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      Kanto Living 

      September 11, 2015


      I'm happy to hear you appreciate the quality and design of our YU2's but I am sorry that they didn't live up to your expectations. We engineer our speakers to be accurate across the frequency range that they can faithfully reproduce. As you heard for yourself the 3 inch drivers on the YU2's cannot produce the bass that a subwoofer can. The frequency response of the YU2's is 80Hz – 20kHz which does not fall into sub-bass territory and is one of the reasons we include a subwoofer output on the rear of our speakers.

      As you mentioned the YU2's are good satellite speakers with smooth midrange and natural sounding high frequency response. The build quality and cabinet are excellent and they have a wide soundstage. If you listen to the Kanto's and Klipsch's side-by-side you'll be able to hear the difference in sound quality, especially if you're utilizing the USB DAC built into the YU2's. With that being said we understand that there are 2.1 computer speakers that fall within the same price-range and may suit others better especially if one is seeking the tactile sound that a subwoofer provides.

      Contact us directly if you have any additional questions or need our help with anything. Our email is and at the end of the day we want to make sure you’re happy. Thanks! KantoLiving

    • Brand Response

      Kanto Living 

      April 15, 2016


      Sorry the YU2's did not live up to your expectations. It's quite a task for our <$200 speaker to compete with a system that is double the price and comes with a dedicated mid-bass module. Audio is subjective though and some prefer the sound of a system that does not utilize tweeters. If you're missing the bass that a 2.1 system can reproduce you can always add a subwoofer to the YU2's to get the tactile sound that only a sub can provide. Wish our YU2's could have impressed you more, hope you try one of our other audio products in the future. KantoLiving