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Samsung - UHD Evolution Kit - Silver-Front_Standard

Samsung - UHD Evolution Kit - Silver

Model: SEK-3500U/ZASKU: 7096015
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    • Best answerI have the same model and after some research my panel is a 10 bit and thus will benefit from this upgade to full HDR capability even though it is a 2014 model. Simply research which models are 8 and 10 bit then by looking at the back of your HDTV, you can identify which panel you have accordingly to see if it will be fruitful to purchase this product. Hope this is helpful.

      By Djp 

    • Best answerI have that set, and the Evolution Box did improve things greatly. It now has HDR in the 4K mode. Such a difference. .Before without the new evolution kit, a 4K disc player would play a 4K disc, but flash a notice that it would play in a downgraded mode because the set was not fully compliant with current 4K standards ( lacking HDR ). Now it's like night and day. Good luck.

      By Anonymous 

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    • Best answerI assume you mean UN65HU8550. This is a set from about 2014 I believe since I have one similar. The evolution kit adds a basic support for HDR, a new Octacore processor with the Tizen OS and updates all HDMI ports to support HDCP 2.2. To gain HDR support for your 4k player you need to set UHD Color on for the HDMI port being used for the 4k player, either directly or through a AV receiver (just remember the receiver must support HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 as well). HDR from the evolution kit is not full HDR, but it does provide a bit more picture detail and quality especially for low light scenes. It buys a little more time before going to a current technology set that has all the lastest tech for HDR, HDR10, HDR+ and Dolby Vision with full array dimming. Hope this helps.

      By Atmosenabled 

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  • Q: Will this kit allow me to play 4k discs on my UN65F9000AF?  (3 Answers)

    By ChicagoJ 

    • Best answerHi, The Sek-3500 would make your TV capable of doing the latest 4K (assuming it is compatible now). I couldnt find anything confirming that, best to reach out to Samsung. The most recent thing I could find was 2014 and it mentioned the firmware wasn't fully compatible with your UN65F9000AF. You would still need a blu-ray player (or other device (xbox one x...)) that supports 4k to play 4k disks. This device will only upgrade the processor and capability of your tv. Good luck. Danno

      By Danno 

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    • Best answerHonestly, probably not worth it if you're looking for a jump up in pq. I have the un78hu9000 and nothing noticeable in pq. I do have to say that the sek-3500 seems very buggy. Apps crash all the time. Also, it is slower even with the processor upgrade.

      By John 

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  • Q: will this evolution kit work with my Samsung Model UN75H6350 Thanks in advance  (3 Answers)

    By KennyG 

    • Best answerUnfortunately, all Evolution Kits are only compatible with Samsung UHD's HU, S9 and F9000 Series. Your UN75H6350 is a 1080p not UHD (2160p) and does not have a One Connect input.

      By Marcus 

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  • Q: Will the UN65F9000AFXZ have HDR support? And, will the TV now be compatible with the new 4K blu ray players? Thanks.  (5 Answers)

    By Lawrose 

    • Best answerYes as close as you can get for an HU9000 that you probably spent about $4,500.00 for without buying an new receiver for now $1,400.00 to $2,800.00 !!! It is your only choice !!!

      By Missy53 

    • Best answerI have the Samsung UN55F9000, which had the same problem of not showing 4K on the screen. I researched this on the Internet and purchased the SEK-3500U to see if it would truly upgrade the picture and TV. It does enhance the picture greatly and allows for 4K. One caveat is that if the 4K is 60fps from the source (Xbox One X) then motion blurring is turned on by default and cannot be turned off. Not a huge issue and hopefully fixed in the next firmware upgrade. I should point out that there are proper steps to switching out the original box and installing the SEK-3500U, which are below: 1. Update the firmware on your TV. 2. Menu > System > Evolution Kit Backup (run this even if you don't have an evolution kit or one connect box attached). 3. Completely power down your TV. Unplug the power cord and depress the (joystick) power button on the back of your set to ensure that all power is dissipated. 4. Connect the SEK-3500 to your TV and reconnect the electrical power cord. 5. Connect antenna, Ethernet, HDMI and USB cables directly to the SEK-3500. 6. Turn on the tv and follow directions. 7. If you are using a Bluetooth remote, you may need to (re)pair it to your TV. Alternatively, you may simply need to reinstall the apps that aren't performing. Additionally, some have reported that the internet experience on the set is remedied by changing the DNS from automatic to

      By Firebird69 

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  • Q: Is it worth the $400 when you have 9000 series and what upgrades would you get?  (2 Answers)

    By Bikerbum 

    • Best answerThis unit provides some limited HDR support for the older UHD displays, it also upgrades all HDMI ports to support HDCP 2.2 and includes the newer Tizen OS for apps, etc. so if you need a bridge device before getting a new television with full HDR and Dolby Vision, this would be a good option especially if your current model is a larger size.

      By Atmosenabled 

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  • Q: Would this be an upgrade for UN65JS8500?  (1 Answer)

    By Rob 

    • Best answerHi Rob, this would not upgrade the UN65JS8500. This Evolution Kit was designed for TVs built in 2013 and 2014. ^Rosi

      By Samsung 

      • Samsung Representative

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