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8K Ultra HD TVs

8K TVs — 33 million things you should know.

8K technology provides a whopping 33 million pixels for exquisite resolution at large screen sizes. Learn more about enhanced resolution and more, right here.

What is 8K Ultra HD technology?

As you might expect, 8K UHD TVs offer more pixels and higher resolution than an HDTV or a 4K UHD TV. But here's a surprise — if you just look at the numbers to compare a 4K to 8K, you might think that 8K offers double the pixels. Nope. Since we're talking about screen resolution (horizontal and vertical lines) 8K delivers four times the resolution of a 4K UHD TV, and an astounding 16 times the resolution of an HDTV. If you're counting lines on the screen, we're talking about 7,680 x 4,320. That equals 4320p resolution. When it comes to pixel density, break out your calculator — you're looking at a total of 33 million pixels.

8K technology benefits.

Big-screen dreams.

Why would anyone need that many pixels? The answer: to make your big-screen dreams come true. It's all about pixel density. In order to pack 33 million pixels onto a screen, the density increases dramatically. And the denser the pixels, the more lifelike and pristine the images appear. Simply, more pixels equals more detail. This improved resolution lets you indulge in the big screen you've always wanted without sacrificing resolution.

Beyond beautiful.

Plus, you'll experience technology such as HDR and upconverting. The HDR in an 8K TV works in much the same way as in HDTVs or 4K TVs to expand contrast and color range. However, this technology is even more noticeable in 8K resolution where the colors jump off the screen and the black/white contrast is amazing, especially up close. And, upscaling technology automatically converts your picture to the maximum resolution available. 

8K on display.

Tech talk translated here.

Come in to talk with a Blue Shirt about 8K technology, ask questions about which TV is right for you, or just stand there staring in awe at all 33 million pixels.