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Samsung - Galaxy Tab S3 - 9.7" - 32GB - Black

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Work, play and communicate with this Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 featuring a 2.15 GHz + 1.6 GHz quad core processor. This versatile tablet has an ultra-clear Super AMOLED display, so you can watch HD movies on the go. Capture and share your world with the 13MP camera in this Samsung Galaxy Tab S3’s, which features an integrated flash for great results in low light.

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    • Power Adapter
    • Quick Start Guide
    • S Pen
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 - 9.7" - 32GB
    • USB Type-C cable

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    97% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (1965 out of 2034)

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    Internet Security  (3-Device) (6 Month Subscription) - Android|Mac|Windows|iOS [Digital]
    Internet Security (3-Device) (6 Month Subscription) - Android|Mac|Windows|iOS [Digital]
    Software to protect up to three devices - any combination of PCs, Macs and Android, iOS and Windows tablets and mobile phones that defends against viruses, malware, phishing attacks and other online threats. Includes identity protection and parental controls.


    Android 7.0 Nougat operating system

    Productivity and entertainment at your fingertips. Download applications, games, movies, music and eBooks from Google Play. Cloud integration provides a seamless experience across all Android devices.

    9.7" screen with 2048x1536 resolution

    High pixel density and stunning detail make this screen ideal for web browsing, studying, reading and streaming HD content.

    32GB internal storage plus microSD slot

    Store your software, applications, music, movies, photos and more. Expand storage with a microSD card up to 256GB (sold separately).

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor

    Quad-core 2.15GHz + 1.6 GHz processor and 4GB of RAM deliver outstanding overall performance for opening and running applications, flipping through menus and more.

    Two HD cameras for photos and face-to-face chat

    5.0MP front camera and 13.0MP autofocus rear camera.

    Power your day with Google

    Work, play and connect right out of the box with Google+, Search, Gmail, YouTube and Hangouts. Save files in the cloud with Google Drive and join gamers around the world with the Play Games application.

    Spark your creativity with the included pressure-sensitive S Pen

    Edit photos, create detailed illustrations or send handwritten notes to family and friends.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars with 2034 reviews

    would recommend to a friend

    Expert rating

    Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars with 26 reviews



    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      The tablet Android fans have been waiting for

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      Pros Beautiful, vibrant screen Excellent daylight reading High quality build Rounded metal edges are comfortable to hold for long periods Four excellent speakers that are loud without distorting With four speakers you still have sound regardless of how it is held Glass build prevents speakers from vibrating tablet at loud volume Includes stylus giving it many of the features of the Note line Stylus is smooth and responsive Storage doubled to 32GB from previous generations Noticeable faster than previous generations and very smooth Includes Blue Light filter mode to make nighttime viewing better Good battery life Rear facing camera has a flash Photos are good quality for a tablet in good lighting Split screen functionality for better multitasking USB-C MicroSD card slot for storage expansion Includes an LTE model Fast charging Includes plenty of extra stylus tips More capable as a 2-in-1 than other Android tablets Weight feels very good Very thin Cons Launch price is expensive Glass back is likely more fragile Glass back is a fingerprint magnet Glass back makes the tablet feel more slippery 32GB is low for the price point Not waterproof or water resistant Stylus cannot be stored internally Stylus pressure sensitivity inconsistent with stock note app Fingerprint scanner use still not reliable Cameras poor quality in anything but good light Looks like a boring slate even though it is high quality For a long time Android slates have looked fairly similar. They have been overall good quality but not quite the premium feel of competitors. Samsung in their Galaxy tablets improved build quality and used more premium materials but they did not have stylus functionality. The Note tablets could use a stylus but possessed a lower end processor and screen. The Galaxy Tab S3 is set to merge the two lines into one and expand the overall functionality to more of a 2-in-1 device like what most people are looking for today. The Tab S3 uses the exact same dimensions as it’s predecessor with a 9.7 inch screen but now it has a glass and metal build reminiscent the Galaxy smartphones. This gives the Tab S3 a very premium feel. The metal edges are rounded enough to prevent cutting the hand but still provide good grip. The same cannot be said of the back glass. It feels nice in the hand and looks premium but the back glass is more slippery, more likely to be damaged, and is a fingerprint magnet. Some of this could be alleviated by use of a case. In fact if you are accident prone that is the first accessory you should get. The design, although premium, is also very understated to the point of looking a bit boring. There is a definite upside to the glass back and that’s when it comes to sound. Most tables with metal backs cause a reverberation in the metal causing sound to degrade and distort with volume. With the Tab S3, the glass seems to temper this vibration. Combine this with the new four speaker setup and you get very loud, clean sound in a small package. This is quite possible the best sound quality of any tablet. With four speakers, the added bonus is no matter how you hold it you are unlikely to cover all four meaning you still get good sound. The Tab S3 sports the traditional hardware button saddled by two capacitive buttons. The hardware button does have a fingerprint reader that just requires a tap, not a swipe like the first generation Tab S. Unfortunately during testing, use was still unreliable. Sensitivity was excellent so hopefully this just requires a software fix. As with nearly any Samsung product what stands out is the screen. The Tab S3 seems to have bumped up the game quite a bit. The screen is the first thing that strikes you and maybe it’s a good thing the tablet design is somewhat boring because it allows you to fully appreciate this screen. This is the first tablet, other than one with an e-ink screen, that has been readable in the sun. In fact it can get so bright that you could easily use the screen as a flashlight in a dark room. This is also useful because, unless you spend most of your time outside, the screen rarely needs to ramp up the brightness past roughly 30%. The screen ratio does mean you will have black bars on the top and bottom for watching movies but it also means it is comfortable in both landscape and portrait orientation. It does seem Samsung intends most usage to be in portrait as the buttons are configured for portrait use. A welcomed addition to the Galaxy Tab line is the inclusion of an S-Pen. The old Note tablets were nice but lacked a high resolution screen and of course the old Galaxy Tab line lacked stylus support. It seems Samsung decided to simplify and merge the line to the benefit of fans. In fact, they have simplified things so far as to have only one tablet in the series. I suspect this is because if you want more, Samsung wants you to upgrade to their new Galaxy Book line. Otherwise, you essentially have a Note tablet with the high resolution screen and higher specs of a Galaxy Tab. Functionality is very similar to the Note line of phones although not identical. The S-Pen is very responsive and has almost no lag. It is light in the hand and has a nice amount resistance across the screen. Just like other S-Pens, no battery is required. Pressure sensitivity and tilt are included but pressure sensitivity was a bit inconsistent in the stock apps. Unfortunately unlike the Note phones you won’t find an S-Pen slot in the tablet so you are going to have to find a way to carry it, such as a case with a pen slot or loop. Overall, the S-Pen experience is very solid for a new product. The Tab S3 is a solid performer with a Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of ram. It might not have the latest processor or the most memory but they definitely didn’t skimp on power. Unfortunately, the storage is only 32GB. Although it doubled previous models and includes expandable MicroSD card storage, a lot of apps refuse to install to the card. This means you have more breathing room but power users will still have to watch their storage usage. Overall, the processor and memory combination leads to a much more fluid experience than existed on previous Galaxy tablets. Even with mild multitasking this tablet doesn’t see to lag at all. Animations are very smooth and fast giving the Tab S3 a fluidity that is rare in Android tablets. If you are an Android fan who has looked at tablet or 2-in-1 offerings and wished that Android had something comparable, this might finally be the one. Although it still leans towards content consumption, it definitely improves things in the productivity front as well. In fact, if there were an option, the Tab S3 would be rated 4.5 stars. If there is any major sticking point, it would be the price. The issue is that even though the specs have been upgraded and S-Pen functionality is now included, the price point puts it right in line with some regular 2-in-1 PC devices which offer greater functionality and similar premium build. Reports have surfaced that Samsung has been including the keyboard case in preorders which definitely sweetens the deal. The suggested retail price at time of launch makes it a little hard to recommend compared to other offerings unless you are a hardcore Android fan wanting a premium Android tablet now. The good thing is Samsung has a track record of running sales and specials shortly after launch. If history holds true, Samsung will make the Tab S3 look even more attractive not very long after launch. Wait for a promotion if you can. If you can’t wait, you will likely still be very happy with your purchase. This entire review was written and posted solely using the Tab S3 with the keyboard case.

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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      The Note 7 Called on His Big Brother...

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      Calling all Gamers and Movie Watchers... this is the BEST Android tablet on the market as I type. It is the multimedia lovers tablet! I'm going to cover many of the things you want to know so you can build a case whether this is worth your hard earned money. -=The "Skinny" on Build Quality=- We all know the debacle that was Galaxy Note 7. I loved this phone and was sad to see the recall run its course. I was refreshed to see this tablet. It screams premium from the moment you open the box. It is packaged like a high class item in a sleeve that protects against scratches. This tablet oozes sophistication, style, and class like the Note 7 did. It follows the same Samsung design language found in their post 2015 flagship phones. You will hold this and know you have a great tablet. It doesn't feel cheap and "plasticky" with its glass front and back. The metal rim is slightly curved like the S7edge and Note 7 were and surrounds a USB type C connector. It also brings S Pen functionality much like the Note 7. The SPen is solid and build to last. You could say this is a Note 7 without the awesome camera and iris scanner. This S Pen is eerily similar in size to a normal ball point pen and the tip is .07mm like what most of us write with (see photo for comparison). It feels solidly built and comfortable to use. The best comparison is last year's Galaxy S2 Tab but build with upgraded materials and software/hardware. A+ for Samsung here. //CONS// This beautiful design is a fingerprint magnet and there is nowhere to put the SPen. So DON'T lose it or you can buy a case that has a place for it. The replacement cost is around $80 ouch! -=The Screen=- This screen is gorgeous! It uses a 9.7" Super AMOLED display with resolution of 2048x1536. This means the pixel density is right there with that if other major competitors on the market at 264ppi. The screen supports HDR which makes this tablet future-proof. Details are crisp and colors are accurate (when not in "Adaptive" mode). This makes the screen ideal for web browsing, studying, reading and streaming HD content. You need a tablet to use outside? This tablet has a peak brightness output of 465 nits, ensuring that clarity isn’t compromised when it’s used outdoors under direct light. It's screen color reproduction is most accurate using the "basic" color mode which is accurate to the sRGB gamut. //CONS// Not much is stated on what type of glass this is. I would expect Gorilla Glass is here somewhere, but it isn't clearly notated anywhere. Get a screen protector to be safe! -=Performance=- This is snappy quick like the processor it has. The Galaxy Tab S3 uses the same quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4 GB of RAM found in the Note 7 and S7/edge. Before you get upset or disappointed, this is more than enough to handle anything you have to do on the tablet. It doesn't lag during applications. I wouldn't call this a laptop replacement, but it is definitely a nice tablet. Pro users will need to look elsewhere for something to replace the laptop. -=Battery Life=- I would say this is average. It has a 6,000 mAh cell that last anywhere from 6hr 45 mins to 8 hrs of heavy use. That encompasses It's enough to get through the day with heavy use but this is offset with the Quick Charge 3.0 technology. In my experience, I have fully recharged this tablet from 15% to 100% in roughly 1.5hrs to 1hr 45 mins. Now that is IMPRESSIVE! With light use, you may be able to charge every 2-3 days. //CONS// I wish the battery lasted longer, but this is offset with the Quick Charge 3.0. Standby time is decent as well. You be the judge... -=Hardware=- Camera's are decent. You get a front facing 5MP camera with an aperture of f/2.2. The rear shooter is 13MP with an aperture of f/1.9. These are NOT the awesome quality of photos we are used to with our cell phones so don't let the MPs fool you. They are however leaps and bounds over most other tablet cameras. In low light conditions it is average at best. The rear camera is capable of recording in 4K while the front camera only can record in 1080p. It has an LED flash on the back which is very nice. //CONS// These cameras could be the high quality found in our cell phones these days, but I see they cut cost to make a profit. Nothing wrong with that. Besides who is actually using their tablet to take photos when we all have cell phones :) This is just me being tough on them. They aren't the best in low light. The SPen comes bundled with the purchase unlike other tablet competitors make you shell out another $80-$100 for that functionality. It is roughly the size of a standard gel roller ball point pen. It has a .07mm tip with 4096 levels of sensitivity and writes so smoothly. The stylus is compatible with a variety of apps, too, including Samsung's own S Note app, and Microsoft OneNote. And though I'm not much of an artist, I am a fervent note taker, and SPen felt just as natural to use as a BIC ballpoint pen to a piece of paper. Perhaps the SPen's only flaw in this particular case is that it doesn't physically attach to the Galaxy Tab S3. You will need a pencil pouch to keep tabs on the stylus, or you'll need to get into the habit of clipping it onto your shirt. Like the old days. There is a few milliseconds of lag between you writing on the screen and actually seeing what you write. Not a big deal but worth nothing for those who will draw on this. It has all the same SPen features that were found on the Note 7. For more info, google Air Command tutorials. Did I mention there is no battery to recharge or replace? This is great! //CONS// Did I mention there isn't anywhere to put the pen? The fingerprint sensor is also a welcomed addition to this. I found it to be very finicky if it isn't clean. Nothing like the speed and reliability of the one found on the S7 series or Note 7. //CONS// In my experience, it takes a few times to get my fingerprint registered to unlock. I have tried to reregister my fingerprints to see if it helps, but only when the sensor is clean. The speakers BOOM with sound since there are 4 of them tuned by AKG. They employ the accelerometer to change the orientation of the sound to match how the screen faces. They sound louder with clear mids and highs, but lack heavily in the lows and bass areas. This will NOT be something you stream music from, I recommend pairing it with an external Bluetooth speaker. //CONS// Sounds like two cell phone quality speakers. Lacking in the low and bass departments. I recommend pairing with a Bluetooth speaker to make it a better experience. //VERDICT// The Galaxy Tab S3 is good enough that you could use it for working, gaming, reading, binge-watching, and almost everything else your little laptop can do. The only issue you might have getting used to multitasking on Android itself. Even with the Tab S3's native multi-window functionality, I'd much rather have the freedom of a laptop to spread out my work than be confined to a finicky task switcher. Also, there is no waterproofing which I would like to see, but I don't think there are any tablets that have this feature. Another huge gripe of mine is the fact there isn't a place to put the SPen. This means you can easily lose it. I find it hard to justify the price point of $599. It is clearly trying to take on the standard for tablets -which I will not mention- but it is a worthy competitor. There are many accessories that can make this better. To date, there is a keyboard that doubles as a case for protection. It does not use a battery or Bluetooth which is a plus. It simply plugs in to the pogo connectors on the tablet. Overall this is a great tablet. If you are looking for a future proof tablet and are deeply integrated into the Android platform this is for you. If not, wait for the price to drop and catch it on the Black Friday sale or something. -=Spec Sheet=- This is a spec list for my people who want to nerd out directly off the Samsung website: OS - Android 7.0 Processor - Snapdragon 820 Quad Core(2.15 GHz + 1.6 GHz Quad), Qualcomm APQ8096 Build Type - Wi-Fi Color -Black Size - Weight 0.95 lbs Dimensions (inches) 9.34" x 6.65" x 0.24" Camera - Front 5MP f/2.2 // Back 13MP AF with LED Flash f/1.9 Digital Optical Zoom x4 (Digital) Battery Type and Size - Li-Ion 6000mAh Memory Internal Memory 4GB(RAM) Storage - 32 GB External Memory Expandable with microSD™ capacity up to 256GB Connectivity USB Type-C (3.1) Bluetooth v4.2 Bluetooth Profiles - A2DP,AVRCP,DI,HFP,HID,HOGP,HSP,MAP,OPP,PAN,PBAP Earjack - 3.5mm Stereo Wi-Fi Direct Display Main Display Resolution 2048 x 1536 (QXGA) Main Display Size 9.7" Main Display Technology Super AMOLED S Pen Compatible Yes (Included in box) Audio Features Audio Streaming, Music Player Audio Playing Format MP3,M4A,3GA,AAC,OGG,OGA,WAV,WMA,AMR, AWB,FLAC,MID,MIDI,XMF,MXMF,IMY,RTTTL,RTX,OTA Speaker Quad Speakers (DSL Type 1709 3.0t) Video Features Video Streaming, Video Player Video Playing Format MP4,M4V,3GP,3G2,WMV,ASF,AVI,FLV,MKV,WEBM Sensor Types - Accelerometer,Fingerprint Sensor,Gyro Sensor,Geomagnetic Sensor,Hall Sensor,RGB Light Sensor What's Included in Box? Tab S3 9.7" S Pen Quick Start Guide Power Adapter USB Type-C cable

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great Tablet from an Apple Fan

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      First off, I’m an admitted Apple fan – but not one of the zealots who doesn’t give Android or Google credit where credit is due. With that in mind, I was very interested to hear about Samsung’s new iPad Pro challenger, the Tab S3. It looks to be about the same size and specs of the smaller iPad Pro and I figured that I should learn as much about Android as I could. For starters, the overall design reminds me of a giant iPhone 4 – the back of the unit is a glossy black glass which looks really slick, but also attracts fingerprints like a magnet. Since the design of the Tab 3 makes it very slim, I found myself at time babying it more than I would my iPad. The weigh of the iPad made it feel sturdier. The Tab S3 felt much safer in the Samsung keyboard case – which is what I’m using to type this review up now. Another cool point for the Tab was the inclusion of the S-Pen. With the Apple Pencil, you need to have an iPad Pro, sorry iPad Air owners, and it has a battery that needs to be recharged. The Samsun S-Pen made the leap from their phones to the tablet and it’s a welcome inclusion with requires no batteries! I found myself enjoying taking notes in my own handwriting versus typing, correcting and retyping. Compared to the Apple keyboard case and the Microsoft Surface one, this is about the same class as the Apple one and even uses the same connector. I really think that the Surface has the best tablet-to-keyboard configuration out there today. The keyboard doesn’t require a charge to use, which is nice. The keys are reasonably spaced out and typing I comfortable. Just note, the keyboard is an extra accessory that’ll set you back another $130. One of the pain points with Android is a minor, but glaring issue to anyone who’s more familiar with Apple’s ecosystem. There’s the Google apps that are baked into the OS but then there’s Samsung’s apps that do pretty much the same thing installed right along side. With iOS, it’s more like a single sign-on process. When setting this up, I felt the signing into Samsung and Google to be redundant and annoyance. I found the Tab S3 to be snappy and very responsive. The screen is bright and beautiful boasting HDR support. The audio quality in watching movies was superb for a tablet, but it makes sense since Samsung is advertising the audio performance and balancing as a marquee feature. The ability to add additional storage is nice since the Tab S3 only comes in a 32GB option. Not a deal breaker, but when you start adding movies and pictures and apps, you can lose that space very quickly. Something else to consider is that if, like me, you have a mixed OS environment, you may fin yourself in the position of having to pay for the same apps. Meaning, you can’t really transfer purchases from iOS to Android or vice versa. If you’re in the market for a slick Android tablet then the Tab S3 is the one for you. I’ve been using it for a few days now and can honestly say that I continue to use it, even after the novelty of it being new wears off. If you’re heavily embedded into the Apple ecosystem, then I’d say invest in the smaller iPad Pro – or wait until the newer ones are released this year. If you're looking to replace an laptop with a tablet, then I'd say to give the Galaxy Tab S3 serious consideration.

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Outstanding 2-in-One Tablet‎ from Samsung

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      There are not much Android tablets with premium specs in the market compare to Apple iPad, but Samsung is not ready to give up the fight with the release of high-end Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with significantly updated specs, HDR screen and improved S Pen support. It is equally positioned with iPad Pro. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 screen has a 9.7-inch 1536 x 2048 Super AMOLED display with support of HDR content and it matches the iPad Pro 9.7 in size and resolution. Samsung Tab S3's screen size and resolution have not changed with pixel density of 264 pixels per inch. It has Super AMOLED display, for brighter, richer colors. The main upgrade over the Tab S2 is HDR content support. There is not a huge amount of HDR content yet, but once there is this it will be really helpful with Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Another big change for this model is that there's no 8.0-inch option, Tab S3 only coming in a 9.7-inch size. Tab S3 has metal and glass build with similar size to Tab S2. Samsung upgraded the design for the Galaxy Tab S3, replacing the soft plastic back of the Tab S2 with a glass one, but retaining the metal frame. The overall appearance like an oversized Samsung Galaxy S7. While cameras are never the highlight of a tablet, Samsung Tab S3 came with 13MP back side camera and 5MP front facing camera with LED flash. It does include an autofocus and can record 4K video at 30fps.Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 came with 6,000mAh one and it can last up to 12 hours of video playback. I have used more than 10 hours without any issues. It supports fast charging via USB Type-C, so you shouldn't be waiting too long. Tab S3 runs the latest major version of Android 7.0 overlaid with Samsung's own interface. It came with quad-core Snapdragon 820 chipset and 4GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 only comes in one size - 32GB, but it also has a microSD card slot with support for cards of up to 256GB if you need more storage for apps and games. Beyond the core specifications, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is packed full of features, including support for Samsung's S Pen stylus. This is the latest and greatest version of the stylus, with a smaller 0.7mm tip and increased pressure sensitivity. It also works with S Pen features like Screen Off Memo, which lets you take down notes without turning the screen on or launching an app. The Tab S3 also supports keyboards using a pogo connection, so all that along with the screen specification make this remarkably similar to the iPad Pro 9.7. It has 4 stereo speakers tuned by AKG promises distortion free sounds. It came with fingerprint scanner and it supports Samsung Flow, which can sync notifications between your tablet and Galaxy handset. I have listed the key specifications below • 9.7-inch 1536 x 2048 Super AMOLED display • Supports HDR content • Matches the iPad Pro 9.7 in size and resolution • A metal and glass build • Similar size to Tab S2 but thicker and heavier • 13MP rear camera with autofocus • 5MP front-facing camera with LED flash • 6,000mAh battery with fast charging • Supposedly lasts through 12 hours of video on one charge • Snapdragon 820 chipset and 4GB of RAM • Android 7.0 out of the box • Just 32GB of storage, but microSD support of 256GB • Supports S Pen stylus and keyboards • Four stereo speakers tuned by AKG • Fingerprint scanner It is one of the best android tablet with premium features and equally matching iPad Pro. It worked really well with Samsung Book Cover Keyboard for accurate and comfort typing.

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Excellent Tablet Experience

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      I received the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 early for review and have been incredibly pleased with it thus far. All versions include the S Pen. Mine also came with the new Keyboard Cover, which works phenomenally well. I have tried other Android tablets before but always felt disappointed. This is the first Android tablet I've tried that I really liked. It's very smooth, has good sound, the screen is terrific, and it looks and feels like a premium device. Basic specs: -Android 7.0 Nougat -Snapdragon 820 processor -4GB RAM -32GB HD -Micro-SD slot (supports up to 256GB) -13Mp rear camera w/autofocus -5Mp front camera w/LED flash -6,000mAh battery -USB Type C charger -Fingerprint scanner (in the home button) -4 stereo speakers -9.7 Super AMOLED screen that supports HDR content -Resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels -Dimensions are 237.3 x 169 x 6 mm -Weight is 429g -Uses Wi-Fi 802.11ac dual-band -Includes S Pen with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity As Android tablets go, the reported price looks to be at the upper end, but the tablet is an excellent device and matches up very well with the most premium tablets in the market. I am surprised they used only an 820 processor. I really thought Samsung might want to push the envelop a little more, or at least use the 821, which offers better power management. I also had hoped for up to 8GB RAM instead of just 4GB. But those are minor quibbles. Setup was relatively painless. Although, to be fair, I prefer stock android, so I try to set up my devices as close to stock as possible. Samsung's native launcher is inobtrusive and does a nice job, but I still swapped it out due to personal preference. I did find it funny that the setup guide notes kept referring to the device as a "phone" instead of a tablet. I presume that editing issue will be corrected shortly. Once set up, it connects easily to Wi-Fi and holds the signal very well. There is an LTE version, but I have used it only on Wi-Fi. I have been impressed by how strong the signal is compared to other devices. Samsung must've included some nice internal antennas. The Tab S2 is a gorgeous device. The all metal and glass construction feels very solid and gives the tablet a great premium feel. The front glass seems more prone than some others to fingerprints, but then again, it's one of the bigger tablets on the market right now; so maybe it's just due to surface area. Everything runs smoothly. Everything works exactly as it should. Even the speakers sound pretty good (actually, better than many laptops). I don't use tablets for photos, but the cameras here do an impressive job. Samsung's camera app is easy to use with intuitive swipe gestures. The screen is rich and immersive. I REALLY like this screen. Everything looks sharp, clear, and deep. It's not oversaturated, either. I'm used to using a pen with another device. The included S Pen works very well and feels good in the hand. Samsung has an excellent interface for accessing and taking quick notes by hand with the pen. It feels pretty natural and smooth on the screen. I was very impressed. The keyboard is not part of the review, but if you are getting the Tab S3, I encourage you to consider the Keyboard Cover, as well. It works very nicely and adds another layer of productivity to an already excellent tablet. My only actual complaint in terms of use is the thumbprint reader. It is built into a physical home button at the middle of the bottom bezel, which is the location that makes the most sense. It is thin and takes some time to set up. In my use thus far, it recognizes my thumbprint only about 60% of the time. I am accustomed to using fingerprint readers, so I am completely confident the setup was correct. In fact, I even did it twice, just to make sure. Battery life is solid. It lasts me through a day of light use with no issues. Despite my quibbles about processor and RAM, the tablet moves effortlessly through all tasks I've attempted. At the end of the day, if you are in the market for a strong Android tablet and are willing to pay a little extra to have the best tablet available, I heartily recommend the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. It is far and away better than other Android tablets I have tried and has quickly found a place in my heart.

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    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Unresolved problem, poor Samsung service

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      My recurring problem with Tab s3, which has been a commonly reported problem, is that when typing using the keyboard cover (and by others' reports, using the onscreen keyboard often does the same thing - I just haven't really tried typing that way very much), it frequently experiences some glitch where the cursor jumps to the beginning of the previous word when hitting the space bar, typing an apostrophe, or sometimes other punctuation. It will basically just jump and start inserting any future typing before the last word typed. It is VERY frustrating, and again, based on the forums, a pretty common problem. I went through the process of opening a ticket and then used the shipping label Samsung sent me, boxed up the unit as instructed after doing a factory reset on it (I didn't want to send it off with all of my passwords for email, etc., programmed in), and sent it off. The UPS tracking number shows it was delivered to their repair center last Wednesday. On Friday I received an email from Samsung saying they never receive the unit. I called the number they told me to call in the email if I had tracking information proving differently. When I talked to them they told me I used the wrong label - that they had sent me two labels and I should have used the other one. I have checked my email thoroughly and only have the one "Online Service Request" email from Samsung Support and one follow-up email from Samsung Electronics with the link to the UPS shipping label I used. After pushing the first CSR on it he gave me another number to call. I called and spoke with a girl there who said she would look into it and give me a call back later in the day. She never called back. I have also tried using the "Track Your Repair" feature of, and the information there is incomplete and shows a service center in New Jersey rather than the one the email and UPS label sent me to in Livermore, California. I made another call to the 800 number listed there and got the run-around for more than hour, again after pushing a great deal they finally admitted that the device was in the hands of their repair center, but since it is now Saturday they are closed and I need to call back on Monday to follow-up. They would take absolutely no responsibility for anything, refused to let me speak to a supervisor, kept making promises about "when you call back on Monday 'I will' do x, y, and z." When I asked her name and extension number to be sure I could speak to her again since she was promising SHE would do all of these things, she told me her name was Ann, but there was no way I could be connected to her, but that whomever I spoke to would see things documented and could take care of it. Clearly she is in a call center in Asia or the Middle East, so perhaps she doesn't understand the English language enough to understand that all of the words and phrases she has been programmed to say are either outright lies or not applicable to the questions and statements I was making. Regardless, I am extremely frustrated. This is a device I paid $599 for that has never worked as it is supposed to. Sure, there are lots of things that it can do and does well, but something as basic as being able to type on it is a central quality that a device like this should do properly. As it is a known issue, that others have said ended up resulting in them having to completely replace their tablet - that it is a hardware issue - makes it that much more frustrating that I'm treated in a condescending manner and being lied to about even whether or not they have received the device using the label they generated. It seems like it should be a software issue, and I have applied all updates available, including one claiming to have addressed the issue... I also cleared cache/data on keyboards, on other programs, and did a factory reset trying to fix the issue. Nothing worked, so I turned to Samsung for a repair as other forum members with the same problem said they ultimately had to do. And then I get this run around. Basically they were first telling me I never returned the device, then saying I used the wrong label, then saying since I sent it to the wrong address I needed to contact UPS and ask them to pick it up and send it back to me so I can affix the correct label (that they claim they sent me) and send it to a different service center (in Plano, Texas - which would be a whole lot closer to me since I am in Texas), but that is not the Livermore, California address they sent the label for, nor the Riverdale, New Jersey location that shows up in the online Repair Self Tracking feature. Basically I feel like Samsung has stolen $600 from me at this point. As well as HOURS of my time trying to resolve this issue. I have been a loyal Samsung user for years... from my first, second, and third DVD/BD players, my Sprint Epic 4g, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note S8+, Samsung Ativ Book 8 laptop, Samsung Galaxy Tab A's (purchased as gifts for 3 family members and 3 more for my employer), and most recently this debacle of a Galaxy Tab S3. With all of this history, I am being forced to consider severing this long term relationship with Samsung permanently. It is very sad that Samsung as a company has such poor integrity, and clearly from the other posts in this thread mine is not an isolated incident, nor is it isolated to one product.

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      High End Android Tablet

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      I recently received a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to review. This unit came with an S-Pen and a Samsung Keyboard/Cover. Opening the box to a glass covered 9.7 inch Android Tablet with specs that deliver was such a pleasure. I have owned several of the lower end Android tablets, so comparing this to them really is like comparing apples to oranges. Starting with it's 4 Gig of ram, you can launch application after application, and switch tasks, and there is absolutely no lag. It's Snapdragon 820 processor is ready at attention to go, when you need the horsepower. This unit is my first Android tablet to have 32 Gigs of memory, which allows me to install pretty much any application I want without worrying about the storage. It also allows for an additional Micro SD Card up to 256 Gb. If you are into using tablets to snap still shots or videos, Samsung did not forget you with this tab S3. It's front camera is a 5 megapixel sensor and it's back camera is a 13 megapixel sensor, and from just playing around with it a little, the captured images and video are outstanding. Now onto some pros and cons as I found them during my typical use of this device for a week. Keyboard - This unit came with it's Samsung Keyboard Case in Gray. Upon first use, I was afraid it might be too small. But after getting my bear-paw/hand acclimated to it. It is very comfortable to type. I had to adjust how far I reached with my left fingers, each time I went to type a W, I touched the screen, thus disabling the keyboard and looking for more input from the touch screen. But once my reach remained within the keyboards playing field, it has been a pleasure use. I did find one slight caveat, I noticed that when using the physical keyboard, it would not do predictive text or offer spell check. I did some poking around, with this unit being brand new on the market, and in pre-order status, I did not find an isolated resolution. If I am missing a setting please enlighten me and comment with the "Samsung Solution". I did find a work around that works really well. I wish I would have saved the blog that I found it on, so I could give credit where credit is due. Anyways, I downloaded SwiftKey for an additional keyboard, which allows enabling spell checker/predictive text on a physical keyboard. I am pleased to say, I may stick with this work around, due to it working so well. The predictive text appears at the bottom of the screen, within reach of my fingers, so as the choices came up, I can quickly tap them without having to re-home my fingers on the keyboard. I actually appreciate it not being a Bluetooth device, leaving all of it's juice for it's robust processor and beautiful screen. It obtains its connection via a well designed pogo connector at the base of the tablet, and stays attached quite well with some strong magnets. This accessory is an added expense, but I think it is totally worth it if you are looking to make this a portable machine, much like a Chromebook. S-Pen - This unit comes with the S-Pen and is pretty self explanatory, with the ability to sketch, draw, write or use it as a pointer. If you download an app from Google called Google Hand Writing Input: You can easily use the S-Pen for every input you do. It's pretty neat, I just don't know if it is completely efficient. Usb-c Charger - This unit is yet another device being powered/charged by a USB type C cable, which offers to top off it's 6000 Milliampere hour battery in rapid fashion. Screen - It's 9.7 inch screen is relatively comfortable size for both tablet use and pc use (with keyboard) even while on your lap. It is very crisp and clear with precise auto brightness function. Some tablets really don't utilize auto brightness very well. I think Samsung got it right this time around.

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      Top notch offering from Samsung

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      For those looking for a "total package" tablet then this would probably fill just about every need for one. The screen on this is quite nice. Playing some HD movies and YouTube channels on this looked really nice so there's no need, or concern, for a tablet with just another run-of-the-mill screen. Images are clear and video playback is crisp as are the colors. Keyboard is a welcomed addition and works pretty well with the tablet. I've personally never used a keyboard with my tablets however getting accustomed to this keyboard was relatively easy and intuitive. The S-Pen takes some time getting used to. Like with the keyboard, never used a pen/stylus on my tablets. While it's great for taking notes/drawing/etc, seems the UI/software takes a little getting used to. That said, I think with some time, it'll come to be a great little accessory for me. The overall fit and finish of this tablet is excellent. Previous Samsung tablets I had seemed kind of sloppy in terms of appearance. This is a solid piece design so that back doesn't come off. Everything from the buttons, speakers and SD slot are tightly fit giving this tablet a very sleek look. You probably will want some screen protectors or a nice case to ensure the tablet doesn't get messed up. The quad speakers is a very nice addition. When using the tablet in landscape mode watching a video or something, very nice to have the sound distributed evenly from the tablet as opposed to coming from one/two speakers. As expected there is a fair bit of Samsung bloatware on this so be prepared for that as well as some other pre-loaded apps. One of the nice things about this is the ability to create user accounts so this one tablet can be setup differently for multiple people in the household. Overall, really impressed with this. Battery life is quite good and charges quite fast compared to older tablets I've owned. Pretty stout hardware on the tablet so it's plenty fast enough for any task/app you'll need it for.

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