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Learn About Android

Cell phones

Work, play, connect.

Android powers your favorite phone brands and comes with Google apps and security built in.
Pair your phone with a large selection of headphones, speakers, watches, TVs and cars.
The operating system developed by Google with advanced security built in from Protected by Android.
The apps and services you already know and love, designed for Android.

The Google apps you know and love.

Let your camera search for you, using Google AR to translate, shop and more. Voice enabled in over 100 languages.
The smart personal assistant helps you enjoy what you love and get stuff done.
Do more in your chats – from suggested replies to reminders if you miss a text.
Access essentials from your phone, like payment cards, loyalty cards and more.
Cell phones
From conversation widgets to dynamic color to custom layouts and launchers — express, explore, and extend your world like never before.
Cell phone
Confidently download apps with Google Play Protect. See which ones can access your location, camera and microphone with Privacy dashboard and control certain data you share.
Cell phone, tablet
The latest features push boundaries of messaging, entertainment and accessibility. Plus, get added support from Google Assistant and features like Digital Wellbeing.

Moving your data is easy

— just connect, select and transfer.
Copying your data from your iPhone to your new Android phone is safe and easy. Simply connect the two phones with a cable or pair them wirelessly over Wi-Fi to securely copy your contacts, photos, calendars and more.
Phone with cable attached
Connect both devices.
Connect your iPhone to your new Android phones via cable and follow the on-screen instructions to copy your data.
Phone with cable attached
Select your data.
Choose what comes with you—contacts, messages, photos, and even most of your apps. And remember, since this is just a copy, all your data is still accessible on your old iPhone.
Phone with cable attached
That’s it! Your contacts, messages, photos and apps are now ready to go on your new Android phone with more to explore in the Google Play store. Sit back and relax as you new phone updates, with the information that matters most to you, in just minutes.
Supported data types: Transferring Apple to Android
Data types Description Cable App
Contacts Yes Yes
Photos & videos Stored on your phone.

Stored in iCloud


Calendar events Yes Yes
Messages SMS, MMS and iMessage text and media

WhatsApp message history and media


Apps Apps at no cost in Google Play only Yes No
Music Any DRM-free, non-iTunes, on your device Yes No
Other types Call logs, alarms, device settings* Yes No

Photos & video:
*Photos and videos stored on iCloud are not immediately transferred when using the cable or Switch to Android app. To request your transfer from iCloud to Google Photos, visit

Other types:
*Device settings that transfer over vary depending on the phone.

Frequently asked questions.

Q: Will Android work on my devices?

A: It works on a large ecosystem of devices. From Beats to JBL headphones to Sony TVs and Nest thermostats.


Q: What makes Google work so well with Android?

A: Android phones come with the latest updates from Google, designated for your phone, letting you get emails, calendar, video calling on the go. If you’re familiar with Google apps, you’ll find these phones easy to use.


Q: Do Android phones take good photos?

A: Yes. Many Android phones have multiple rear cameras including wide-angle, telephoto and ultrawide lenses to give users more flexibility in terms of the photos they can take. The Android camera software incorporates high visual and sound quality often with optical image stabilization, high-resolution sensors and standard definition and high-definition support. Artificial intelligence is also often integrated into Android cameras. It can automatically adjust settings such as exposure and white balance to improve the quality of photos in different lighting conditions. Plus, all Android devices are integrated seamlessly with Google Photos, giving users excellent photo editing, searching and sharing capabilities.


Q: Does Android work well with Instagram?

A: If you have an Android phone, you can fully enjoy the benefits of Instagram. Just download the app from the Google Play store.


Q: How is the battery life on Android devices?

A: Battery life depends on a number of factors specific to the particular device including size of the battery, type of display, processor and software version. Android builds many features, settings and tools to help you keep a healthy battery, including battery saver mode to limit background activity and reduce the brightness of your screen, and dark themes which use less power than light themes.


Q: How can I keep my phone up to date with the latest features?

A: Android releases many updates throughout the year that bring cool new features to devices, so it’s important to update your devices to the latest software version often.


Q: What are the storage options for Android users?

A: All Android phones come with internal storage which is used to store apps, photos, videos and other files. You can free up storage space at any time by deleting apps, media and other files you no longer need. Google One is also an available subscription service that provides users with 15GB additional storage space at no cost across apps like Gmail, Photos and Drive — plus seamless backups for all your devices.