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  • QuestionWill this device help remind me to hold my shoulders back? Or would a brace be better?

    Asked by Scarlett.

    • Answer If you're sitting or standing upright properly, but still have slumped shoulders, the device will probably not detect it. However, the instructions do mention that the device does not necessarily have to be placed at the direct center or your back. It didn't mention the possibility of placing it near your shoulders, but I believe it's sensitive enough to detect if they are not upright in the correct position. This is something you many want to ask the maker of the Upright Go directly. They may be able to give you better guidance on your question. It's a good one.

      Answered by dorkhead2

  • QuestionWhat is the difference between Upright Go and Upright Go 2?

    Asked by Maggie.

    • Answer Upright Go 2 is smaller in dimensions which makes it more comfortable. More importantly, the battery runs for 35 hours on one charge as opposed to 10 hours with the first gen. They also claim that gen 2 has multi-sensors which makes the posture tracking more accurate. Overall, I’d say gen 2 is worth the extra cost, especially if you get it during a discount

      Answered by cyrus

  • QuestionHow long it will be the warranty ?

    Asked by Carolinaolarte1.

    • Answer Hi, That's a great question. There's a 1 year warranty which applies automatically as soon as you make your purchase. If you have any further questions I invite to reach out to our support team at, the in-app chat or the website chat. Our agents are available for you 20 hours a day and will be happy to assist. Thanks, Your Upright team

      Answered by Upright

  • QuestionCan you show instruction manual and video?

    Asked by AlfRamsey.

    • Answer Hi, That's a great question. There's a manual that comes with the UPRIGHT GO2 with instructions. In addition, the app instructs you step by step on how to set up your account and you UPRIGHT GO2. The app is free to download so you can check it out by downloading it from your app store even if you haven't purchased an U[RIGHT GO2 yet. In addition, for any further instructions or questions invite you to reach out to our support team at, the in-app chat or the website chat. Thanks, Your Upright team

      Answered by Upright

  • QuestionWhere in your back do you specifically put it ?

    Asked by Diane.

    • Answer You can put it about 2 inches below your neck, right in the middle of your back on the spine. You should be able to press the button by reaching your arm on your back to be able to press on the button for power on/off and for changing tracking modes. Where exactly you put it on your back is not super important though, since each time you will calibrate your perfect posture in that exact moment (which can change because of the type of chair or where you are sitting)

      Answered by Cyrus

  • QuestionDoes the Upright 2 come with the necklace and if not, where can I get one?

    Asked by Neesie.

    • Answer No, does not come with necklace. I purchased necklace from Amazon.

      Answered by MeMaw

  • QuestionWould this devise help people with scoliosis?

    Asked by Scoliosis.

    • Answer Hmm, good question, that would depend on the curvature of the scoliosis. If scoliosis curve is lateral, not sure that would work. This gadget works more for forward posture....but im not 100% certain. Maybe you can ask manufacturer.

      Answered by anonymous

  • QuestionHi. I am in New York and I want buy the Upright GO2. But I didn’t found it at the 5th Avenue store. How can buy it, please? I’ll return to my country on saturday, 08.17.19. I‘ll wait your answer. Tks

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer My local store didn’t have it & I had to order it online. I chose local delivery. Trainer & replacement adhesive pads can be found easily online Best Buy Amazon Upright websites. Good luck!

      Answered by LadyVet

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