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  • Q: can I use it in my car? My new car doesn't have a CD player, I can only use mp3 on a usb. Can I use this in my car?  (5 Answers)

    By steve 

    • Best answerIf you get the proper cord and have an aux (2.5 or 3 mm) audio input jack in your car, then yes you can use it. Just get the proper cord to match the output jack on the CD player to the input of the car.

      By Ed0822 

  • Q: Power adapter Where can I find a DC power adapter?  (2 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerAbsolutely. Best Buy is a great place to purchase a 4.5V center pin positive dual voltage AC/DC power adapter for your Insignia NS-P4112 Portable CD Player |SKU:8222915. With that in mind, you can purchase a Dynex Universal AC Adapter DX-AC1200 |SKU:9844789 for any home, automotive, or international travel power needs for your Insignia NS-P4112 Personal CD Player. Good Luck.

      By Computerhobbyist 

      • Top 25 ContributorTop 25 Contributor
  • Q: Listening without headset Is it possible to use this CD player without a headset?  (5 Answers)

    By Barb 

    • Best answerYes. You can get CD player speakers that go where the headset plugs in.

      By pamh 

    • Best answerI use it to listen to Books on CD, too. No, it does not remember where you left off, once you turn it off; it starts all over at the beginning of the disc. However, I've been able to PAUSE it for indefinite time, until I want to listen to it again. You can go forward or backward by a full track, but nothing in between. I've learned to make a note of which track I'm on before I turn it off.

      By mamazelin 

  • Q: How do I know when to change the batteries ? What does the blinking battery signal mean ?  (3 Answers)

    By Anonymous 

    • Best answerIn general, the batteries for any portable CD player that Best Buy sells, including the Insignia NS-P4112 |SKU:8222915 portable CD Player, should be replaced under the following conditions or circumstances: 1. The unit does not power on. 2. The unit shuts off during playback 3. The unit outputs poor or very low sound quality continuously 4. The unit’s flashing LCD remaining battery life indicator begins to blink continuously. A blinking battery life indicator generally provides the user enough time to replace the batteries with new ones to avoid disruption of playback at an inconvenient time such as when using the unit outdoors in the park. The blinking battery life indicator usually indicates that there is less than 20% of battery power remaining and it is time for the user to take corrective replacement action as soon as possible. Please note that the Insignia portable CD player is powered by 2 AA batteries. Since you have indicated that the battery life indicator is now blinking, it is time to replace the batteries now or as soon as you can but at your earliest convenience. The batteries must be installed in reverse polarity order inside the battery compartment. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer as to the actual length of time that the batteries will last. In general, battery specifications provided by the manufacturer are only approximate, are only offered under perfect factory operating conditions, and are only accurate if you use a particular brand of AA batteries. Your Insignia portable CD player will have different battery life results because it is not likely to be used exclusively at the manufacturer’s factory. Battery life will also vary by battery manufacturer and battery chemistry. Of course, the longer the duration the portable CD player is powered on, and as the volume level increases during a playback session, battery life will be shortened accordingly. Proceed with caution. Personally, I recommend Duracell Coppertop, Duracell Ultra Advanced, Duracell Ultra Power, Energizer Max, Energizer Advanced Lithium, or Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA cell batteries for maximum audio performance and battery life of this Insignia portable CD Player. Stay away from cheap no name label alkaline, manganese, or carbon zinc batteries. In my experience, these unknown brand batteries are of inferior quality, last a very short time span, and have a tendency to leak in the product packaging, and/or battery compartment. Make sure to never mix old and new batteries, different battery types, different battery voltages, and different battery brands. Remove the single-use alkaline batteries from the battery compartment if the portable CD player is not going to be used for an extended period of time to avoid damage from battery leakage issues. Please note that Lithium batteries feature a leak-resistant construction and may be more suitable for long term storage inside the battery compartment in extreme temperatures when compared to industry standard alkaline batteries. The Insignia NS-P4112 personal CD player is compatible with the following AA 1.5V battery types: carbon zinc batteries, alkaline batteries, lithium batteries, and NiMH rechargeable batteries (1.2V 2450-2700mAh recommended). When purchasing batteries for this unit, it is a good idea to check the date on the package. A fresh set of alkaline batteries should have a best if used by date of at least 6 or 7 years ahead of the date of purchase. In the case of advanced long-life lithium batteries, the package date may be up to 15 years ahead of the current date of purchase. Battery life is determined by many factors and that is why individual results vary. Such factors include the type of music being played, the duration of playback sessions, the volume level being used, and ambient room or outdoor temperature. Battery performance will be decreased if this unit is powered by alkaline batteries in extremely cold temperatures. You should always have a spare set of batteries nearby in case audio performance deteriorates in the middle of your favorite song. Please note that a lithium AA battery is approximately 33% lighter in weight when compared to a standard alkaline AA battery. As a result, the total system weight of the Insignia NS-P4112 portable CD player will be affected by the type of batteries used in the battery compartment. Good Luck.

      By Computerhobbyist 

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    • Best answerAbsolutely. The operating instructions for the Insignia Portable CD Player NS-P4112 |SKU:8222915 indicate that this unit can repeat a single track continuously by pressing the Mode button one time after pressing the Play button. The repeat arrow indicator will appear in the LCD when the repeat single track function is activated. You must press the Stop button once to cancel repeat single track play mode. Additionally, if the Mode button is pressed two times consecutively during disc playback, all tracks on the CD will be repeated. The Repeat All indicator will appear in the LCD when this repeat play mode is enabled. The Repeat All play mode can be canceled when the Mode button is pressed three consecutive times during playback. Please note that the Repeat All indicator will be removed from the LCD when the Repeat All play mode is canceled. Moreover, three consecutive presses of the Mode button followed by one press of the Play button starts Intro Play mode in which the unit will sample play the first 10 seconds of each track on the inserted CD-DA compliant audio disc. You must press the Mode button twice after activating Intro Play mode to cancel it. Lastly, if you press the Mode button four consecutive times during disc playback, the unit will enter random or shuffle play mode. Random play mode can be canceled by pressing the Mode button one time. Good Luck.

      By Computerhobbyist 

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    • Best answerYou can purchase an adapter from Bestbuy Dynex - Item # - DX-AC1200, SKU - 9844789 Hope this helps

      By Anonymous 

    • Best answerI got an iHome rechargeable mini speaker easily plugs into the side of the CDplayer where it shows 'line out' next to the headphone jack.

      By Tbutterfly 

  • Q: Does it have pick-up play where you left off?  (5 Answers)

    By PJ 

    • Best answerIt has a pause button. You press it to pause and press it again to continue playing.

      By HarryG 

    • Best answerUnfortunately, the pause information is not retained after the player is powered off. Playback will begin at the beginning of the CD program the next time the player is turned on.

      By JohnINSG 

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