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  • QuestionIs the quality and service good?

    Asked by Jordan.

    • Answer I recently bought one for my mother but didn't disconnect the land line yet until we saw if the Jitterbug worked well. She can hear me fine with we talk (I have an iPhone) -- but the quality of her replies to me is absolutely horrible. The sound is distorted, it sounds like she's in the bottom of a well, and most of the time the words are not clear enough to understand. It is not her articulation that is the problem. On her landline or portable phones, I have no difficulty whatsoever understanding her. I was very disappointed in that particular feature. Everything else on the phone is fine. I may keep service for another month and then cancel it to try another kind of phone. I hate to do that as I like the 5-Star feature -- but a basically one-sided conversation is pretty useless to me.

      Answered by Deborah

  • QuestionAm 87 years old Is this a one time purchase, no monthly payments, and will it work during power outages for emergency calls?

    Asked by Bunny.

    • Answer Hi, Bunny! I just recently purchased my phone (early January/2020) so don't know if the emergency calls work during a power outage, but it's a very good question, which I need to also explore. The phone purchase price is a 1 time cost, and the activation fee is a 1 time cost. However, there are monthly payments which can be automatically deducted from your credit card or debit card, or you can firmly state you want paper statements sent to you through the mail which you can pay by check. You can also make a payment by phone by using their automated system (Option #1) or their Customer Care Advisor (Option #2) but this one has a $5.00 fee each time. The monthly charges vary depending on which plans you select which are based on your choice of Monthly Minutes/Monthly Texts/Monthly Data (Internet/email, etc) and the Urgent 5 Star Response options, plus fees and taxes. The phone number for Great Call is 1-800-733-6632 or you can check out the plans on the internet at (Note: Extras like screen protector, case are all extra expenses). The only things included with your phone are the home charger and the quick guide and manual, which to me, aren't thorough enough. Hope this helps a little. Good Luck and Take Care!

      Answered by Marisol

  • Questioncan I receive a bill monthly in the mail?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes you can, by FIRMLY requesting monthly paper billings in the mail. I'm a recent purchaser and did receive my first statement in the mail. However, at first, they did put it on my credit card as an auto payment, which I had NOT requested. So, I had to call them and tell them to CHANGE that TO MONTHLY BILLINGS thru the MAIL, which was what I had originally asked for. And, after this call, they did change it as I requested. NOTE: Make sure to check your credit card statement to make sure this doesn't happen to you and so you can correct them if it does. Hope this helps!

      Answered by Marisol

  • QuestionHow durable is the screen? Does it come with a screen saver or does it need one?

    Asked by BMOM.

    • Answer The Jitterbug Smart2 phone screen needs to be protected. We suggest purchasing the accessories to protect it. We have the temper glass screen case and the gel case.

      Answered by GreatCall

  • QuestionWill I be able to download my favorite apps, like spotify, JW. org. etc.?

    Asked by Mikki.

    • Answer Yes, you can download Spotify, but you can't download multiple apps since this device only has 2GB of phone memory.

      Answered by CommunityAnswer

  • QuestionHow much storage is in the phone for pictures before it gets full? can more memory be added? To expand the memory like external storage devise? Can you transfer pictures off phone to computer if so do I need a app to do that?

    Asked by Smokeum.

    • Answer The Jitterbug Smart 2 has 16GB of storage and it can have up to 32GB added with a microSD card. You are also able to download pictures to the computer to free up storage.

      Answered by Lively


    Asked by GG.

    • Answer Yes, but the user interface is much more cumbersome than it looks. There is a call history but the way it is displayed can be confusing for geriatric users. In order to place calls, it takes 5 to 6 screen taps before the phone starts ringing. There aren't really any speed dials or shortcuts like you'd think would be available for a senior-friendly phone.

      Answered by Allen

  • QuestionQuestion 1. Does this phone have GPS? Question 2. Does this phone have a dual band feature (on Comms WLAN section) that is capable of connecting to 5G wifi signal? For example: COMMS WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot

    Asked by Ratus.

    • Answer Hello, the Jitterbug Smart2 does have GPS and it is used when you call our 5Star service during an emergency. The Wi-Fi is 802.11 b/g/n. The Jitterbug Smart2 does not support the Hotspot feature.

      Answered by GreatCall

  • QuestionWhat is the activation fee and,,, does it zoom and/or rotate????

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Activation was $40, on phone with them to set up. They were very nice. It actually does everything I typically use on a Samsung droid. Rotate, photos, texting, zooms etc.. Bought a new smart phone at the same time. After working with both phones, I really like the Jitterbug and think I should have saved hundreds of dollars and bought 2 of them instead of 1 and a smart phone (I won't mention the brand)

      Answered by groupie

  • QuestionCan messenger be downloaded onto these phones? wanting to be able to facetime with Grandma. This sounds like it would be the best option vs iPhone, but I want her to have the facetime option.

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hello, the Jitterbug Smart2 is an Android v7.0 smartphone and you can download a video chat application from the Google Play Store.

      Answered by GreatCall

  • QuestionCan you transfer telephone numbers from my old phone to the new jitterbug phone?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer I got the jitterbug for my 94 year old mother. She had a basic flip phone before. They said they could transfer the contacts for her. She called and they asked for her numbers one by one. I could do that myself. LOL So I would say no unless the phone has a sd card with the contacts saved on that? Otherwise they were very helpful with any question or problem she had with the phone which were many..

      Answered by Joan

  • QuestionWould you recommend this for an elderly grandma?

    Asked by Jordan.

    • Answer Hi Jordan, we would recommend the Jitterbug Smart 2 phone to anyone that would enjoy an easy to use Smartphone. It has a large screen, Voice typing which makes texting easier than ever, and for further assistance, you may contact our Customer Service at 1(800)733-6632 between 5AM – 8PM, Pacific Standard Time.

      Answered by GreatCall

  • QuestionHow do you use this phone to use Uber?

    Asked by Bootsasachild.

    • Answer Never did...dialpad stated not responding three times in one day....lost important phone call....

      Answered by Krystine


    Asked by ADAM.

    • Answer They have the "5 star" service available for a fee. For a little more of a fee, your relatives can keep tabs on you with an app. For a little more of a fee you can get unlimited calling. For a little more of a fee you can get text messaging. For just a little more of a fee you can get unlimited data. By the time you're done, you have a very expensive phone with a clumsy user interface. You're better off with an iPhone or trying to find a custom launcher for an Android phone if you're looking at something for an elderly person. Very poor design.

      Answered by Allen

  • Questioncan I keep my current phone number?

    Asked by Sandy.

    • Answer When you activate a new Jitterbug phone we do provide a temporary number unless you want to keep it. We can do a port-in request which may occur immediately or may take 1 to 3 business days (5 to 7 business days if porting a landline), depending on your carrier, as long as all of the information provided is confirmed to match the account information with the existing carrier. If your existing carrier requires additional information or the information does not match, it may delay the port-in process.

      Answered by GreatCall

  • QuestionIs the speaker loud and clear?

    Asked by Jordan.

    • Answer Yes. Speaker is loud and clear! I was definitely relieved as I bought this for my Mom as she has a hard time understanding when listening from speakerphone. She is also enjoying texting by voice through the microphone speaker.

      Answered by Aytchsee3


    Asked by BO.

    • Answer Yes it does come with a SIM card. The SIM card is for their network. You have to activate the phone on their network first (which has an activation fee of course), and then you can change it over to another carrier if you'd like. I've been trying to do it for two days but their network has been down. I am going to use this phone with Verizon (hopefully soon). Not sure if I will have to swap out the SIM card for my Verizon one or not when I do get to that step - hopefully today. Customer service has been real friendly and I haven't waited on hold long at all, unlike a lot of companies.

      Answered by curlyq1269

  • QuestionDoes the Jitterbug phone have the direction GPS for driving directions?

    Asked by RC.

    • Answer Yes, the Jitterbug Smart2 comes with the Google Maps application.

      Answered by Lively

  • QuestionCan Best Buy transferred contacts from an old Samsung R455C slider phone?

    Asked by Craig.

    • Answer no. had to do one by one. What a pain.

      Answered by ILGRANDMA

  • QuestionWhen texting, Can you talk text a message?

    Asked by Sugar.

    • Answer Yes

      Answered by Wojo