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Bose® - SoundWear™ Companion® Wireless Wearable Speaker - Black

Wearable and comfortable, with deep, clear sound. The SoundWear™ Companion® speaker is designed to keep you connected to your music, calls, and the world around you. It's packed with technologies that give you immersive experience while limiting what others can hear. Use it for clear, natural-sounding phone calls, or accessing your phone's Siri or your Google Assistant. Up to 12 hours per charge.
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    What's Included

    • Black cover included
    • Bose SoundWear™ Companion® Wireless Wearable Speaker
    • USB cable

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    95% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (173 out of 183)


    Immerses you in surprisingly deep, clear sound for a wearable speaker, has two 11" waveguides in the flexible neckband

    Sweat and weather resistant (IPX4)

    Ear-free design lets you stay aware of what's around you

    Ergonomic neckband is coated with soft-touch silicone, and is so comfortable you can wear it all day long

    Enjoy up to 12 hours of play time from a rechargeable lithium-ion battery

    Answer calls, or access your phone's Siri or your Google Assistant through the speaker with the press of a button

    Personalized vibrations offer discreet notifications from calls

    Personalize your experience and manage Bluetooth® connections with the Bose® Connect app

    Includes a black four-way stretch cover that adds a layer of protection without affecting sound

    Wireless Bluetooth pairing is made easier with voice prompts

    Easy charging via a Micro-B USB port

    Optional fabric covers in additional colors are sold separately

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars with 183 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

    Expert rating

    Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars with 1 review



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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Really Nice Bluetooth Audio Device

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      This Bose product is made of quality materials and the whole thing has a premium feel to it. This is a unique audio device from Bose that sits on the neck area and sounds almost as good as over the ear headphones, but this Bose does not require the annoying constant pressure around the ears that over the ear headphones can cause. Since I am a bit older, I am not able to wear over the ear headphones, because of having slower blood circulation in my body, and over the ear headphones causes a pressure around my ears which results in a slowing of blood going to my head. It is really nice to have a good quality Bluetooth audio device that is in many ways better than over the ear headphones. I have had several Bluetooth headphones that have buttons which are difficult to press or need to be pressed in a certain way, this is not the case with this Bose SoundWear device. The buttons on this Bose SoundWear are raised up a bit and are easy to locate with just the touch, there are a total of 5 buttons on this Bose SoundWear, a power button, a Bluetooth paring button, a volume up button, a volume down button, and a play/pause button which also answers and ends calls when paired with a Smartphone. Being a bit older and having less flexible joints than I used to, I have found that the buttons on each side of this Bose SoundWear are easier to press with the opposite hand. This Bose SoundWear has two 1” drivers that are capable of producing really nice highs and also unexpectedly good lows. Each speaker has a hollow passageway that wraps around the whole length on the inside of the neckband, and the port for each speaker comes out on the opposite side, this is why the area that wraps around the neck is as thick as it is. This Bose has a microphone on the left side which can be used for calls when connected to a Smartphone. This Bose SoundWear can be connected to two devices at the same time, and the Bose Connect app allows various added functionality, depending upon which Bose Bluetooth device is connected. In the Bose Connect app this device has the much liked option of adjusting the desired level of Bass, which is really nice, as I prefer to listen to my music with a minimum amount of Bass, especially with lithium battery powered audio devices, since playing audio with less bass uses less battery power. Also playing music with less bass results in the speakers lasting longer, as audio with lots of bass has a tendency to thrash the speakers and they wear out quicker. This Bose SoundWear came with a black stretch cover that was already on it when I removed it from the box, I wanted to see what it looked like with the cover removed, and I found the cover a bit difficult to remove, and even more difficult to put back on, this is because the cover fits so snugly around the device. Luckily I found a video on YouTube which is on the Bose channel, the video shows the specific way that the cover needs to be placed back onto the SoundWear, which is that the whole neckband area is flexible and needs to be flexed in order to fit the cover on. I never would have expected this device was this flexible unless I had seen the video. I sort of like using the Bose SoundWear better without the cover, as the silicone material on this Bose SoundWear is easy to wipe clean. This Bose SoundWear weighs 9.26 ounces with the cover off and it weighs 9.99 ounces with the cover on, and it is comfortable to wear despite the weight and it stays on the neck quite well. Because of the weight of this Bose and the fact that it sits around the neck, it is probably best not to wear this Bose SoundWear during activities requiring too much up and down movement such as running. The micro USB cable provided with this Bose is a bit short and the cable is 13 inches long, a longer cable would have made it easier to charge, but the cable being shorter is easier to carry. I would suggest this product to anyone who can handle wearing the additional weight around the neck, this Bluetooth audio device might not be as good for someone who has an injured back, as having 9+ ounces weighing down directly on the spine is not as easy for a person with back problems. This is a very nicely designed and great sounding audio device from Bose and I am rating this Bluetooth audio device at 4.5 out of 5 stars.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Good for what it is, but limited usage scenarios


      The Bose SoundWear Companion speaker offers a novel compromise between the personal listening of headphones, and spacial awareness of listening to speakers. It sounds great - voices sing with energy, bass notes play deep (as deep as around 40 hz), and treble detail is good without being fatiguing. As with all other recent wireless Bose products, the SoundWear Companion features a low-volume bass boost, so the amount of bass is adjusted proportionally to how loud the volume is. This helps them still sound powerful at lower levels. At medium listening levels, the SoundWear forms a small "sphere of sound" around you, and that's quite a cool effect. The general usage of the device is smooth as expected from any Bose product. Bluetooth connection is consistent and strong, and can go through a couple walls in a home. Battery life is just around the claimed 12 hours, depending on how loud you listen to them. Also the option to adjust the amount of bass in the Bose Connect App is very nice, although I preferred the default setting. Play/Pause buttons work on both iOS and Android, and the speaker can connect to two devices at once. So... on paper the Bose SoundWear is great. However, I found myself struggling to find good opportunities to use the SoundWear. While driving, road noise kills all of the bass in the sound, and the car stereo ends up sounding better. While commuting on public transportation, the SoundWear broadcasts sound to everyone, and there is still the same problem with losing bass, and I'd rather use my QC35s. While exercising, the SoundWear will not stay put if you are doing anything that has upper-body movement, so I'd rather use my SoundSport Wireless earbuds. The only instances I thought the SoundWear was the best method of enjoying sound were: while walking around the house doing light tasks, and biking early in the morning when few people are around. BUT, I am very fortunate to have several fantastic audio devices for specific purposes, that is part of the reason I couldn't find that much use for the SoundWear. However for anyone who has not yet experienced wireless audio, or generally enjoys listening to music through speakers rather than headphones, I would strongly urge at least giving the SoundWear a try. Perhaps they're not for me, but surely they would be perfect for many others. Some other random thoughts: 1) When listening at lower levels, the "sound sphere" disappears and it just sounds like listening to two speakers under your neck... which is exactly correct, but the experience is much different, and not as enjoyable. For this reason I wouldn't really want to listen to the SoundWear at less than 1/4 volume. Keep that in mind if you won't be able to use the product in situations where you can play the speaker at a decent volume. 2) I think the speaker sounds significantly better with the cover off. Everything immediately becomes so much more crisp. Higher frequencies are more energetic, and vocals ESPECIALLY become brighter and more detailed. The "sound sphere" effect is also better. However the cover increases the durability/longevity of the device, so I always feel conflicted as to whether I should keep the cover on. 3) If you enjoy singing along to your music, the SoundWear is FANTASTIC. Because sound comes from roughly the same place as your own voice, singing along to music playing through the SoundWear makes you think you sound a lot better as your voice blends in seamlessly with the professional singers' voices.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      It is a combination of innovation and magic sound

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I think this is one of the most wonderful, unique and futurist idea I have seen, or listened, in this case. I am the mother of a teenager, and I love to hear music, as well as my daughter, but it is hard to find a point where we can hear music that we both likes. Even if she can have the luxury to use headphones, I don’t have it, I always need to be aware of my surroundings while I am either cooking, checking paystubs, or doing any other home related activities. And if I played my music on the regular audio system, we always ended up arguing. So as a mother I have to give up my music choices for the most of the time. But this new concept from Bose, the soundwear, is fantastic. It is a combination of intelligence design and concept and crystal clear sound. First at all, the sound is outstanding, I would not say that it has something to envy to the regular earphones, and because is pointing up, I can hear my music clearly, and surprisingly my daughter barely noticed the sound while I am doing my tasks at home. The quality is amazing. I installed the app on my cell phone, and through the app I was able to adjust the bass level, in my case I reduce it by 50%, for me, it sounds better in that way. It took like 2 hours to fully charge, and so far I have been using it for about 7 hours with a pretty decent volume level and it is still working. The rest is pretty simple and straight forward. Excellent quality, and really easy to use once you get through the learning curve (as always, there is no physical manual, everything is in the app, however it is very intuitive and easy to set up) Once you install the app, “Bose Connect”, it will look for any Bose device and will try to connect. It will find the unit as a “Bose Soundwear” and if you have a Samsung cell phone, under the Bluetooth settings will appear as “LE-Bose Soundwear”. Then you just follow the steps, you can upgrade the firmware of the unit, which is always recommended. The Soundwear, comes with a nice fabric black cover, that you can take off if you want, either to wash it or if you simply want to use the unit without it. But I would recommend to follow the steps that is on a video on the Bose web site to take the fabric cover off. The Soundwear is very flexible, so you can bend it enough to maneuver and take off the cover. It is my understanding that Bose also sells different fabric cover colors for this unit. Just put it around your neck, push the power on button on your left side, to turn it on, and on your right side the middle button to tell your phone (in my case a Samsung) to start playing music. And the main concern was solved, I can hear other sounds around you. On the Soundwear you will find 5 physical buttons, Power, Bluetooth pairing, on the left side, and on you right side, the + and – level buttons, and the middle one that have some different functions, like, pause music, if you press once, if you press twice, and if you are listening the Mp3 music that is on your cell phone for example, it will jump to the next song. But if you keep it pressed, and your phone is an android, you will be directed to the Google Assistant, which I found very useful, since I have Pandora radio and I was able to “talk” to the Google assistant using the incorporated microphone that comes on to the Soundwear. It automatically switches between my Laptop and my Samsung phone. As soon as I pause one source and hit play on the other, it switches. Also, it automatically switches to my phone when a call comes in. When the call ends, it switches back to the original source. I was also able to take my phone calls and listen and talk clearly. Bu What I really like the most, was my awareness of my surroundings. For me, that is the key of this unit, beside the fact that the sound is wonderful, as all that Bose creates.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      A new twist on the neckband headphones

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      The Bose SoundWear Companion Speaker is something completely different than your typical neckband headphones as it aims to appeal to those who want to truly be "wireless" without the awkward wired earbuds from the neckbands, yet get quality sound combined with wearable convenience. Bose is synonymous with high-quality sound and innovation, so the SoundWear Companion Speaker is the newest iteration of this expectation. It is clean, sleek, and minimal right out of the box, and impressive to look at. I found that the setup was not as sleek as it required you to download a specific Bose app to support the device after a quick pairing with my iPhone. The app, even on wifi took approximately 5 minutes to download and install despite only being 93.2 MB. I felt this was odd. After pairing and downloading the app, the SoundWear finally began to function. It is a very different experience than one might think. The sound comes from the neckband with nothing physically in your ears. The sound quality was excellent, but unless I was on the lowest volume setting, everyone around me could hear the music and cell phone conversations. Privacy is a concern! I also found the design to be great for my wife, but not so great for me being a bigger guy. For her, the SoundWear fit perfectly and stayed in place while she used it, but for me, I found the no matter how much I adjusted the band (flexible and shapable) to a tighter fit for my neck, when walking or actively moving about, it always seemed to be falling backwards and I found I was often readjusting it to keep it from falling off my shoulders. I also found the cover of the SoundWear catching/snagging on my 5 o'clock shadow stubble often and I am concerned about how long the cover will hold up to this over time. PROS - Innovative Design, First of its kind - Sound Quality is amazing as we can come to expect from Bose - Perfect for a home office or micro business setting where computer work consumes a majority of your day - Bluetooth and handsfree phone and music playback - Useful while driving for handsfree phone calls - The construction is solid and feels rugged - Charging is fast a reliable (micro USB) - Battery life seems to last well over 12 hours per charge CONS - The practicality of this product is limited - Does not seem useful for any workout or physical activities - The design may not meet the physical differences of all individuals depending on their size - The control buttons take some getting used to and are not where I would immediately expect them to have been based on other neckband products. - Privacy is at a minimum with this device While I have some concerns over this product, I would still recommend it to many of my work and class colleagues as it would be perfect for their needs working in front of the computer or driving between business stops.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      It’s been a great accessory to take outdoors

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      This is...yet, another unique device designed by Bose that sure has had me perplexed from the very beginning. Now, At the time of this writing (28APR2018) and the time I acquired my unit, (LateFEB2018) it is something not typically seen in stores across the country. After receiving “The Bose SoundWear” online, I would quickly come to find out what little some Best Buy employees come to actually know about this new product. The first thing that I realized while hearing their conversations with customers when acquiring about the device, simply because it was never in stock or “in-store.” Bose is known for superb audio acoustics and for their innovative audio innovations enjoyed by beginners or the audiophiles out there. Bose is to Samsung as audio speakers are to mobile smartphones tablets, & phones. Samsung alone...files thousands of patents each year, but they never actually ever reach the drawing board for design in attempt for production. In fact, almost 1% of Samsung’s patents ever reach production. I mention this because Bose is another company that insanely follows suit. (I actually don’t really know who follows who, or whether they have anything to do with each other; other than their unique ways of advancing technology to the tops of technology’s summit. So goes for Bose. Their new CEO has recently allowed the black-and-white disappear to have complete in transparency into their company. Bose as well, files thousands of patents each year with innovative technology. As an avid Bose owner myself, owning many of their 2016-2018 lines of products, it doesn’t take long to see that they don’t get carried away with such “over-the-top” outward appearance designs that we often see in “tech” today. With Bose, I have come to understand it’s not what is outside that “woos” people, it’s their consistency in “the magic that lies inside” It’s their ‘sometimes basic’ & outward appearance. If you ever get a chance to take apart a Bose product, you will see where & maybe why all those patents exist. I mention this, because I think it has merit to the following review. I am stunned, take for example, the small Bose “Soundlink” series of the bluetooth portable speaker. The impressive range of sound frequencies, their capability of playing a vast array of musical content without distortion, and...while playing such deep and rich sound - that..never siezes to amaze me. And until you open up or take apart (doesn’t matter how old the Bose device is) one of their devices, you will then see the incredible amount of craftsmanship, innovation, creativity that goes into producing such rich music. You’ll find baffles and tunnels, and interesting ways to route audio waves before the waves exit the device. Take for example, the SoundWear, the review I really should be talking about, the amount of delicate precision in design that was put into this. I felt I needed to explain the above information to give you an idea of what the speaker is, how it works, and where the waves travel inside the device to be able to eventually hear them in your ears. You can obviously go look up this device up on YouTube to see how they are made. A flexible round and comfortable horse-shoe ring with a small area to be able to put on the device, it simply rests on your shoulders. The entire unit has literally a maze of tunnels and small baffles that travel in two directions. Your left speaker actually plays out to the right, & vice versa - originating from the opposite side traveling up and through the neck band and out the opposite port. There’s enough bass in this product to not only hear the sound, but feel with your fingers the air as it pushes outward from the ports on each side, near your ears, originating from the other side. Unique -yes. Stylish...yes. Perhaps this is one Bose product that I have seen where “appearance and style” actually come into play. It’s new, it’s revolutionary! With a black cover, part-leather & part fabric, the cover wraps around the unit for protection. I was surprised to find other colors that fit the unit: from blue, tan, to purple. This is one product that is extreme “for Bose” in my opinion for the outward appearance of their audio speakers. I purchased a second cover, a blue one to match much of the apparel I wear. You can hardly tell you are wearing it, or anyone else for that reason. At $299, placing a different cover on seemed challenging as I thought I needed to be somewhat gentle with it to keep its horse-shoe shape.....but no... I had to YouTube it to know how to put it on! Crazy! It honestly freaked me out how you have to bend it the opposite direction, twisting it, pulling it, and well....such unorthodox-like ways where you definitely think your investment would be gone. It’s flexibility and sleekness surprised me. I was hard on it. It is made well. The microphone, perhaps the favorite of mine, for calls or for whatever audio capturing application you need. Such clarity! The option button for “Google Assistant” if you are into that kind thing may be useful. Finally, the audio. This is the biggest area of expertise and honesty where employees need to know most about. ...and for that reason alone - a 4 star review. Again, for whatever reason, I’m not sure why time & time again why I’m told - as well as over-hearing employees telling consumers that the listener, or the “wearer” or “user” of the headphones playing their music would be “the only one” that would hear the audio coming from an outside speaker-no matter the volume! Even at 100% volume. Skeptical- yes. It just doesn’t jive with basic physics. Interesting enough, and to some truth, the unit was made with its acoustics-in-mind for the user “to listen to the ambient noise derived from this” and not to have people around hear it so much. Impressive?! Somewhat....but absolutely to no extent of not needing to worry about disturbing other people around them. This principle, a very big sales pitch too, ONLY works listening at VERY low volumes. I would rate this 5 stars, but because of the ongoing myths and false talking points about this item, perhaps; just due to lack of actually experiencing it, or I don’t know...not educated on this product, It’s beyond me. But for the purpose of this review, what is written has been observed. And since this is a Best Buy review on behalf of a product, I believe to some extent, especially if their is only one way to review - when their viably can be two - similar to eBay & Amazon - A review for the manufacturer of the product, and the review for the reseller or store. I am left to give my best information relative to the entire product satisfaction. Part of that satisfaction (at least for me is the process from purchasing to experiencing.) It would only be fair to include the Best Buy “experience” which I believe it to be so closely married to the product, well; all of their products for the sake of a review- for both good and bad. I think it has become somewhat clear that the SoundWear may likely not become one of Bose’s flagship products, nor part of Best Buy’s ”in-store” inventory “power item” in their audio portable department..but Bose will never fail to keep its reputation, so as long one can really understand its product and appreciate it for what its purpose is and what it does. Best of luck...

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Your Own Sound Environment That Goes With You


      SOUND QUALITY The sound from these companion speakers is excellent. Mind you, this isn't a headphone product, so the sound is not immersive, but that is actually the point of the SoundWear Companion Speaker. While other people around you can hear the sound, that sound comes fully to life once you rest the SoundWear on your shoulders. It is so pleasant. The sound is rich and well balanced. You will thoroughly enjoy it. Trust me. BUILD QUALITY The SoundWear Companion Speaker really is a unique device. It is lightweight but will rest confidently on your shoulders. The entire product is wrapped in a high quality sleeve and looks like the usual speaker screening. The bottom part of the sleeve that rests on your shoulders is a comfortable non-slip material. And the entire sleeve can be removed for easy hand cleaning. Inside that sleeve, the Bose product is constructed of plastic with a protective silicone casing. It looks and feels solid. The neckband portion is quite flexible to make putting it on you and taking it off of you very simple. Along the SoundWear's edges, there are Power and Bluetooth connection buttons on the left, and the usual playback controls are over on the right. Each are raised and easy to identify by feel through the sleeve. And the micro USB charging port is accessed just under the zipper of the sleeve. It's a little cumbersome to access, but it's not difficult, either. iOS and ANDROID APP I have an iPhone, so I used the iOS app. It finds and connects your SoundWear to your phone or tablet, or both (it supports two connections at a time). You can also adjust the bass response and configure how to handle incoming phone calls among other helpful settings. Interestingly, Bose has put haptic hardware to provide a pronounced but gentle vibration for phone calls if you choose to enable that feature. USE & PERFORMANCE I can easily recommend the Bose SoundWear. This is one of the most innovative sound reproduction products that I can recall. The form factor works so incredibly well giving you a personalized audio experience that follows you anywhere without isolating you from your surroundings. You can still hear when the delivery person ring the doorbell or when the dog starts scratching to be let back in. While this isn't specifically designed for exercising, it can work well for low impact workouts. However, running and jumping will have the SoundWear jostling around uncomfortably. You'd also want to be mindful of perspiration damaging the product or discoloring the sleeve. For working, studying, and doing home chores, the Bose SoundWear will quickly become your favorite device.

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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great sound, comfortable, a bit fatiguing

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      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Setup: Pairing was relatively easy with or without the Bose Connect app. When pairing with Android device, the unit requested access to my contacts. Just say no! Unless you want the speaker to try to pronounce the name of the caller when receiving calls from numbers in your contact list, there is no reason for a speaker to need access to contacts. Bose Connect App: Bose connect app requires access to your location information and collects information about your device, usage, music selection, etc. If you install the app, please read the terms and conditions carefully. There is a switch under the Privacy Statement that can turn off collection of certain data, but the Terms and Conditions indicate that quite a bit of your data could still be transmitted to Bose even with this “privacy” switch set to disable data collection. Again, just say no! You don’t need the app to use the device and I have found only one advantage to having the app installed. The Bose Connect app has a “Find my buds” feature that will help you navigate to the location where your “buds” were connected with your device and, once you are within Bluetooth range (and assuming your “buds” still have any battery left), will send a loud tone to the earphones to help you locate them. I don’t need or want this “feature” and consider my personal data more valuable than any pair of Bluetooth headphones. Comfort: The unit is comfortable with or without the cloth cover. The cover has pads over the control buttons so they are easy to access. The cover is quite snug and a difficult to remove and replace. The Bose Soundwear is advertised to be “sweat and weather resistant”. I am unlikely to test either of these claims. Bluetooth: Bluetooth range is adequate for most purposes. It is possible (albeit confusing) to be actively connected with two devices at once. You only hear one at a time, but, if both devices are transmitting, you will automatically switch to the other when you shut down the first. Bluetooth streaming uses a lot of battery. If only to save battery on the source device, I recommend connecting to only one device at a time and making sure that the Bluetooth broadcast from the second device is turned off. The Bluetooth button (small button on the upper left side) lets you add new devices easily, but cannot be used to disconnect a device. The unit will store information on up to eight paired devices. Holding the Bluetooth button for about 2sec puts the Soundwear in pairing mode. Microphone & remote control: From what friends and colleagues tell me, the microphone works well with good voice quality and no feedback. Since you are not tethered to your phone or computer with a cable, Bose Soundwear would be a good choice for teleconferences. The three-button remote control on the unit works with iOS and Android apps. The center button is play/pause. The +/- buttons work for volume. Long presses on the +/- buttons simply continue to change the volume. They do not work for track selection. The remote also works with phone calls. The center play/pause can be used to answer an incoming call or disconnect a call in progress. The volume +/- work as expected on the output volume. I do not know if they also change the microphone gain. Pressing the + and - buttons at the same time will mute the microphone. I have not yet experienced the haptic (i.e. vibration) alert for an incoming call, but this would seem to be a nice feature. Battery: The downfall of many Bluetooth devices, battery life. The battery came “40% charged” (voice messages at startup let you know the battery status). The good news is that the size of the Bose Soundwear allows for a very large battery relative to Bluetooth IEMs. On the flip side, the speakers are larger than IEMs and likely require more current to drive. It took about 3 hours of use to go from 40% to 30%. Bose advertises 12h battery life and a charging time of up to 3h with a 15min charge advertised to provide 3h of use. Based on my use over the past two days, 12h (or more) seems like a good estimate. I suspect that the advertised 12h is “play time” (not standby time). Please note that the user’s guide states that the speakers will not play when it is charging. Sound Quality: These are not audiophile quality speakers, but very good for a “wearable”. The sound signature is surprisingly flat. Instrument separation is good, but the sound stage is “in your head” with no directionality. Even in-ear monitors (IEMs), not known for their directionality, are better than the Bose Soundwear. This may because the speakers are position below the ear. This is certainly not a “deal-breaker”, but those looking for a deep sound stage may be disappointed. The stereo is highly positional. Tilting one’s head to the side is enough to make one channel take over. System sounds (i.e. button push tones, etc.) can be startlingly loud if you are listening to source music with lower recording volume. The open design is a blessing and a curse. The blessing, you can hear what is going on around you. The curse, you can hear what is going on around you. If you want an immersive experience, you need to turn the volume up to (perhaps) unsafe or uncomfortable levels. I was fatigued listening for about an hour. The following albums were sampled during my review: • Adam Harasiewicz: Chopin Nocturnes & Preludes • Adrian Legg: Waiting for a Dancer • Antonio Pleeth: 6 Geminiani cello sonatas • Beatles: 1 • Billy Mclaughlin: Fingerdance • Bonnie Raitt: Road Tested • Calum Graham: Phoenix Rising • Creed: My Own Prison • Dirks und Wirtz: Kinski Spencer Gismonti • Don Ross: PS15 • Earl Klugh: Whispers and Promises • Francois Sciortino: French Guitar • Giovanni Palombo: La melodia segreta, A Secret Melody • Goran Sollscher: Eleven-String Baroque • Hoff Ensemble: Quiet Winter Night • Jeff Beck: Who Else! • Jewel: Spirit • Jian Wang: The Baroque Album • Joe Satriani, Surfing with the Alien, Crystal Planet, Flying ;;in a Blue Dream, Unstoppable Momentum • John Doan: A Celtic Pilgrimage • John Williams: The Guitarist • Julian Webber: Elgar Cello Concerto - Saint-Saens Cello Concerto No.1 • Krzysztof Meisinger: Villa-Lobos Melodia Sentimental • Laurence Juber: Guitar Noir • Lawson Rollins: Elevation • Los Angeles Spin • Luca Stricagnoli: Luca Stricagnoli • Markus Segschneider: Snapshots • Michel Haumont: Michel Haumont & Co • Mike Dawes: What Just Happened • Miles Davis: Kind of Blue • Mstislav Rostropovich: Beethoven The Cello Sonatas- Vol1&2, Chopin Cello Sotatas, Schubert Schuman Debusy Cello Sonatas, The Brahms Sonatas, Vivaldi - Tartini - Boccherini Cello Concertos • Nora Jones: Come Away with Me • Oslo String Quartet: The Shubert Connection • Peppino D'Agostino: Acoustic Guitar • Ryan LeBlanc: Speechless • Sarah Mclachlan: Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, Surfacing • Sergio & Odair Assad: Sérgio & Odair Assad Play Piazzolla • Steve Vai: The Ultra Zone, Fire Garden • Tomasz Gaworek: Born To Be Together • Tori Amos: Little Earthquakes • TRONDHEIMSOLISTENE: In Folk Style, Souvenir I & II, • Vladimir Horowitz: Rachmaninov Piano Concerto #3 • Yo-Yo Ma: Bach Cello Suites Nos. 1, 5 & 6, Rachmaninov Prokofiev Cello Sonatas, Mendelssohn Piano Trios, Op. 49 & Op. 6

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Wear 'em like a BOSE

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      The setup for the Boss Soundwear Companion Speaker was simple. Out of the box, it already has sufficient charge to begin using it. Though it works with bluetooth, a companion app called Boss Connect is recommended to download to adjust settings in the headset. After downloading the app, I was able to access several customizable features of the speakers themselves. The key feature of this speaker is that it rests on your neck and has a full bass sound. The apparatus does look like it has a quality build and a zipper cover protects the entire speaker. You can connect multiple devices to them and switch at will with a button press. As a new device connects, the speaker will say out loud the name of the new device, such as how I named my phone or my home computer. The performance of this speaker is amazing. It has full bass sounds and you can hear some of the smaller details of movies and TV shows. I wore them while on my after-work routine. Though they never fell down, the weight of them was constantly noticeable, but not uncomfortable. I tested these speakers with streaming services like HBO NOW and Netflix. The audio was synced properly while watching my movies. I tested it with the latin music genres (bachata and salsa) and the beats were amazing. I also listened to some rock (Spanish and English) and I must say that I am starting to enjoy my music again without having my ears get warm because they are covered. These were also tested with a gaming computer. This seems to be where I will end up using them the most, as when the house is quiet, I can game with surround-like sound without making my ears warm by covering them up but having the audio source close to me so it doesn’t wake anybody who may be sleeping. The Boss Soundwear Companion Speaker meets my expectations. I have to be clear that these (unlike another similar product I own) do not have retractable earbuds. They are purely a speaker that goes on your neck. The only inconvenience I find is the charging port, which is cumbersome to find the right angle to charge it with. That’s only an inconvenience if you decide to leave the cover on. The cover is removable and other color varieties are sold. The price for the speaker in terms of value is adequate for the quality of sound that you will get. I highly recommend this product for people who are audiophiles but need the source closer to their ears. This is perfect for college students in dorm rooms who don’t have the space for a soundbar but want that audio quality. Also, it’s great for family homes where someone wants to listen to a loud sound without covering up their ears but not wake anyone up.

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      Bose SoundWear Companion
      The unique Bose SoundWear Companion is a pricey Bluetooth speaker that delivers solid sound as you wear it around your neck.Full Review

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