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Buying Bose® Wireless Headphones

Why Choose Bose® Bluetooth Headphones?

Though wireless headphones are manufactured by a multitude of companies, Bose® is always one of the top-rated brands thanks to the company’s decades-long reputation for innovating high-quality products engineered to provide the best possible sound. Audiophiles have discovered that whether they choose Bose® wireless noise-canceling headphones, Bose® wireless earbuds or any other Bose® wireless headphones, they can count on comfort, style, long battery life and most importantly, an immersive audio experience that provides the same true-to-life sound long associated with the Bose® brand. Among the choices are a variety of Bose® wireless headphone models with Bluetooth technology, designed to make connecting compatible devices simple. In fact, with many Bose® Bluetooth earphones, multi-function controls allow switching seamlessly between two Bluetooth devices. Change the volume or change tracks while you’re listening to your MP3 player, for instance, then take a call on your smartphone with the integrated microphone, using only the controls on the headphones.

Bose® Wireless Headphones Styles

All types of Bose® Bluetooth headphones can provide you with the dynamic listening you want. But which style will work best for you? A good first step is to determine how you expect to use your new headphones. For example, if you want them primarily for exercising, you may want to start by looking at Bose® Bluetooth earbuds because they’ll stay in place even during vigorous workouts. If you’ll be using your headphones for travel, work or commuting via public transportation, you may want to focus on Bose® wireless noise-canceling headphones.

So, how do the styles differ? In-ear headphones are inserted in your ear canals, while earbuds sit just outside your ear canals. Both are small, lightweight and extremely portable, making them easy to transport. Both can block out hubbub without noise-cancellation technology, and without cranking the volume to levels that could lead to hearing loss. On-ear headphones are generally fashioned from lightweight materials, so they tend to be non-bulky, while letting more of the sound environment around you get through. Over-ear headphones are known for providing a comfortable fit, and can include advanced noise canceling and high-fidelity sound features. Though not highly portable, they do provide natural isolation and noise rejection even without noise-canceling tech, and they often provide the most pristine sound you can get with headphones.

Using Bose® Wireless Headphones for Traveling

Renowned for lightweight comfort, Bose® Bluetooth headphones tend to make splendid travel companions, even on long trips. Use them with your laptop computer to watch movies or binge-watch your favorite show, or use them with your tablet to play your favorite games. Many travelers use noise-canceling headphones to block out the racket of cars, buses and airplanes, including noisy fellow passengers. Plus, working outside of the office can be easier with headphones that have Google Assistant built-in for checking messages and answering questions. Something else to consider is that while Bose® wireless earphones are known for having a long battery life, you may want to make power packs part of your travel gear to get juice on the go, so you’ll never find yourself unable to use your Bose® wireless headphones due to drained batteries.