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Yuneec - Typhoon H Hexacopter Pro with Intel® RealSense™ Technology - Gun Metal Gray

Film your adventures with this Yuneec Typhoon H Pro drone. Its Intel RealSense Technology detects and avoids obstacles while navigating safely through its set route or toward you with the Follow Me mode. The ST16 all-in-one controller has a large 7-inch screen that displays the real-time footage from the camera on this Yuneec Typhoon H Pro drone.

Fly Responsibly:
Before takeoff, update all software and firmware, and read the instructions thoroughly.
See the FAA website for registration requirements and information about flying a drone safely: Additional state or local requirements may apply. Check your local jurisdiction. The following websites may help you make informed decisions about flying your drone: and

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    Gun Metal Gray
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    • Gun Metal Gray
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    What's Included

    • 2 Batteries
    • CGO3+ 4K camera
    • Intel® RealSense™ Technology module
    • Owner's manual
    • ST16 Transmitter
    • Travel Backpack
    • Typhoon H Hexacopter Pro with Intel® RealSense™ Technology

    Ratings & Reviews

    Overall Customer Rating:
    89% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (166 out of 187)

    Included Free

    Shutterfly - $25 to spend or 8x8 Photo Book
    Shutterfly - $25 to spend or 8x8 Photo Book
    Choose your free gift: $25 to spend or 8x8 Photo Book


    Intel® RealSense™ Technology

    The intelligent obstacle navigation technology is used to detect obstacles and self-navigate around those obstacles while flying or following the user.

    Stunning 4K camera

    Typhoon H offers flight durations of up to 25 minutes while filming with the CGO3+ 4K UHD camera.

    Powerful transmitter

    View real-time footage in HD 720p on the screen of the ST16 transmitter with the integrated digital video downlink with a range of up to 1 mile (1.6km).


    Integrated transmitter, receiver and Android platform that gives you full control over Typhoon H, allowing you to easily program autonomous flight and capture stunning photos and videos.

    Controller display

    The large 7-inch integrated screen displays real-time footage of your flight, eliminating the need for an external device.

    A bunch of flight modes

    Orbit Me, Point of Interest, Journey, Curve Cable Cam, Follow Me / Watch Me and Dynamic Return to Home.

    Six Rotor Safety

    Typhoon H’s six rotor design automatically switches to five rotor mode should a motor fail, enabling it to remain in flight, making piloting safer than ever before.

    Customer rating

    Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars with 187 reviews

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    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great Videography Drone - Do Your Research.

      • My Best Buy® Elite MemberElite Member

      Let me start off with purchasing any drone you should take your time and do your research. I spent over a month researching both Yuneec and DJI to review their products relative to my needs and I choose the Yuneec Typhoon H Pro and here is why. Research - While product reviews give a wealth of information I also wanted to connect with people who were currently using the H Pro and get some feedback. Having done some research I found forums for both the Typhoon H Pro and the DJI Inspire. There I was able to connect with both communities and get a real understanding of what the products really had to offer, their successes, and some of their short comings. During my time reviewing the Typhoon H Pro I wanted to make sure the company also stood behind its product. Having called DJI support multiple times with a list of questions I never seemed to get a straight answer. I did the same with Yuneec’s customer support (which I didn't have to sit on hold, they called me back) and answered all of my questions throughly. This reinforced what I had read in the forums, that their support was nothing less than top notch. Of the list of needs and what I was looking for this was the deciding factor in why I chose the Typhoon H Pro over the Inspire 1 v2. The Product Build & Quality - The Typhoon H Pro really is a comprehensive package. It’s a stand alone system that doesn't require me to attach my phone or tablet to it to fly. From what I read with DJI’s Inspire it’s recommended you use a cellular connected device. So I would need to get a tablet (I like larger screens), add it to my data plan, and this adds to my overall cost. Build quality is evident when you open up the backpack for the H Pro. Its light but you can see it’s built to a very high standard. The controller is heavy, large, and very complex but has everything within one system I don’t find it awkward to hold or unbalanced. The additional packaged charger (Includes a 12V car charger), cables, SD card (does have an SD card), and two batteries all fit well into the backpack of the H Pro and will keep your gear organized. Flight & Video- Note: Make sure you update the firmware on the Typhoon before your first flight if the firmware if older, double check their website for the latest releases. There wasn't anything in the packaging to suggest to do that, like a “STOP Update your Firmware”. The H Pro flies like a dream but take it SLOW on your first flight. The documentation out there isn’t the best but the forums and research really set me up to understand what to expect and how to fly the drone. The first flight I had was a windy day with steady wind over 20mph and it’s incredibly stable. I recommend taking each flight and breaking down 2 settings or controls to perfect because of the learning curve with the controller. Video footage is remarkable, it really did a great job. There are a tremendous amount of video settings but make sure you configure your settings for that particular flight, white balance etc. Tip: when you peel off the sticker on the camera lens make sure you use a microfiber cloth to clean it off. Unless you look closely in a glare there is a smudge or residue from that sticker on there after you peel it off. Closing - The Typhoon H Pro really is a fantastic product and I can see where they built it to expand future camera systems. Yuneec has done a great job really focusing on the hardware and has brought the software in line to continually perfect the H Pro. Lastly my only advise is to take it slow there is a lot to learn. It’s a complex system but It’s well supported and has a great community surrounding it.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      High Quality. Attention to Detail. ALL IN ONE!

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I have several camera "drones" from different brands but this one is a favorite. It is large enough to feel and look "solid" in the air, but it also portable enough with its folding "arms" to easily transport anywhere. I keep it in the back seat with the propellers on and ready-to-go when i drive from location to location. On your first flight you will definitely feel the power of the 6-motor design. As soon as you turn it on, it just defies gravity! It is also very responsive and agile in the "fast/rabbit" mode, but very smooth in the "slow/turtle" mode. The radio of the "H" is certainly a step up from anything else you may have tried before. The screen is built-in and it doubles as a tablet when not flying the "H". I use it to review my footage after the flight! Another thing to mention is that the "Watch Me" and "Follow Me" modes in the "H" work in my experience better than any other "drone" i have tried. The "H" camera will point to you and the "drone" will follow you around effortlessly. Also, with the Real-Sense technology by Intel, it will even avoid obstacles on its way. It was scary, but i tried this and it works (even has an audible alarm when you get too close and the on-screen display will show you the distance from the obstacles in 0.2m increments). Then, you also have the Wizard, it is pretty simple to use and if you want the "H" to follow someone else (instead of the r/c), you just give them the Wizard and you can control the camera (this is what they call the "team mode"). But beyond all these advanced technology and features in the "H", it can also be a very user-friendly "drone". I regularly give mine to people that have never flown a "drone" before and they are always surprised at how easy and stable it is! Just press the red "start" button for 3 seconds, and the left-stick up and you are airborne. I use the "smart mode" for people without RC experience that always keep the same orientation regardless of where the camera is pointing and they never have a problem with it. Right is always right, and left is always left. Let go the sticks and it just stops and hovers in place (GPS accuracy is very good too). About the camera, it is 12MP & 4k and the video from it is very well stabilized and sharp. Stills and video both look great. I use a 4k monitor for video editing and the footage from this camera is sharp (even too sharp - if there is such a thing). If you plan to record at 120fps, then you will need a very fast SD memory card or frames might be dropped (use at least 85MBps cards). I usually like 4k@30fps and use ND filters. Low light performance is good, considering the size of the sensor. You certainly can film after sunset, no problem, and it even has a "night" mode that actually works well. I have noticed that, depending where the light comes from, the video can be a bit overexposed, so i recommend using a -0.5 to -1 exposure override (it is very easy to set). Camera and video controls are very user-friendly and if you are beginner, just set everything to auto and it will do just fine. If you are an advanced user, there are enough controls to let you adjust the settings to your liking as well. The camera gimbal can also rotate 360 degrees, and since the landing gear is retractable, it will never get in the way. Finally, to keep this short, this package comes with everything you need to fly, and then some. Two batteries, a wall charger, a car charger, the wizard, all cables you need, even an SD card, and of course the screen is built-in so you do not need to have an extra tablet with you. Everything fits in the backpack - so you can transport this anywhere you go. P.S. I had the Q500 before i upgraded to the "H" and i also have a Yuneec Breeze now and NEVER had an issue with any Yuneec products or batteries! Also, i believe that Yuneec has good customer support and after all, they are located in California! Overall, i highly recommend this "H" if you are looking for a quality built multi-rotor.

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Usually don't

      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      I usually do not write reviews or trust products outside of DJI. I have owned everything from DJI Phantom FC40 to the Inspire to the Matrice. I decided to take a chance on the Yuneec Typhoon H. I am happy to say I am extremely satisfied. The platform and remote are far more "advanced" than the DJI RTF setups. Yes DJI are clean and cutting edge, but the remote always felt like a toy to me. The ST-16 (comes with the Typhoon), feels like a high end remote that I purchased to bind with the Typhoon. It feels like it shouldn't belong with it. Anyways, full customizable and battery life is around 3-flights per charge, with chimping in between The Typhoon H itself is an amazing machine. The Intel sense works wonders and does actually avoid obstacles during follow me modes etc. No issues, but I will never fully rely on any obstacle sensor, so I always fly safe. I have not discovered the full flight time as of yet. I usually fly and get the shots I need, land and move on to the next battery. I haven't flown to the 2nd critical battery level, let alone the first. The machine is a beast. I switched off GPS and I was able to reach speeds in excess of 52mph. May have caught the wind draft just right. Flying in wind or gusts is literally a breeze.. Holds its position better than any quad I have owned. And even quieter than any quad I've owned. The gimbal is steady even in high winds/gusts. Quality is mediocre but decent enough if you have plenty of light. Haven't experimented with low light yet. Have experienced ZERO horizon drift!!! I have had this issue with every DJI quad I have owned, except with the Phantom FC40 with GoPro and 3rd party gimbal. The Wizard remote is something dreams are made of. I do not want to spoil the excitement using this controller type. Get ready for a whole new level of control and portability. I highly recommend this hexa-copter. Coming from several DJI setups, I feel even more confident with my Typhoon H. Do not hesitate to pick this machine up!!!!

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

      Doesn't Even Come Close to the DJI Phantom 4 Pro

      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      I have flown many drones over the past four years, and I am now a professional, FAA 107 licensed drone operator. I have over 1000 hours of flight time flying drones, and I have flown and researched nearly every drone on the market. I have flown drones for Hollywood feature films, and I've worked with Emmy Nominated Director/Writer Andrew P Jones, working side-by-side with him to capture exactly what he needed. I have flown drones manufactured by many different companies, and I can say without hesitation that DJI produces the best drones on the market. They manufacture drones that cost over $12,000, and they've put more money and time into research and development than any other company in the world. Their consumer drones have the same, superior quality as their professional drones. The Yuneec Typhoon H is a decent drone for beginners, and it performs according to its specifications. Its camera is 4K, but you must take into account the size of the imaging sensor. Yes, it has a resolution of 4K, but since the imaging sensor is so small, it struggles to produce a quality image in low light. The Yuneec doesn't have a mechanical shutter, and its optics and imaging chip don't come close to the size and quality of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Also, compare the bit rate at which the two drones record footage. Yuneec doesn't come close to the P4P. The Yuneec's movements are fluid, but no where close to the fluidity of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The Yuneec drone has a range of less than 1 mile, which means its signal output is much weaker than the P4P. This means that when you are filming in areas with many obstacles nearby, the range is easily cut in half. You will be highly disappointed with this range once you start getting comfortable operating the drone. The Phantom 4 Pro has a range of over 4.3 miles, and it transmits using the 2.4 GHz spectrum as well as the 5.8 GHz, which helps eliminate interference, giving you the full 4+ mile range. The sensors on the Phantom 4 Pro (P4P) are much more advanced, as they can detect obstacles from 90 feet away, even when travelling at high speeds. It detects obstacles in 5 directions and prevents accidental collisions. The battery life of the P4P is rated at 30 minutes (depending on conditions), and the camera on the P4P is far superior to the Yuneec. The P4P has a 1-inch 20MP Exmor R CMOS sensor, which is typically only found on drones that cost thousands of dollars more. As a professional drone operator, I cannot recommend spending $1500 on a Yuneec Typhoon H, when you can purchase a DJI Phantom 4 Pro for the same price. DJI manufacturers a majority (80%) of the drones that are used to film Hollywood movies. DJI quality is superior to any other drone manufacturer. If you want to purchase a "toy", buy the Yuneec, but if you want a drone that is manufactured by the industry leader which is capable of producing professional quality footage, DJI is the only brand that should be considered. I'm not compensated in any way for writing this review. I have no affiliation with DJI, I just simply can't stand to see someone spend their money on an inferior product. I have built drones, repaired drones, and flown over 1000 hours, so I know just about everything there is to know about consumer drones. Please take a moment to check out the Phantom 4 Pro website at: Research every aspect of the drone, then compare it to the specifications of the Yuneec Typhoon H. There's no comparison. Also, I recommend going to YouTube and looking up Phantom 4 Pro footage (preferably videos shot by professionals), then look up the footage shot by the Yuneec Typhoon H. Again, no comparison. This is a substantial investment for many people, so take a little time and do your research. Why not buy a professional grade drone instead of spending your money on a toy? Take my advise for what it's worth, but I've been in the drone industry for years, and professional cinematographers only use DJI. The difference between the two is literally night and day. Please, please do your research, and you will find that the Yuneec cannot come close to the quality and performance of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

      Good when it works

      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      Beautiful product thats put together very well. When it works, its a joy to fly. That being said..... Been flying quads for a while now, mostly 250's. This one is plagued with erratic behavior. 4 times now in a area I frequent, drone has went haywire with non responsive controls and moving on its own. 2 times I was able to physically catch it, twice it just dropped. Once from 10' with landing gear up, once from 2' with landing gear down. 10' drop cost me 3 arms ($60 each, complete camera and gimbal $500, 1 landing gear servo $40 and 3 retaining clips $2 each) 2' drop cost me a landing gear servo and 2 clips, had to reattach 1 arm. You will get warning signs when it starts to go on its own, it might drift more than normal,controls will seem goofy or altitude will be off. Land and reboot, works fine after that. Best guess I have so far is a gps boot error on start up, even though it says gps signal is strong. Every time it happened it was from launch, never happened in mid flight. Camera also has a 1 second delay from drone, kind of annoying when lining up for still shots. Batteries take 2.5 hours to charge on yuneec charger, bought 2 adapters I can run off a normal charger, dropped times down to a hour. Things I like about this copter are the ease of use, case works well. Remote is beautiful and relaxing to use. Props go on and off very easily. Camera takes beautiful pictures. Can view pictures from copter on remote screen without moving the card over. Orientation lights are easy to see. Home function works well if you know what its going to do based on your altitude. I really wanted to love this product, but my confidence level is shot with this one. I'm a little over $2800 in on a $1800 copter. I should have waited and researched issues with this unit better, before I bought it.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

      Dove in a lake with no warning!

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      Had the Typhoon H Pro for 2 months. Read every document, watched every YouTube video before ever taking it out. a couple of weeks ago I downloaded the newest update which allows WiFi automatic updates. I calibrated it, flew it a few times with no issues. I fully charged the batteries before taking it out last week. This is when the problems started. Short five minute flight, uneventful. Shut it off, changed locations. Sent it up, didn't get more than ten feet up and it started shuttering. I could not control it at all. Landing gear was down but would not come back. It was flying erratically until it flew at a 45 degree angle into the lake. Called tech support and per their request, sent the telemetry data into Yuneec and explained what happened. After a week of no response from them, called them back. I was placed on hold for about 4-5 minutes. When the customer service rep came back on line she said while I was on hold they reviewed the telemetry data and it showed that the battery was seriously low and that was why it wouldn't respond to the controller. She further stated that the telemetry data shows everything they needed and that they would offer a new one at a discount but as far as they were concerned there was no glitch in the new software or any other failure they wanted to explore. I explained that the battery was almost fully charged and there was no light code showing up on the H Pro nor a low battery indication on the T16 controller. Her response was to repeat that the telemetry data showed seriously low battery. I spent over $2,000 total for a drone that wouldn't indicate that the battery is low after just 5 minutes of use, (if that was actually the cause). It wouldn't respond to the controller let alone land. Thus I have no interest in purchasing another Yuneec product. In my opinion, they are not reliable enough to make this kind of investment in. Hopefully my review will help you make a better product decision than I did.

      No, I would not recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

      Initial Impression, Positive; Long Term, Unknown

      • Verified PurchaserVerified Purchase
      • My Best Buy® Elite Plus MemberElite Plus Member

      After much research on higher end prosumer drones, I opted for the Typhoon H Pro over the DJI Mavic Pro and Phantom 4. I'm a novice when it comes to operating/controlling drones. We had a few low end consumer drones that usually ended up in a tree, or on a roof or vanished into the lord knows where. We wanted a drone that we could use for action sports (skiing, ATV's, hunting, water sports, etc) that would give us a much better result than the GoPros we have been using as of late. Let's first talk about the remote, the unit included with this drone is legendary. It makes controlling all the functions on the drone intuitive and you do not have to utilize your phone or tablet, which is a HUGE positive. I find the range, especially on the video feed to be lacking, but there are aftermarket solutions to increase remote range. The picture/video quality is phenomenal, provided you have enough light. The gimbal is fantastic, it works as it should and i've flown the drone at 1300ft in 25-30MPH gusts with a rock solid and more importantly, stable video feed. Quality, this is the question mark. After 10 days of ownership and nearly 30 hrs of light time I had an engine failure right on take off. One of the motors literally when up in a ball of smoke and then the drone took a less than graceful landing which resulted in a broken prop. More importantly I was also left with a drone that was no longer functional Best Buy was awesome however and quickly replaced it with very little questions asked. That being the case, I am unsure about the over all longevity of the drone, but it is an electronic device and all electronic devices are prone to failures. I have yet to use the Wizard remote so I can not comment on its functionality. Overall, this is a fantastic drone for those that aren't overly worried about carting along a large piece of equipment. If travel space is at a premium, look at the DJI Mavic Pro, if you have the space and want a drone that is arguable equipped with a much better gimbal, this is your choice. (the size and LED lights un the underside makes navigating it much easier as well).

      I would recommend this to a friend

    • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

      Great Initial Impression

      • My Best Buy® MemberMember

      I spent over a month reviewing camera drones and was almost set on the DJI Phantom 4. After setting aside the marketing from the drone companies themselves and studying you tube posts, I was confident in purchasing the Typhoon H Pro. The drone itself is really well made with figment and materials. Some have posted negatively about the thin upper shell of the drone, but it is cast very well ... no problem there. I will say to make sure the rear of the battery has NO space between it and the rear of the drone when pushed in. A power loss due to a poor connection is not an option with a drone at this price point. The panning of the camera, independent of the drone's flight path is great, as you can swing the camera while doing fly bys without landing gear getting into the shot. The flight time on the battery is pretty accurate to what Yuneec claims as long as you are not flooring it the whole flight. Transmission distance is not as great as the Phantom 4 claims for its bird. I still managed to get about a half mile of trans through hills and trees. I would like to see what it can do unobstructed or with some aftermarket antennas. Follow me, watch me is great as you cannot shake the drone. It has a GPS bead on you whether you have the wizard or controller. The obstacle avoidance works well in the open with random hazards, but I would like to give it more of a challenge in the future. I am still working through functions and presets, but this bird is cracked up to what they claim it is. The camera is stable and smooth even in windy conditions. The picture is great. I love the android tablet being built into the controller. Although I have an iPhone and iPad, the iPhone screen seems too small to work with, and my kids usually have the iPad's battery drained before I would be able to think about using it ... so the controller is a plus for me. Two thumbs up for the first couple of weeks.

      I would recommend this to a friend

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