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  • QuestionI saw a previous question about a basket for the Air Fryer...do you sell accessories for the air fryer even though you don't need them?

    Asked by Wendy.

    • Answer Hi Wendy! Wonderful question. Any cookware used with Air Fry mode should be broil safe. A dark, solid baking pan with low rimmed sides, such as a sheet pan, is recommended for use with Air Fry. The darker pan surface promotes better browning and crisping. - Oven baking baskets and baking grids can also be used, but a sheet pan should be placed on the rack below the foods to catch any drippings if using a baking basket. More information about air frying and the cookware that you can use to get the best results, can be found on page 17 of your Use and Care manual. GE Appliances, at this moment, does not sell an air fry basket. Hope this helps! Happy cooking. -Michael@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionDoes the steam cleaning option require a water connect to the range?

    Asked by Rick.

    • Answer No, one cup of water is poured on the floor of the oven and set the oven to steam clean. The oven has to be level so it does not pool to one spot. Range should be level before using anyway. Any water left on the bottom of the stove after cleaning should be wiped up. Steam cleaning is good for a quickie clean up after just using it. Does not clean the way the prolonged time on high heat does.

      Answered by WhiteHairGrandma

  • QuestionDoes the oven interior lite come on when you open the oven door. I bought a GE range 6 months ago and it is the 1st oven I've had where the light doesn't come on when the door is opened. You have to use the on-off switch. Missing it!!

    Asked by JohnBoy.

    • Answer Hi JohnBoy - Thank you for your interest in a new GE range. On the current models, the general rule of thumb is, if there is an Oven Light pad on the control panel, you must turn the oven light on and off using that pad. The oven interior light will not turn on when the door is opened automatically. It's designed this way so you can turn the light on to check your food without opening the door and losing the heat inside the oven. We are happy to forward your feedback to our cooking design team. We hope this helps. All our best! - Vikki@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionAre the edges and the top of the cooktop surface black?

    Asked by Stephanie.

    • Answer Hello Stephanie, Great question! We thank you for consideration of this GE Appliance, and it'd be our pleasure to help you with this range. We found that this model has a black cooktop surface. The area surrounding the cooktop is black as well. The only other color on this range is the stainless steel finish on the handle, storage drawer and control panel. You can find more information on the finish for this range in the specifications. We hope this information helps! Thank you for contacting us. Please let us know if there are any more questions we could answer. Have a great day! -Sylvia@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionIs this also self cleaning

    Asked by Tedhack.

    • Answer Hello Tedhack! Thanks for your question and interest in our range. We'd be happy to have you as part of the GE Appliances family. We found that this unit does have the self-clean feature along with the steam-clean feature. You can find more information about this on page 19 of the Use and Care manual. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at our contact page. Stay safe! Emily@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionHow long does the oven take to preheat?

    Asked by MarkyMark.

    • Answer Yes, it heats up quickly. When it beeps you would think that it means it is at the temperature you set. Using an accurate oven thermometer, that is not the case. I am getting about 90 degrees below the temperature setting at the time of the beep. I wait another 15 - 20 minutes to get to the temperature I set. Being a new range, I am still using the thermometer to learn it's habits. There is a calibration adjustment on the range for 35 degrees plus or minus. Changing that also changes the temperature when it is at full temperature. I had to adjust mine up 5 degrees. Deceiving and not happy about it. Why beep if it is not that hot?

      Answered by WhiteHairGrandma

  • QuestionThere is foam in the corners behind the storage drawer. Is it supposed to come out? We have tried getting it out but it seems quite secure.

    Asked by Petunia.

    • Answer Hi - Styrofoam is often used as insulation, stability, or as a barrier of some kind. This is not packing material and should not be removed. Enjoy your beautiful new range! Vikki@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionHow to adjust the oven temperature, I try many times but its difficult????

    Asked by Nahed.

    • Answer Just select the baking method preferred, then overide the automatic temp by entering the correct temp using keypad then press "start", or call customer service for detailed instructions.

      Answered by Mimi

  • QuestionDoes the unit fit flush against the back wall? I like to keep spices along the top and don’t want them to slip behind stove. I recently had this installed and they left it away from back wall leaving a 2” gap. They also installed a 6’ cord. Wrong cord

    Asked by Don.

    • Answer Hello, thank you for your question. This range can be installed flush to the wall following the installation instructions found on our website. If you would like to speak about repairing the installation, we recommend you schedule service with us by calling 1-800-GECares (1-800-432-2737) Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. ET or Saturday – Sunday: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET or by visiting the "Schedule Service" link under the "Owner Support" tab on our website. -Chris@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionHow do you set timer for this stove. It says to hold 3 sec and set but i can not get this to work.

    Asked by J.

    • Answer Hi there! We appreciate your question. We're sorry that you're having issues setting the timer on your range. We see how this can be frustrating. To set the timer, press the Timer On/Off pad and the number pads to program the time in hours and minutes. Then press the Start pad. The timer countdown is complete. To turn the timer off press the Timer On/Off pad. We hope this helps! Emily@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionI am not familiar with convection ovens. Is it also a conventional oven and the convection is turned on or is it always a convection oven?

    Asked by Jan.

    • Answer Hi, Great questions! We're happy to see your interest in this model and we're glad we can help. Convection ovens utilize a fan that circulates hot air over, under, and around the food. In American-style convection systems, only the bake (lower) and broil (upper) heating elements are used in conjunction with the convection fan to supply the heat. This particular model has both traditional and convectional cooking modes. You can choose either option using the control panel. Have a great day! -Sylvia@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionIs this a true convection oven?

    Asked by Lastnight.

    • Answer Hello. This model does not have a third element around the fan inside. It just uses the fan to circulate the heat around the food inside. We would not refer to it as True European Convection. Hope this helps. Geoff@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionSecond time asking this question. I prefer someone from GE to answer please. What is the correct way to broil with this oven?

    Asked by Jane4262.

    • Answer Hello. We appreciate how important the Broil option can be for your cooking process, and regret any delay you've experienced in using it. We're glad to help clarify, and more in depth instructions on Broiling are available in your manual, on page 15; if you need to view the manual online, you can find it by searching our GE website for your model number and clicking on the product page. When you use the Broil option the door should stay closed during the process, and the food should be monitored closely. The Broil option has two modes. The Hi mode utilizes intense heat to sear items; it is recommended for thinner cuts of meat and/or when you want the surface to be seared while the interior stays rare. You would simply press the Broil pad once, then press Start for this mode. There is also a Lo mode that uses less intense heat to cook your food more thoroughly while browning the surface. That mode is recommended for thicker cuts of meat, or if you'd like to have the item cooked all the way through. For that mode you would press the Broil pad twice before pressing Start. We are confident these Broil options will enhance your cooking experience! If you have any other inquiries or concerns we are always happy to offer assistance - all the best! -Sarah@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionIs the cooktop shiny black or speckled? I prefer the speckled surface that does not show every drop of water.

    Asked by RichPaz.

    • Answer The cooktop is black with white speckles. Had a white GE stove in the past and the cooktop had more of the speckles (which was great - easiest cooktop ever to keep clean) but this was the best one that was stainless steel. I have had it for a couple of weeks and so far so good. Seems easier to keep clean than a regular black cooktop. I'm REALLY careful with it though.

      Answered by DHarry

  • QuestionDoes this or any of your ranges with the same options come in slate stainless steel??

    Asked by GiGi.

    • Answer Hello, Thanks so much for expressing your interest in this awesome range! This range does come in Slate and Stainless Steel. It also comes in three other colors as well. We hope you'll check it out. Take care! Mike@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionDoes this model have an induction cooktop?

    Asked by JaElJ.

    • Answer Hi there, thanks for your question! This model has an radiant electric cooktop, not an induction one. We'd recommend taking a look at some of our Slide In ranges to see if any of them strike your fancy! Hope you're staying safe. -Michael@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionWhat is the height from the floor to the cook top?

    Asked by CookTopHeight.

    • Answer Hi, That's a great question! We appreciate your interest in this model and we'd love to provide you with an answer. The height from the floor to the cooktop is 35-3/4" to 36-1/2". The leveling legs allow the height to be adjusted. We hope this helps! -Sylvia@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionI purchased a GE JB735SPSS range oven. I read that I need to protect the top with a product before I use it. What product should I use to

    Asked by Tovonirina.

    • Answer I think you just need to regularly maintain/clean the top. I got Weiman Glass Cook Top cleaner&polish for that purpose. You may find it in many stores: Kroger, Walmart, Target, etc.

      Answered by Tania

  • QuestionWhat are the dimensions inside the oven? What is the depth, width, and height of the inside?

    Asked by oven.

    • Answer Hi Valued Customer - Thank you for your interest in a new GE electric range. We are delighted to assist you. The interior oven dimensions are 19 1/2"H x 24 1/8"W x 19 3/8"D. We do hope you find this helpful. All our best! Vikki@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

  • QuestionWhat is the difference in this model and JB655YKFS?

    Asked by Chelle.

    • Answer Hello Chelle - Thank you for the interest in these two dependable ranges. While similar, there are many differences between the two. For example, the JB735SPSS has our new No-Preheat Air Fry feature and a steam clean option. Model JB655YKFS has a fingerprint resistant finish that the other model does not have. Hope this helps. Keep in touch! - John@GEA

      Answered by GE Answers

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