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A solid state drive enables ultrafast start-up times and quick data access as you multitask. Vivid Full HD resolution boosts the color and clarity in your photos and videos.

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Buying an Affordable Computer

Finding the Best Laptop Value for You

Advances in computer technology have been so significant in the last few decades that it's now relatively easy to find an affordable computer that can do everything you want it to do for a fraction of the cost of the models with similar capabilities from 20 years ago. In fact, finding an inexpensive laptop gets easier every day as more and more manufacturers jump on the discount computer bandwagon.

You want the best value laptop you can find that meets your needs, so start your search for a low price laptop by answering some basic questions relating to how you intend to use it. For example, what size screen do you need? While larger screens are great if you'll be doing most of your work at home, you'll likely get the best balance of portability and usability with a screen in the 12.5-inch to 14-inch range. You'll also want to pay attention to the keyboard. You want one that will allow you to type with your hands in a neutral position to avoid fatigue, and one that has enough space between the keys to allow comfortable, accurate typing. If you're not satisfied with the keyboard, you can always get a new wireless keyboard which you can position where it's easiest to use. And similarly, if you're not comfortable using your laptop's touch pad and prefer using a mouse, you might want to get a wireless mouse to make using your laptop easier. You'll also want to consider how much hard drive capacity you need, then find the best value laptop you can with sufficient space. If you're looking for a discount laptop just for checking email and light computing, you'll need less hard drive storage than if you'll be gaming or working with media files in graphics programs.

Setting Up Your Affordable Laptop

You may also want to have a larger hard drive if you take a lot of photos, so you can store the high-resolution raw versions on your laptop, then use editing software to optimize them. In that case, you may also want to pair your affordable laptop with an all-in-one printer so you can not only print your photos, but also copy, fax and especially scan them. Plus, in order to ensure you have the steady connectivity you need to send your photos to your printer wirelessly, you may want to get a wireless extender to make sure you're connected all over the house. And finally, another consideration is power loss. When you have a UPS battery backup, your laptop will keep running without resorting to battery power in the event of a loss of power. Additionally, many UPS backups also serve as surge protectors to help safeguard against damage from power spikes.