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Tough on bad guys. Easy on you. The Nest Secure alarm system is easy to live with every day. Just tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard to arm and disarm the alarm – no passcode needed. Nest Detect sensors look out for doors, windows and rooms. And with the Nest app, you’ll always know what’s happening at home.

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Ratings & Reviews

Overall Customer Rating:
80% of customers would recommend this product to a friend (68 out of 86)


Arm and disarm however you like

Use the Nest app from anywhere, tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard or enter a passcode on the keypad.

Get Remind Me alerts

If you forget to arm your alarm, you can get a Remind Me alert on your phone.

Look out for doors, windows and rooms

Nest Detect knows when a door or window opens or when there’s motion in a room.

Open quietly

Press the button on Nest Detect to open a door without setting off the alarm. The house stays armed and the alarm stays quiet.

It's easy for everyone

Tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard to arm and disarm. Without a passcode. Put one on your keychain. And give one to someone you trust.

Know what's happening at home

With the free Nest app, you can arm and disarm from anywhere. Check in on your home anytime. And if the alarm goes off, you’ll get a security alert.

Nest Secure and cellular backup do not provide third-party monitored emergency notifications, response or police dispatch.

Mobile notifications require working Wi-Fi and internet or a cellular backup subscription (cellular backup is sold separately and may not be available in all areas)

Overall customer rating

would recommend to a friend



  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Easy to setup, easy to maintain

    • Tech Insider NetworkTech Insider Network
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    When I bought my first house, it had a security system…or at least, an alarm panel by the door and in the bedroom. It was never an active security system, didn’t really do much for us other than tell us when the doors were opened and closed. We also had a few panic buttons on the wall that I never had the courage to test out, for fear of terrifying my kids. Over the years, we grew to love the “bee-boop” noise when the doors would open, and the “boo-beep” when they closed; and aside from learning that the previous homeowners had a gun closet (because it was so labeled on the alarm panel), it never did much to enhance our lives…especially the night that the power had been out, and when it came back on in the middle of the night, so too did the alarm. (Side note: That night, I learned that my son can sleep through anything.) We didn’t live in a particularly bad neighborhood, but it wasn’t a particularly great one either. Still, we entertained on multiple occasions getting a new security system, or at least activating our existing one, with monitoring and the works. But, it never happened: we were either driven away by a price tag (installation, monitoring, etc.), or by the mere fact that we didn’t really know what was best and who we could trust. Compared to what’s on the market now, security systems from 10 or 15 years ago are so incredibly archaic. I just stumbled across an indiegogo campaign for a $9 security system based on social operation instead of traditional monitoring companies. And while that is on the more extreme side of the shift, it seems as if the security market (to some extent) is headed in a new direction like Uber did a handful of years ago: the notion that we already have the infrastructure and the resources to complete the job, all we need is a new way of looking at it. Enter the Nest Secure, a product of “what if’s.” The idea for Nest here is a simple one: create an easy to use product that basically manages itself, is easy to set up, isn’t confusing, and fits into your life in a way that competitive products don’t or can’t. I’ll be honest: my experience with home security bee-boops and middle-of-the-night alarms jaded me from setting the Nest Secure up when I got it. I assumed I was in for a long installation process—after all, they pay professionals to install security systems! Well, installation (if you can call it that) was not much different than unboxing a new wireless router, except with less wires. The Secure is a totally wireless solution that utilizes your existing home wi-fi and an optional cellular backup to make sure that you are notified of any activity that is out of the ordinary. The main panel, the Nest Guard, has only a power cord--and the most difficult part of setup was finding the QR code to scan from my Nest app to get the device added. From there, the app took care of all the other settings with a simple wizard. Also included in the package were two sensors, which can be used three different ways: as a traditional door sensor, as a window sensor (open-close, not break), or as a motion sensor. And, when it is used as a door or window sensor, it also doubles as a motion sensor. These small sensors can be installed virtually anywhere with mounting hardware or the included adhesive strips, and adding them to the system involves scanning the QR code on the back and following the instructions on the app. The final piece of the Nest Secure starter pack is a pair of key fobs, designed to make arming and disarming the system simple. Again, scan the QR, assign the fob to a user, and you’re done. “BUT I LOVE MY SECURITY CODE,” you might say. Well, you get that too, if you want it—up to 8 digits, and a unique code for each member of your household, which enables you to see who is coming and going, and when. That’s basically it. Including watching the instructional videos that the app offers, it took me about an hour to set everything up and train my family how to use it. My kids really enjoyed testing it by trying to sneak past the motion sensors, and my wife didn’t [seem to] get totally overwhelmed at having to remember something else when she leaves or comes home. I admit, there’s nothing mind-blowing here in terms of product, and I think that’s at least in part what Nest was going for. It’s simple, straight forward security…but it’s also got some really cool things that shouldn’t go unmentioned: The app is a really great experience; it is easy to use and if you already have another Nest product, your setup time will be reduced. The customizations of home/away, duration between entry/exit and alarm, and notifications are at a Goldilocks level of not too much, not too little. The whole system is completely modular. This isn’t too much of a shock in 2017, but it’s nice to be able to build your own “package” based upon the entry points and size of your home. Two Nest Detect sensors are most likely not going to be enough for most people, but it’s a good starting point. The components aren’t cheap, but safety is always something worth investing in, and you can add more over time very easily. Speaking of modular, there’s a component that I haven’t mentioned yet—the Nest Connect. The Connect’s job is to extend the range of your existing Nest network using a newer wireless protocol called a thread network, which is designed with the Internet of Things in mind. Right now, it’s just a range extender—but this thread router can have many other uses as Smart Home adoption increases, with only a software update required. Every component the system comes with is a multi-tasker. The base is the brains of the operation, but has a built in motion sensor; it also has an onboard battery that protects you if the device is unplugged during a breach. The window and door sensors have built-in motion sensors, as well as lights that can help you see in the dark; they also can be deactivated individually if you need to let the dog out or want to get the mail, without turning off the entire system. The tags can arm AND disarm the panel, and the already mentioned Nest Connect helps future-proof the whole system by allowing a virtually limitless secure platform (with no single point of failure) for adding more devices. In spite of all the cool, 2017-ness of these system, it has some traditional stuff that you can pay for optionally. Out of the box, there is no “monitoring” component aside from alerts and notifications; however, if you want a more traditional monitoring experience, you can pay $25-$35 per month depending on contract so that someone else can keep an eye on your system and dispatch police if necessary. And, if your wireless network goes down, you can purchase a cellular backup service for $5 per month or $50 per year that ensures you can always receive notifications regardless of your home wi-fi connection. But security comes at a price. At $499 for the starter kit, $25 for extra fobs and $59 for extra sensors, large homes with many entry points can cost you upwards of $1000 to fully equip. Then again, security is one of those things that is easier to justify spending on, especially if you have kids. And, more traditional (read: archaic) security systems can cost around $1000, most of which is subsidized by the monthly monitoring fee, save for some small installation charge. So it’s not outlandish, but it’s certainly not cheap. I’ve been satisfied with the system thus far; it’s easy to setup, easy to maintain, and has all the flexibility to add or remove components over time when I need to. The price is a hard pill to swallow at first, but for me the extra sense of comfort is enough to justify the price tag.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Easy Home Security in a Box - Great EcoSystem

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    I've been a long time customer of Nest Products (even when they used be DropCam) so I'm pretty well versed in how good and easy to operate their products are - but I was still blown away by this new Nest Secure Alarm system. Straight out of the box, one of the nicest things is the way it slots into the Nest Ecosystem and apps. If like me you're already using Nest Cameras, Nest Protect and Nest Thermostats then its pretty seamless to setup and operate the alarm. The kit comes with the Nest base station which operates as both the control center, but also has a motion sensor built in. You can either set or disable the alarm from the base with a key code or one of the RFID fobs included in the pack - but of course you more often than not will do it directly in the app (which sends a popup if you are close to home offering to automatically disable the alarm - neat!). If like me you're wondering how it maintains against tampering - the unit has a 12hr battery built in, so once the alarm is set or triggered it'll run and operate normally for up to 12hrs even if you pull the plug. The control and messaging leverages your in-home wifi and internet connection, but again for an additional $5 per month, you can add a cellular backup option to keep you alerted even if someone pulls your internet connection. Theres some magic built into the sensors (check my pictures for a sense of scale against an iPhone). They are pretty minimal in size can be either screwed or stuck (using the affixed adhesive pads) to either door or windows, along with their magnet 'buddy' - and when the alarm is armed , will trigger a countdown before it sounds. Pretty obvious I know - but you can also install these WITHOUT the magnet as they also include a motion sensor in each one! So you can mount the sensor on any wall and you have a nifty motion detector which will set off the alarm when armed, but also display a nifty 'path light' in the dark to help you around. Each one runs on a replaceable battery so I'll see how long they last (I have one with the path light on , one without to test). I set them whole thing up in under 30 mins - and within another couple of hours had already headed back to the local BestBut to pick up another 3 or 4 of these sensors (Nest Detect as they are branded standalone). They really are that good, and do exactly what they say on the tin. Couple of minor things I would note - the motion detector is only recorded in the system logs when the alarm is armed. With the Nest Camera you can get a push alert when it detects motion, but the only alerts you get from the Nest Secure are when the alarm is going off. Same goes for the doors opening and closing - its recorded in a log, but there's no way to just get a simple push notification. You can arm the alarm in one of 2 ways; Firstly fully armed, and when it detects motion either at the base or on any of the sensors, or if any of the monitored doors are opened you get the countdown before the alarm sounds. The second option is 'guarding' which is useful if like me you have 2 young kids who can open doors to the street- in this mode it will sounds the alarm if any of the doors or windows are opened, but it will ignore any motion. (On each of the motion sensors you can enable an option to ignore motion of things like pets under 40lbs which again is a nice feature) As I say I'd like a halfway house, where I could arm it as 'guarding' and just get a notification rather than sounding the alarm , but its a small gripe when you consider how fully functioned, well thought out and easy to operate this item is. Anyone looking for a home security system can't go wrong with this - especially if you're already bought into the Nest product line. I initially received this item in exchange for my evaluation and review, but as I mentioned I've already invested further in the additional sensors and key fobs to fully integrate it into my everyday life around the house.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Great system! Easy to use and install.

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    What makes me a fan of Nest is that their products are so easy to use and install. And they work great! Which is why of all the new home security systems coming out, I decided to go with the Nest Secure. The starter system is pretty expensive and it comes with the base, two sensors, and 2 fobs that can be programmed to enable and disable the alarm by holding it up to the base. Other than mounting hardware, that's all you get. And if you want additional sensors, that will cost you $59 each. Additional fobs will cost $25 each. The Nest Secure may only come with 2 sensors, but unlike traditional door and motion sensors, the sensor for the Nest is both a door and motion sensor. These sensors have other functions while you're home. You can press a button on one of them to disable it if you have to open a door while the rest of the system stays armed. After a minute, it is rearmed. Another cool function is the pathlight. In the dark, the sensors can light up when it senses motion. Pretty useful to help you find your way around the house without turning the lights on. The base station also has a motion sensor built in. So it can do just as much as other systems with less to install. The fobs are easy to program and use. You can also buy and program more and disable them if you needed to. The Nest app is easy to use and if you already own other Nest products, the alarm will join the rest of the Nest devices all within the app. And like with other Nest products, the alarm works together with other Nest devices such as the Nest Cam. Just like other Nest devices, the installation was simple and the setup process was flawless thanks to the in app step by step directions. Depending on how you configure your system, you can have the whole system up and running in as little as 20 minutes. After that, you have the ability to configure the system to your liking such as how much time you can be given to leave when you arm the system. You can arm the system on the app and the app will notify you if any of the sensors are triggered and let you know if the alarm sounds. You will even be notified if you happen to leave the house and forget to arm it. It think overall, it's a great system. It's very easy to use, it's a great design, great quality, and it's another shining example of how Nest thinks differently how a product should work in your home. But everyone's needs are different when it comes to an alarm system. There are lots of things to consider. One example is that while the starter system can do the job for a small home or an apartment, if you own a large home and have a lot of family members living there, you can expand the system to meet those needs but it will cost you. Definitely do your research before getting any alarm system. Because of Nest's reputation and my experience with their other devices, it was worth paying extra to get this.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

    Nest Secure Protects Your Nest

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    The Nest Secure is a simple to install, easy to use, and effective security alarm system. What's in the Box? The starter kit comes with the Nest Guard, 2 Nest Detect sensors, 2 Nest Tags, some mounting brackets and screws, the Quick Start Guide, and User's Guide. The mounting screws and brackets may not be necessary if you decide to use the pre-installed adhesive backings. The brackets are used if you decide to mount the Nest detect sensors at the corners of walls. The Nest Guard is the base unit and is the central hub that manages all the communication with your home wifi network, the optional subscription base cellular network, the optional professional monitoring service, your smartphone app, and the Nest detector sensors and tags. The Nest Guard also has a built-in keypad, siren, and motion sensor. The Nest detect sensors are the motion and open/close sensing devices. The Nest tags are the wireless electronic switches that you use to turn on and off the security system by tagging/touching it to the Nest Guard. Installation One of the great features of the Nest Secure is the ease of installation. You don't have to be tech savvy at all. You simply download the Nest app and create an account. After that you follow the direction on the app and use your smartphone's camera to read the QR codes on the Nest Guard, Nest Tags, and Nest Detect sensors to set up the system. Except for the power cord for the Nest Guard, the whole system is wireless. Each of the Nest Detects comes with a pre-installed CR123 battery which can last up to two years. The entire installation is painlessly quick. The hardest part is deciding where you want to place the two Nest detect sensors that come with the starter kit. The app enables you to label each of the sensors for easy reference such as “entry way”, “front door”, etc. Standout Performance Features -There are three ways to activate and deactivate the security system: using the Nest app on your smartphone, tagging in and out using the Nest tag, and punching in a security code on the Nest Guard keypad. -There are three security levels: alarm off, home and guarding, and away and guarding. -The Nest detectors can sense motion, detect when a door is open and closed, and can be used in the dark to provide temporary illumination for pathways. -You can select the alarm countdown for how long you have to turn off the alarm after you open a door or turn on the alarm when you leave the home. Options are 30s, 45s, 1 min, 3 min, and 5 min. -The security siren emits an 85dB high pitch piercing sound. -The security system is linked to your wifi network, but has the option for a monthly subscription based cellular back up in case your home network is disabled. -You have options for monitoring. You can self monitor through the Nest app which sends you a notification when the Nest detect is triggered or when the alarm is activated. Or you can subscribe to the 24/7 professional monitoring service from a third party company called MONI. My thoughts after using it... I thought the Nest Secure system is an easy to use, intuitive, and effective security system. By itself, the security system does not differentiate itself too much from its competitors. After all it is a basic wireless security system. What I thought is great about Nest Secure and what ultimately made me decide to give Nest Secure a try is that it allows you to manage and monitor your home security system remotely using the Nest app on your smartphone. This applies whether or not you subscribe to the professional monitoring service. The Nest app will send you immediate notifications when door/window/motion sensors are triggered or when the alarm is activated. The ability to self monitor and to make a decision whether or not to call law enforcement without necessarily needing to hire a professional monitoring service is an excellent feature, and I applaud Nest for making this feature available. With other competing security systems, the app is disabled unless you subscribe to the professional monitoring service, meaning that you have to pay monthly fees otherwise your security system is useless. Where Nest Secure really outshines the competition is the ability to tap into its vast Nest home resources. When you integrate your Nest Secure with the Nest Outdoor/Indoor cameras, the Nest video doorbell, and other smart home devices such as turning on the lights when an intruder is sensed, you really get a powerful all encompassing security system. However, when you consider the professional monitoring service, the Nest Secure's monitoring fees are more expensive than those from some competiting products. In summary, by providing its users the ability to self-monitor and the ability to integrate the entire suite of Nest home security products (Nest Cams, video doorbells, lights) the Nest Secure has the edge over the competition. I wholeheartedly recommend the Nest Secure Alarm system.

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  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    Disappointed.. expected a lot more than buggy sw..

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    First of all I bought this on pre-order from Nest directly as a replacement to a vivint setup. The system overall looked great with the Detect and the at least modern looking systems rather than the same old bulky looking sensors. I was quite happy with the Nest thermostat that has been in use since the beginning of summer and decided go with Nest security system. Setting up the Nest Guard at the beginning was a breeze. I had decided to use an additional ASUS router to set the complete security system on. Big mistake. Nest did mention on their site that everything needs to be in the same WiFi network. I would assume that if they are not then it shouldn't even work. That did not happen. The Guard was setup on a different network while my phone was on another one and that worked. Next came the Detect. The first Detect was setup without any glitches. The second one is where everything went for a toss. It kept giving an error in the app that the base/Guard is not reachable. Till then there was no issue but all of a sudden nothing worked anymore. After I went through the support website I decided to then reset the Guard and redo the setup again on the same WiFi network as the phone was on. That was also the point I found out that the ASUS AC-66U router was on Nests list of "Will not work for you.. bad luck.. go get yourself a new router as well.. ". Well at this point the Guard decided to stop connecting to any Wifi network. Restarting the Guard was to no avail. Finally decided to do a factory reset of the Guard which only then allowed me to setup WiFi again to a different network now (same as my phone). Right after this I also ended up performing a software update of the Guard (for a brand new device just out on the market, did not expect a software update to already be available or required). In any case, the Guard was now back on. Time for the second Detect which finally connected through the app. Did I mention I had to delete everything from the app before adding it back on as part of the factory reset just because. The Guard had a code which could be entered in the app to add it back on but the Detects only had a scanning code which I had to keep safely to keep trying to add it back on. As part of the setup, when the second Detect wasn’t working and the Guard had gone awry for a while, I had inadvertently updated the software on one of Detects. This can be checked through the app by going into the each of the devices and selecting the software information. Nest states that the Detect software is automatically updated by the Guard. This did not happen. I had to manually update the other Detect which was a bit of a hassle with pressing it once and then pressing it again till the blue light flashes. Do it wrong and you factory reset the Detect. This happened on an additional Detect that I bought along with the base setup. Why should I have to go and check for software updates on each Detect when the Guard can do that and make necessary updates when its connected to the Detect? Nest failed me here. Now moving on to an actual real life scenario where there was a wind storm and I lost power for an hour. I always have Nest setup to home and Guarding while at home. I do not have cellular backup and the Nest was running on battery power. After a while once the power was out, Nest app and the base unit had an info light stating that the Guard had lost WiFi connectivity and that all the Detects and the Guard had gone offline. I understand that the Guard lost WiFi connectivity. But why should it all go offline? Did Nest not even test their product running on battery power ? 15-20 mins after losing Wifi Nest Guard went offline. 1 mins after that Detect 1 went offline. 15 mins later Detect 2 went offline. So I am at home with my security system running on battery power going offline completely and providing no security whatsoever. Nest failed miserably here. I am still not done. Wait till the power comes back up. Once the power was up and the Wifi was up, it was at least 10mins since, but the Guard would not connect to Wifi. It kept giving me the same error that it could not connect to Wifi (NS030). I had to restart the Guard, yes hard restart the Guard and it took 10 mins after that for it to connect back to WiFi. This was not the end of my woes. Once connected to WiFi, the Guard came online. But it then took 5 mins for Detect 1 to go online. The second Detect did not go online at all. I checked if its working by pressing the Detect and it flashed green, so all good right? Wrong. It took 30mins for Detect 2 to go online. I had, in the meanwhile called Nest customer support. That was a joke. They asked if I could restart the Guard - I said no since I already did that. They asked if I could restart the Detect - I said no, why should I. They asked if I could delete and re-add the Detect which I hands down refused to perform. There was no technical reasoning on why that happened other than bad hardware accompanied by similar software. While on the call, Detect 2 just went online on its own. The support guy did look at my device history which clearly showed the issue but they had no inputs other than restarting the devices. What am I supposed to do if I am away and there is a power outage for half an hr? Go back home and restart the Guard to get it to connect to Wifi so I can fell secure that my home is indeed protected? I was put on hold to talk to the second level technical support for which I waited more than 15 mins to no avail and then hung up. No feedback or response from Nest since then. I intend to plug out the Guard and turn off Wifi to test this out again and if this fails again its going back to where it came from. Another instance of this happened in the middle of the night around 3:30am when Nest Guard when offline after losing Wifi connectivity. Both the Nest Detects went offline soon after and it took more than 20 mins for WiFi to be restored. Thats 20 mins of no security. Even then it still took 30mins more the Nest Detects to go online. Essentially Nest gave a 60min potential robbery window right under my nose. Can’t beat that! One other basic issue with the setup is changing of the status. Lets say I set it to away and Guarding and come back home. The only option I have is to disable the away status and then set up home and Guarding after using the key fob. Why do I have to disable this when I am home and don’t want it to just be disabled? There should be an option to just set it to home and Guarding from away and Guarding instead of the additional step. It just seems to me that Nest built a security system but forgot to perform even basic real life scenarios on a product that is meant to make you feel safer. The software as well seems real buggy. I still have this running and am contemplating returning it but am also hopeful that the software bugs are fixed quickly. I have had this running for 2 weeks now and have to keep checking this frequently to make sure all Detects are still connected and working. I am amazed by all the 5 star reviews for this product. You might not be protected after all until all the software glitches are fixed.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Easy to set up and use, with lots of features.

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    The Nest Secure Alarm system is a nice way to secure your home easily and without having to call a big company installer. In the box you get the Nest Guard main unit, 2 of the Nest Detect sensors (with the option to buy more if you need separately), 2 Nest tag keyfobs, power cable and adapter, and installation items for the Nest Guard and Nest detect. The Nest Guard main unit is the brains of the system. It has the motion sensor, keypad, and alarm. The detect sensors are what you use on your doors or windows for detection. The keyfobs tags are used to alarm and disarm. These can also be bought separately if you need more. One star deducted because I think it should have come with more of the detects. Even in a small apartment the majority of people will have more than 2 doors or windows they want to secure. I know its called the starter system, but 4 would have made more sense. But as I said at least you can buy more, but at $60 each its a bit steep in my opinion. Set up and installation is fairly easy. Starting with downloading the app just add the Nest guard, then the detects and tags. Then install the detects on the doors and/ or windows you want to guard. Since it only comes with 2 as a starter pack most houses will need more if you want to fully guard all your windows and doors. You can also install the detects on a wall and it will detect when someone passes by. For me its just the front and rear doors for now. If you want to extend your system in a larger house there is also the optional Nest Connect. This will help the alarm and motion sensors work correctly when the devices are further apart in larger houses. Once setup the system has lots of built in features like tamper detect and "Quiet open" which allows you to be able to open or close a door or window without the alarm going off. After tapping the device it gives you 10 seconds to open or close a door or window, then rearms when you close the door or window. It also has a built in light that will light up when you walk by to help in the dark which is a cool feature. And for the dog owners there is a sensitivity setting you can change to avoid false alarms. But this is only intended for dogs under 40lbs. If you have people like cleaners, maintenance workers, etc. that come over at scheduled times you can set it up for them to have access at specific times. So this thing is feature packed despite being so simple. Overall Id say this is a great, relatively cheap full house alarm system. It may cost a bit more if you need extra tags, or detects, but in comparison to some of the house alarms out there Id say its a great deal. Simplicity of use, lots of features, the ability to increase security and/ or coverage with extra detects or the Nest "Connect" device makes this a great way to secure your home without breaking the entire bank.

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Flexible Security

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    The Nest Secure is my first foray into DIY home security. In the past I have had systems from Rollins, ADT, and Monitronics. They were all professionally installed and I paid a monthly fee for monitoring. Overall, I was happy with the service provided, but admittedly hated the fees. When we moved into our new house I decided to take a different approach. The Nest Secure 'starter' package got me almost to where I needed to be. I did need to pick up one more Detect sensor to cover my basement, but I knew that going in. The system is incredibly easy to install and setup. Once the app is installed on your phone or tablet it is pretty much a guided process. The Detect sensors work as both magnetic door sensor and/or motion sensor. It's a pretty ingenious idea really to use one sensor to accomplish both tactics. The entire system is wireless so aside from plugging in the base, aka The Guard, the rest is a matter of sticking on or screwing in the sensors. I opted to use the sticky back and I haven't had any problems with them falling off. The package also includes two key fobs to make disarming the system a piece of cake as you don't have to enter your PIN when you walk through the door. I should also point out that the Guard has a motion sensor in it as well which means it can be placed to act as another means of protection in the house as well. Overall, the app works great and allows you to place the system in the off, home, and away states easily. If you are away and the alarm is triggered you will receive a notification and you can decide whether to call the police or simply disarm and rearm. In my case it is always the latter as I have a few cats and a dog, but I am pretty sure it is the cats being naughty that is causing the problem. I have the sensors mounted at about 5 1/2' and I am pretty sure the cats are jumping on the counter in the kitchen which is setting off the rear motion sensor. Fortunately, mounted that high the dog is not factor as the motion sensors do not look down, but more of an upward arc from where they are installed. My only real complaints are that you can't set a door chime that doesn't require the system armed in 'Home' mode and the lack of LTE connectivity (for now). When armed in Home mode the alarms will still trigger unless a button on the door sensor is pressed to then open it. With young kids it is super fun to reset the alarm every five minutes because they forget to hit the button. As for the LTE it is a feature being promised and would require a monthly service fee, but as of right now someone could break in and set the alarm off and I would potentially not know if they cut my service coming into the house from outside. On the plus side, the Guard does have a battery backup so killing the power will not stop it from squawking at the intruder... I just wouldn't get any notification since neither my router or modem are on battery backup. As a whole it is a pretty neat system and while I am still unsure about placing me in control of the monitoring aspect it certainly beats needing a security permit (which IS required where I live), having the cops standing at my house when I arrive to only discover it was a false alarm, or paying the monthly fee for having someone else handling the monitoring. I would certainly recommend the Nest for those looking for a simpler security solution.

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    Easy to Install with No Monitoring Fee

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    This Security system by Nest was a pleasure to install. The directions were very easy and concise within it's app, even while installing the motion detectors and other peripherals. I was not sure this unit would provide ample coverage without needing to purchase more motion detectors. We have several entrance points on our main level. But with it's sensitivity, everything with this unit was enough to cover our entry points. This unit came with one Nest base unit. two Nest sensors(for door/window open or motion) and two Nest tags. I love that the tags can arm or disarm without having to enter a code. To my knowledge there are no monitoring options for this unit, but that is to come in the future, which means there are no monthly fees for it to work, and work well. The moment it does not see motion for a period it notifies you that it looks like no one is home, and asks if you would like to arm the system. I appreciate the fact that it is pet friendly, or at least dog friendly, our 15 pound Bichon/Poodle mutt has not set it off yet. I am a little disappointed that there is not more integration into the Google Home interface. I found several things that interface with the Nest thermostat, but not the Nest Secure??? If you are looking for this unit to alert you that a door or a window has opened immediately, this is not the unit you need. The shortest option for notification of a breach is 30 seconds. I am not sure why they would not include a night feature to enable instant notification. If I were installing this in my daughters home, or my parents home, I would want that type of a feature to be available. I may be missing something, in the software, but I feel I have seen other complaints about this. Why I would recommend it: Easy to install, and no monitoring fee. This unit is one I would recommend to a friend with certain security needs, but this does not fulfill every security need.

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      We’re releasing an update soon so that Nest Secure will offer Open tones. When the system is disarmed, you can have Nest Guard play a sound when a window or door is opened.

      You’ll also be able to set Nest Secure's alarm to go off without any delay. Set the alarm countdown to 'No delay' (0 seconds) when coming home. This can be set for both when you are in Home and Guarding or Away and Guarding.

      It should be finished rolling out to all customers over the next week or so. Nest

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