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Shure - AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones - White

Model:SHU SBH2350WH
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Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars with 70 reviews

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  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Shure Aonic 50

    The Shure Aonic 50 headphone is a great headphone it’s very open great sound stage. it’s not bass heavy there’s enough bass without overwhelming you. The app works great you can really Custom tailor your sound, you can add more bass if your into a heavier bass response they are very comfortable to wear. I also have B&W PX headphones Studio beats some old Original akg which are great too. If you want Close back cans these are great

    Posted by Philly

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    So good I'm speechless.

    Where to begin on these. The difference between these and my Bose QuietComfort is night and day. Literally makes the Bose sound like agerage Skullcandy headphones. The clarity is unreal. Paired with HiFi sub to Tidal and I'm speechless with how amazing these sound.

    Posted by rjerrell87

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    Awesome audio experience!

    Shure has been known for making high quality headphones and microphones for a few years now, and I cannot think of any products really geared toward general consumers, until now. I was not sure what to expect from their new AONIC 50 but opted to give them a try to see what all the hype was about. The packaging is a bit unique but designed in a way that properly secures the contents. Included in the round box, you’ll find a nice round semi-hard carrying case, which houses the headphones when not in use, a 3.5 mm headphone audio cable, a USB C to A cable for charging and digital listening, and a manual. There is also quick start guide in an inner envelope, attached on the inside of the box, that walks through pairing. The headphones came with about a 60% charge out of the box, which allowed for powering on, Bluetooth pairing, and immediate use. Using the USB C cable makes the unit plug and play on PC (in my case a Windows 10 Laptop) and were immediately setup by the OS for use. This did not require changing any settings, as my PC audio began playing through the headset immediately. It should be noted that the included cable is designed for use near the PC and will require a longer cable if your desktop or laptop USB port is a bit out of reach. On the rear side of the right earphone you’ll find volume buttons, a center button used for various functions, including answering or hanging up a call, skipping tracks (FWD/Back), and for activating your personal assistant on iOS or Android OS. The power button is also used for initiating pairing, by pressing and holding down during power up. The voice prompts make the process easy, and for a built-in voice, it is clear and easy to understand. You can tell Shure wanted the experience to feel higher quality by not including a mono sounding voice for this process. The power button can also be used to check the battery level by double tapping the button. This is useful for Bluetooth paired devices, like a Mac, which may not display the battery level on the Bluetooth menu. You will also find the toggle switch that enables Noise Cancelling, normal listening, and an “Environment” listening setting that does a great job amplifying the sound around you. On the bottom of the left earphone, you will find the 3.5 mm jack for plugging in older devices that may not have a USB connection or Bluetooth. This makes the device compatible with just about any listening device of your choosing. The headphones are not terribly bulky, are light weight, have a very premium feel with aluminum like metal finish, and the top headband has a nice comfortable and soft feel, along with the headphones themselves. The headphones do fold inward, for easy storing in the case, and for placement in a bag and with the carrying case. It also has the added benefit of making it easy to adjust the headphones to you, for a better listening experience. Identifying right and left is made easy by looking either inside the earphone with a large “R” or “L” or on the metal portion of the headset with the same R/L on either side. The included case has a small pocket, with a Velcro tab, to secure the included cables and manual, along with an elastic strap that runs horizontally to hold the headphones in place when stored. Having an iPhone, the pairing process was straightforward and quick. Hold the power button while the headphones are powered off, until you hear the pairing notification after they power on. Using the Bluetooth settings menu, you will see the Shure 50, and simply tap on it. There was no need to confirm any pairing codes, and the headphones connected right away. The other neat thing about this, is the ability to connect them to both your PC, using the USB C cable, and have it paired with Bluetooth to your phone. Should you get a notification on your iPhone, you will likely hear it over Bluetooth, and playing content on your PC will then play over the headphones while plugged in and your iPhone isn’t in use. You will, however, notice a pause of audio coming from your PC when a notification or music is played over Bluetooth while plugged in. This is a great way to stay connected at work on your PC with the cable, and on your personal iOS device over Bluetooth (not sure if Android will do this). While using the headphones with the USB cable on a PC, you will hear an audio notification when the battery is fully charged. Having new Bluetooth 5 devices means better connection and coverage. If you are working from home or at an office, and step away from your desk a short distance, the headphones maintain a connection without any loss in quality. In my case, I was able to keep my iPhone in my bedroom and walk to my kitchen without any disconnection or distortion. Even with a Bluetooth 4.1 Mac, I was able to maintain a good connection, until I was at the far end of my home. While this is always dependent on your environment, I found a similar strong connection with every device I had paired and was actively using; in my case, an iPhone 11 Pro, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro (desktop), and a Windows Laptop with Bluetooth 5. There is also a free app available in the App Store called “Shure Play” that can be installed on iOS, which allows you to adjust the environment mode volume, gives you basic battery, and also allows adjustment of the Noise Cancelling between “Max” and “Normal” options. When you launch the app for the first time, you’ll receive a few permission pop ups for Bluetooth discovery and for allowing access to your Apple Music library (for iOS users). You will find a Music button that provides you with your music library and allows for creation of custom playlists. While the app isn’t required for use, you will find various feature options, firmware updates, and changing prompt notifications will require the app. It is important to note that any playlists you have saved in Apple Music are not imported over. However, you can search your music library using Artists, Albums, Songs, and Genres. It will also display any recently added tracks for easy selection. Any music played within the Shure app, is not played using the native Apple Music app. So, if you hit play on the Apple Music app at any point or the Shure Play app is closed completely (not simply minimized in the background), it will stop playback of the Shure Play selection. The Shure Play app will also not display the current playing track on Apple Music if you are using the native Apple Music app. It acts independently and provides a great listening experience if used on its own. Navigating the library was like using the native app and adding tracks to a playlist was also quite easy. The Shure Play app also has some helpful settings, located on the settings tab for EQ audio presets. This is disabled by default and can be toggled on with 5 pre-set options available. You can also create your own EQ settings, which allows for a more personalized listening experience. The app makes this easier in landscape mode, using the touch screen to make fine adjustments. The EQ even allows you to adjust the gain, for those tracks that tend to be quieter. Even without EQ settings adjusted, the audio is clear and lows are at a good level, but with EQ the audio is amped up for an even better experience. There are is also an option to perform a firmware updates, which does require the device is paired and turned on to complete. The process of updating the firmware only took a few minutes to complete and requires the app to be open. Even without the EQ settings, I would like to point out that the audio is clear, and highs and lows reproduced beautifully. The headphones are amazingly comfortable to wear, and the various articulation points make for easy placement on your head. If the noise cancelling is toggled off, the headphones still do a great job producing a pleasurable listening experience, albeit with some background noise. Noise cancelling was quite effective, especially when set to the “Max” setting, and found that it does a great job cancelling out most background noise. Having a home full of small dogs that like to bark at the smallest noise, or squirrel movement in the back yard, make the noise cancelling (NC) feature really shine. I would imagine these would work well in busy airports, office environments, louder homes, and would even cancel out the ambient noise from my fan running in the background. Overall, I am really impressed with the level of cancellation that the headphones can produce and compare to most other premium headphones with similar features (having owned three other premium brands). I am also incredibly impressed by the Environment mode. When toggled, it resembles microphone monitoring on some headphones, with environment sound amplified for easy listening. This is especially great if you are on a conference call but need to listen to your colleagues, or family members, conversing with you in the same room. The volume of the environment mode is also easily adjusted using the Shure Play app, and even on the lowest setting makes it easy to hear those around you. It has the added benefit of amplifying your own voice when you are speaking, or if you want the satisfying sound of clicking coming from your mechanical keyboard while you work. Overall, I would recommend these for anyone looking for great sounding audio, those with high quality audio needs, remote workers and even those in a loud office environment. Shure has really done a great job delivering on the noise cancelling, while maintaining an excellent listening experience. The crisp clear audio, with deep bass, easily bests some of the other brands you have come to know, with a quality construction that feels solid while providing comfortable long-term wear.

    Posted by Samrio

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