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  • QuestionHave 2 - 100 dogs that shed will this pick up. We currently have the 890 and it works great but looking to upgrade.

    Asked by Lillie.

    • Answer Yes. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats in my home. This vacuum takes care of hair very well. Just make sure no accidents have occurred or the roomba will make a mess.

      Answered by BartVegas

  • QuestionDoes this unit navigate over hard wood, carpet and area rugs? Past units hung up on area rugs.

    Asked by TNClean.

    • Answer This does not do a good job in the transition area from rug to floor. It can trun up rugs and get caught. Orientalists,rugs with fringes get caught and torn off in brush roller. Happens at least 2 -3 times each cleaning over 6 rugs.

      Answered by TheScarletOak

  • QuestionHow many square feet will it clean in one charge?

    Asked by wannabeowner.

    • Answer My house is about 2800 sq feet, mostly hard wood, but some tile. The S9 goes back to the dock to recharge, then continues where it leaves off. It charges twice to complete our house.

      Answered by FinallyASleeper

  • QuestionHow often do you have to replace the different parts; i.e. filter, rotating brushes, etc.?

    Asked by TroyHusker.

    • Answer I will start with the fact that we have 3 golden retrievers and we run the roomba every night. The bag is the most changed item changing maybe every 4-6 weeks. It can hold a lot and packs in. The long dual brushes are taken out every 5 days or so and I remove hair from the ends. Takes 2 minutes at most, very easy. The filter life can be extended by taking it out every week and tapping it on the side of the sink to remove heavy dirt. I also use a small air compressor tip to blow back through it and it cleans up like new. Without the air I would say change every 1-2 months. The round brush that cleans edges needs taken off every month and clean hair under it. It lasts 3- 6 months. Again, we have 3 golden retrievers who shed a lot. If not for that, I would say all of the above would be done at intervals of 3 times as long at least. Hope this helps. I know it sounds like a lot but everything I mentioned is less than 5 minutes work. It is all very easy. It is a great machine.

      Answered by Katt

  • QuestionWhat happens if it comes across pet excretions (barf, pee, or poop) on the floor?

    Asked by PetOwner.

    • Answer It will vacuume right over it! Then it will be all over your house.

      Answered by Momoftwo

  • QuestionI have very dark rooms and black hardwood floors and carpets. Would this robot work for me?

    Asked by Black.

    • Answer All robotic vacuums need at least ambient light to function, so the room can't be totally dark. The Roomba s-series (s9, s9+) do have an added sensor that allows them to clean on black floors, however. This is a unique step feature to iRobot.

      Answered by iRobot representative

  • QuestionWhat happens if my dog leaves a toy on the floor?

    Asked by kim03.

    • Answer Your Roomba will simply navigate around small items like dog toys. While it's recommended you clear the floor before a mission for a faster and more comprehensive clean (much like you would before using a traditional vacuum) it's not at all necessary. Roomba will adapt and course-correct.

      Answered by iRobot representative

  • QuestionHow does this irobot Roomba clean as far as cleaning patterns?

    Asked by Doc9015.

    • Answer It's a systemic pattern - back and forth in straight lines. It seems to change the straight line pattern 90 degrees each time it runs.

      Answered by BigRfastRbetR

  • QuestionWhy are the reviews worse than irobot i7? People who have had it for +2 months, are you still happy?

    Asked by Navid.

    • Answer I can't speak for other people, but I'm quite happy with it after a month of close to daily use. I have 32 hours of run time with 123 self-emptying events.

      Answered by Nerdy

  • QuestionIs this roomba safe for hardwood.Will it not scratch the hardwoods?

    Asked by Jess.

    • Answer I've run the Roomba s9 across our (soft) mahogany floors about five times. There is no need to worry about scratches. The wheels are soft rubber. The beater bar is a soft rubber-like material that doesn't scratch, same for the corner brush. It easily navigates onto, and off of, area rugs on the hardwood floors (adjusts its height) and vac's them as well.

      Answered by BigRfastRbetR

  • QuestionBraava Mop does it do both hardwood & linoleum? Are there unscented products to use in it? Can you use windex in it?

    Asked by CJSM.

    • Answer Hello CJSM, Braava Jet M6 & 240 will clean both hardwood & linoleum flooring. The hard floor cleaning solution has a slight scent to it. Using anything other than water and/or the cleaning solution may damage or clog the precision jet sprayer.

      Answered by iRobot representative

  • QuestionDoes this vacuum have the self cleaning brush feature? I do not have any pets, but I do have shoulder length hair and I shed a lot.

    Asked by wld4042.

    • Answer I just checked the brushes and I don't see ANY hair stuck around the rollers at all, and our household has shoulder length hair, too. Roombas in general do require regular maintenance cleaning however, but it hasn't prompted to do it yet after 1.5 months of daily vacuuming. Maintenance cleaning involves washing the dust bin with water, checking the rollers, wheels and spin brushes to clear any hair/dust build-up.

      Answered by Tdt116

  • QuestionHow many inches off the floor does furniture need to be for it to go under?

    Asked by DS.

    • Answer Hello DS, The S9 is 3.5 inches high, so anything higher than that should work.

      Answered by iRobot representative

  • QuestionDoes it go up and down stairs?

    Asked by Elis.

    • Answer There is not yet a robotic vacuum cleaner that can climb stairs. But Roomba won't fall off them, and it will adapt and map if you take it to another level.

      Answered by iRobot representative

  • QuestionHow noisy is the s9+

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer When only creating map of the room, the quietest. When vacuuming it's very quiet on hardwood or similar smooth floor. Power automatically turns up on rugs and carpet and abit louder by then. When emptying automatically the collected dirt in the base bin that's the loudest noise.

      Answered by WreighG

  • QuestionIf one of your dogs has an accident (of either kind), what will the Roomba do? Can an accident like that ruin a Roomba?

    Asked by mgk218.

    • Answer Yes, it will definitely spread around either kind of "accident" all round your floors. So it's best to keep your dogs in a crate or their own room during the day and let your Roomba vacuum around the rest of the house to avoid this potentially disastrous scenario! As far as "ruining" your Roomba, I'm sure that it would survive, but it would just require a VERY careful deep cleaning in order to keep it from contaminating your entire house.

      Answered by Tdt116

  • QuestionNot including the the charger base, are the s9 and s9+ the same?

    Asked by MrBryan.


      Answered by JOHNNYCAT

  • QuestionIt is 110-240 v.?

    Asked by Phantom.

    • Answer 110V

      Answered by Owner1

  • QuestionIf you don’t have Wi fi can you use all the features of the vacuum?

    Asked by Ollie.

    • Answer While all Roombas will work without WiFi (just press clean on the robot) you won't fully realize the s-series capabilities without it. WiFi is required for Roomba to fully map your home, which allows it to learn and clean your home faster, and allows you to tell it which rooms to clean and which to skip. Voice compatibility also requires WiFi. I'd suggest either the Roomba 614 (unconnected) or Roomba 675 or e5 (which are WiFi capable but without built-in mapping capabilities).

      Answered by iRobot representative

  • QuestionWill this model clean black carpets?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes it will. New sensors. The i7 has them too.

      Answered by Matty

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