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  • Specifications
    Mobile Device Printing
    ENERGY STAR Certified
    Printer Type
    Printer, Copier, Scanner, All In One
    ISO Color Print Speed
    13 pages per minute
    ISO Mono Print Speed
    18 pages per minute
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Canon - MAXIFY MegaTank GX3020 Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer - White

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Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars with 44 reviews

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  • Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars

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  • Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    Great Printer... Could be Smarter!

    THIS… is the Canon Mega Tank GX3020 which is Canons new small at home printer setup for all your printing, scanning and copying needs. It is a nice sized printer in canons iconic off white build, matched with an app, a 1.3” screen and several buttons to get the job done. This printer is claimed to be able to print 6,000 black and white pages and 14,000 colored pages on a full tank… and while I didn’t test this as I don’t have 14,000 things to print let alone 6,000 - it seems to be accurate, as the print levels hardly went down after my testing which included several full page prints of my dog (Lila you made it to the big screen!). Another notable feature is that this printer doesn’t take “cartridge” ink and rather takes bottle ink that easily pours into the tank correlated with a specific sized and keyed head on the bottle to match the color to the right bottle color so you can’t accidentally put yellow in the black and vice versa. With all that being said…. Lets cut into it! Setup - This is absolutely the biggest thorn in my side with almost every printer, and the Canon GX3020 wasn’t the exception to this unfortunately. It took me about an hour and a half to set this printer up and get it connected. The app makes it seem as if all you have to do it turn on the printer…. But that never resulted in the printer showing up in the app to pair. I also had to go into the settings of the printer to setup the WIFI and get it connected (twice!). I wish it was so much simpler, such as joining the printers local WIFI and having it mesh to my home WIFI - which the printer ultimately did after several hoops and hurdles. Build Quality - The GX3020 feels very premium, made of a nice cream and black plastic with soft close hinges. Everything was very well made and thought out, the buttons have a nice click and everything opens and closes ever so perfectly. If we remove how small and bad the screen is (which is relatively minor after setup) it is a near perfect build. Everything laid out on this printer just makes sense, and is very obviously well thought out. I really wouldn’t change a thing and really enjoy how this printer looks on my shelf. Print Quality - The Canon GX3020 really shocked me with not only how quick and quiet it printed, but also how well it did. From custom print sizes to it auto sizing the photos I sent from my phone to the paper - the whole process was quick and seamless. I also really enjoyed the double sided print feature, which took me a second to figure out, but once I did was super nice! Scanning and copying was also a breeze and it scans quite nice, with the ability to email what you scanned to whoever needs to see it quite easily as well. I have to say everything past the setup has been so easy and effortless that it really starts to makeup for it. Mobile App - While simple, the mobile app does everything you could need it to do. Print, copy, print photos from multiple sources (including your phone), check ink levels, order ink and scan documents/images with its scanning feature using your smartphones camera. While the printer setup could use some work, the app itself is quite nice and simple! I really enjoy that canon made it simple, quick and intuitive - if you need to do something, the app just ~does it~ ! Gripes - While I feel as if I don’t have many overall gripes, and the gripes I do have can be easily fixed (mostly), it does really negatively alter my thoughts on the printer. First, the screen on the printer is actually god awful - there should be no world where a $400 canon printer has a significantly worse screen than a $150 Epson printer. On top of that, it is slow? There was lag in my inputs and I could see the screen refresh to new screens. Second, the setup process was actually pulling teeth worthy if you aren’t directly connecting it, and the process feels like it was made when printers were invented. I have never had such an issue pairing a printer to its own app, and I really think this is something Canon needs to focus on in an update because I would have really thought about returning it during the setup process. The last, and arguably most important thing is the lack of education included with the printer. It has three paper feeding areas and I cannot tell you which does what and which one NEEDS paper. Do I put paper in all three, just the bottom tray or just one? The app hardly connects the printer, and does an even worse job at educating you on the features you just spent $400 on. Things I loved - Once we get past the setup process, the printer did almost automatically connect every time without error. I can safely say at least it was a one time hair pull, but if I had to do it again I would throw the printer in the trash. The print quality on this printer is actually the best I have seen… and it isn’t even the top model. It was also very easy to send print task to the printer from my phone on the fly, have the printer auto adjust the image to the page, and have it print quickly and quietly. In fact it was so quiet I started to get mad at first thinking it didn’t get the command but lone behold it came out quickly and quietly! This printer also has a massive internal storage for paper so it doesn’t have to be outside the printer exposed to life (and kids…. Stop taking my printer paper!!). I also love how I can check how much printer ink I have left just glancing at it, and the options for refilling it are quite abundant and cost effective! Conclusion - While the setup process was horrendous and the education could use some work, this has been a great, reliable printer with everything a household could need for years (yes YEARS!) with the 3 year warranty included with the printer. While it is $400 up front, I think that it will prove to be a cheaper option over time due to its low cost ink refiling and ease of use. I think that should canon fix the setup and include some prompts on what each paper loading section is for, this would easily be a 5 star auto buy printer. I can confidently put this at 4 stars with room to grow as my biggest issues are all software. I am glad I have this printer now and it has easily taken over the spot for printing in my household. As always, BestBuy has excellent customer service and a great return policy, so you never have to worry about buying a product that you don’t like.

    Posted by Exander

  • Rated 3 out of 5 stars

    Easy Setup, Very Small LCD Screen

    The Canon-Maxify Mega Tank, GX3020X, comes well packed within its box, containing 4 bottles of ink, blue, pink, yellow,and black, electrical plug-in, and a very brief, picture only, setup instructions. You need to go onto Canon's website to get the user manual and really dig for instructions. So, i have never had a Canon printer before. I was curious how i would like Canon, great cameras for sure. First, the initial setup, after downloading the mobile app from the Google play store, was fabulous. The instructions say that it is equally usable with MAC operating systems and will print to Airprint. Setup through the app is seamless, easy peasy, and Wi-Fi connection to my older office desktop computer that utilizes the Windows 10 operating system was fast and efficient. I have no problems with any of that part of the set-up. I am a 63 year old CPA and the small 1" x 1" LCD screen is a very real problem for me personally. I tried the copy, print, and scan features. This model does not hsve an auto doc feeder. To tell the truth, I think the next model up does and I do think that this probably is a good idea to spend the additional money for that feature. In order to copy, the user must load paper, not in the main drawer, but the top entry portal to proceed. Again, the screen is so small that following operating directions is problematic for me. I do not remember being prompted to download, on my computer, utility drivers and other software to scan from printer to computer, but you can use the mobile app to do scanning to your mobile phone. I did register my printer through a 'My Canon' account and used that to get these downloads in order to do several functions, i could not get scanning done from just using the tiny screen on the computer. So. I forgot to state that it is an inkwell type of printer, not a cartridge type. Putting the fluid into the tanks is easy, but i was reading that if you move it, transport the printer back in the big plastic bag it came in and make sure that all the ink tank covers are securely fastened in order to prevent spills. Print quality is sharp, speed is fine after 1st page out, but i can't get over the tiny screen that also cannot be tilted or adjusted to get a better viewing angle against glare, etc.

    Posted by KansasMeddlingMom

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars

    To the MAX

    The printer industry had become stagnant for sometime with the whole ink cartridge fiasco where specific companies were blocking ways for consumers to save money by “refilling” their cartridges at home. As a business you want to prioritize revenue and as a consumer you want the best value for your purchase. Finding a middle ground was a hassle until as of recent nearly every company has their hand in on the high yield ink printers. Canon has entered the market with their Maxify line of printers. I have the GX3020 and I am impressed with it but it doesn’t come as a surprise because Canon makes phenomenal products. I own a number of their printers and Cameras which do go hand in hand. :::General Impressions::: This is as basic as it gets because you can’t say much about a printer that hasn’t been said before. In this box you’ll find full sized bottles of ink (much appreciated), the printer itself and the power cable. You’ll also find the manual on how to set it up. I had initially ran into a little trouble with set up but once I had figured things out I was able to get my PC and my Cellular device working I was able to print out documents and photos with ease. Setup took around 5 minutes with the settings that I prefer such as documents being printed from the main tray and the rear tray for photo printing when I prefer to do so. One thing to be aware of is that this printer is huge. I have about two other printers a traditional type of Canon and a competing brand and still this printer is huge but despite that it is very lightweight almost like a feather. :::Pros & Cons::: Pros: - Software (Software is available for Windows, MAC, Android & IOS) - Fast (no matter what I print it comes out fast & startup doesn’t take ages) - Quality prints (No bleeding or smudging everything is dry as it is printed) - Ink capacity & quality (the difference in ink quality is obvious in comparison to my other printers) Cons: - I have no complaints :::Closing thoughts::: I am not going to list word for word the specifications of this printer it is readily available on their site and on the product listing for best buy along with all other retailers where this is sold. What I will say is that there is something for everyone there are those who prefer the lower priced printers with the higher priced ink. And there are those like myself want to get the most value for the printer that they are buying. Yes you’ll end up paying a higher price upfront for the printer but you’ll have a boatload of ink to utilize and refill later on down the line depending on just how much you use it. I have to admit that I have children so I print out a lot of worksheets and projects of all sorts so my usage would likely be higher than that of the average person. Overall I really like the Canon brand and this is no exception because it is just as good as the other brands but I like how efficient it is above all else. :::TL;DR::: There are a whole lot of printers and which one should you get? You should look at the Maxify line of printers if you want to get the most out of your purchase including ink and all. Do your research and see what Canon has to offer you.

    Posted by Johnnyboy84

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