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Sony - DSC-HX400 20.4-Megapixel Digital Camera - Black-Front_Standard

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Customer ratings & reviews

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  • Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    So much to learn


    Sony Cybershot DSC-HX400V REVIEW I just purchased this Sony 7-16-2018. I had read about the great zooming, It Is truly amazing! I mean amazing! But no one really talked about macro much. I've a little Canon Power shot SX710HS that takes the best macro pics and 30x zoom but I wanted more, so I bought a friends used Nikon P600, the zoom is great, and I got good photos on sunny days but the barrel started to stick, plus macro wasn't as good as my Canon. So I got this Sony 400, I took this Sony out of the box and used Auto for all the flower pics in bright sun on the river bend and for the most part they were all great, but I couldn't get focused up close on some of them. I don't know what ISO 200, 800, Aperture etc means, when do I use those settings? I need to learn that stuff, So I used auto. One problem I had with this Sony, as soon as you turn the camera on, it wants you to set the date, I'm not sure if it's just me but it won't set and stay so I've to hit cancel everytime I turn the camera on. When I press cancel, it goes to a screen "go to for playmemories software". So I've to press two things before I can even begin to photograph. So let's get to MACRO, my Canon I can zoom to a bee on a flower and see pollen on it's legs and it's in focus. I can take a photo of just the bee, I've tried and tried to get that close on this camera but it loses focus each time. I got ants on a leaf (see photo) but it won't let me zoom into the ant. I turned the ring on the camera and it would show me the ants up close on the monitor but then it didn't capture the photo that way. Today was partly cloudy, I got great photos of a squirrel in the tree but not of birds on a feeder. I took from across the yard to behind a tree 4 feet away from the feeders. Being in the correct setting would've helped I'm sure. Not having a portable charger I thought would be no big deal, well it's! Having to plug the entire camera into the wall outlet especially with such a short charger cord is ridiculous and takes a lot longer than a portable charger. I will have to see if there's a charger I can buy and get an extra battery. If there's I suggest you buy one also. The Nikon 600 you can edit photos right on the camera, I'ven't found that on this Sony yet. Oh the volume for the shutter, The Sony 400 kept showing function is disabled when trying to turn the shutter sound down. I did an online chat with Sony and he kept saying to record a video and I could then change the volume, it took 20 min for him to understand I just wanted to change the shutter volume, he finally said there's not a volume, it's either on or off. Ok so ISweep Panorama onscreen instructions say move the camera left or right or up/down. I kept trying the up and and it didn't work. First you have to go to menu, to the camera icon and scroll down to Panorama direction and set the way you want . Now on to Handheld Twilight setting, it's better than what I expected from reviews. I wish I could post more than 2 photos here to show you. Haven't tried night photos yet. And lastly, don't do what I did by just going to auto and start taking photos because there's actually a wonderful camera guide in the camera (that I just now found) that tells you tips and what setting to use for different lighting and where to find the setting in the controls. So turn the camera on, go into a shooting mode, press the ? button on the bottom right side and then menu and the onscreen help comes up. There's apparently a lot packed in this camera but it will take a beginner like me awhile to learn it. But my suggestion is go for it! 4 stars only because it's my 2nd day to use it and had problems with not getting the up close like I wanted. Maybe the instructions will help me with that now that I know they are there in the camera

    I would recommend this to a friend

  • Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

    Not for me


    Charged it overnight. Checked on it in the morning and the battery was still low. Also for a point and shoot, the shutter sound was really loud! If I wanted a loud shutter, I'll sticThe menu and grip is oddly placed. Maybe not for a woman's grip. Maybe it was my nails.

    No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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      Hi MH1105, We are sorry to hear this. Make sure you're using the supplied AC adapter of the camera. Remove the battery pack and re-insert the same battery pack securely, or disconnect and reconnect the USB cable if still unresolved.
      Your feedback will be forwarded to the proper department.
      Vincent sony_US