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Linksys - AC2200 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 5 Router - Black-Front_Standard

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    Great Wi-Fi Coverage

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    Linksys tri-band router with the supplied wi-fi extender is sure to reach everybody in your home no matter where you place the main router. There are some key features that set this unit apart from most other tri-band set ups out there and hopefully this will help to clear up any confusion on rather or not this is the right set up for you. Lets talk about what you can expect to receive right out of the box. Your going to receive the wireless router, power cable, Ethernet cable, wifi extender, and a instruction booklet. Right off the bat i was a little concerned on how well this unit would work due to its small size and only having 4 antennas instead of 8 as my previous router had. I have a 4000 sq foot house and my main router is placed in the basement so wifi signals have always been a struggle for anyone on my second floor. This unit combined with the given wifi extender(which plugs directly into a wall socket) was able to give everyone in my house full bars no matter where they were. Before i talk about performance i really want to talk about setting this unit up because i feel it deserves some praise as to how easy the set up was. The set up on this unit was by far the fastest and easiest set up i have ever done on a router. Most of my previous routers required me to hook them up directly to my pc or either access them via the wifi signal on my pc which required me allowing a pass through on my firewall to even begin the initial set up. I have always found setting up a wireless router tedious and sometimes overly complicated then what is necessary. This Linksys set up was very easy to do and took me a matter of 5 minutes to do. The nice thing about the set up was everything was done through the Linksys provided phone app. I was able to set up both my wifi device and extender all while sitting on my couch. Through the app you can also set up wifi passwords and wifi signal name. This app is also one of the most integrated app i have seen so far. Let me explain what i mean by this. Through the app you see every device that is connected to your router. Not only can you see them but you can rename them to help identify where they are coming from i.e. "Julie's Tablet." You can also set up parental controls and wifi schedules if you have kids. This means that you can block whatever websites you want and set up a schedule as to when the wifi will be available to the kids. For example my kids get home from school around 4 pm so i have the schedule set to turn the wifi off monday through friday between 8am to 6pm. This means that after 6pm they will be able to get on the wifi. Whats also nice about this feature is that it does not effect everyone in the house it is device specific. Through the app you can also set up device priority. This means that if you get a heavy stream of devices on your router you can set certain devices to take priority meaning they will get the fastest signal. For me i set up my wireless home security cameras to have priority seeing as how my home safety was more important than my kids streaming Youtube. Lets talk performance. What makes this unit really perform so well is the fact that this is a tri-band device combined with the router extender. Let me talk briefly about the tri-band for those that are not too familiar with what that means. With out getting all technical and confusing you this basically means that your router is running three signal frequencies to help prevent traffic on the lines. You have your standard 2.4 ghz line and two high speed 5 ghz lines. So let me break this down for you as to how this means efficiency and speed. Your 2.5 ghz line is the one that has the biggest signal and the one that most devices will grab on to. This means that if your on your phone or tablet just surfing the web or posting on Facebook you will be directed to this line. Now lets say you have a smart tv and decided to stream a 4k movie off of Netflix. Obviously your going to need faster speed with less interruption so you can get the full quality of the movie. The router will automatically pick up on that and put you on the high speed 5 ghz line this way you can have the fastest speed available without being held up from your kids watching Youtube or posting on social media. They will be on one band and your tv will be streaming on another band. During heavy congestion i had about 10 devices on my router and when i checked signal strength and speed i was still at full bars while being