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Lenovo - Flex 4 14 2-in-1 14" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Pentium - 4GB Memory - 500GB Hard Drive - Black-Front_Standard
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    • Best answerHere's the correct answer. Some models actually do, just not this one that Best Buy has. According to the Lenovo Hardware Manual for the Flex 4 1470 model, it turns out that there are five different models of the Flex 4 in both 14 and 15 inch designs. They are the 1435, 1470, 1480, 1570 and 1580. BBY probably requested a lot of corners to be cut to save expenses and bring you this product at a competitive price. For instance, This Pentium 4405U is of a 14nm size and uses the newer FCBGA1356 processor socket type design, so any better Core i3 or Core i5 will probably work. Core i7 may overheat this unit. Yes Lenovo is correct, the FN button along with the spacebar will turn on a backlit keyboard but is misleading, the truth is the LED type is a backlit LED touch display and is the lower resolution 1366x768 not the 1920x1080 which the Pentium 4405U GPU on its northbridge chipset is an Intel HD 520 and has a full size HDMI port for obvious external connections. Best Buy requested this model with the NON BACKLIT kEYBOARD FRU part aka Field Replaceable Unit. The part which essentially makes this work is 5CB0L46004 and IS BACKLIT but appears one remove all the bottom screws and then remove pretty much everything as the keyboard and top case under the screen with mouse are all one unit. Main differences are in screen size with resolution with processor and keyboard size/type. This 1470 model can be almost improved to the $700 model (which I believe is the 15 with the Core i5/i7) by replacing the slow 5400 rpm 500GB HDD with a SSD 7mm type along with a single 16GB DDR4 2133Mhz dual ranked DIMM module. I personally bought a 240GB Corsair 7mm ForceLE SSD (which is VERY FAST) along with memory from Crucial aka Micro's best of their laptop DDR4 modules. It appears that this model can be upgraded to a different CPU type of the socket number listed above and with keyboard will make this shine, replace the screen with the larger resolution if you wish. But in short, yes the Lenovo Flex 4 1470 COULD have had a backlit keyboard like my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Ultrabook (which is twice as light, Core i7 with a crazy 4k screen resolution one can barely read if upgraded from Win8.1 to 10 and drivers are off but then even with the LPDDR3 lower power memory its only 8GB and no good for great virtualization). I use mine as a pentesting laptop with Rapid7 products, Splunk and various Linux buiids. I personally say if you want all those, spend some money on upgrades like I mentioned, buy an external keyboard, USB hub and external TV, pico projector or monitor of your choice. Expect to spend close to $800 if you want this to have all the bells and whistles of many of the better competition on BBY planogramed endcaps in stores. I trained many of the original Geek Squad long ago, so what does that say? Go for it and do what I recommend or spend more money and demo the features before you walk out of the store. Hope this helps clarify all these questions on this model for all. - ex Special Agent 2727

      By Agent2727 

  • Q: why doesn't it include dvd/cd drive  (3 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerI agree with the previous posters, it doesn't offer a DVD drive being it is so lightweight and compact, however, it is offering a lot of other features that laptops, at this price, do not, such as DDR4 RAM, Wireless AC Dual Band, 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. You can easily buy a USB DVD Writeable external drive for a mere 40 USD. It has 2, not one USB 3.0 ports, and that is because it has a fantastic Pentium new designed chip, more powerful that some i3 and i5 s. This PC throws a great punch at the web, you will not be disappointed. It has fast boot time, fast memory, and fast wireless, all the 3 components you need to enjoy your laptop experience. By the way, it can power an HD Monitor at 1080P with the HDMI out, so don't be disappointed it doesn't offer a DVD drive, as you can see, it compensates for not having one, and at this price, this is well worth buying an external DVD Writeable USB drive for just a few bucks extra. Hope that helps.

      By anon 

  • Q: What kind of processor does it have?  (3 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerI cannot agree more with the previous post by Pineapple, this new redesigned Pentium processor does better than expected, even by Intel standards. Remember, we haven't seen a Pentium in vogue for quite a while now with the i x cores, but this new processor was purposely built for mobile devices, and it runs very cool, and smooth, performs much better than I ever expected. I benchmarked it at 3000 which is much more than expected, and this also has DDR4 RAM (You can add more). DDR4 runs at 2133 MHz as opposed to most PCs we still see on BestBuy that are still selling DDR3 at 1600 MHz, so combined with a new Pentium, and new RAM, this throws quite a punch at running daily apps, like email, Office, movies or video clips online, web-browsing, web-apps, etc... A well equipped CPU, and for very little money, amazing. Pus you also get AC dual band wireless...

      By anom 

  • Q: does this laptop get hot quickly? if so, if it gets too hot will it automatically turn off?  (3 Answers)

    By gaby22 

    • Best answerNo it does not. The fan and venting ports will keep the system at the control temperature, as long as the vents are clear and the air can circulate properly.

      By Lenovo Product Expert 

  • Q: Is this laptop good for the first year of college?  (2 Answers)

    By Gaby22 

    • Best answerThat depends on the course of study. This system would not be good for CAD, graphic design or image or video editing. This system would be able to do Microsoft Office Projects: Word, Excel, PowerPoint. If it is within your budget, a faster processor than the Pentium in this system would be recommended. Consider a Core I-5 processor based system if it is within your budget.

      By Lenovo Product Expert 

  • Q: Can I reasign keys on keyboard? I want to change the page up key to shift  (2 Answers)

    By ILB 

    • Best answerDownloaded Key Tweak from Key Tweak worked perfectly to reassign the right shift key to the up arrow, and vice versa. Very easy... resolved in less than 5 mins. Now I am back to typing naturally without having to overextend my right pinkie finger to press the right shift key.

      By smic 

    • Best answerYes the screen does move a full 360-degrees. The keyboard ends up with the keys facing out when in tablet mode.

      By Lenovo Product Expert 

  • Q: Is this laptop suitable for gaming? I can't tell online  (3 Answers)

    By Geek 

    • Best answerNo, the laptop is not suitable for optimal gamaing.

      By CommunityAnswer 

  • Q: Can I downoad and listen to my itunes music?  (2 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerYes, you can download and listen to iTunes on this computer.

      By CommunityAnswer 

  • Q: Des this PC have a lighted keyboard?  (5 Answers)

    By Grandma 

    • Best answerNO NO NO NO NO It does NOT have a backlit keyboard. Everyone is getting mixed up with this one wrongly worded description of its DISPLAY, not keyboard. READ: 14" 10-point multitouch screen for hands-on control Typical 1366 x 768 HD resolution. Touch, tap, glide and make the most of Windows 10. LED backlight. Where it says "LED Backlit" that means it has an LED display panel that is a backlit type of display panel, NOT a backlit keyboard. I can understand how this is very deceiving, but let me say, this little PC is a very well priced laptop, with a redesigned Pentium chip that throws quite a punch at the web. It isn't a gaming PC, so don't expect all the bells and whistles you'd normally get out of a gaming PC, but keep in mind the price. For what you are paying, this has quite a lot of other features a laptop at this price doesn't offer. It has DDR4 at 2133 MHz, most are still at DDR3 at 1600 MHz, so its RAM is new and faster, easier to grab information and store it while you are web browsing, opening up apps, etc. Also this has a dual band wireless card, which is amazing for this price. It is almost too hard to believe this is at this price point on BestBuy. But please, read the specs, it doesn't say anywhere on this page that it has a backlit keyboard.

      By anom 

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