Better With Bose

Wherever you go, Bose will create a wireless world of sound for you. Tune out or work up a sweat, lose yourself or stay connected to the world around you. With powerfully engineered headphones and speakers that bring music to you, the music you love is so close.

Good to Go Has Never Been Better

Wherever your work day — or workout — takes you, Bose has created a pair of headphones that suits your lifestyle. And with the freedom of fully wireless sound, your music is closer than ever.

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Your Playlists — Wherever You Play

What's better than having the music you love provide the soundtrack for your daily adventures? Bose speakers prove that portability and great sound don't have to be mutually exclusive.

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Legendary Sound Is in the House

The right speaker can turn your home into an oasis of sound. And the Bose family of wireless speakers lets you hear your favorite movies or music like never before. Start with one or add on, in one room or every room.

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Carefully Designed with Kids in Mind

With BoseBuild, kids can create a fully functioning speaker that's no toy. It rewards their efforts with a lifetime of sound that empowers them to learn and inspires them to listen

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