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Celebrating Disney100 with exclusive SteelBooks.

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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Haunted Mansion.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Disney movies, music and more.

What is the magic of Disney?

For many, the feeling of Disney magic began while growing up watching the Disney movies and TV shows with their emphasis on happiness, family and beauty, learning life lessons and feeling inspiration. In fact, most people haven’t known a time when Disney wasn’t around. The public saw Walt Disney’s first creations in the 1920s. Then came the introduction of Mortimer Mouse, who evolved into the beloved Mickey Mouse. The rest is a history that’s still being written today.

Disney movies are known for highlighting life’s excellence and the triumph of good over evil. They teach, encourage and remind that anything is possible, with catchy songs, and relatable, memorable characters that tend to appeal to the kid in everyone. You’ll find hundreds of Disney Blu-ray and DVD movie choices available here at Best Buy, along with TV shows, licensed toys and collectible items, video games and accessories, and more.

Enjoying Disney Blu-ray and DVD movies at home.

You can bring home all your favorite superhero, fantasy, action adventure and longtime classic kids' movies, which, truth be told, many adults also enjoy. Disney movies capture the imagination of the whole family, offering visions of worlds filled with daring adventures, or the chance to become a beloved Disney princess.

The extensive selection includes beloved Disney classics from the 1940s, along with the very latest new releases. Especially the animated movies will find their way into your Blu-ray or DVD player over and over again as you and your family rediscover the enchantment of favorites like Lady and the TrampThe Lion KingThe Incredibles, and Frozen.

Walt Disney Animation movies have been an American favorite for generations. Delight in your favorite memory, moment or song, and relive the magic of movies like Frozen II, Toy Story 4, The Lion King, or countless other Disney films from the last four decades.

Additionally, you can keep the Disney magical feeling going beyond the end credits of your favorite movies with popular video games for your console of choice, plus licensed Disney collectibles such as headphones, action figures, toys, movie collectibles and more.