps.