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Samsung - POWERbot R7040 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with Edge Clean - Neutral Gray

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Keep your floors spotless with this Samsung POWERbot Slim robot vacuum. Its sensors and mapping system automatically adapt to the pattern of floors in the home and effectively avoid obstacles. This Alexa-compatible Samsung POWERbot Slim robot vacuum provides maximum cleaning coverage including edges and corners thanks to its sophisticated edge-cleaning technology.

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    What's Included

    • 2 AA batteries
    • Remote control
    • Samsung POWERbot R7040 App-Controlled Robot Vacuum with Edge Clean

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    84% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (392 out of 472)


    Powerful robotic suction

    Powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning results.

    Visionary Mapping™ Plus and FullView Sensor™ 2.0

    Create an optimal cleaning path and avoid obstacles. The coverage map shows on the app where POWERbot has cleaned.

    Wi-Fi connectivity - Works with Amazon Alexa

    Remotely control your robot vacuum with your smartphone or voice control with Amazon Alexa*.

    Edge Clean Master

    Thoroughly cleans the corners and edges of the wall.

    CycloneForce™ technology

    More consistent power with less clogging.

    Easy Pass Wheels™

    Large wheels move smoothly over obstacles.

    Easy-to-clean and see-through dust canister.

    Intelligent power control

    Automatically detects surface types to optimize the suction power.


    Program the cleaning time.

    Washable filter for easy and cost-effective maintenance.

    Up to 60 min of cleaning time.

    *Amazon Alexa devices are sold separately.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars with 473 reviews

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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      A vacuum that gets smarter with automatic updates

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member
      • Top 250 ContributorTop 250 Contributor

      Pros Short enough to get under most furniture Edge cleaner Very quiet on normal mode Sound is not unpleasant even on max Large easy to clean and washable dust bin Washable/reusable filter Brushes don’t tangle easily Room mapping means more consistent vacuuming Integrates with Smartthings Integrates with Alexa Capable of vacuuming higher shag carpets than most Automatic recharging WiFi connectivity for remote status and control WiFi connectivity allows for automatic software upgrades and improved intellegence Automatically recharges and continues Mapping camera works in the dark Doesn’t require any remote sensors Can be set to automatically clean when you are away via SmartThings Doesn’t easily get tangled Doesn’t randomly bump into furniture to determine when to stop Vacuums around items left on floor instead of trying to run over them Cons Low slope on front often means transitions between surfaces are awkward Sometimes misses spots of a room or entire rooms No sensor to report full dust bin No dirt sensor to improve cleanup of heavier spots Tiny secondary wheels can build up hair and are hard to clean Cleaning brush has a bearing which can get clogged with hair and is hard to clean Instructions are not comprehensive and are partly in book and partly online Instructions for connecting to SmartThings at the time of review are incorrect Limited scheduling at time of review. No unique daily options or Normal/High suction programming Recommends an open 6-foot area for base station Not recommended to have base station under furniture for discreet storage Rams into black furniture Sometimes tries to edge clean corners diagonally Sometimes randomly loses app connection for short periods Short run time before needing recharge Sometimes acts as if it is avoiding obstacle that isn’t there in the middle of a room Can miss half a room if the door is in the middle No option for random vacuuming to bring up carpet fibers No handle to pick up Picking it up while charging during cleaning cancels the cleaning Robotic vacuums have been around for many years now and each year they seem to get even closer to replacing the need to manually vacuum. The Samsung Powerbot R7040 is a long way towards that goal. It doesn’t require any special remote sensors or excessive rearrangement of a room to function, although a light pickup of items on the floor wouldn’t hurt. It has a cleaning roller that, although not self-cleaning, requires little cleaning. There are no regular maintenance parts to replace as the filter is washable. The one issue with maintenance is there are some rollers that don’t come apart that hair tends to get stuck in. The Powerbot R7040 uses multiple sensors to navigate your house and has a base station to return to when it is time to charge. Vacuuming only has the options of S pattern or spot clean spiral. There is no option, at least at the time of the review, for a random pattern to help with your carpet getting matted. Where it stands out is with the included edge cleaner. When the it detects an edge, it can extend a brush to help get more out of the crease. This really helped in getting dust at the joint of the baseboard and floor. It offers a remote like many others as well as app connectivity as more do but it also includes SmartThings and Alexa integration. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this review the instructions for connecting to SmartThings were incorrect as it instructs you to press a button on your remote which does not exist. Once this issue is corrected you should be able to leave your house and SmartThings will automatically tell the Powerbot to clean your house. Until then, you can just open the Smart Home app and say goodbye. Alexa integration instructions were not included but possible. Connecting to Alexa does not function through the app or any modern browser. In fact, the connection only worked when performed using the Alexa app website and Internet Explorer. The Samsung pairing website failed to function on other browsers tested including Edge and Chrome. This does not appear to be an isolated incident as the overall rating for the Smarthome App for Alexa is 2 stars with multiple complaints about pairing devices and browser support. Once connected to Alexa, you just tell it to turn on the Robot Vacuum and off it goes. Strangely, when activating via Alexa the Powerbot only cleaned one room. Hopefully, with an automatic internet updates this could be corrected in a future update. In fact, some issues have already been resolved since the vacuum was first installed. Initially, the vacuum would only run for one single strip and the moment it tuned around the brushes would continue but the vacuum turned off. After leaving fully charged overnight to update, the next day the Powerbot got some smarts and could navigate and vacuum correctly. It has taken a lot of the day to day pickup out of the to-do list and is quiet enough to run while in the house. It is best to keep in mind that just like other robotic vacuums, there will be oddities of randomly missed spots and small amounts of debris sometimes missed. Typically, the next time the vacuum runs it seems to find those missed spots. If you have black furniture or other black items you may run into some issues. Normally the Powerbot senses furniture and gently comes up and cleans near it without bumping it. In testing, it would come full speed to black furniture and ram into it. It also ran on top of a black floor scale and became stuck. This can be prevented in most cases by using the boundary marker that is unfortunately not included. The Powerbot takes a lot of the small cleanup out of the daily routine. A standard vacuum would still be a good idea for periodic heavy cleanup. Although capable, the Powerbot doesn’t have the brush strength of suction power of a manual upright to get the deep cleaning. Even though it can automatically adjust suction power depending on surface it does not have a dirt sensor so generally expect a single pass over dirt no matter how thick. Using turbo mode can help pick up more but be prepared for it to spend more time charging than vacuuming. What it does do is allow you to extend the time between deep cleanings and enjoy an overall cleaner house day to day. This is especially helpful where small bits of dirt on a tile, laminate, or wood floor can make for an unpleased barefoot experience. It is also nice to see carpet less matted down between regular vacuuming. Hopefully Samsung will leverage the automatic WiFi updates to further improve the intelligence of this smart vacuum in the future. If you are in the market for a relatively affordable smart vacuum and features such as SmartThings integration, low maintenance, and automatic cleaning based on what you do then this might be the one for you. Assuming Samsung continues improving the software, which they usually do, this rating could be a 4.5 stars considering the price versus features. Just be sure to give it a night or two on the charger to update before passing judgement as it seems the shipping software has some bugs but the updated software is much better.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Excellent bot vac

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      It won't replace your old vacuum but it is a great addition. Design and Setup On paper it met all my expectations: - It had to have powerful and efficient cleaning - aggressive wheels to maneuver around obstacles - very intelligent mapping so it wouldn’t get stuck as often - a way to clean along walls and in corners - the ability to sense and transition between hardwood floors and carpet, and an easy way to set it up and control it remotely via wifi. Unboxing and setup was pleasantly uneventful. Good sign. Otherwise you just plug in the docking station, remove the plastic protecting the dustbin, turn on the power switch under the vacuum to give it power and set it on the dock to charge. Physical setup complete. To set up wifi, you download the Samsung Smart Home app from the play store and login or create a Samsung account. Press a button on the vacuum’s remote to enable wifi pairing, and a minute or two later setup is complete. Unfortunately this part can be a bit challenging depending on your platform. Non Samsung hardware users report problems with this set up as do users of Android Nougat. My Pixel XL refused to initially complete the set up then one day it worked... R7040 has multiple cleaning modes, including Auto, Spot clean and manual. You can set it to clean on a set schedule or at intervals throughout the day. It can clean your home on a single pass, or you can enable it to patrol the house continually until it needs a recharge. Cleaning power has 3 modes, Turbo, Normal and Quiet. Turbo is obviously the most effective, but it’s also the loudest. On normal mode you can watch TV without being disturbed at normal volume. In Turbo mode the R7040 is a cleaning monster. I have a very effective upright vacuum that is used regularly, and despite this the R7040 was able to pull an amazing amount of dirt and dog hair from the carpeting and floors. It adjusts itself to clean deeply when it senses it’s on carpeting and adjust power when it transitions to hardwood, and it does so seamlessly. The real star of the show, however is this Edge Cleaning system Samsung uses. Other robot vacs utilize long bristles to dislodge debris from corners and walls. In all of the research I’ve done this system seems to be hit or miss, with overly aggressive bristles sometimes spraying debris in all directions. The Samsung has a squeegee-like shutter that quietly deploys directly to the edge of the wall or corner and will pull the debris away from the wall so it can be accessed by the bristles. The words “Edge” flash on the screen and you can see and hear it in action. It’s not easy to get excited about a vacuum, but this is amazing. You can watch as it pulls dust and dog hair away from the wall and sucks it up effortlessly as the shutter retracts again. The device seems to map the environment and be aware of its surroundings very well. The wheels and traction are also impressive. It rolls over small obstacles effortlessly and hasn’t gotten stuck on the transition from floor to carpet. Just for fun, I spent quite a bit of time over the last four weeks placing items randomly around the house to see how it dealt with unexpected obstacles. With smaller, lighter items such as shoes or a tennis ball, it gently slows down as it approaches the item and begins to nudge it out of the way to resume it’s cleaning mission. For heavier items such as a chair or a pot, when it senses it can’t move the item it quickly adjusts its path around the object, testing each possible boundary until it has carved that section out of the map. If I later remove the object and make the path clear again, it’s fun to watch as it proceeds with caution until it sees the obstacle is no longer there. When it senses it’s not, it resumes its original path. I was only able to trap it twice, once under some bar stools cleverly arranged and the other was a fluke when it ran over a shoe and got stuck. I on numerous occasions tried to get it to go down stairs, it would not, sensed them every time and backed off. Maintenance seems very simple. The dust canister is removed with a button. There’s a washable filter which you remove and then pull out the dust container. Dump out the debris, reinstall the filter and snap it back in place. The app is surprisingly useful but again glitchy depending on your platform. From the app you can easily adjust the cleaning power, schedule and monitor battery life. The app will also let you know when cleaning is complete or if there’s any issue with the unit. PROS - Very impressed with the build quality and performance of the Powerbot R7040. -Have zero complaints with cleaning capability, battery life or usage. - It has the ability to pick up deeply embedded debris. - The ability to schedule cleaning times and utilize it immediately for spot cleaning is a great feature. - Cleaning and maintenance is easy. Cons - The manual mentions “boundary markers” as an optional accessory to prevent the vacuum from entering certain areas but are not included. - As mentioned the app can be glitchy but the remote is sufficient to operate. - It would have been nice if they would have somehow integrated the power adapter into the base unit as it is a bit awkward. Relatively few cons for a pretty high tech piece of hardware that performs beautifully. I would highly recommend this unit.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great for daily use, won't replace standup vacuum.

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member
      • Top 1000 ContributorTop 1000 Contributor

      Review Date: 6-14-2017 The setup for the Samsung - POWERbot R7040 App-Controlled Self-Charging Robot Vacuum wasn’t challenging, but I did have to read the manual, since this is my first robot vacuum. There’s an emergency safety switch on the bottom of the robot vacuum that must be flipped, otherwise, the vacuum won’t charge. Everything comes pre-assembled and you only have three components to deal with, the robot vacuum itself (which just requires you to remove stickers and protective plastic), the robot vacuum charging station (which just requires connecting the charging cable), and an included remote control. AAA Batteries are included for the remote. The three of the key features of this vacuum is the fact that it can connect to your WiFi network with the Samsung Smart Home App, that it can return to it’s charging station on it’s own, and that it can be scheduled to turn on and go on it’s pattern at the same time every day. I honestly didn’t think that it could return to its station, but I was gladly proven wrong. It’s amazing to see the little robot finish it’s job and store itself. Scheduling can be done with the remote control and powerbot. The one thing I counted on working was the App and unfortunately, that was a total let down. The performance of this robot vacuum was great. The area that I placed it in is the carpeted room that gets the most traffic. The furniture in the area is tall and more than spacious for the robot to go under, which it did. Turned it on and let the vacuum to it’s thing while I got ready for the day. When I came downstairs, it had gotten stuck with an area rug’s fringes. The manual says that, if connected to the WiFi network, the app should tell me that is has gotten stuck with something. The app, though, is what ended up underperforming. After downloading the app, you are given option to add a new device. I went to the robot vacuum section and I was told to press a the clock button to turn the access point on the robot vacuum on (essentially, you are making your robot vacuum into a WiFi connection for your phone to communicate with it). I did that successfully. The next step is for the robot vacuum to identify your WiFi network and for you to enter your password alongside it. The first time, it wouldn’t recognize my home network but would pick up my neighbors. The problem with this is that I wasn’t given an option to choose networks, it automatically wanted me to connect to my neighbor’s WiFi. I had to close down the app and restart the process. The second time, it recognized my own home network. Though I was able to successfully connect the vacuum to my WiFi, on the last step, I got a connection failed message. I tried it again a third time and I got the same message. I couldn’t get it to successfully connect. The process is made more frustrating because it can you can’t go back a step on the app. If you have to retread one step, you have to actually close the app and reopen it and start from the beginning. This powerbot vacuum meets my expectations but the companion app doesn’t. Since the companion app isn’t necessary for the vacuum to function, I only deducted one star, as most will probably ignore the app. The features that the app claim to provide, though, sound great, as receiving a notification when there’s a problem can have you take care of the situation before letting time pass by thinking everything is ok. The powerbot dust collecting bin isn’t large, so I would suggest that before the first use, run a full sized vacuum through the room. After that, you can schedule it to do little details daily and you won’t have to work about the bigger vacuum unless you have a giant mess to suddenly deal with. The price for the soundbar in terms of value is slightly high, but worth the investment. I wouldn’t get rid of my stand-up vacuum since I have a two story home with multiple rooms that are carpeted. If I wanted to take advantage of the robot vacuum recharging itself, I would have to unplug the charging dock and install it in every single room one at a time. Nonetheless, if you have an area that receives the most foot traffic, then you would do yourself a favor and invest in this. I highly recommend this product for people who may not have time to clean a frequented area often. The powerbot has a feature that easily takes care of cornered areas and it works as advertised. Scheduling can be down with the remote or the powerbot itself, so you can schedule the powerbot to clean while you are out. It’s not too loud, but you can hear it working, so I would not advise using this while nearby people are asleep. If you don’t plan on tinkering with the app, you are going to love this.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Powerful efficient cleaning machine

      • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
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      • Top 500 ContributorTop 500 Contributor

      I have wanted a robotic vacuum for many years now -- ever since Roomba released their first vac. I just love the idea of having an automated system clean your house while you do something else. The problem I've had with this type of device is the cost. Some of them cost more than a professional-grade computer. So, I was thrilled when this one from Samsung became available. Not only is it a much more affordable price, but it's 'smart' and very easy to use. Getting started with the vacuum is pretty easy. It comes pre-assembled with the exception of putting the batteries in the remote and unwrapping the power cables for the charging dock. I do advice any future users to read through the manual before getting started. It makes the process much easier. Can you 'feel' your way through it? Yes, but you will probably spend more time doing that then it takes to read through the instructions. That said, I wish the vacuum came with a quick start guide. It has a full manual that includes a lot of background and warning information that is good for reference, but not really necessary when you are trying to just get it started. The first step in the process is to set-up the charging dock. This is simple as it just requires plugging the dock into power. There is an instruction that states it must be "turned on at all times." This step can be confusing because on my model (the 7040) there is no power button. The manual is meant for more than just my model so I wonder if maybe that instruction was meant for other models. It's a good idea to install the dock on a level surface so that the vacuum can latch onto it easily. After you get the dock plugged in and powered on, you should add the batteries (included) to the remote and then place the vacuum on the dock. When you first unbox it, there may be some charge to it, but I would recommend letting it get a full charge before you try to use it. This could take up to 3 hours, but it's well-worth the wait. There is a manual power switch on the bottom of the vacuum that much be turned on in order to use or charge the vacuum. It's an 'emergency' switch that I'm guessing is a kill switch in case the vacuum gets out of hand when it's cleaning. This switch is hidden behind a semi-transparent covering. If you refer to the diagram in the manual, it does show you just where to look for it. Once the vacuum is done charging the word "FULL" will appear in the display on the unit. Now, you can use the Powerbot without connecting it to your smartphone, but that's really part of its charm. This is really the only place where I encountered a major problem with the vacuum. It wouldn't show up as a network for me to connect to it. After about 10-15 minutes of attempts to connect to our home WiFi, I was finally able to have a signal to the vacuum. We have a mesh network in our home so it has a strong signal everywhere it moves throughout the house. Along these lines, I need to mention how incredibly bad the app for the vacuum is. While I was setting it up, it crashed on me more than 4 times and it really set me back on the set up process. One time I was nearly done and it crashed forcing me to start at the beginning again. I've heard that many other people have had the same issues. If the app gets its bugs worked out it might be really nice to use, but until it does, it's unusable. Please remember the vacuum is wonderfully built and works great. It's the app that needs a bunch of work. If the vacuum didn't have a manual remote it would not be useable. There are some vacuums that you have to 'train' before getting started, but the Powerbot has a great edge-sensing feature that causes it to autocorrect anytime it finds a border. This is pretty cool because it means you can say, "Go," and it cleans without needing direction. The only downside to this is that the vac can get caught places or it misses areas because it hits a piece of furniture and thinks it's a wall. We ran into this a few times, but for the most part, the Powerbot does a great job making it through the entire house. It's powerful enough on the standard setting that we haven't even had to use the 'turbo' setting yet. It picks up plenty of dirt, dust, pet dander, and hair during its trip throughout the house. Cleaning out the collection bin is very easy as is clearing the rotating brush. I empty the bin after every trip through the house and clear the brush every 3-4 days. I have been very happy with the vacuum's performance and even though we still use a standard vacuum a couple times a week (we are more accurate than the Powerbot) but I love being able to have this little guy run through the house every night to pick up the day's dirt. I can definitely recommend this for anyone in the market for a robotic vacuum.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Kinda like a personal assistant

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Once again, my skeptic tenancies were proven wrong with the Powerbot. I honestly thought it was going to be a gimmicky thing that would in no way replace my current vacuum but my husband wanted to try it out so I went ahead and "took the plunge." Firstly, I have not used my standard vacuum since I got the Powerbot not too long ago. I can put it on a schedule DIRECTLY FROM MY PHONE from anywhere in the world via the SmartThings app; not to mention it is compatible with Google assist and Alexa. It has a ton of sensors that sense baseboards, obstructions, and "Cyclops"(my kids named it) quickly learns his surroundings and develops an general floorplan the more he cleans. By the way, it has a Cyclone force wall so that's why my kids named it Cyclops. I must also say, I have a ton of stairs in my home of three levels; I just knew this thing was going to "cyclone" right down the stairs sooner or later ---- well that has not and won't likely happen as my Powerbot has all these sensors that really prevent it from such a fall. It would be nice to have some of those of my own! I also have the ability to create boundary walls, to stop him from going into places I don't want him, I can auto command spot cleaning either from my remote (yes it even comes with a remote!) or directly from my phone just by pointing to the spot I want to clean. He even learned how to hop right onto my area rug, my carpet, and my hardwood floors just after the first time I turned him on. My husband has gotten to the point where it is an event in the house when the Powerbot is running because it's like we have this assistant that cares about dirt, dust, and crumbs all over the floor and with three kids we get plenty of that! One last thing --- this is truly a SMART bot. It senses exactly what the problem is whenever it encounters one. For example, its awesome suction sucked up a tiny little trinket toy of my daughters. I then got a notification on my phone that a "foreign object" was in the Bot; so then I went and removed it, and he went back to his normal routine. This is almost a personal assistant for us! If anyone were wondering what difference the Powerbot makes, just take it from me ---- I am a mom who ran her vacuum cleaner ever single day. I have not touched it ONCE since getting the Powerbot. Case closed!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Convenient daily cleaning at the cost of utility

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      Pros -Quiet for a vacuum -Decent suction and cleaning -Fairly robust pathfinding -Spot cleaning function -Mobile app gives good control -Easy to empty Cons -Expensive -Slow total clean time Pathfinding can get stumped by irregular furniture. -Doesn't clean as well as stand vacuum -Box doesn't come with area boundary tags -2.4 GHz Wi-Fi only ( for those that only have 5 GHz bands in their homes ) Overall The obvious answer first is no, this won't replace a regular upright vacuum. This can only clean floors, not stairs, not furniture, and not the dust from shelves and ceiling fans. What it will do is keep a few rooms in your home clean of regular dust and dirt buildup. You can assign whatever schedule for it that works for you through the mobile application ( Android and iOS only ). Those that are concerned about their home network security, using the mobile app does require you to create a Samsung Smart Home account and to link the POWERbot to your wireless network ( 2.4 GHz only it seems ). The app also gives you useful info such at current status, battery life, and any maintenance warnings. The built-in sensors and pathfinding algorithms are fairly good and the POWERbot doesn't get stuck very often. It uses a camera to track its motion by watching the ceiling to keep from getting lost and to find its way back to the charging station. Some irregular furniture may throw it for a loop if they have lots of contact points with the ground, but it eventually makes its way free. Regular tables and chairs aren't a problem. However it's not always the most efficient in terms of movement. It's not uncommon for the pathfinding to take multiple passes over one area only before finally making one pass over a missed spot. It's also not the most exact when navigating around table legs or small niche corners, leaving a couple small swaths uncleaned. The bigger problem with it going over the same spots multiple times is wasted battery. This means it runs out of power before the whole room is clean and must return to the charge station before being able to complete it. This means the battery will have to be replaced more often than it would need to be otherwise during the life of the vacuum. I wish it had a feature that I could program in the dimensions of the actual room it was in to give it a rough outline of where to clean and where not to bother. You do get a remote that you can use to manually direct it, but when the whole point of a product is that it's autonomous, it's not a great workaround. The manual also mentions boundary tags that allow you to mark off areas ( so the vacuum doesn't fall down stairs or drive into a fireplace ) but they're not included in the box. The docking/charging station is somewhat problematic. It asks to be placed on a hard, flat, level surface with at least 18 inches open area on each side. For most homes, that's likely in the kitchen where the vacuum would be underfoot most the time. The power cord also has a brick which can't be hidden in the dock, so it must sit along the baseboard creating another small obstacle for the POWERbot to clean around. You can put the dock on carpet, but as most carpet dips at the edge of the wall due to it being tucked down on the tackstrip, you'll receive repeated notices in the mobile app that the dock needs to be leveled out. In the end, robot vacuums trade utility for convenience. It can't clean everything and it's not strong enough to clean out big messes, stamped in dirt, or caked on food. It does have a spot clean feature to handle light spill areas without trying to vacuum the whole room. But it general it can keep your carpet and hard surfaces clean from the day to day accumulation of dirt and dust pretty well, and quietly ( about as noisy as a dishwasher, far quieter than a regular standup vac ). I can run mine while my son naps upstairs without it waking him up. It's up to you if that convenience is worth the $400 price tag. It's a luxury item, no doubt about it, but at least one that offers a measurable service.

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    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Well made with good suction; software needs work

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      This new robot vacuum employs some great new technologies to help it effective clean large spaces autonomously, but not all of the elements are working perfectly together just yet. Design: The unit itself is well constructed with a high quality design. The top of the units features a camera which attempts to map your rooms by looking up at the ceiling and button to easily eject the dustbin. The dustbin is bag-less and includes a washable / reusable filter. The roller brush is at the front of the unit and spans most of the width of the front end, effectively reaching the edges of the device. There is also an interesting "shutter" that can be extended when the unit is facing a wall or baseboard to pull debris back from the very edge of the wall into the vacuum. The only minor negative here is that the bot is tall enough that it didn't quite fit under some of our kitchen cabinet doors, reducing the value of the edge cleaning function. Setup: Setup is easy. Plug in and position the base station against a baseboard with about 1-2 ft of room either side and connect the vacuum to the dock to charge. The device can be connected to your home Wifi network using the free Samsung Smart Home app and following some quick and easy directions. Once connected, the bot can be controlled from your smartphone and can pull down software updates over the internet. Initial and subsequent charges take 2+ hours, so not the fastest charging battery out there. Samsung also includes an infrared remote which requires no setup (other than installing the included AAA batteries) and allows you to steer or otherwise command the robot. Performance: There are two primary cleaning modes: spot clean (which does expanding concentric circles from the unit's current location) and automatic, which attempts to automatically clean one entire level of the house (apparently boundary markers are available separately). The spot cleaning mode worked fine for small cleanup jobs. Suction performance is excellent, and the device did a great job cleaning up spilled powder, cat hair, and anything in between. The rollers do a good job of getting pet hair out of shallow fiber carpet. The unit also automatically adjusts suction based on the type of surface (higher for carpet and lower for hard floors). Two settings are available, but I found the "normal" setting to be totally adequate and very quiet (at least as robot vacs go). Where this device stumbles is in navigation. In theory, it will map your floor, navigate around obstacles, and come back to cover missed areas, moving from room to room until finished. It does successfully return to base after cleaning, so definitely maintains a good sense of location awareness. That said, I've run into several issues: 1. The unit often stumbles in trying to get up onto rugs when cleaning a hard floor. Sometimes it manages, sometimes it gives up and turns around. 2. When one side of the device hits an obstacle, it will sometimes spin around as the wheels keep turning and the free side rotates. It does appear to try to keep track of how much it turned, but its not always successful, and sometimes it will end up no longer cleaning in parallel lines as a result. 3. Sometimes when it misses an area (perhaps because of an obstacle), it won't go back to that area later even though it is accessible from a different direction. As a result, it does not necessarily cover your entire floor. I observed it miss several sections when watching how the navigation works. 4. It gets stuck too easily as it backs into things that might lift the rear wheels. Think certain kinds of chair or table legs, music stands, etc. 5. The brush wraps around even relatively short tassels on the edges of rugs, including some that didn't trip up other robots we've tried. This means those rugs need to be taken off the floor before vacuuming. Of the 3-4 times I've tried so far to have it clean in fully autonomous mode, it has only managed to complete the process once, each of the other times getting stuck with one of the items mentioned above. I think the hardware is pretty good, but the navigation software needs more work to better tolerate these different situations. The good news is that the software is fully upgradeable, so hopefully we'll see improvements over time. The battery provides a solid 1.5 - 2 hour run time, so in theory the unit could clean quite a large area if the navigation works correctly. I really hoped I'd love this bot better, but the navigation issues are really unfortunate. It's still useful and will hopefully improve with time. If you have a relative simple layout in your home and few rugs / other obstacles, this device would probably do a great job, especially since the actual cleaning power is exemplary. If you have a lot of floor to carpet transitions, complex room geometry, and/or other obstacles, this unit is probably not the best choice. Recommended with reservations.

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Amazing suction and cleaning power!

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      I love my new Samsung PowerBot R7040. I wish I looked into these vacuums a long time ago because the cleaning power definitely surpasses my upright shark I push around 3 times a day. My 3 kids literally get the floors so dirty and this sucked it all up in no time at all. It's the best feeling to walk out a dirty room with this on and when you walk back in its magically clean. I save some much time with this powerbot. The Samsung PowerBot really surspised me with how well it cleans. It doesn't hold a lot but it packs a big suction. It has tons of cool features and a remote control. I love that it can be connected to my Samsung Connect App on my phone and all my Samsung devices are in one place. It also works with Amazon Alexa which I'll have to look into. I'd love to start my vacuum talking to it :) This model has 20x more suction power and creates it's own cleaning path. It avoids things and goes right around them which is great when you have kids although I do try to pick things up before I start her up. It cleans all the way to the edge and is surrounded with sensors and a camera for optimal cleaning. There really isn't anything I don't like about this cyclone force vacuum. The charging dock sits on the floor and it was easy to set up and get running. I love how it vacuums in straight lines and the canister pops out with the push of a button to be emptied. It's easy to clean wiping it down and the brush pops out for cleaning too. This powerbot also has features that include setting a time schedule for cleaning, spot cleaning, repeat cleaning and manual cleaning and there's even a quiet mode option. There is so much with this vacuum it's hard to name them all but I'm definitely so happy with it. It surpassed my expectations and I would definitely recommend this vacuum. Were still looking for a name for her too.

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