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Linksys - Max-Stream™ AC1750 Wi-Fi Router - Black

Surf the web faster with this Linksys Mu-Mimo wireless router. Its next-gen Wi-Fi technology lets you connect multiple devices at speeds of up to 1.7 Gbps, and the included extender providers a stronger signal for uninterrupted video streaming and chat. Enable parental controls with the smart Wi-Fi app of this Linksys Mu-Mimo wireless router.

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    What's Included

    • Linksys Max-Stream™ AC1750 Wi-Fi Router
    • Software

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    95% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (2030 out of 2141)


    Compatible with 802.11ac

    Backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n networks, so you can easily upgrade.

    Up to 1.75 Gbps data transfer speed

    For fast, efficient operation.

    3 high-performance antennas

    For enhanced performance.

    MU-MIMO technology

    MU-MIMO gives every compatible device its own dedicated full-speed Wi-Fi connection, so that multiple devices can connect at the same time without slowing down the network.

    1 USB 3.0 port

    Allows you to connect a printer and enjoy 3G and 4G file sharing.

    Parental control

    Lets you automatically block specific content on connected devices.

    Complies with a variety of standards

    Including IC and FCC.

    Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

    Offers a high-speed wired network connection.

    Auto detecting and auto sensing

    To simplify device connectivity.

    LED indicators

    Make it easy to monitor the status of your network.


    Includes AES, WPA2 and WEP to keep your network secure.

    Plug-and-play operation

    Makes setup simple.

    PC system requirements

    Microsoft Windows 7/8/10.

    Mac system requirements

    Apple MacOS X 10.5.8 or later, Apple MacOS X 10.6.1 or later, Apple MacOS X 10.7 Lion, Apple MacOS X 10.8, Apple MacOS X 10.9 and Apple MacOS X 10.10.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars with 2141 reviews

    would recommend to a friend



    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Highly competent product for an average size home

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I received a free sample of this router from Linksys in exchange for my honest feedback. I am a very technical home user. I build my own PCs and worked in computer tech support for many years. My home network includes two desktop computers (i7) running Win 7-64, three laptops (1-i5, 2-i7) running Win7-64, and iPad 3, iPad 2 mini, iPad Air 2, iPhone6s (all iOS 9.3.5), Chromecast first gen on an HDTV, Ethernet connected printer and a WiFi garage door opener. My wireless router is at the heart of making this all work together. And it does. My home and property are not huge - 2000 sq ft home on a 7500 sq ft lot in a suburb. The home is standard brick veneer over wood frame construction with the normal electrical wiring, copper plumbing and HVAC ducting in the walls, ceilings and floors. The longest straight line distance from my router to the farthest corner of my property is about 110'. The router is located on the second floor closer to one end of the house. The router is situated for convenience, not in a location selected for optimum WiFi performance. The single most important aspect of WiFi for me is to be able to maintain a WiFi call with my iPhone throughout my home and in all parts of my yard. WiFi calling requires a strong WiFi signal. If signal strength dips even momentarily, the WiFi calling feature will disable and the call will drop. I was happy to see that the EA7300 supported WiFi calling out of the box. I walked the house, all floors and basement, and throughout the yard. When connected to the 2.4GHz signal, I maintained full signal strength and WiFi calling everywhere. When switched to the 5GHz signal, I could not maintain WiFi calling beyond approx the first 1/3 of the radius of my property. In fact, the 5GHz signal completely disappeared beyond about 75' from the router in many parts of my yard. I use a WiFi network analyzer to read the signal strength and channel assignments of the 2.4GHz networks in my neighborhood. This allows me to select a 2.4GHz channel that does not conflict with a neighbor. I do not have the capability to scan 5GHz networks, so I can't report to what degree overlap from a neighbor's overlapping channel might be a factor. To test the router's internal processor, I accessed streaming video (Netflix, YouTube) from all my desktops (ethernet), laptops and iOS devices (Wireless), HDTV, plus executed large file transfers over WiFi between one laptop and one desktop. ll devices were connected to the 5GHz signal except the Chromecast. Everything worked fine, no video hiccups or buffering. The file transfer speed under load was in the 8.3-8.7 MBs range. This is about normal for my WiFi file transfers with my last two routers. Running a speedtest over an ethernet connection, I obtained pings in the low teens, downloads in the 90Mbps range. WiFi speedtest using my phone yielded pings in the low teens and downloads in the 60-70Mbps range. I pay for service up to 75Mbps, so I'm convinced the EA7300 can handle whatever my cable modem can throw at it. The EA7300 is a nice looking product. I like that it has external adjustable antennas. I like the USB3 port on the back to which I connected a 128GB USB3 flash drive. I can access this storage device from all my computers and iOS devices. The EA7300 also has a small on-off switch not always found on routers. This makes it easy to reboot the router when needed without fishing around to find the right AC plug. The included AC power supply is just big enough to interfere with the outlets next to it if plugged into a standard power strip. If the AC prongs were turned 90 degrees, it would fit without interference. Not a big deal, but something to note. The only indicator light on the front of the router is the backlit Linksys logo. It seems to have three modes - slow blinking, fast blinking and solid on. It blinks slow then fast when booting up and establishing internet connection. It glows solid on when ready to go. Throughout all testing, the case was warm enough for you to know that it was on, but never got warmer than that in 75 degree F ambient temps. Printed documentation included with the EA7300 is minimal - just a quick start guide. I typically bypass the smart/automatic setup features found on newer routers and dive right into the firmware menus. If you're familiar with Linksys firmware, you'll feel right at home. If not, just follow the six steps listed in the quick start guide and you'll be up and running. I was happy to see that the EA7300 is capable of updating its firmware automatically. This keeps your device current with the latest functional and security updates without having one more thing to worry about. My overall impression of the EA7300 is that it is a highly competent wireless router for an average size home. It was able to handle the full load of network traffic that eight wired and wireless devices could send it. The 2.4GHz signal will cover my entire home and yard with enough power to maintain WiFi calling. While not reaching as far, its 5GHz performance handled HD streaming video to multiple sources simultaneously. I will be happy to replace my old router with the EA7300.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great router for home streaming.

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Great router for home streaming. Easy setup with optional "Smart Wi-Fi" mobile application for remote administration. I received this item as a free sample from Linksys in exchange for my honest feedback. I would recommend this router to a regular home user who is interested in a higher-end streaming router that will simply work. I would not, however, recommend it to anybody interested in doing any advanced networking setup or wishing to use a custom firmware on their router. Router pros: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac with beamforming and 3 radios (Mu-MIMO), boasting potential 1.3Gbit/s (5GHz) (advertises 1.7Gbit/s; 2.4GHz+5GHz) wireless rates with excellent range and compatibility; great for small households with up to 10 devices streaming 4K/HD video (as advertised) Easy initial setup (ideal for home users) with optional "Smart Wi-Fi" mobile application for remote administration Supports WPA2 (Personal or Enterprise; CCMP) for wireless security, WPA2/WPA mixed mode (Personal or Enterprise; CCMP/TKIP) for compatibility (note: TKIP is partially insecure; CCMP was recently discovered to be insecure); also supports open or WEP-encrypted networks (note: WEP is deprecated by the IEEE and is highly insecure; always use WPA2 whenever possible) Supports WPS for one-touch wireless setup (Security warning: Recommend disabling this as it does not allow disabling PIN-based WPS authentication which is known to be insecure even when not in use; WPA2 should always be preferred over WPS) Media Prioritization (partial Quality-of-Service support) allows certain applications or devices to be prioritized Parental Controls (partial Access Restrictions) allows blocking of specific devices at specific times and/or certain websites to be blocked USB 3.0 port allows for External Storage or Print Server functionality; External Storage (NAS) allows a USB flash drive or external USB hard-disk/solid-state drive to be connected to the network as a Windows share (SMB/CIFS), FTP server, and/or a media server. Guest wireless network allows for up to 50 guest devices separated from the private network Supports UPnP for simple device and service configuration Network Map allows for visualization of network devices Automatic firmware update Supports VPN passthrough Basic Stateful Packet Inspection Simple Packet Filtering (private interface only; anonymous requests, multicast, NAT redirection and ident) Single-host DMZ Single/Ranged Port Forwarding and Port Triggering Application Layer Gateway for SIP Supports 802.11k (seamless BSS transitions; if multiple access points are interconnected and share the same SSID) DDNS through or Supports IPv6 Supports PPTP and L2TP tunnelling Router cons: Cannot disable HTTP admin panel (Potential security issue if left enabled on wireless and wireless is left open! Somewhat mitigated by using HTTPS or using physical connection for the admin panel) HTTPS admin panel must be enabled in any mode other than bridge mode when used in bridge mode (Inconvenient firmware configuration user-interface flaw) Cannot disable admin panel on wifi in bridge mode (Potential security issue if wireless is left open! Somewhat mitigated by using HTTPS or using physical connection for the admin panel) No simple method to enable admin panel on "Internet" interface (especially useful but impossible in bridge mode) No telnet or shell capabilities (ideal for advanced networks and administration) Currently no support for custom firmware (DD-WRT, OpenWRT, etc...; custom firmware can potentially fix other "cons" and/or security issues, though isn't necessarily supported by the manufacturer) No way to disable PIN-based WPS authentication when WPS is active (known to be insecure) Quality-of-Service support ("Media Prioritization") lacks upstream support External Storage not available in bridge mode Only supports RIP in terms of routing protocols Speed Test does not work as expected (requires Adobe Flash but errors or displays nothing when Adobe Flash is installed) Not well-suited for advanced network configurations (lack of full support of the following: VLANs, SNMP, secure VPN tunnelling, QoS (upstream), Access Restrictions (specific protocols/keywords), Wake-on-LAN (not necessary but potentially useful), advanced packet filtering, cannot set CIDR lower than 16 (however, DHCP device count on this device is better than unmodified DD-WRT: 65533 managed devices vs 253 managed devices on unmodified DD-WRT)) **Note: Certain Linksys routers (including this one) are subject to newly-discovered known vulnerabilities, including but not limited to the newly-discovered vulnerabilities in WPA2-CCMP. See and for more details.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Great Hardware, Smart Wi-Fi needs a rethink

      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      The Linksys 7300, AC1750 all in all is a solid product. It does perform as advertised, handling many devices, 4k streams, and overall high voulmes of data, with ease. I was running a cable "100 Mbps" (actual speeds may vary) connection with no problems. Streaming 4k on 2 tv’s, running several phones, tablets, and a co-op gaming lan with 3 steam accounts running Warframe (or something, not personally a big pc gamer) on hi performance machines, and a fantasy football draft same time didn't phase the network. Of course for every silver lining though, comes a dark cloud, and the ac1750's was the smart-wifi system by Linksys. Designed to give a user the additional ability to manage your router from anywhere and any device, Linksys may have gotten the cart in front of the horse here. Setup of a LAN without a live internet signal is near impossible. Also using it without a PC , only tablets, phones, and an Xbox or Playstation, makes for a very tough setup as well. The added remote access of setting and network admin from 4,736 miles away doesn't seem nearly as important as the ability to access the router settings directly while in the same room effectively, regardless of whether or not there was a live internet connection. Frankly it also seemed like an additional security risk added at the cost of functionality, a lose lose. When I looked into possibly using dd-wrt, device support for this particular Linksys product was questionable. That may have changed, and I have every faith that this piece of equipment running on dd-wrt would be absolutely awesome. I was very impressed with the 7300 as a piece of equipment. The user controls and Android application on the other hand were a bit too cutsey. Offline LAN setup and network admin is tricky at best, impossible at worst. The extra possible security vulnerability to remote hacking is also a concern, albeit a long shot with the smart wifi. Instead I would personally be more impressed with more control of direct functionality. Detecting other nearby networks, ability to login and broadcast a network wirelessly, as a range extender power booster would be nice for those that have community wifi in their building (Especially if you land in the apartment with the worst signal) or the penny pincher that buys the 4g tethering instead of a wired service(see metroPCS unlimited plan). Tools to analyze performance such as detecting interference and a precise GUI showing radio strength to all connected devices in real time would be invaluable in finding the best placement and antenna positioning for each particular users unique situation. I'll only dock one star for smart wifi, but if I could take another 1/2, I would. Linksys gets the benefit of the doubt as I see they have dd-wrt routers on the market out of the box . Again I state, the hardware is ACES. To buy again, I would stay with Linksys, but look in the direction of a dd-wrt enabled or VPN ready out of the box model.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      My New Favorite Router

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      This router just replaced my Linksys/Cisco EA4500 that I was using and I have to say that I am more than pleased with this router. There are several factors that push me to give it a high rating: ∙ Excellent packaging: The way the unit was packed in the box with the power supply kept it protected and safe. ∙ Quick Start: The connection and setup were quite simple. Having a preset SSID and Password really simplify the connection and setup. ∙ The Unit: This router was larger than I expected and looks and feels well built. It has much better ventilation than my EA Series and it stays cool. As you can see in the picture, I have it on a small laptop cooler, as the EA would get quite warm and this one running for 5 days straight still is cold to the touch. ∙ Coverage: The Wi-Fi coverage is nothing short of excellent, especially with the unit in the basement office. Prior to this unit, I had to use a repeater to get good coverage on the second floor, specifically with 5Ghz. With this it covers pretty well as I have not reconnected the repeater. With the 2.4GHz, I can reach reach all the way outside to the end of the property which is about 100fft away without losing much signal. ∙ Configuration: Although very similar to the older unit, the functionality is much better. Having a second "free" DDNS option is very welcomed. It supports DynDNS and No-IP. Although I like DynDNS, it is nice to have an alternate option. The Port forward options also seem to work better than the EA as I was having a problem with a certain function and it worked perfect on this unit. ∙ Speed: I was very surprised at how my faster and more stable the Wi-Fi is with unit. I have a PC on the first floor with a 5GHz wireless adapter and it had a mediocre signal and speed. With only changing to the new router, the signal and speed went from 100-120mbps to a solid 350mbps, My son plays Minecraft on this and it operates much better now. As for the operation and reliability so far, this has been an excellent router. In the five days it has been running, there has not been a single issue and I also have not had to reset my iPhone to stay connected. I received this router a free sample from Linksys in exchange for my honest feedback.. If I had bought this router, the feedback would be the same. I can honestly say that it is my new favorite router. If you are thinking about getting a new one, this might become your new favorite one also.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Frequent Disconnects/Slow connection

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      My previous router had died and so I needed a new one. I read reviews both on Amazon and Best Buy, and all seemed okay. I was in a hurry, so unfortunately I didn't get too in-depth in reading the reviews, otherwise I would have discovered that others have the same issues I have. At first all seemed to be going well. I set up my router using DHCP and instead of using static IP, I just decided to try using reserved IP addresses. Then I noticed that my connection dropped on my Android phone. I reconnected, checked for IP conflicts (there weren't any), and all seemed well again for a little bit. Then it started happening again, and not just on my phone. Other devices, both wired and wireless started exhibiting connection problems as well. I attempted to use the app to reboot the router. Said I'm not connected. Tried the web portal on my computer. Says it's not found. Power cycled manually. Everything is okay. Then it's almost an exact repeat. I decided to hard reset and even re-position the router physically. I put everything back to the way I had it, minus reserved IPs, even assigned some of my main use devices static IPs outside the DHCP range. Everything is fine for about 12 hours. Now we're back to square one. Sometimes I can't reboot the router via the portal or app, sometimes I can, and constant disconnects and slow downs on wired and wireless. When it is working, the connections seem to be painfully slow at times, and very fast at other times, both wired and wireless, when trying to transfer files, or even sometimes streaming or just looking at Facebook. My older router did not have these issues. I checked all the usual suspects for wireless interference, but nothing that was done would fix the problem. And considering the fact that my wired devices were having the same issues, I would assume it's not wireless interference. Unfortunately, when I attempted to return it, I was out of my return period with Best Buy, which was only about 16 days after purchase. I'm hoping Linksys will either be able to fix my problem or offer me a refund so I can find a router that actually works. Things I liked though: 1. The app is very well designed and intuitive. Pleasing to the eye even. 2. Parental controls are a breeze to set up and disable on demand 3. Guest wifi access is easy to set up and disable on demand 4. Most, if not all of what you can do in the web portal can also be done in the app, including advanced configuration. 5. When the connection was working, it was pretty consistently fast. It's just unfortunate that whatever is wrong with the router, it eventually slows to a snail's pace after a somewhat short amount of time.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

      • Brand response

        Linksys Staff


        It is possible that the intermittent and slow connection is caused by a corrupt firmware. We recommend that you update/reflash the firmware of the router, then reset and configure it again. If the same behavior is observed, we'll have our Second Level Technicians assist you further.

        Just send us your contact details at along with the link to this post.
        We hope to hear from you soon.


        Linksys Support Linksys

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Good 2.4GHz wireless range


      I received a free sample from Linksys in exchange for my honest feedback. I am coming from an older Asus wifi router. The 2.4GHZ wireless on this Linksys is stronger than the Asus, that was expected as it was Wireless N vs AC on the Linksys. I got faster download speeds on the Linksys as expected but the 5GHz range on it was disappointing. I was hoping to take advantage of the new 5G radio by moving my faster wireless devices over to it but it doesn't reach throughout my entire home. I have about 2500sqft, so I am forced to use the 2.4GHZ in the far back room if I want a consistent connection. I've had this running for about a month and it has been steady so far. I like that the Local Network allows you to change the nework range from 192.168.x.x network to whatever range you want. Media prioritazion allows you to give bandwidth priority to select devices, which is good for me. I have about 25 devices on my home network. External storage option allows you to connect a protable usb 3.0 drive to it to make into a shared netowrk drive. Access speeds to the drive are pretty good over wifi too. I like the option to turn activity lights to the switch ports off on the router, this means you can place this in your TV room or bedroom that your ISP installed your modem at and not be distracted by blinking lights when trying to sleep or wacth TV. It offers guest wireless for both 2.4 & 5GHz, and still includes the option to disable broadcasting of the wifi SSID. Now for the things I don't like: I am not a fan of the "smart Wifi" interface where it pushes you to create a Linksys account online and use that to login to the router to get started. It is convienient if you are not familiar with routers or LAN's and want an automated setup. I am more of a techy and like to customize my setup and configure manually and locally - it does offer the option to confiugre manually though. The Parental Controls is somewhat limited. You have to enter websites that you want to block maunually per device hostname. I wish it offered the option of uploading a file with a list of websites, but I can imagine the more sites you add it would probably tax the router down. I have about 25 devices on my home network and although this is a "MU-MIMO" router, I did notice a slowdown on speeds and buffering when testing multiple 1080p HD streams to my media-server and 4K Youtube/Netflix streaming at the same time with a mix of wired and wifi devices. The average home user probably only has about 5 -8 devices so this shouldn't be an issue. Firewall options are limited to Enabled or not. I wish at least one manufacturer would offer a home wifi router that offers a vlan option to support more than one Local network. Today's hardware should be able to handle it, some DDWRT supported routers support this. Overall this is an OK router that would suit most home user's needs that does well in the 2.4GHz range coverage versus some of the competition.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Connectivity issues followed by GUI problems


      Easy to set up, especially compared to the stupid Netgear router that I returned because it was missing a basic feature that fortunately is available on this one. Unfortunately it kept giving me connectivity issues two days in a row, so I kept rebooting it. I obviously wasn't too happy with that, but I decided to give it a little more time. A few days later I went on a scheduled vacation and while away I noticed my Nest Thermostat, which I can control/access remotely, wasn't connected. I decided to log in to this router remotely to check if it was on the network, and reboot the router again if necessary. Remote router access isn't on, because I prefer remotely connecting to stuff at home using a simple SSH tunnel. So using a tunnel (like I've always done with previous Linksys routers) I accessed the router, but I couldn't get any further than a loader shown in the screenshot attached. I refreshed a number of times and occasionally I got a log in screen, but after entering the router access password it just went back to this. Looking at it with a developer tool in my browser, it seemed one of the AJAX calls resulted in an HTTP 500 without further info. So it's dead in the water and there's nothing I could do about it remotely, because apparently the software is junk. I've always liked Linksys and favored it as a brand, but this is ridiculous. I noticed that after buying my previous router (which worked great for 5 years) Linksys was sold to Belkin. I've never liked or had success with Belkin products, so maybe them owning Linksys now is an explanation for these quality issues. I'm returning this piece of garbage.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

      • Brand response

        Linksys Staff

        Hi Ricardo,

        Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Before you consider returning the device, please allow one of our Escalation Engineers to assist you with the issues that you ran into. Send us an email at with your contact details and the link to this review for our reference.


        Linksys Support Linksys

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great home router, Easy Setup...

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I received a free sample of this EA7300 Linksys Router in exchange for my honest feedback. That said, this is a router that I had been interested in and it seemed to be a good choice to replace my aging Cisco E3200 that I had purchased in late 2011. I waited for a few days after the initial installation to have a chance to get some experience with this unit. Since the initial setup, I have also spent another 30 minutes experimenting with various network settings and trying different combinations. The installation was accomplished without any complications. The first steps were to connect the Router to my modem and a power cable. The included “quick start guide” was very clear. After powering on, I then configured the EA7300 using a desk PC closest to the router. Since this computer is not WiFi based I made that connection using a standard LAN cable and my browser. The biggest issues were choosing my network names, robust network passwords, and making sure I had appropriate encryption settings to protect my networks. The entire setup lasted perhaps 15 minutes. Some of that time was spent exploring the Router’s many configuration options. I think you could use the default settings and have the unit operating in just a few minutes. Of course any connected devices required network updates to locate and connect using the new network names and passwords. So far I have connected a smart TV, an older laptop, a fairly new Android phone, a WiFi home thermostat, and my desk PC using the LAN cable. All devices were able to connect without difficulty. My only device that seemed to have capability of using the 5.0 network was my smart phone. For all other devices I used the 2.4 network. I have not had any connection problems since initial installation and the modem has been stable without any interruptions or reboots. I like that the Router sells for what seems to be a very competitive price and includes all the features I was looking for including the standard 2.4 MHz and 5.0 network options, guest network, and MU-MIMO. There is a web based option which I also set up allowing me to view my network from any connected PC. I also downloaded and activated an Android Linksys app which also allows the network to be viewed or reconfigured from my smart phone. The signal strength has been adequate for all needed locations in my mid-size house. Streaming movies on my distant smart WiFi connected TV has gone as expected without any pauses in the movie. I think for most homes, this Router would serve very well. Certainly, make sure this Router has the features you require. I can recommend the EA7300 without any reservations.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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