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Affordable Computers


Affordable computers.

A whole lot of laptop for less.

Lenovo collection.


Everyday performance.

Geared toward day-to-day activities like using basic productivity programs, keeping up with email and social media, and browsing online.

Power and storage.

More processing power and system memory provide added zip when you're online and in software programs, plus am ple hard drive space for storing digital photos and files.

Quick and colorful.

A solid state drive enables ultrafast start-up times and quick data access as you multitask. Vivid Full HD resolution boosts the color and clarity in your photos and videos.

HP collection.


Storage to go.

An ample hard drive keeps all your files and photos close at hand, even when you're on the go, plus enough processing power for you to manage your to-do list, inbox and social media feeds.

Speed at your fingertips.

With the touch screen, you can tap and swipe as well as type and click. A solid state drive allows for ultrafast boot-up times and data access, plus it's quiet, cool, lightweight and battery-friendly.

Power through your day.

Extra processing power and plenty of system memory give a high-efficiency boost to your software programs and browsers.

Laptop Trade-In Offer

Get up to a $300 Best Buy gift card

when you trade in a working laptop.

In store only. Terms and conditions apply.

Geek Squad agent and family

No matter where or when you bought it, we'll support it.

Meet Total Tech Support, a membership dedicated to supporting all the tech in your home.