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  • QuestionCan this particular model (Ring 2nd gen 2020 model) be wired into existing doorbell or is it primarily battery-powered?

    Asked by Question.

    • Answer As per the user manual, it can be wired to existing doorbell

      Answered by browser

  • QuestionDo you have to pay for a monthly service?

    Asked by B.

    • Answer Yes, if you want to store or review videos, you’ll need to pay a yearly fee (which is around $30). Otherwise it’s live feed only. There is a grace period, but then that goes away.

      Answered by Lucy

  • QuestionIf I purchase this ring I'm a senior and the outside is stucco can Best buy help me nstall it? I wanted to get one for the back sliding door but it's stucco as well Please advise before I buy your help will be greatly appreciated thank you

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hello! I do not know if Best Buy can help you install the Ring Video Doorbell, but any handyman can help you install it. The Ring Video Doorbell can either be battery-operated, which will need to be taken off the wall to recharge, or can be hard-wired connected, which will not require periodically being taken off the wall for recharging. I had replaced my original doorbell with the Ring Video Doorbell unit. My original doorbell was removed and was replaced/rewired with the new Ring Video Doorbell. Works like a charm! If you want to place it in a new location which has stucco, there should not be a problem with installation. It comes with a plate which is attached to the wall with a few screws. A few screw holes will have to be drilled into your stucco wall. After the plate is attached, the unit just slides & clicks on to the plate and is further secured with another screw (unit to wall plate). If it is not hard-wired for electricity, then the unit will have to be taken off the plate periodically for recharge. How would you know when to recharge? You will be able to see the level of charge on your app or website, when you sign into your account. Hope this helps! This Ring Video Doorbell is wonderful for better security. Highly recommend!

      Answered by RingVideoDoorbellOwner

  • QuestionIs this compatible with google home?

    Asked by Hello.

    • Answer Yes

      Answered by Space

  • Questioncan this be installed by yourself wired?

    Asked by nada.

    • Answer Yes. My husband installed ours in about an hour.

      Answered by HelpfulHussie

  • Questioncan the above ring video doorbell be installed without an existing doorbell?.

    Asked by Gloria.

    • Answer Yes it can work that way, it will notify your phone or Alexa if you have her set up to learn the ring doorbell. Or you can get a wall outlet chime to use. Possibilities are endless.

      Answered by partsguru08

  • QuestionHow long does the battery typically last?

    Asked by Gretch.

    • Answer Depends on motion and rings, around two months.

      Answered by Jerry

  • QuestionDoes model 8VRASZ-VEN0 have live view ? Can you watch the doorbell camera without the doorbell button being pushed ?

    Asked by Stoshy.

    • Answer Yes you can watch it live.

      Answered by Watcher

  • Questionis this wireless

    Asked by nels.

    • Answer yes, it can be attached to the original doorbell or drilled it anywhere without any cables.

      Answered by Anonymous

  • QuestionDoes this need to be wired in or can is it battery operated? My doorbell currently is battery (we bought a very old home and we have a box inside where it sounds that we can take batteries out of)

    Asked by Kasey.

    • Answer This can be used as battery powered or Wired, I am using this as wired so not sure about operation time when its battery powered. this has a USB charging cable , didn't have to remove the battery.

      Answered by Sampa

  • QuestionDoes this come with a chime? Or do I have to purchase separately?

    Asked by Gpac.

    • Answer The Ring itself makes a sound, and when you sync to your phone, your phone will also chime when motion is detected. You can also sync it to any Alexa devices in your home as well for added chime sound notifications.

      Answered by RahsReviews

  • QuestionCan you please advise is will work in apartment Peephole; does it come with parts to install through a peephole, does it also include a battery; can we register on line to store history?

    Asked by EE.

    • Answer Yes it will work if you live at an apartment however it does not come with the parts to install through a peephole. Those parts are sold separately. Yes it includes battery and you can purchase the ring protect plan to store the history

      Answered by Ambriz24

  • QuestionIf you wire the bell and leave the battery in the unit, does the battery stay charged without needing to use the usb charger?

    Asked by Harry.

    • Answer Hello Harry, If you've hardwired your battery-operated Ring Video doorbell, you may wonder why your battery may occasionally need to still be recharged. Unlike a purely hardwired Ring doorbell such as the Ring Doorbell Pro, a battery-operated doorbell does not use the electricity generated by the hardwire to power its regular operations. Instead, it uses the provided rechargeable battery to do all of its regular operations like ring, detect motion, and generate a Live View. The charge from the hardwiring supplies a trickle-charge to the battery. As a result, depending on what functions the doorbell is performing, the battery may drain faster than the hardwiring charge can keep up with. Therefore, there’s a need to occasionally recharge your battery. Here is a helpful article regarding this question: For any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out on our community forum at Thank you, Alexis with Ring

      Answered by Ring

  • QuestionAre you able to talk to the person at your door through your phone?

    Asked by Daisy.

    • Answer Hello Daisy, Great question. Yes, you can talk to the person at your door through your phone. The Ring Video Doorbell (2020 release) is the next generation of the original Ring Video Doorbell. In addition to new video features such as Near Zone functionality, the 2020 release Video Doorbell boasts 1080p video, improved night vision, improved audio quality and near motion zone detection. Please see our help center article for more information: For any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out on our community forum at We look forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you, Jamila at Ring.

      Answered by Ring

  • QuestionDoes the camera have a wide angle capability? My doorbell is not next to the door. There is a rectangular window next to the door and the doorbell is about 2 feet from the door. Not able to see the door area with current video doorbell.

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Hello The Ring Video Doorbell(2020) has a Field of View (Horizontal) of 155 degrees and Field of View (Vertical) of 90 degrees. Also, the corner mount is an optional accessory used to angle a Ring doorbell 15 degrees left or right away from the wall. If you installed your Ring doorbell on a corner or adjacent wall, the corner mount can improve motion detection and view. If you want to get accessories for your Ring smart doorbell, or Ring security camera, it’s important to find out which model you have so that you get a compatible product, this link will provide more information: Ring Community launched in March 2019 to help deliver the most current news and educational information to our customers. You can find tips and tricks from other Ring users at This peer-to-peer forum allows our neighbors to share their feedback and experiences to assist each other in resolving their concerns. Thank you, Antonio from Ring

      Answered by Ring

  • QuestionDo you have to actually have a doorbell in order for this model to work? I do not have one or have the ability to get one wired. Thank you......

    Asked by C75.

    • Answer Hi C75. No, you do not need an existing doorbell circuit to use the Ring Video Doorbell since it is battery powered. You can find the installation instructions for installing the Doorbell without an existing doorbell circuit in our Help Center here: All the best, Ashley from Ring.

      Answered by Ring

  • Questionhow do you recharge the batter? Does the camera come out easily to bring inside? ..and if so, then what keeps someone from stealing the camera ? :)

    Asked by mike.

    • Answer You have to remove the camera and go charge it inside there is no need to remove any battery. Yes the camera comes off easy to take it in to charge. There are special screws and screwdriver so if you don’t have that type of screwdriver you can’t unscrew it.

      Answered by Marie

  • QuestionDoes this work with an android such as Samsung galaxy

    Asked by Joey.

    • Answer Hello Joey, Yes, the Ring App is compatible with smartphones using the following operating systems: iOS 12 or above Android 6.0 or above To ensure that you have the latest version of the Ring app so that you can get the most out of your Ring devices. The following link:, will automatically begin downloading the correct version for your operating system. Also, Ring Community was launched to help deliver the most current news and educational information to our neighbors. This online forum is divided into four categories: Product Boards, Ring Updates, Tips + Tricks, and a Moderators’ Corner. The Product Boards are where you can begin new topics with your questions or feedback; there is also a search option that helps you find topics that have already been posted by other neighbors. We invite you to visit our site at today! All the best, Antonio from Ring

      Answered by Ring

  • QuestionIf we buy from bestbuy, does it come with theft protection?

    Asked by Techworld.

    • Answer Hello Techworld, Great question! Yes, Ring offers theft protection on all of our devices, regardless of the retailer they were purchased from. Ring has a theft procedure and policy in place that will help you get a free replacement Ring device, as quickly as possible, after your Ring device has been stolen. Here are the steps to receive a replacement device, if yours is ever stolen: 1. Immediately report the theft to the police. Before you do anything else regarding your stolen Ring device, you should report the theft to the police. Follow their instructions regarding what you should do until an officer arrives to take your report. They may tell you not to enter your home, just in case the theft of the Ring is part of a larger break-in. 2. Take pictures of the damage, but do not touch the scene before the police arrive. You should take care not to remove or touch any damaged components that remain behind or disturb the ground around the location. By doing so you may disturb potential evidence such as finger or shoe prints. 3. Request a copy of the theft report as soon as possible. You will need the police report in order for Ring to provide you with a free replacement device. 4. Once you acquire a police report, report the theft to Ring by using the online theft form below. Once the police report is verified, Ring will gladly provide a free replacement within 14 business days. Here is a support article that elaborates more on this: We invite you to reach out at if any additional information is needed regarding our theft replacement policy. Ring Community is our first peer-to-peer community forum, giving our customers the ability to help one another and share their feedback/experiences with Ring. Thank you, Alexis with Ring

      Answered by Ring

  • QuestionIs the rechargeable battery included?

    Asked by Anonymous.

    • Answer Yes it is rechargeable

      Answered by AngMarHanley

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