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Big Black Friday Discounts on Speakers and Headphones

Taking Advantage of Black Friday Speaker Deals

You can find impressive discounts on new audio equipment this time of year, especially on speakers and headphones. When you're checking out the latest crop of Black Friday speaker deals, you'll want to keep a few things in mind. First, determine where you'll be using your new speakers. Do you want floor speakers, bookshelf speakers or in-ceiling speakers? Or a combination of all three? Are you looking to add the finishing touches to a surround sound system, or is your goal just to improve your television-watching experience? Another option to consider is a portable speaker you can grab when you head out to the beach. You'll want to select the style that adds the icing to your audio system cake, and with Black Friday speaker prices usually the lowest of the season, now is great time to take advantage of the wide selection at Best Buy.

With such great prices available, Black Friday speaker shopping can be fun. You can consider wireless speakers with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and you can find deals on innovative wireless speaker designs from brands like Bose, Sonos, Sony, JBL and more.

Black Friday Headphone Deals: How to Choose

Especially on Black Friday, bargains on earbud and in-ear as well as over-ear and on-ear headphone bargains are widespread. You'll find great prices on many of the headphones you want for home entertainment, work, travel, gaming and working out. To a large extent, along with identifying how you expect to use them, your choice of headphones will be based on personal comfort preference. Full-size over-ear headphones have cushioned earcups, are especially suited for use at home or in the office, and generally provide the highest-quality audio. On-ear headphones have a design similar to the over-ear style but are usually lighter and therefore better suited for use on the go. In-ear headphones fit snugly in your ear canal, while earbuds rest more on the ridge of your outer ear.

While you are reviewing Black Friday headphone deals, you may want to consider additional features like noise cancellation, which can block outside sound, allowing you to listen to music without excessive volume. During Black Friday, headphones designed for kids are often available at super low prices, so you can help protect little ears against hearing loss while providing access to great sound. Shopping for gaming headphones? Black Friday might be the perfect time to find options designed to provide a virtual surround-sound experience that enhances your game-playing without breaking the bank.