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Samsung - POWERbot R7070 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with Edge Clean and Self Clean Brush - Satin Titanium

Voice compatible
Take care of all floor work with this Samsung POWERbot Slim robot vacuum. Its CycloneForce separation technology provides 40 times stronger suction than conventional vacuums for more efficient cleaning while preventing clogging. The Wi-Fi connectivity and Alexa compatibility of this Samsung POWERbot Slim robot vacuum let you operate it remotely from your smartphone or via voice command.

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    What's Included

    • 2 AA batteries
    • Extra Filter
    • Magnetic Tape
    • Remote control
    • Samsung POWERbot R7070 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with Edge Clean and Self Clean Brush

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    87% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (184 out of 211)


    Powerful robotic suction

    Powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning results.

    Visionary Mapping™ Plus and FullView Sensor™ 2.0

    Create an optimal cleaning path and avoid obstacles. The coverage map shows on the app where POWERbot has cleaned.

    Wi-Fi connectivity - Works with Amazon Alexa

    Remotely control your robot vacuum with your smartphone or voice control with Amazon Alexa*.

    Edge Clean Master

    Thoroughly cleans the corners and edges of the wall.

    Self-clean brush

    Automatically removes hair tangles around the brush.

    CycloneForce™ technology

    More consistent power with less clogging.

    Easy Pass Wheels™

    Large wheels move smoothly over obstacles.

    Easy-to-clean and see-through dust canister.

    Intelligent power control

    Automatically detects surface types to optimize the suction power.


    Program the cleaning time.

    Washable filter for easy and cost-effective maintenance.

    Up to 90 min of cleaning time.

    *Amazon Alexa devices are sold separately.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars with 211 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

    Expert rating

    Rating 3.8 out of 5 stars with 3 reviews



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    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Excellent cleaning but lacking on everything else

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember
      • Top 250 ContributorTop 250 Contributor

      SAMSUNG POWERbot R7070 WiFi Quick Features on the Product Samsung SmartHome (apps are compatible with selected Samsung Galaxy S and Note series devices. Supports Android 4.0 (since Galaxy S2) or higher and iOS 7 or higher. To use the Samsung Smart Home service an Internet connection is required - data charges may apply and it may not operate in the presence of firewalls. 40x More Powerful Suction (powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning results) Wi-Fi Control Creates optimal cleaning path and avoids obstacles Thoroughly cleans corners and edges of the wall Automatically removes hair tangles around the brush What's in the box? Samsung POWERbot R7070 WiFi Remote Controller (batteries included) Spare Washable Filter (one already installed) Boundary Tape Thank you card (registration) Quick Start Guide User Manual Warranty Information Setup/Testing/Conclusion The design of the box is pretty standard; nothing to run to someone to show off. I’m a box guy so when there’s a lot of effort put into it; I’ll make sure I note that and let people know. The packaging inside the box was pretty good though. I must say; Samsung did an excellent job with protecting everything inside to make sure it’s not damaged during transit/shipping. The POWERbot also looks pretty nice and the build quality is great. Setting up the robot with the dock was pretty simple, it’s basically plug and go. You follow the quick start guide and the robot will start charging. The manual states charging initially takes about 160 minutes. So I let the robot charge up while I messed with the Samsung Smart Home app. After downloading the app, I pretty much got stuck trying to pair the robot to the app on my android phone. I followed the directions and the app found the robot but I got stuck on the part about connecting everything via WiFi. It just continues to loop and search for the AP (access point) but never shows anything. I couldn’t type in the AP name but can type in the AP password. If I click AP name in hopes to start typing it searches for the AP again. After several attempts I just gave up; pretty frustrating I must say. I’ve also read from a lot of other people that the app isn’t the greatest. So long story short on the app; I’m just gonna have to skip on it. So after charging (I basically left it charging for the night) I was able to use it the next morning. I threw some trash items on the floor in front of it to see if it was able to pick it up. I have to say, the POWERbot did a fantastic job with cleaning my hardwood floors and my carpeted room. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that it has a better “cleaning system” than the Roomba. When the Roomba cleans, it kinda goes everywhere. The POWERbot actually cleans as if you were to vacuum the floor (in a specific pattern) so that it doesn’t miss any spots. Samsung advertises that it cleans corners/edges and it seems to do a pretty good job. When the POWERbot gets to an edge/corner the POWERbot actually says edge on the digital display screen on top and does what it does to clean. I really liked the “smartness” of the POWERbot when it reaches carpet; you can hear it “suck” more as it went on the carpet in my bedroom. The POWERbot ran for about an hour on normal cleaning mode and cleaned my living room, one bedroom, the hallway/walkway at the entrance, kitchen and one bathroom. It never made it to the other part of my house on a full charge though. But to be fair, I don’t think my Roomba 770 would’ve made it for the whole place either. I really liked cleaning the POWERbot. It was simple to clean and you can rinse/wash the dustbin and the filter. With my Roomba 770, you have to replace the filters which can cost you some money over time. Now to the cons… As I mentioned above; I did NOT like the app at all. If you have any rugs laying around like in the kitchen or bathroom; the POWERbot is not able to go on top of it to clean. Instead, it basically just bunched it up. The other thing I didn’t like was the scheduling feature. On the Roomba 770 you’re able to set the schedule on let's say; Mondays and Fridays at a specific time. Or, you can set it for 3 days or even 4 days or every day. Basically you can set it to whatever you want for scheduling. On the POWERbot; you’re not able not able to do that. You can either set it for a one time clean at a specific time or a repeating daily set time. Meaning, your POWERbot will literally go off every single day if it's on the daily schedule. Some people like to have it go off only once, twice, or whatever their preference is. The POWERbot doesn’t give you that flexibility. I also did not like the fact that the POWERbot still goes off even if it doesn’t have the dustbin in place. The Roomba 770 will not start if the dustbin is not secured in place. So luckily I heard it go off to stop it but it definitely blew some dust in my room because there was no dustbin! In conclusion, I would not be able to strongly recommend this product to others. I would definitely take a look and do some research prior to purchasing any cleaning robot. The POWERbot did a great job cleaning as far as the way it’s programmed to; but it had way too many cons for me to give it above 3 stars. Overall; I felt like the POWERbot is just mediocre. I wasn’t really wowed by it compared to my Roomba 770 which is about 3 years old.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Super Practical in Virtually Any Circumstance!

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member
      • Top 50 ContributorTop 50 Contributor

      The Samsung POWERbot R7070 exceeded my expectations in most areas. It underwhelmed me with just a couple of issues. For full disclosure, I also own 2) iRobot 980 Top-Of-The-Line bots & owned 2) earlier generation iRobot bots. Here is a summary of my findings: LIKES: 1- The CycloneForce design really works! This is the most powerful Robotic Vacuum I have ever owned. The suction & pick-up power is amazing. It cleaned my high pile carpet with ease. Much stronger pick-up power than the iRobot Roomba 980. 2- This is the quietest, least annoying sound of any Robotic Vacuum I have owned. The sound is not only quieter, the frequency is lower than most (more bass & less treble) so it is much less abrasive sounding & not annoying, as are my other bots. You can actually tune it out while it is cleaning. 3- Washable filter with a spare filter included. This dramatically lowers the cost of ownership! By comparison, the disposable iRobot filters fill up fast & are expensive! This Samsung design with a washable filter is truly a brilliant design, complete with a finger pull to keep your fingers out of the dirt! 4- Dirt canister is easily accessible with one push button on top of the bot. No bending over & fiddling below the vacuum, just to dump the dirt, like every iRobot model. In addition, the dirt canister is a simple rectangle with curved edges. Nowhere for dirt to cling. The iRobot dirt canister is a very complex shape, requiring manual dirt extraction by fingers every time. Then you have to remove the Roomba $$ filter, clean or replace it. The Samsung R7070 has the best filter / canister system of any Robotic Vacuum I have ever seen. 5- Long 11" Brush provides more efficient cleaning with fewer floor passes, resulting in greater battery life. The design of a rectangular front edge is brilliant, allowing this 11" brush with easy corner cleaning access. 6- Camera capturing the ceiling results in attractive, perfectly straight "clean lines" in the carpet - no random zig zag pattern here! Hint: Leave the light on in the room to be cleaned so the camera can properly see & map out the ceiling. 7- Long Battery life, as advertised. I experienced as long as 90 minutes if "quiet" mode was selected; for regular cleaning, I found never less than 60 minutes of powerful cleaning. This is excellent! 8- Large, spring-loaded wheels power it over the thickest area rugs with ease. Best accessibility of any vacuum I have owned. 9- Auto deep cleaning mode on carpets works well & applies turbo power just where needed. This saves battery power on hardwood & makes for quieter cleaning, except when extra power is needed - and this is selectable in the app. 10- Auto return to base for recharge works the best of any vacuum I have owned. The iRobot 980 does a fair job of this, but can be thrown off if it cannot "see" the base. The Samsung R7070 outperforms it, plain and simple. As long as the bot is within 20 feet of the base, it will do a dance if necessary to line up perfectly & charge itself. In addition, the base has massive, non slick rubber surfaces which hold it securely on hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum, or carpet. The iRobot base, by comparison, has a slick bottom, requiring me to secure that base to the wall with adhesive strips. Samsung has a far superior design. See my photo of the bot on the base, tucked deep between an antique Coke Machine & Oak cabinet. The R7070 has no difficulty finding this any time, even from another room. 11- No goofy "rotating whisker brushes" are needed to clean in the corners. The R7070 cleans in the corners extremely well, due to the flat edges & the long 11" brush. On the contrary, the iRobot 980 stirs up dirt with whisker brushes, and often does not pick up the dirt & cat hair the whisker brushes loosened up. 12- You can drive the R7070 by included remote or phone / tablet app. No more bending down every time to position it or move it to another room! This is a HUGE benefit, which the iRobot Top-Of-The-Line 980 cannot do. 13- At just over 3' tall, the R7070 can go places many taller bots cannot. This is a substantial achievement & makes this bot super practical in virtually any circumstance. DISLIKES 1- Magnetic Strips are required to restrict bot access. I STRONGLY prefer the wireless virtual wall "Lighthouse" included with iRobot bots. They are inconspicuous & can be left in place or put away between uses. Why build such a technology marvel as the Samsung R7070 and require outdated magnetic strips to be stuck to your floor or buried below an area rug? This is a deal breaker for me & is the sole reason why I do not plan to add a second R7070 for my 2nd floor. If you try to lay the magnetic strips on the floor temporarily, the R7070 drives over them. 2- Underdeveloped Software. The Samsung Smart Home Software should be updated. Adding the bot to another phone & tablet after first registering it with your phone is a nightmare. Such a disappointment for a wonderful & powerful bot to be hamstrung with weak software. CONCLUSION: The Samsung R7070 is a tremendous achievement in vacuum & technology excellence!! I found it Super Practical in Virtually Any Circumstance! If you can tolerate the magnetic strips & the low performing software, you will be hard pressed to find a better performing robotic vacuum at any price!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      I May Soon Be Replaced By A Robot - ALMOST

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member
      • Top 1000 ContributorTop 1000 Contributor

      Not having any prior experience with robot vacuums I eagerly looked forward to see what the Samsung POWERbot™ R7070 Robot Vacuum could do cleaning the floors in my home. I looked forward to evaluating 21st Century technology paired with a powerful vacuum in order to save me time and enhance my floor cleaning. The POWERbot pulled up dirt, dust, and sand from my floors with its powerful turbine, it did not disappoint me. As I took it out of the box I was immediately impressed. The Samsung POWERbot is ruggedly built and well-designed. It is packaged with: Quick Start Guide Comprehensive User Manual Battery Recharge Docking Station Power Cord Battery Charger Remote Controller – Two AAA batteries are included Another Spare Re-Usable and Washable Filter Magnetic Boundary Tape Warranty Information – One Year It is approximately 11 ½ inches wide and has a self-cleaning rotary, cleaning brush. The POWERbot is well-balanced over two large wheels, which easily climbed over my transitions from hard-surfaced floors to carpeting. The dust bin capacity is a tad under one and one-half cups (11.27 oz), but so easy to empty and clean. It features a washable and re-usable filter (a spare is also furnished). I finally had to wash the filter after eight times of whole house vacuuming. It is Wi-Fi enabled on the 2.4 Ghz radio band. You must have a Samsung Account, which you can process by downloading the Free Smart Phone App from Google Play or Apple App Store depending on your Smart Phone. I already had a Samsung Account on my Samsung Smart Phone, so the set-up, product registration, and Wi-Fi connectivity to my Home Network was very easy following the instructions in the User Manual. Please note that you can always use the furnished Remote without a Wi-Fi connection as long as the Remote is within site and height limits. The POWERbot can be controlled three ways – the on-board, touch-controls on the face of the unit, by the Remote, and, or the Smart Home App on your Smart Phone. It is fairly obvious that the Samsung Smart home App is a 'work-in-progress'. In fact I just downloaded an 'upgrade' to the App today. However, I prefer my Smart Phone over the Remote since I always carry it with me. Additionally, the Smart Home App gives me more information and a visual control screen, which allows me more flexibility. After using this POWERbot for over a week, I believe the 'Visionary Mapping' feature of this unit gets better at digitizing out the layout of my whole house each time it is used. The on-board digital camera coupled with its nine sensors appear to be more efficient after completing several auto cleaning schedules. It gets done quicker and does not bump into as much furniture as the very first time. I love the end result, clean floors and less work for me. WooHoo! I may soon be replaced by this POWERbot – almost. I am still going to need my old upright vacuum for places the POWERbot cannot get too, behind and under furniture, stairs, shelf dusting, and upholstery. But this baby does about ninety percent of the work. Welcome to robotics and 21stCentury Technology. Thank You, Samsung. The POWERbot saves me valuable time and vastly cuts down on my chores of vacuuming routinely. Win, Win for me. YooHoo! The POWERbot is designed for daily or frequent, routine vacuuming. It does not have a weekday schedule. Once you set the scheduled times it will be on a daily-basis, only. However, by using the Smart Home App connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you can remotely change at any time during the week or change the POWERbot schedule at home or away. For instance, If you are away, or, at work and discover unexpected company may arrive before you get home – you can remotely turn your unit 'ON' and let it do its thing at the time you want it too using your Smart Home App. Just enable the 'One-Time' schedule instead of changing the daily times it may already be set for. Important to Note – Using the POWERbot does require some floor prep to be efficient. Loose electrical cords, magazines, clothing, or toys anywhere on your floors may stop and even damage this unit. Water or any liquids on the floors is also a No-No. Using the POWERbot has helped me to reduce the clutter off of my floors. There are three separate, programmable cleaning modes, Auto, Spot, and Manual. There is also a Repeat mode, which will clean continually until the battery is exhausted. For daily, scheduled vacuuming times I use the Auto mode. There are also three Suction Power modes, Turbo, Normal, and Quiet. The first time I used the Turbo mode, but since I vacuum daily, I now use the Normal mode. When my Grandchildren were over I got to use the Spot cleaning mode to pick up crumbs from PB&J sammies along with some potato chip bits. To Spot clean you must place the POWERbot in the center of the area to be cleaned as it travels an outward path from that point, approximately six feet by six feet, then stops. It is important for good operation to place your docking station as centrally located as you can. I moved my docking station several times before the POWERbot could easily find it using its Infrared Technology sensors. Important to note that the Infrared sensor cannot 'see' black or very dark colors, so avoid those areas when placing your docking station. It took approximately three hours to fully charge my unit from LOW Battery. In Auto mode at Normal Suction the POWERbot lasts approximately one hour. In Turbo mode maybe around twenty-five minutes, and, in Quiet mode the User Manual says approximately ninety minutes. I have not used the Quiet mode yet. One other point – shut your ceiling fans OFF when vacuuming in Auto mode. I left mine ON and the POWERbot only cleaned around the area of the turning fan. Maybe it can't see the ceiling with the digital camera while the fan's blades are rotating, not sure? Just shut them OFF while vacuuming, and no problem. I love how powerful this unit is and the technology, which makes it such a Smart Robot. In summary, the Samsung POWERbot can replace me without question. Wish it could 'do windows'. I think Seniors would like the POWERbot since it minimizes a cleaning chore without the danger and hassle of tangled cords to deal with, or, trip over. It also is 'Arthritis-Friendly' since it helps Arthritic Seniors avoid pushing heavy upright vacuums frequently. Does the POWEREbot sound like a great gift for someone 'special' on your list? I would highly recommend the POWERbot, especially to folks, who value their time, and want to make their whole home 'smarter'. It certainly isn't for everyone, but it is a great choice for those, whose lifestyle supports robotic tech, convenience, and enhanced, care-free floor cleaning.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great Robot Vacuum, App... Not So Much!

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      Let's get this out of the way first, the Samsung POWERbot R7070 is not cheap. Not by a long stretch. And to that end, when you open up the box, the POWERbot looks like it was just placed in the box, the accessories strewn about into areas that fit and then some bubble wrap thrown on top. Nothing was damaged when it was opened, but I expected something more substantial to protect such an investment when I first opened it up. I plugged the wall charger in, and when I placed the POWERbot on the power pad, nothing happened. I have a new house, so I know the power outlets are fine. I just expected the POWERbot to start charging right away when I placed it on the power pad, but that is not the case. Upon reading the instructions, you have to press the play button for 3 seconds to wake it up and start charging it. Blue bars scroll on the screen indicating it is charging and then 'FULL' is shown when the battery is fully charged. So, reading other reviews, I saw that others had issues in connecting the POWERbot to their phone, and others had problems connecting with an Amazon Echo or Dot. I did NOT have any issues at all. I would say I am pretty tech savvy, I have a very automated home, from cameras to a door bell, lighting to door locks, many, many things in my home are voice controlled, so setting up the WiFi on the POWERbot was just the same as all of those other devices. Turn on the POWERbot and wait for the WiFi icon to light up. On your phone, in settings, under WiFi, look for the POWERbot. When connected, you are instructed to go back to your WiFi settings, choose your home WiFi and put in the password. This then connects the POWERbot to your WiFi network. Similarly with the Amazon Echo and Alexa voice control, I enabled the 'Smart Home' skill on the Echo, logged in with my Samsung account (which I created when registering this product with Samsung) and everything worked as it should do, right out of the box. No errors, no messing around, it all connected, it all worked just as it should. 'Alexa, turn on the Robot Vacuum'... and beep, the Samsung POWERbot R7070 fired into life. Started to leave the dock and get ready for action. It was later at night, so I chose to select 'Quiet' mode with the included remote control. And it is just that... this vacuum is very, very quiet in that mode. There are three suction modes total, Quiet, Normal and Max. Max sounds about the same as any other vacuum out there, and I would assume, with that, is where the 40X more suction claim comes from. Sounds like it was about to suck the carpet up off the floor! I've previously owned a Roomba 530 which this Robot Vacuum replaces. The Roomba traverses the room in a hap-hazard way, covering some carpet at the beginning of the clean, and not getting to the area next to it, till late in the cleaning cycle. The POWERbot R7070 does no such thing. It vacuums like you would vacuum. In lines, next to each other, as you move across the room. The video camera on top scans the ceiling of the room to determine it's route. And to that point it is very accurate. The vacuum lines it creates overlap each other nicely giving a total clean to the room. The edge to edge cleaning is very nice as well, and it senses and delivers a great clean there too. The storage bin for the vacuum is centrally mounted and translucent, so you can see how full the container is getting and how effective the vacuum is being. The container and the 2 included filters are completely washable, making it a breeze to keep the machine up and running. The front roller has a self cleaning 'blade' on the front of it, intended to remove any hair that might get wrapped around the roller. So far so good, I have a long haired German Shepard and I haven't noticed the roller getting clogged up with her hair, which in itself is some kind of voodoo magic! I am very impressed with the cleaning that the POWERbot R7070 provides, and it's accuracy in covering a whole room. However, when it came to rolling over my rugs, it climbed up on them fine with it's robust big travel wheels but freaked out with the pattern of the rug, and dark areas confused it and sent it round in circles until it stopped, took stock of the situation and left the rug the same way it came in! Another issue is that I'm not sure that the POWERbot has true cliff sensors on it, like the Roomba machines have. The reason I say this, is because included in the box, and mentioned in the instruction manual is a strip of metal, with a sticky back to it, that is recommended to add to the top of stairs or around door entry ways. And there isn't enough provided to cover all the areas in the house you may potentially need this. It is also unsightly, so didn't use it. That solution for making the Robot Vacuum skip areas seemed a little archaic to me, when the Roomba provided 'Virtual Walls' with it when I bought it, self contained battery powered sensors to stop the vacuum entering areas you didn't want vacuumed, but it also had fully functioning cliff sensors on it. And then there is the app. These are the reasons for 4 stars and not 5, the vacuum is actually very, very good. But the app and the metal strips let down the overall experience of the product. The app was flaky, and crashed. A lot. Trying to set up the account, it crashed. When I registered the vacuum, it crashed. When I went to control the vacuum, it crashed. Finally I was able to get it somewhat stable, and was able to adjust the suction power of the vacuum using my phone. You can also do this with the included remote control. You also have the power to manually control the vacuum using your phone or the remote control, but in my experience, it was somewhat gimmicky but also not particularly responsive as a way to control the vacuum. However, overall, I would recommend the vacuum for it's functionality and cleaning ability, it actually does a very good job of cleaning the carpets, the thing it's designed to do. The machine is well made and well put together. The app lets it down, but shouldn't sway you from the convenience of the product.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      One Smart Vacuum

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      I have had experience with earlier versions of robot vacuums, before smart technology was added. It is astonishing how much this device can pick up. I used our regular vacuum to clean our hardwood and tile floors before I turned it loose, and I thought I did a good job. I was wrong. On its lowest setting it filled up its debris receptacle before it ran out of battery charge. While it was recharging, I emptied it. Once recharged, it went back to where it left off, and filled itself again! We have two dogs, and it was cleaning up dog hair from under the furniture and all the hard to reach spots that normally don’t get attention from the regular vacuum, as well as getting all the dirt and hair that normally gathers along the baseboards. When it encounters an edge, it automatically goes into “Edge mode” where a squeegee type blade lowers and pulls debris away from the edge of the floor and into the vacuum. As far as the sensors on it, it does a great job at not smacking into and navigating around furniture. It also has a “cliff sensor” that keeps it from falling off ledges and steps. The PowerBot does a pretty good job transitioning to and from different surfaces. Rugs can be a particular challenge for it, as it can curl up the edge of lighter, thinner rugs and stop it from moving up onto them. It does continually try to adjust, and is successful for the majority of the time. It does have an impressive amount of clearance when trying to climb up onto rugs, as it has a sort of suspension that will raise the body as it tries to climb over a transition. The app that is used to control it is the SmartThings app. It is somewhat of a catch all app for all of Samsung’s smart devices, so it offers a bit of convenience if you have other smart devices. The History feature is nice, because you can see not only when and how long the vacuum ran, but they also include a map to show where it ran. So, you’re able to see where it may have problems getting around. Definitely a nice touch. The scheduling feature is nice, but limited. It allows for you to schedule a one-time use, or if you’d like it to run every day at a certain time. It would be a welcome addition if you could pick the days you’d like it to run, and maybe offer multiple schedules. While it’s not perfect, and there are some improvements that would be nice additions, it is an impressive device that can clean floors on a daily basis and remove some of the workload from weekly chores. Very impressed!

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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Nice helper

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      Vacuuming is no one's favorite chore and this robot vacuum was called for help. Of course battery powered device won't be able to compete with AC powered machine in terms of suction power or dust bin capacity, you can still clean the house much faster with a big machine, but vacuuming robot can help with everyday cleaning so you could only vacuum yourself once a month instead of doing it every week. POWERbot vacuum was pretty easy to setup, it comes fully assembled and all you need to do is to find a good place for it with at least 2ft clearance to the nearby furniture. Plug in the charging dock, let it charge for about 3 hours and it's ready! It comes with the remote control and the ability to connect to your WiFi network and control the vacuum using the app on your mobile device. I've found that using the app is more convenient than looking for the remote every time. What I found works the best - is to set the dock in a room you want to be cleaned (prepare the room in advance by removing as much items from the floor as you can), close the door (robot came with 39" of a flexible magnetic "barrier" which is supposed to prevent robot from going into certain areas, but I've found that closing the door is a way more efficient way than sticking that barrier to the floor) and let robot do it's job. Battery runtime is about 1 hour and it's enough for the robot to clean about 14x20 room in that time. It's dust container is not big enough for the larger areas either and it needs to be cleaned pretty much after every room is done with. Noise level from the robot is not much than a good hair dryer so if you want it to clean while you are at home - it's not very annoying. Robot has a few sensors on it's body so it typically won't slam into furniture or walls, but there are exceptions. For example it was getting caught by the IKEA chair in the living room all the time - as soon as robot runs over the chair's base - it would decide that it "has been lifted" and would stop dead. Mobile phone app will signal that robot has been "lifted" and there is no way to fix that other than get to the robot and move it to the flat surface. Same exact thing happened with the table leg in my office, POWERbot wedged itself off the floor by running over the leg and said it's been "lifted". Mobile app is a great way to control it, I'm not using the included remote at all. You'll also get a little map of robot's movements across your room in the app. I have not really had to use it's manual control mode where you can command robot to move forvward or turn left/right. Overall it's a great little helper as longs as you understand it's capabilities and set your expectations accordingly - clean one room at a time (let it recharge and go empty robot's dust bin after each "job"), prepare the floor surface by removing power cords, slippers, and anything that could block POWERbot's roller. Do not expect it to clean the whole floor (especially if you have a rather large house), it will attempt to do that by re-charging and continuing the job, but it's dust bin will overfill and I don't believe there is any indication of that anywhere, you just have to look at it (it's transparent so it's very easy to see).

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Excellent vacuuming device!

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      The Samsung - POWERbot R7070 App-Controlled Self-Charging Robot Vacuum - Satin Titanium is the first vacuuming robot we've tried, so we weren't sure what to expect. We found it is simple to operate and even fun to watch it run around - sort of like watching a small child or pet roam around can be entertaining to a degree. It does a good cleaning job whether on carpet or hard surfaces too. It has a recharging station you plug into the wall with the station on the floor pushed up against the wall with some room around it for the Powerbot to maneuver. You turn on the Powerbot after setting it on the station, and it will recharge first. Once it's done you simply place it in the middle of the room you want it to clean and press the automatic mode button (you can do this on the Powerbot itself or by using the provided remote control). It will then form a grid in its little brain of the room and it will start moving vacuuming as it goes. There are several settings for the speed of the vacuum suction in case you need it to run more quietly. We've used it on its max setting and the sound is definitely in the lower range of sound compared to most manual vacuum cleaners we've used. The Powerbot can also spot clean just one small area, repeat clean the entire room if you want it gone over again, or you can direct the Powerbot manually with the remote control if you like. The Powerbot while in normal suction mode (as opposed to max suction) will automatically raise its suction power for stronger suction when it encounters carpet. It will also edge clean along baseboards and similar places in your home. There is a boundary marker strip provided so you can mark off certain areas so the Powerbot will not go there if you prefer. If it's trundling along doing its job and starts to go over a drop-off (like steps leading downward), it will sense the drop and it will stop and turn around so you don't have to worry about it falling down the stairs. By the way, you can also schedule cleaning with the Powerbot. It will then automatically go about its cleaning chore at the time of day you prefer without you having to think about it. The Powerbot does need you to clear the room/rooms of small objects, electrical cords etc. so they don't cause it to avoid cleaning an area or get tangled up in something. Just think about it as you would if you were vacuuming with a manual vacuum cleaner. You generally won't run your vacuum over power cords, small toys, paper or the ends of curtains. Same with the Powerbot. We have a Persian rug with fringe on both ends. The rug is just inches from our front door area. The Powerbot ran from our hardwood floor going over the fringe of the rug farthest from our front door without issue until it came to the front door area at the other end of the rug. It nosed up against the front door doing some edge cleaning and when it tried to turn to go back some of the fringe from the rug got caught in one of the drive wheels while it was turning/vacuuming. It tried turning different directions a couple of times to extricate itself, but in this case it truly was hung up on the rug fringe so it shut itself down and through a repeated melodic note let me know it needed attention. I just raised it up off the floor to separate it from the rug fringe, set it back on the floor and hit the button and it resumed its task. The rug in question has a long fringe of thicker thread so it's a pain to vacuum even with a manual vacuum cleaner. These are some of the things you'll notice as you use the Powerbot so you can avoid these problems the next time. The Powerbot will vacuum until it's battery gets low. Then it will power off the suction and find its way back to the recharging station where it will roll up onto the base until it's made proper contact and it will recharge itself. Assuming it wasn't done cleaning, it will go back to where it left off automatically once it's powered up. One thing to keep in mind about the Powerbot: it doesn't move as we would if we were doing the vacuuming with a manual vacuum cleaner. It works off the grid of the room/rooms in it's little brain so it will travel in a straight path until it encounters an obstruction such as a piece of furniture, the edge of a doorway or whatever. The it will turn to go around the obstruction until it can get back on its grid. Doing this may cause it to turn, backup, go forward some then turn one way or the other until it's back on track. To us we may be tempted to pick it up and place it where we think it should be. Don't do that and don't worry about what it's doing. It may cross the same stretch of floor several times doing what it's doing so that it covers all accessible areas of the room it's working on. Just remember, it doesn't "see" the room with its sensors as we do using our eyes. Just let it go remembering it will travel all over that room/rooms eventually. The Powerbot is interesting, and it does a good job without you having to do the work yourself. Cleanup of the bot is simple: just empty its dust bin after each job. It comes with two filters, one on the bot and a spare. You clean one and use the other in the meantime. Overall, I've found the Powerbot to be a nice addition to our household actually handling the vacuuming we've always done by hand.

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      Wow very impressed with the R7070, upon opening the box there was ample padding for the unit so it won’t get jostled around and damage the electronics. Setup was extremely easy. I plugged in the charge base on a flat area and made sure the cords were wrapped up and hidden as much as possible. I then put Robbie (name for my robot) on the charger and let it charge for an hour. During this time I downloaded the Samsung Home app and got it all installed. I set up a Samsung account and connected Robbie to our WiFi. The app is great for setting schedules, using as a remote, spot cleaning, and seeing the status and history of the robot. You can even get notifications when the vacuuming is finished or if there is a problem. (This actually happened to me. A shoe string had got caught and let me know. After I fixed it. The unit finished its job) Using the app I set up a one-time cleaning schedule after setting the clock up on the robot. When the time arrived, Robbie took off and cleaned our living room (has both tile and carpet) then on to the kitchen with multiple obstacles and finally on to the hall and into our individual bedrooms. I was beyond impressed. How do they do that?? Robbie cleaned everything and didn’t miss a spot. Even the edges were cleaned as it has clean edge technology. It will recognize an edge and get up as close as it can and go down to the end of it. When it was about finished the battery was running low (I did not fully charge mine first which takes a few hours) the vacuum shut off and it returned home to charge up. Once charged it returned to the area and finished then return back to the base. A full charge is more than enough to do a large house (we have 1700 SQ FT and there was still a good amount of battery left when it was done with a full charge) I believe it has a 90 minute life. It is smart enough to know when it is getting low and return to base to charge. This robot comes with a strip of metal tape. To mark off areas you do not want it to go to (this is optional, I didn’t use mine). Robbie was able to get in to very small and confined spaces without getting stuck, like under a small chairs, corners and playhouses. I do have a couple of issues with the app. 1. Currently the app will only let you choose to run the robot once or daily. Hopefully they will change this to offer more scheduling options like every other day or once a week. You can always hit the run button at any time for it to vacuum. 2. The other issue is that the app seems to loose wireless connectivity to the Robot fairly easy. I have to close then reopen the app to get it to work. The unit comes with a hand held remote which can do the same things as your app but the remote has spot technology where you can point to an area and it will go vacuum the area. When it is done or when you want, you can hit the home button and it will return to the base. Clean up is a snap, Just click the dust bin/ collection housing button and it pops out. Remove the filter (which is washable) and dump the container. (They give you two filters) put it back in the vacuum and you are good to go. In conclusion: While I do not think this unit is meant to be an “end all” vacuum, as it does not have the power of an upright, but more of a maintenance type unit. I would suggest giving your area a good vacuum with your upright and then put it away for a long time and let the robot takes care of the rest. I have mine on a schedule to run every day at noon and my carpets look great! I would recommend this to friends and family. Actually this would be great for my 84 y.o. mother who has a bad back. No more pushing a heavy upright!!

      I would recommend this to a friend

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